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WWE NXT Live Coverage (4-15-2020)

It has been a busy eventful day in the wrestling world. And Tonight's NXT is a jam-packed show, to say the least. Finn Balor looks to be on a collision course with the ring general himself WALTER, but first, he will have to battle Imperium's Fabian Aichner, at the request of his nefarious leader. The tournament to determine the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion kicks off tonight, with Group A competing to finish top of their respective table and advance to the grand final.

NXT Champion Adam Cole recently took to social media, offering The Velveteen Dream the chance to sit down and have a 'chat' with the champ. Will Dream accept Cole's proposal? Or will he have an entirely different experience planned for tonight?

Last week on WWE’s The Bump, NXT General Manager William Regal said he had some decisions to make regarding the NXT Tag Team Titles, as Pete Dunne is in the U.K. and unable to join Matt Riddle to defend their titles due to current circumstances.

After conferring with The BroserWeights, Regal reached his decision and tonight we will see Riddle paired with a mystery partner, defending the NXT Tag Team Championships. Will Riddle and his new friend be able to keep the UE from the belts? For Riddle's sake let's hope they do... an angry Pete Dunne isn't a fun one! 

Stay tuned for live coverage that will be beginning at 8 pm EST.


Finn Balor vs Fabian Aichner

NXT starts with a recap of the fight between Gargano and Ciampa. Finn Balor is out of the ring to start tonight against Fabian Aichner. The match starts with Finn Balor going for the stronghold. This match is very technical and hard-hitting. Sunset flip to the face of Aichner from Balor. Once in the corner strong chop by Balor and he then drives Aichner into the ring. Finn Balor then goes on to stomp at him until the commercial break. Once back from break Aichner does a slow methodical attack on Balor. Balor starts to battle and takes shots until he is blocked by Aichner. Balor is able to kick out at two. Aichner then sends Balor across the ring. His partner takes Balor to the outside and hits him with the referee being none the wiser. Sling blade by Balor into Marcel and sends him crashing through the barricade. Aichner goes for a moonsault but nobody is home. Kick by Balor into the corner and cou de graw and the Prince takes out another member of Imperium. 

Winner: Finn Balor

Up Next The Queen will address the NXT Women's Division. 

We see a package featuring the upcoming match between Raquel Gonzales and Tegan Nox. Charlotte calls Rhea the future but will not apologize for her greatness. She recaps her career from NXT to the match at Summerslam with Trish Stratus. She mentions how she has tapped out all of the four horsewomen and she has beaten the past generation and now she is ready to face the new generation. Charlotte highlights that she has her eye on Mia Yim. She will give Mia the first lottery ticket and afterward she will beat them all and prove that she is the greatest of all time. 

Aliyah vs Xia Lee

Kick right to the chest and punches from Xia to Aliyah. Xia chases Aliyah around the ring and Aliyah uses the official to her advantage. Aliyah drives Xia into the corner and Aliyah then takes her down.  Aliyah is on the attack until Xia continues to drive her down and we see a dropkick have Aliyah on her back. Xia Lee gets redemption after a shot to Aliyah's back. 

Winner: Xia Lee

Since Jordan Devlin cannot compete currently. Tonight will be the start of the NXT Cruiserweight Tournament for the interim Cruiserweight Champion. The first will be Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott and Akira Tozawa up next. Matt Riddle still does not know who his tag partner is and he asks Pete Dunne in a call. 

Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs Akira Tozawa

The match is hard-hitting and both men try to outmaneuver the other. Scott grabs Tozawa and then both men trade chops and then a jab from Tozawa to Scott. Scott then runs Tozawa down and we see a punk kick send Scott to the outside. Tozawa and Scott trade punches in the apron and then Swerve sends Tozawa onto the floor. Scott in control and is grinding down Tozawa. Tozawa sends Scott to the outside and centaun into Swerve who goes into the barricade. Missile dropkick from Tozawa but kick out at two. Tozawa picks up speed and goes for the octopus in the middle of the ring. Tozawa attempts another submission but Scott battles back into a brainbuster suplex. Tozawa counter and gets a two count and german suplex to Tozawa. Tozawa somehow kicks out at two after a house call. Scott sets Tozawa up in the corner and Tozawa kicks and sends Scott into the turnbuckles. Kick by Tozawa and Tozawa from the top gets the first victory. 

