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WWE: NXT Live Coverage 12/23

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and Happy Holidays to you all! DNezz here at the ready as we prepare for tonight's action-packed episode of NXT! As always, I know that Wednesday's give you options, so go ahead and tune in AEW tonight, but make sure to keep that browser tab open to Lil' Old Me and make sure that you don't miss a minute of wrestling's busiest night of the week! Make sure to get on Twitter and follow @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all of my live reactions as well. So get set, pull up a chair, and pour yourself some egg nog (Don't judge me, it's delicious)... We'll be live in 45! 

And what an opening tonight! Kicking off the show will be the Tag champs, Lorcan and Burch in a street fight with Killian Dane and Drake Maverick! We're kicking things off with a bang tonight, and we're only about 5 away! 

                              Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch v. Killian Dane & Drake Maverick

Kicking things off with a bang was apparently the understatement of the night as Dane & Maverick rush the tag champs from behind. We haven't even made it to the rind yet and this match is underway! As Maverick and Dane redecorate the outside, Burch and Lorcan gain their wits and begin to focus on the larger Beast from Belfast, Dane. The redecoration spills into the ring as chairs are placed by the champs, but the tables soon turn and Oney Lorcan finds himself the victim of a back body drop through a chair.

 Dane then uses his partner for some much needed and unorthodox offense, flinging Maverick's body into anything that moves! Dane then finds himself on the outside where he continues his dominance before Lorcan manipulates the big man through a table on the outside as we head to the commercial!

We return from break and the tag champs have fully regained momentum as Lorcan and Burch take turns lashing the body of Maverick with a leather belt. Dane is motionless as Maverick drags his body to the corner. Maverick extends before looking to his corner only to realize that Dane is not there...The tag Champs descend like wild dogs only for Dane to rise from the abyss and tag himself into the match. 

Dane storms in and the damage circus begins as the Beast from Belfast goes on a tear and lays waste to any man still standing. But, the champs silence the Beast again as they drive him over two tables on the outside. Maverick would try his best but the Tag Champs were too much and delivered the kill shot for the win and to retain their Tag Titles. 

And no Holiday Episode would be complete without some Holiday Home Videos...

I cannot wait for New Years Evil!

                                                   Jake Atlas v. Isaiah Swerve Scott

It's round two of the war between these two NXT upstarts and Swerve is still salty about his loss in their first bout. This is a new Isiah Scott, a more focused and dangerous Scott as he takes control of the match early. Atlas is no slouch either as he battles back from the corner and drives Scott to the outside as we head to the break.

We return from break and Scott is dragging Atlas around the ring by the leg. Atlas counters from the corner with an impressive modified destroyer...

 but only for the two count. Atlas looks for his signature Cartwheel DDT but is met with a Superkick and sent crashing to the outside. Scott follows up with a flurry of impressive offense but simply cannot put away Atlas. Scott looks for an odd top rope setup but Atlas counters as he tosses Scott with the reverse Hurricanrana; only for Scott to safely land on his feet and laugh in the face of Atlas. 

Scott would quickly close out the match, nailing the confidence boost and securing a victory; undoubtedly setting up for the rubber match. 

And what do we have here?

                                                             Rhea Ripley v. Dakota Kai

An oddity as Kai takes to the ring without her ally, Raquel Gonzalez by her side; we quickly learn that Gonzalez managed to get herself banned from ringside after some social media savvy by Ripley. The match begins and Ripley immediately utilizes her size and strength advantage over Kai. The pair find themselves on the ring apron and Kai manages to target the shoulder of Ripley, inflicting what appears to be significant damage. We head to commercial with Kai closing on her battered opponent and during the break, it was much of the same as Kai continued her laser focus on the arm and shoulder of Ripley. Kai continues to rip at the shoulder but nothing can keep Ripley down as we refocus on Kai looking for an armbar. Suddenly, it seems as though Ripley remembered how bad she is as she hoists Kai over her head and sends her crashing to the mat with the powerbomb, breaking Kai's hold of the armbar. Ripley looks to pick up momentum but Kai is relentless in her pursuit of a victory tonight. Both women look to hit something as counter after counter come flying in until Ripley catches Kai in her signature Floating Cloverleaf. 

But eyes lock as we all realize that Gonzalez has now planted herself at the top of the ramp, looking down on her newest fixation, Ripley. Ripley finally plants the Riptide on Kai and picks up a much-needed victory as she looks back at Gonzalez. 

Meanwhile, Back at the Garano's...

                                                    Bronson Reed v. Ashanty Adonis

Adonis is new to me but I'm a card-carrying member of the #TiccBoiSquad, and this call was easy.... Adonis with the early flurry, Reed with the comeback and the squash. 

And it appears that a (Toni) Storm is brewing on the shores of Io Shirai's mind.

But to the surprise of Shirai, marauders were at the gate...

                                                        Leon Ruff v. Timothy Thatcher

It's a battle of speed versus skill as Ruff looks to score a victory over the impressive Thatcher. 

Thatcher would put on a display of academic brilliance in the ring with his clearly superior technical skills but it would be the plucky Ruff who would score the victory with the ever-dangerous and ultra devastating... Surprise Rollup. But the real story would be in Ciampa's response to Thatcher's challenge. 

It looks like we officially have a Last Woman Standing Match at New Years Evil. 

                                                              Tyler Rust v. Ari Divari

The match opens and Rust looks to impose his will as locks up Divari and sends him crashing to the mat. The men exchange counters as the technical prowess is on display tonight; Rust looks particularly impressive as he executes a tremendous shoulder lock. 

The men continue their exchange and Divari begins to pick up momentum as he quickens the pace. Divari mounted over Rust as he rains down blows onto the head of Rust, but Rust counters into a modified triangle before Divari grabs the bottom rope. It would only be a matter of time before Rust would close this match out and score a victory over Divari.  

                                                    Adam Cole v. Velveteen Dream

The bell sounds and the mind games begin as Dream "forgets" to remove his shades. Cole locks in a headlock and holds on for dear life as Dream wriggles and writhes, hoping to break free. Cole quickly takes the lead,

 and unleashes a bevy of offense that kept Dream from mounting any of his own. As it appears that Cole is firmly in control, Pete Dunne appears and blindsides Roddy Strong on the outside. 

As the ref is occupied with the interlopers, Dream uses his shirt as a clothesline and drops Cole; giving Dream the much-needed opportunity. Dream uses his time wisely and wears down Cole but simply cannot put him away. Both men continue to fling their best shots at each other with neither man gaining the edge. Dream would finally make the first mistake as he looked to ascend to the top rope and was caught behind the knee and sent crashing to the mat. Cole would finally take over and proceed to dismantle Dream, scoring the pinfall after connecting with his signature knee strike.  

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