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WWE NXT Results (9/4/14) - Sin Cara & Kalisto Are Taking Over?

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WWE NXT Results (9/4/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by CJ Blaze of

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of NXT!

Tom Phillips welcomes us to this week's NXT. Next week, Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn at NXT Takeover 2!

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring for the opening match. NXT Women's Champion Charlotte enters.

Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte

Charlotte goes off the ropes and they lock up. Charlotte goes in with a headlock on the mat. Charlotte is put in a headlock and Bliss goes up top. Bliss rolls the champion up. Hurricanrana from Bliss. Charlotte holds Bliss in the ropes. Bliss gets free and hits a dropkick, one. Charlotte tries for a powerbomb, and Alexa rolls her up. Charlotte hits Bow Down To The Queen for the win.

Winner: Charlotte - by pinfall (2:21)

Bayley makes her way to the ring. She grabs a mic and says that Charlotte refused to shake her hand last night. Bayley beat Sasha Banks twice and at Takeover, she is seriously taking the title. Bayley extends her hand for a shake and Charlotte shoves her. Bayley hits Bayley-to-Bayley and raises the title!

Pre-taped video: Tyler Breeze talks about Adrian Neville. Why is Kidd in this match? He didn't do so well last time at Takeover. And neither look as good as me. Why am I going to win? Because I look better than everyone else and maybe I'm better than everyone else?

Sin Cara and Kalisto are interviewed backstage. Tonight, you have the opportunity to become the number one contender's to the tag titles. Cara speaks in Spanish, and Kalisto says that they have a good chance of beating The Vaudevillains.

Tye Dillinger enters. Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring.

Tye Dillinger vs. Tyler Breeze

Lock up, Breeze grabs the left arm and twists it around. Headlock on Breeze. Shoulderblock from Tye. Slaps across the chest from Tye, and a stomp to the chest, cover. Breeze kicks Tye in the face and takes him to the corner with stomps. Breeze pins, one. Headlock on the mat from Tyler. Tye takes Breeze to the corner and they trade blows. Breeze hits the Beauty Shot out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze - by pinfall (2:42)

Pre-taped promo: Tyson Kidd calls Adrian Neville the greatest high-flyer. Sami Zayn has lots of talent and a big heart. And the other worries about his looks. (Stream froze)

Enzo Amore cuts a promo outside a hair cut place and goes in the building. Cass is talking in the background. Carmella is in their and they talk. A guy walks in and talks about a wax, something these neanderthals know nothing about. They argue about cream for Enzo's chest. Cream goes all over on a dog and they argue some more. Enzo's eyes get real wide as the hair comes right of the dog. Cass says holy jeez, it works. Enzo and Big Cass leave.

Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds enter. The Rosebuds leave.

Tyson Kidd vs. Adam Rose

Lock up, Kidd takes Rose down and then to the corner with punches. Rose throws Kidd in the corner and takes him down with punches and kicks. Rose with an elbow drop, pin. Kidd is on the apron and kicks Rose in the head. Kidd delivers another kick in the ring. Neckbreaker from Kidd, two. Rose rolls Kidd up. Kidd holds Rose in the corner. Kidd delivers several knees to the head. Suplex from Tyson, cover. Headlock on Rose. Rose sends big elbows in one corner. Rose takes Kidd down with clotheslines. Tyson works the knee. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and Rose taps.

Winner: Tyson Kidd - by submission

Pre-taped promo: Sami Zayn says you don't have to pin the champ. He will pin someone, and he would like to pin the champ.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring. Marcus Louis enters with Sylvester LeFort in his corner.

Sami Zayn vs. Marcus Louis

Lock up, Zayn's left arm is worked and twisted around. Zayn switches roles and Louis repeats. Zayn is body slammed. Louis takes Sami to the corner and unloads with punches. Louis drops Zayn to his knee, cover. Headlock on Zayn for a lengthy time. Zayn finally breaks free in the corner and kicks Louis in the head, clotheslines follow. Zayn connects with a big dropkick. Zayn slams Louis face-first and locks in the Koji Clutch, Louis taps.

Winner: Sami Zayn - by pinfall (3:03)

Enzo and Big Cass attack Lefort and Lois. Enzo has a bucket of cream. The heels get fee and run to the back.

Neville says he doesn't have to be pinned to lose. He like challenges and come September 11th, it's a challenge he's ready for.

CJ Parker enters. NXT Champion Adrian Neville makes his way to the ring.

CJ Parker vs. Adrian Neville

Lock up, Neville is taken to the corner. Parker backs off as Neville flips around the ring and across the the corner. Neville jumps from the top and hits a crossbody. Neville flips CJ over into a headlock. Neville is taken down with a big kick from Parker. Parker takes a kicks to the face. CJ with a side slam, cover. Parker flies for a headbutt and Neville moves. Neville with spinning kicks and then a dropkick follows. Neville with an uppercut in the corner. Neville connects with a missile dropkick. Neville hits the Red Arrow fro the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville - by pinfall (3:05)

Both tag teams make their way to the ring for the main event. The winner challenges The Ascension next week at Takeover.

#1 Contender's Match: Sin Cara & Kalisto vs. The Vaudevillains

Kalisto and English start. Lock up, Kalisto rolls English up. Kalisto and English trade waist locks and headlocks. English is taken down with a headlock into a pin, kick out. Kalisto with a headlock, arm drag off the top. Cara tagged. They double-team with kicks and a flip. Cara pins, two. English tags Simon. Gotch gets hit with a dropkick. Gotch is sent flying with a monkey flip. Cara falls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Gotch pins. Aiden back in with a neckbreaker on Cara, cover. English has a headlock in and takes Cara to the corner. Cara is placed up-side-down. English runs into the post as Cara goes up and connects with a crossbody.

Both men are down and then tag. Kalisto flips onto Gotch and the dropkicks the left leg. Kalisto hits a hurricanrana, English breaks pin. Cara jumps out onto English. Kalisto is caught by Gotch but slips out and hits his finisher. Sin Cara hits the senton for the win!

Winners: Sin Cara & Kalisto - by pinfall (5:06)

Sin Cara and Kalisto celebrate until The Ascension comes out to the stage. They raise their belts as the show ends.

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