WWE NXT Results (4/29/15) - Hideo Itami Does Not Party


WWE NXT Results (4/29/15)
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The show jumps right in to a video package highlighting Kevin Owens picking up another win over Alex Riley last week. Sami Zayn attacked Owens after the match. The theme song plays.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves talk up Owens' brawl with Zayn. The crowd loudly chants "Fight, Owens, Fight!" Owens says last week he was going to take care of a problem he's had for several weeks in Alex Riley, but Sami Zayn had to play the hero. Owens says he's standing right here and it won't be a sneak attack. He's ready for a fight, so let's do this right now.

William Regal comes out to the ring. Regal tells Owens he will not use NXT to further his agenda. He will not make demands as he sees fit. Owens says he didn't call Regal out, so he doesn't care what he has to say. Owens wants Zayn. Sami Zayn's music hits to a big pop. Regal tells Zayn this will not turn into a circus like last week, as Zayn remains standing on the apron.

Regal announces that on May 20th, at NXT Takeover, Sami Zayn will take on Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship. Owens says he didn't say anything about defending the title, so why is Sami getting the title shot? Kevin refuses to defend. Zayn says Kevin really wants the match, he needs this match. Zayn says anything Owens has and ever will do has Zayn's name next to it. Kevin is living in Zayn's shadow. Sami says he fights for a prize. Owens isn't the prize, the NXT Title is. Owens agrees to the title match. Regal confirms Owens vs. Zayn for the title at Takeover.

Tonight: Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose, Bayley vs. Dana Brooke.

Greg Hamilton is announcing NXT is hitting the road once again when Carmella, Enzo, and Big Cass walk up arguing. Carmella sits on a couch by herself as Blake and Murphy walk up and sit next to her. Carmella tells them to leave. Alexa Bliss confronts Carmella and asks if she should carry herself with a little more class. Carmella slaps Bliss. Blake and Murphy comfort Alexa.

Sami Zayn signs a contract backstage with Regal. Alex Riley walks up and tells Regal he knows he can beat Owens. Regal says he's given Riley enough opportunities. Zayn tries to talk to Riley, but Alex gets mad. Zayn says he needs a warm-up match for Takeover. Regal agrees to it.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and Carmella make their way to the ring with their usual promos. NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy make their way to the ring.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Blake & Murphy

Enzo and Blake start. Blake kicks Enzo and throws him in the heel corner. Murphy tags and stomps on Enzo. Murphy throws a right hand, taking Enzo down again. Blake tags. They double team with kicks. Blake holds Enzo by the hair and yells at Carmella. Blake slams him and covers. Enzo counters Blake with an arm hook face slam maneuver. Big Cass comes in and hits a running knee on Murphy, clotheslines Blake. Cass flies into the corner on Murphy and then hits a body slam. Blake counters the cover. Enzo jumps into the ring on no one. Blake throws Enzo out. Cass hits a big boot on Murphy. Enzo goes up top and nails the crossbody for the win.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Big Cass - by pinfall (3:16)

We see a pre-taped promo from Becky Lynch. She says she came here to be the best. This will be N-Bex-T.

Bayley is backstage with Devin Taylor, but Bayley runs off because she can't find her stuff. Emma walks up and asks Devin if Bayley's looking for these.

Bayley makes her way to the ring. Dana Brooke makes her way to the ring for her second televised NXT match.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Bayley and Brooke lock up. Brooke works the arm, Bayley reverses the hold. Brooke reverses and slams Bayley down. Bayley gets tossed into the corner. Bayley switches roles and slams Brooke against the turnbuckle. Bayley trips Brooke after sending her into the turnbuckle. Bayley flies into an empty corner. Brooke slams Bayley hard and then goes on the attack on the mat. Brooke holds Bayley in the corner while hanging upside down with her feet. Brooke picks Bayley up and slams her with a fireman's carry slam. Brooke covers, two. Dana applies a leg submission.

Bayley kicks her way out. Bayley tosses Brooke straight into the ropes and then hits a couple elbows. Bayley spears Brooke in the corner and hits an elbow. Bayley hits a suplex and goes up top. Bayley's music hits and Emma comes out with a Bayley shirt on. Bayley takes Brooke down. Brooke takes advantage of the distraction and hits the fireman's carry slam for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke - by pinfall (4:15)

Regal is backstage and announces we will see Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami vs. Finn Balor in a triple threat number one contender's match for the NXT Title at Takeover on May 20th.

Hideo Itami makes his way to the ring. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds make their way to the ring.

Hideo Itami vs. Adam Rose

Lock up, Itami works the left arm. Rose flips several times around the ring. Itami chops Rose. Rose runs into a running knee and is hit with another knee by Itami, cover. Rose throws Itami in the corner and kicks him. Rose hits a snap suplex, two. Rose covers again. They get up and lock up. Itami hits Rose with a dropkick and clotheslines. Itami kicks Rose's legs out from underneath him. Itami hits the corner dropkick. Itami hits the running kick strike for the win.

Winner: Hideo Itami - by pinfall (2:50)

Bayley is backstage trying to find Emma. Bayley tells the camera man she is getting her stuff back.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. Sarah Dawson, from Kentucky, is already in the ring.

Becky Lynch vs. Sarah Dawson

They lock fingers before Lynch takes Dawson down. Lynch applies a leg hold and gets rolled up. Lynch hits several of the leg drops, cover. Lynch throws Dawson into the corner and kicks her. Lynch kicks Dawson and holds her in the ropes. Lynch tries to slam Dawson, but Dawson gets out and rolls her up. Lynch locks in the vicious arm submission and Dawson taps.

Winner: Becky Lynch - by submission (2:13)

Rhyno is backstage in the dark. He calls out Baron Corbin. Rhyno says he isn't just the past, he's the present and the future.

Alex Riley makes his way to the ring for the main event. Kevin Owens joins commentary. Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring.

Alex Riley vs. Sami Zayn 

Lock up, Riley takes Zayn to the corner. Zayn applies a waist lock. Riley gets out and works Zayn's left arm. Zayn reverses the hold. Riley reverses and flips Zayn. Riley holds the arm once again. Riley throws Zayn and catches Sami with a dropkick, cover. Riley locks up the left arm again. Zayn flips Riley out of it. Riley runs into Zayn in the corner. Riley hits a neckbreaker, two. Riley applies a headlock. Zayn works his way up and then hits a dropkick. Zayn and Riley attempt multiple waist locks. Riley hits a cutter, cover. Zayn pulls the top rope down as Riley falls to the outside. Zayn dives out onto Riley.

Kevin Owens leaves commentary and attacks Sami on the ramp. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Sami Zayn - by DQ (4:39)

Owens starts to leave but then goes back and hits Riley with the powerbomb onto the apron. Owens raises his title above Zayn before leaving.

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