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WWE NXT Results (6/17/15) - Joe vs. Owens Ends In Mayhem


WWE NXT Results (6/17/15)
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Results by CJ Blaze of

In Memory of Dusty Rhodes. A video package on Dusty's career airs. Rest in peace, Dream.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show as Carmella, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass make their way to the ring with a promo. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are on commentary.

Carmella says she will disfigure Alexa Bliss. Big Cass says there's only one word to describe Blake and Murphy: SAWF... Blake, Murphy, and Bliss interrupt and make their way to the ring.

Carmella, Enzo Amore, & Colin Cassady vs. Alexa Bliss, Blake, & Murphy

Enzo and Blake start with a lock up, headlock on Enzo. Enzo tries to get out as Blake keeps it locked in. Enzo tosses him off, Blake runs him over with a shoulderblock. Blake with a waist lock into a headlock. Blake releases the hold, hops over Enzo and takes him down with a shoulderblock again. Enzo applies a headlock. They run around each other until Enzo gets Blake down to the mat. Enzo hits a crossbody, cover for two. Cass gets in and takes Murphy to the corner. Carmella takes Alexa down. Enzo and Cass clothesline Blake and Murphy out of the ring. Enzo, Cass, and Carmella stand tall in the ring.


Enzo throws some right hands at Blake. Blake takes Enzo down in the heel corner. Murphy gets the tag. Murphy punches Enzo and applies a headlock on the mat. Murphy takes Enzo to their corner and tags Blake. Murphy flies into Enzo in the corner. Blake applies a headlock on the mat. Blake stomps on Enzo in the corner as Murphy gets the tag again. Murphy takes a shot at Cass before flying into an empty corner. Carmella and Bliss are legal. Carmella clotheslines her and rolls her up. Bliss tags Blake. Cass throws Blake in the ring. Cass clotheslines Blake and boots Murphy. Cass hits a side slam, Enzo tagged. Enzo flies off the top onto Blake, cover for the three.

Winners: Enzo Amore, Big Cass, & Carmella - by pinfall (7:20)

Corey Graves talks about John Cena beating Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank.

Samoa Joe is backstage for an interview with Devin Taylor. She asks Joe is Owens is the reason why he's here. Joe says he just doesn't like Owens. He likes to show his opponents intimidation. Joe says he will walk in the ring and beat down Kevin Owens unmercifully.

We see part one of a video package on Finn Balor. Fergal Devitt is a boy from Ireland, who has three siblings and married parents. Balor credits his parents for helping him throughout his life. Pro wrestling was a huge part of his childhood. Becky Lynch says Balor was born to do this. She also says without Fergal, there would be no Becky Lynch. Lynch gets emotional telling a story about a school Devitt was working at. Next week, we will see part two.

Charlotte makes her way to the ring. We see footage of when Brooke and Emma attacked Charlotte and Bayley three weeks ago. New recruit, Cassie, is already in the ring.

Charlotte vs. Cassie

Charlotte applies a headlock, shoulderblock to Cassie. Charlotte wraps her legs around Cassie. Cassie kicks up and applies a waist lock. Charlotte backs her up into a corner. Cassie rolls Charlotte up. Cassie flips Charlotte over and kicks her in the corner. Charlotte boots her and hits a couple knee drops, cover. Charlotte applies a headlock and takes the hold to the mat. Cassie powers out and uppercuts Charlotte. Cassie hits a crossbody, cover. Charlotte rolls Cassie up with a bridging cover. Charlotte chops Cassie and takes her down with a spear. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight and Cassie taps.

Winner: Charlotte - by submission (3:48)

Charlotte poses in the ring to celebrate afterwards.

Dana Brooke is backstage with Devin Taylor. Brooke says she is currently a fitness competitor. Now she's back and last time she faced Charlotte, Charlotte was left laying in the middle of the ring. Dana says she is replacing Charlotte. Some earn their spot, while others make their way in through their family. Brooke taps Devin on the head before walking off.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.

Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe

Owens exits the ring and Joe follows him immediately. They stare at each other before both get back in the ring at the same time. They circle each other and lock up. Joe takes Owens to the corner. Owens shoves Joe and Joe unloads with strikes. Owens throws some punches before being taken down by Joe in the middle of the ring. Owens clotheslines Joe in the corner. Joe chases Owens to the opposite corner with an elbow followed by a pelee kick. Joe holds his foot on Kevin's face in the corner. Joe hits a running kick on Owens. Owens leaves the ring and sits on the ramp.


Owens strikes Joe in the corner as we come back from break. Owens holds Joe in the rope and continues with punches. Owens hits the cannonball on Joe. Owens with a senton, Joe kicks out at one. Owens applies a headlock on the mat. Joe sits up, but Owens takes him back down. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out. Joe throws a right hand, Owens counters with a back elbow, cover. Owens takes Joe back down to the mat with a headlock, which he holds for awhile. Joe makes it to his feet with elbows again. Joe punches Owens a few times before Owens connects with a knee to the gut.

Joe hits an atomic drop and boots Owens. Joe connects with a senton. Joe throws more right hands and takes Owens down with a big kick to the head. Joe covers for two. Joe places Owens up top. Owens punches Joe away from him. Owens runs across the ring and gets caught and slammed to the mat. Owens gets out of the ring, Joe follows. Owens sends Joe into the ring post. Joe slaps Owens and throws more punches. Owens clubs the ref in the process of the brawl outside the ring.

No Contest (10:41)

Joe punches Owens on the ramp. More refs come out to separate them. They continues to fight before being separated. Owens gets in the ring and Joe runs to him. Joe throws more punches in the ring. Owens breaks fee and goes at it again. Joe breaks free and they continue. Everyone is in the middle of the ring as Joe and Owens are separated again. Owens rolls out of the ring and beats up the security. Owens walks away as Joe points at him to end the show.

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