Winner: Tozawa

Tegan Nox vs Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel Gonzales starts the match showcasing her power. Raquel continues to pick up and send Tegan into the ring. Raquel throws kicks and sends Tegan into a corner. Tegan battles back with punches but is sent into a corner, back to back. Raquel distracts the referee and Dakota gets involved. Shotzi Blackheart attacks Dakota. Raquel goes to slam Shotzi and Tegan Nox takes advantage and pins Raquel. 

Winner: Tegan Nox 

We hear Keith Lee mention how his grandma is the one who introduced him to wrestling. Macho Man Randy Savage is a big influence on him. He mentions how his Dad especially was not supportive and he was homeless for a little while. He snuck out and stole his own car to be able to wrestle Mick Foley. It was thirteen years before he came to NXT and he highlights what his journey has been and that it leads to being the breakout star of 2019. He is just getting started and it has come full circle when we see him and Foley backstage.

Dexter Lumis vs. Tehuti Miles

Lumis is on the attack with a hit to the back to start the match and Miles tries to block. After back to back drop kicks Miles is able to throw off Lumis until a spinebuster. Lumis stalks Miles and slithers across the ring and drives Miles into the mat until he taps after an anaconda vice. 

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Adam Cole is on the screen and mentions how the Dream isn't fit to challenge him. He then says that it is clear that Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish will win the tag team championships once again. The Velveteen Dream comes out and stands near a podium. He mocks Adam Cole and says that Adam Cole fancies himself as the master of the UE but he in fact he is the last champion of the UE. He mentions how undisputed he might be the longest reigning and he wants him to remember these last words: Dream Over. Finn Balor comes out and interrupts the Velveteen Dream and says that he is the greatest NXT Champion of all time. He tells the Dream that ignorant comments will get him a date with The Prince. The Dream asks Balor how about they have their date next week. The UE vs Matt Riddle and his mystery partner is up next. Malcolm Bivens appears and warns that whoever wins the tag team champion tonight has to face his team next. 

Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong vs Matt Riddle and? 

Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are out first. Matt Riddle comes out and we see Pete Dunne introduce Timothy Thatcher as his replacement. Fish and Riddle start the match and we hear both men trash talk to each other. Riddle taunts and slams Fish repeatedly. Riddle goes for the submission but Fish gets to the rope and is forced to break by the official. Strong distracts Riddle and Fish tries to pin Riddle. Both men counter and try to pin the other. Riddle catches Fish and Fish rolls to the outside. Strong is in the ring and Riddle quickly tags in Thatcher. Thatcher slams Strong onto the floor. Strong tries to get to the rope and Thatcher pulls him back and goes for the submission. Strong sends Thatcher into his corner and tags in Fish. Fish attacks Thatcher's left leg but Thatcher battles back and drives his head into Fish. Fish drives him into the UE's corner and Strong tags in. Thatcher drives strong into his corner and Riddle tags in. Riddle goes for the pin but Strong kicks out. Riddle does a series of suplexes to Strong and both men do a gut wrench suplex to the UE. Strong somehow kicks out at two and Fish takeout Thatcher on the outside. Strong uses the distraction to attack Riddle. Tag is made and incomes Fish. Fish goes for the pin but a kick out at two. The UE do chops and kicks to Riddle in their corner. Strong sends Riddle into the outside and both men attack Riddle on the outside. Dexter Lumis is in the background gazing at the match. Thatcher slowly climbs up and Riddle tries to battle back. Olympic slam from Strong to Riddle and a kick out. Fish is the legal man and he sends Riddle into the UE corner. Riddle battles back until a snap suplex. Riddle stretches but Fish sends him back into the UE's corner. Another snap suplex from Fish until a fisherman suplex by Riddle. Fish is able to tag in Strong and Riddle tags in Thatcher. Belly to Belly from Thatcher to both men of the UE repeatedly. Thatcher beats down Strong and Strong counters with a chop. Strong is able to break and Thatcher and Strong battle until Thatcher forces Strong to tap out. 

Winner: Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher

We see Ciampa backstage and he says he is done with this and he is done with both Garganos and all of this. Ciampa congratulates Gargano until he is attacked from behind by a mysterious person. We see and hear Killer Kross say Tik Tok as he lays down next to Ciampa. 

What did you think about Timothy Tatcher's and Killer Kross's official debut? What was your favorite match? Stay tuned to the site for breaking news and live coverage. 

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