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WWE NXT Live Coverage 12/9

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Wrestling Wednesday! DNezz here and after the weekend's War Games PPV, it will certainly be interesting to see how the landscape shifts and the dust settles. While NXT is sure to be a buzz, we can confirm that tonight's Main Event will feature Ember Moon squaring off against the Women's War Games victor, Raquel Gonzalez; in what may become our Women's Number 1 Contender match. We also know that Cameron will look to bounce back after his loss to Dexter Lumis, but redemption won't come easy as Grimes squares off against Tomasso Ciampa who may be looking over his shoulder after a hard-fought victory over Timothy Thatcher on Sunday. But kicking things off tonight will be none other than the NXT Champion. It's Finn Balor to open the show in just about 10 minutes!

So keep that browser tab locked into WNW's Live NXT Coverage and be sure to follow me on Twitter @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all of my live reactions to tonight's episode! We'll see you, at the top of the hour! 

We are live ladies and gentlemen! The NXT Champion already standing in his ring as we kick off this week's episode of NXT! 

"It's Wednesday and the Champion is back" declares The Prince as he openly challenges the locker room to step up to the champ! Suddenly, The Bruiserweight appears and declares his excitement that the Champion has returned so that Pete Dunne can cement his legacy and win the NXT Title. The silent assassin is quickly put on pause as Kyle O'Reilly inserts himself into the equation and plays to The Prince's vengeful side; begging for another shot. Soon after would be the Archer of Infamy, Damien Priest, claiming his stake in the NXT Title picture as well. Balor would smoothly see himself out of the ring as the three challengers begin to jaw toward one and other. But before Balor can get away scot-free...

                                                     Jake Atlas v. Isiah Swerve Scott

The men kick things off on the ground before Atlas is unceremoniously dumped to the outside. Swerve escorts Atlas back into the ring before Atlas looked to build some offense. Swerve Scott would quickly counter and put on a display of offense that left Atlas reeling. Swerve Scott would look to continue chaining move after move...

...but one too many allowed Atlas to find an opening and blow up Swerve's gameplan with a thunderous clothesline. Swerve was never the same though he tried to capitalize on the young Atlas but in Swerve's unique offense, Atlas found another opening in an oddly set roll up; pinning Swerve Scott for the three count! Atlas would look for the handshake but Swerve was not having it as he stormed out of the ring and up the aisle to the back.

                                                    Imperium v. Ever-Rise v. GYV

We return from break with a triple threat tag match. Ever-Rise has certainly been a thorn in the side of our two other teams and they look for a little payback as a moment of teamwork leaves Ever-Rise on the outside looking in...

 ...while Imperium and GYV continue their endless feud. Ever-Rise would pick their shots...

...and allow their opponents to wear each other down but even the best opportunities would result in bupkiss while Ever-Rise appeared more of an annoyance rather than an opponent. GYV would ultimately pick up the pinfall victory and leave Ever-Rise, once again, in the lurch. 

                                              Tomasso Ciampa v. Cameron Grimes

The match opens and Ciampa quickly has Grimes grounded with an arm lock. Grimes would quickly counter but be met with a Firemen's Carry as Timothy Thatcher now makes his way down to ringside as he sets up a chair and keeps his eyes on Ciampa. 

Ciampa would meet eyes with Thatcher and Grimes would find his opening to escape to the outside. Grimes would use Thatcher as a distraction looking to blindside Ciampa but no one was fooled and Grimes was forced to toss Ciampa into the barricade. Ciampa would catch himself and Grimes would be rolled back into the ring where Grimes would create an opening with a creative slam. Grimes would begin to lay it on thick on Ciampa with Thatcher still looking on. Ciampa would begin his comeback after delivering a massive lariat to Grimes but as the momentum shifted, Thatcher's lackey would insert himself into the contest where he was met by Ciampa and dispatched quickly after.

 Ciampa would continue to pressure Grimes and score the pinfall after catching Grimes off guard with a little razzle-dazzle from the outside of the ring. Ciampa and Thatcher would finally meet and the war of words begins before Cameron Grimes would look for some answers.  

And now we are graced by the newest family-friendly faction as Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and the kiddos enter the ring and give each-other a nice big ego fluff as they all talk about the victories over the weekend. But the happy times would appear to fade as Damien Priest would interrupt and come calling for Austin Theory. Priest wouldn't make the ring though as he was attacked by a returning Karion Kross.

                                                              Pete Dunne v. Killian Dane

It was The Bruiserweight who put Dane on the shelf weeks ago and now Dane is looking for payback as the bell sounds and Dane comes flying in. Dunne tries to weather the storm but Dane comes in like a hurricane as the two men quickly find themselves on the outside of the ring. Dunne baits Dane into throwing a headbutt that Dunne spins away from as Dane's skull crashes into the post. Dunne would roll Dane back into the ring and the two men would continue their slug-fest. 

Dunne would continue to win the exchanges as Dane is now brought down to his knees and in Bruiserweight territory. Dunne would take the back of Dane and lock in a rear choke that Dane would quite easily break as the momentum begins to shift. Dune tries to battle back but, the injuries from war games begin to play a factor as Dunne is clearly slowed by a lower-body injury.

 It looked as if Dane may pull off the victory tonight, but Lorcan and Burch find their way to ringside where their presence would be felt as Dane would be distracted long enough for Dunne to recover and close out the match with the Bitter End for the pinfall.  

                                                    Raquel Gonzalez v. Ember Moon

It is our main event of the evening as Gonzalez enters the ring followed by Ember Moon shortly after. The bell sounds and we are underway! Moon looks to invoke a quick strike type offense but Gonzalez closes the distance and begins to toss Ember Moon around the ring like a rag doll. Gonzalez would go the well though and Ember would be ready as begins to incorporate her educated feet and keep the powerhouse at bay. Ember would appear to have an opening as Gonzalez would roll to the outside, but Ember wasn't waiting any longer. Moon would commit and launch herself with a suicide dive that would crash into Gonzalez and the women would spill to the outside before rolling back into the ring. Ember would maintain a slight edge but Gonzalez would close the distance quickly and soon overtake the former NXT Women's Champion. As we return from break, it's Gonzalez with Ember on her shoulder as Gonzalez racks Moon with pain in a modified surfboard stretch. Moon would hit the jaw-jacker and look for more but Gonzalez would simply boot Ember away.

 Moon rolls from a shoulder lock as Gonzalez stalks her opponent to the corner. Moon would capitalize and use those feet to drive Gonzalez's head into the turnbuckle, followed by an impressive suplex. Gonzalez would try to shake it off but Moon would become relentless as Moon can feel the end is near. Gonzalez finds herself on the outside where Ember will follow with another suicide dive, driving Gonzalez into the announce table. Moon would scale the steel for some aerial assistance but Gonzalez would catch her and drive her face into the post before rolling up Ember Moon for the two count!

 Neither woman looking to concede to the other but Ember Moon is still in control as she climbs the turnbuckle, looking for the Eclipse. Moon would be caught and escape once more before Raquel Gonzalez would deliver her devastating single-leg powerbomb for the victory over Ember Moon. But the real story of the night would be the stare down that occurred shortly after the match.   

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