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WWE NXT Results (4/10/14)

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WWE NXT Results (4/10/14)
From Full Sail Universary
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

WWE-In memory of Warrior image airs as the show starts.

NXT starts off with a party as Adam Rose makes his way to the ring.

Adam Rose Vs Danny Birch

The match starts off with Adam Rose dancing. Danny gets a random knee to the gut. Adam bumps into the ropes and uses them to dance. Kicks Birch to the ground. picks him up and whips him into a few shoulder blocks. Knocks him down and locks in an Arm Bar. Danny gets out. Both men get up and Danny chops Adam. Adam hulks up and gives him a few stiff rights. Adam puts him into the corner and bronco busts him. Picks him up and slams him down. Adam Rose Climbs to the second rope and splashes Danny. Rose pins Danny for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner Adam Rose via Pinfall.

Backstage with Referee Shawn

He is talking about the reason he ended last weeks match with Sami Zayn.

Backstage with Corey Graves

Talks about how he beat Sami Zayn despite a possible asterisk nests to his name.

Bailey comes out and gives random hugs.

Divas Match Bailey vs Sasha accompanies by Charlotte

Sasha goes right for the double leg and pin. Sasha locks in the head lock. Bailey throws Sasha into the ropes and shoulder block for the troubles. A few more quick pins. Sasha bouncing Baileys head off the matt. Picks her up and throws her down face first. Goes for the pin Bailey kicks out. Sasha tosses bailey with her hair. Puts Bailey in the corner and stomps on her back. Rolls her out and goes for the pin. Sasha gets Bailey in a submission. Drops her down for a pin. Pickers her up and Bailey puts her in the ropes. Bailey getting clothes lines to work up momentum. Bailey off the second rope with 2 rolling elbows. Bailey gets a Belly to belly on Sasha. Goes for the pin to win it.

Winner Bailey via Pin fall. Time 3:19

Commercial for Legends House

Still images from Wrestlemania 30

Lefort makes his way to the ring. Mojo Rawley staying hyped as he runs out to the ring. Rawley makes his way around the ring shaking hands with the fans

Sylvester Lefort Vs Mojo Rawley

They lock up. Lefort backed up into the corner. Mojo rolls around the ring. Mojo whips Lefort into the corner and splashes him twice. Mojo pulls Lefort out of the corner and gives him the hyper drive. pins him for the win

Winner Mojo Rawley via pinball Time 58secs

While Lefort is recovering form the lost Brodus clay comes out to the ring. Brodus power bombs Lefort. Brodus goes to the second rope and cross bodies Lefort.

Brodus gets the mic. I saw NXT Arrival. He saw Cena and HHH endorse Adrian Nevil. Gave his blood sweat and tears and he deserves his shot. He calls out Adrian. That he deserves a match.

Adrian makes his way to the ring in street clothes. Says for being a main even player Brodus does a lot of complaining. Saying he won't squander his opportunities like Brodus did. Both men square off and Brodus backs down.

Backstage with Oliver and Commacho.

Commacho calls Adam Rose a poser. Talks about sacrificing everything for just one day. Oliver interrupts Commacho and challenges him to a mach. Commacho exits stage left.

Exclusive look at NXT Access weekend.

Backstage Segment with Great Khali

He cuts an inaudible promo. Bailey gives him a hug. CJ Parker walks in and is disgusted. Asks Khali if he recycles. Khali says more inaudible stuff. Bailey translates and says he will see CJ pin the ring next week.

Bo's special announcement is next.

Says theres a lot of guys who say they're next in line. We all know it's Bo time. The voices of the Bolievers won't be silenced. Explains Daniel Bryan's occupation on raw is exactly what he will do here in NXT. Asked his Bolievers to be there tonight and help him occupy.

Everyone in the arena turns their back to Bo. Bo is upset because he gave them cookies. Talks about being the best champion for 280 days. He has a melt down and exits the ring. Goes around ring side and slides back in. Camera cuts to commercial with him md ring melting down.


We come back to Bo in the ring again. Crowd is chanting "No more Bo." His meltdown continues. NXT GM JBL comes out from the back. He is laughing at Bo. Makes a joke about the empty Bolivers in the ring. Tells him there will be no title match tonight. Tells him that since he's in the ring he will face his buddy from South Africa.

Justin Gabriel comes out.

Bo Dallas vs Justin Gabriel

Bo is refusing to fight because he wants a title shot. Both men then circle each other. Justin hits the ropes and cross bodies Bo. Bo slides under the rope. He is yelling from the outside of the ring. Gabriel backs up as Bo gets back into the ring. Bo gets Justin in a headlock and talks some trash. The two battle for position. Justin gets out. Both men to their feet and Justin gets a headlock on Bo. Bo escapes and hits the rope. The men lock up and Bo is on the matt. Bo rolls out of the ring and starts crawling up the ramp. Turns around and goes up the steps. Bo climbs back in and rolls out again. Gabriel rolls him back in the ring. Justin climbs to the top rope and Bo knocks him down. Kicks him out of the ring. Both men are outside the ring. Bo rolls Justin back in and gives him a knee drop. Puts Justin in to the ropes and chokes him. Bo give Justin a suplex and locks in a headlock. Justin fights to his feet. Bo knocks justin down and goes for the pin. Justin kicks out at 2. Bo whips Justin into the turn buckle hard. Bo picks him up out of the corner. Holding his arm Bo feeds Justin a few elbows. Bo gives Justin a mean clothes line. Pins him for 2. Justin climbs up in the corner. Justin reverses the Irish Whip and slams Bo into the opposite corner. Both men are slow to get up. Justin gives Bo a few educated kicks. Justin gives Bo a spinning heel kick. Bo climbs up in the corner and Justin Splashes him. Justin goes up for the cross body. Pins him for two. The two exchange blows. Bo slams Justin to the matt. Justin gives him a Northern Lights Suplex. Pins Bo for two. Justin goes for the moonsault and misses. Bo goes for the small package and Justin kicks out. Bo hits Justin with the double hooked DDT. Goes for the pin and gets the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas Time: 10:27

Show goes off the air with a confident Bo Dallas in the ring.

Please remember that since this is typed live you will need to refresh periodically to receive my fabulous live results.

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