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WWE NXT: New Years Evil 1/6/21

In what has been a day of uncertainty, sadness, fear, and a touch of embarrassment for America, I would like to take a minute and remind the internet wrestling community that tonight was meant to bring us a hell of a wrestling lineup, and dammit, I will be delivering half of that card! No more Trump, no more politics, no more BS. 

Tonight is for wrestling. Tonight is for NXT and AEW. Tonight is for the fans...

18 minutes and counting folks... get your popcorn ready, Here's your card while we wait. 

It is also known that Timothy Thatcher was pulled from his Pit Fight with Tomasso Ciampa; citing a leg injury as the cause. GM William Regal was boarish in his statement though when he also reassured fans that once Thatcher was healthy, that match would take place. 

8 mins...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to tonight's New Year's Evil Event! Welcome everyone, DNezz here and we're jumping right into the fire as Damien Priest makes his way to the ring!

That entrance still gets me as Karrion Kross gets ready for his official in-ring debut! The men have a staredown as the bell tolls and we are underway! The match begins with both men locked in and jockeying for position. Kross, the early aggressor, but swiftly countered by Priest who pie-faces Kross for his troubles. The men decide to have their efforts in a striking match and Priest looks crisp until Kross tosses his opponent across the ring with a Clutch Bomb. 

Kross begins his zombie-like pace he proceeds to dismantle The Archer with his smashmouth style. Priest, ever resilient though, endures the torture and rallies back as he absorbs the punishment delivered by Kross. Priest managers to coax Kross into a round of Rope-a-dope and then capitalized on his winded foe, landing an impressive Mid-Rope Twisting Senton! The Archer appeared to gain some steam and looked to be the first to hang a loss on Kross. 

The Archer of Infamy threw every last arrow at the beast known as Karrion Kross, but even his best effort paired with his: "never say die", rebellious machismo would not be enough to defeat the beast. Defiant to the end, Priest fell victim to the Saito Suplex as well as a forearm to the back of the head for good measure. A solid effort by both men. Dare I say, Damien Priest looks really good.  

The bell sounds and we are underway as former partners in Mexico, clash for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship! Escobar emerges early but The King of the Ropes quickly overwhelms Escobar with his fast-paced Lucha libre style!

 Metalik looked impressive in the early going but a costly miscalculation by Metalik allowed Escobar the opportunity to make a comeback and begin to wear down the challenger. 

Escobar puts his power and technical prowess on display but his surfboard stretch defies him as Metalik brings him over the top for the two count! Things start to pick up as Metalik really pushes the pace and incorporates his high-flying offense, looking to claim victory and the belt he's been chasing since the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic. As Metalik ascended to the top, Dorado came flying across the steel steps, preventing last-second interference from Escobar's posse. In the confusion, Escobar was able to plant Metalik to the mat and earn a pinfall over The King of the Ropes.     

And then this happened... Poor thing.

The match some of us were waiting for! The bell sounds and these women are at each other's throats. Both knowing that dominance atop the women's division is at stake, the power is on display as both women give their best to one and other. Ripley, the first under the ring as she introduces a kendo stick to the match and introduces the bitter sting of it to the torso of Raquel Gonzalez. The women find themselves walking the outside of the ring before Gonzalez introduces handcuffs to the contest and looks to incapacitate her opponent but the resilient Ripley catches her foe and spoils her plan as she turns the tables and cuffs Gonzalez to the fence. A brief beatdown by Ripley but Gonzalez would pull the fence apart and free herself for the fight to continue. Gonzalez would use the fence as she threw blow after blow into the flesh of Ripley, but Ripley would pour it on herself, keeping pace with the larger, stronger Gonzalez. The fight continues as the women continue their battle on the outside, Gonzalez beginning to wear on Ripley after firmly planting her onto the announce table. The match makes its way up the ramp to the entrance area as the women go tit-for-tat before Raquel Gonzalez delivered a boot to the face of Ripley, driving her back beyond the curtain and into the production area. 

Gonzalez stalks her prey but Ripley lay waiting and the brawl continues in the back. Ripley looks to gain the advantage but is suddenly met by Dakota Kai, Gonzalez's insurance policy! Kai wors Ripley over with a kendo stick of her own but as Kai checks on Gonzalez, Ripley rises and attacks the pint-sized pest; stuffing her into a locker for her troubles and keeping the match fair. 

Ripley sends more punishment Gonzalez's way and sets a table for two before climbing high above and driving her body through Gonzalez, through the table, and to the concrete below. Both women drag themselves back to the entrance area where their final battle would ensue. Both women continue to decimate each other before Gonzalez delivers the final blow, lifting Ripley above her and driving both of them through the elevated stage. The ref looked poised to count a draw but Gonzalez made it to her feet just milliseconds before the bell.  

And an impromptu tag match is made as The Way's Welcome to 2021 speech was interrupted by the Blackheart of NXT, who quickly dispatched Austin Theory after he came a bit too close to her ride. 

Kushida would come to the aid of Shotzi and the duo would square off against Gargano and LeRae. While the match was undoubtedly solid, it was more a prelude of things to come as Kushida earns the pinfall over the North American Champion. 

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evening as Finn Balor is set to defend his NXT Title against Kyle O'Reilly. The bell sounds and both men immediately look to gain dominance over the other. Balor always impressive, but KOR is by far superior on the mat with his BJJ background, and those skills are on display tonight as he outshines the champion in the early going. Balor manages to gain a bit of momentum as he slows KOR with an abdominal stretch that has KOR hurting. He looks to hook his foot to the bottom rope but Finn rotates away. KOR does what he must and reaches out to the middle rope, with his teeth! The ref forces the break but Balor realizes what he has before him and kicks the rope that KOR is still clutching, causing massive damage to the jaw of KOR. 

Balor would take the driver's seat and keep this match going as he begins to dismantle the challenger and return to his championship form. Balor looked to put his exclamation mark on the match as he smelled blood in the water but KOR simply would not give in. 

O'Reilly would find his opening and deliver one final stand against the champion, driving kicks into Balor, targeting his left arm, and even sinking in his signature armbar on the champion. 

Balor found an opening and narrowly escaped submission before finally returning to the Abdominal Stretch and bringing it to the mat where KOR simply had nowhere to go.

And Still was the call as Finn Balor was successful in his defense of the NXT Championship.  

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