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WWE NXT Results (6/24/15) - Hideo Itami Appears, Balor vs. Rhyno

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WWE NXT Results (6/24/15)
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Triple H and the NXT Roster are standing out on the stage. Triple H says we lost family. Dusty Rhodes called everyone on this stage his NXT kids. They were his family, his life blood. It was his passion to continue this business for all of us. As a family, stand with him now to honor the passing of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. There is a ten-ball salute.

Rest in peace, Dream.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to another week of NXT. Hideo Itami makes his way to the ring wearing a cast on his left arm. We see footage of Itami down in the parking lot clenching his shoulder from last month.

Greg Hamilton welcomes him. It will still be 3-4 months before he can return following his shoulder surgery. Itami says NXT is very popular in Japan. He will be there at the WWE Live Event on July 4th. It doesn't matter who wins, as he will challenge the NXT Champion. Kevin Owens comes out to the stage.

Owens tells Itami that's great news about his appearance in Japan. It's too bad he won't be competing. Owens says the only reason Itami is going to Japan is to watch Owens end Finn Balor forever. Owens says he doesn't know if it's the meds, but he assures Itami he will be leaving with the NXT Title in Tokyo.

Owens mentions that if he was the one that attacked Itami, Hideo wouldn't be standing there. Owens also wants an apology for being called a bad person. Itami calls Owens a terrible human being. Owens says if he's getting blamed for the injury, he might as well do something about it.

Owens starts to walk down the ramp when Balor comes from behind. Balor knocks Owens off the ramp. Before Balor can leap onto Owens, Rhyno attacks Finn with a stiff kick to the gut. Balor lays outside the ramp as Rhyno goes to the back.


We see a replay of the brawl between Owens, Balor, and Rhyno. Our main event tonight will be Finn Balor vs. Rhyno.

Corey Graves and Byron Saxton hype the main event as Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and Carmella make their way to the ring with their promos. Sylvester LeFort and Jason Jordan are in the ring. Cass calls them SAWFT.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester LeFort & Jason Jordan

Enzo and Sylvester start. Enzo runs the ropes and hits a crossbody. Cass gets the tag as Enzo flies into the corner on LeFort. Cass slams LeFort and Enzo gets the tag. Cass slams Enzo onto Sylvester, cover. Jordan tags in and catches Enzo with a body slam. Jordan drops an elbow drop and pulls Enzo up by his hair. Jordan slams Enzo again. Jordan strikes Enzo on the back. Sylvester tags himself in. Jordan and LeFort hit a shoulderblock. LeFort applies an arm/headlock on Enzo. LeFort distracts Jordan. Enzo rolls Jordan up for the win.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady - by pinfall (2:35)

We see an interview from last week with Samoa Joe. Joe screams Let Them Fight 0ver and over again. Joe didn't get the fight he wanted because Kevin Owens is still walking today. Joe says I Want Kevin Owens and Let Me Fight a couple times over.

Dana Brooke makes her way to the ring with Emma at her side. Cassie is in the ring.

Dana Brooke vs. Cassie

Brooke and Cassie lock up, arm lock on Cassie. They separate. Cassie rolls Brooke up. Brooke kicks Cassie in the gut. Cassie counters with a hurricanrana. Brooke brings Cassie's neck against the ropes viciously. Brooke stomps on Cassie on the mat. Brooke slams Cassie, cover. Brooke applies a hold on the right arm and leg. Cassie turns things around and clotheslines Brooke. Cassie kicks Brooke in the corner. Dana gets Cassie up on her shoulders for the fireman's slam. Brooke covers for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke - by pinfall (3:31)

Charlotte is backstage with Devin Taylor. She talks about Dana Brooke being jealous. Charlotte says she can't wait to kick her you know what.

Brennan and Graves hype the NXT Title match at WWE Live in Tokyo, Japan on July 4th.

We see part two of a special look at Finn Balor. Sami Zayn walks into Balor's place where Balor is building with legos. He admits he never outgrew it. It helps him unwind after a busy day. Matt Bloom says he first met Balor in Japan. They met on a bus and hit it off right away. Balor says he was really fortunate to meet him.

Balor talks about Japan becoming his second him. Becky Lynch says she knew Balor would be a star when she heard he was heading to NXT. Balor became recognized as Prince Devitt in Japan. Lynch says Balor signing with NXT was a huge deal. Balor is ready for the next journey. We will see part three next week.

We see pictures of Bull Dempsey struggling to work out.

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley make their way to the ring. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton are in the ring.

The Hype Bros vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Mojo and Dawkins start. Lock up, headlock on Mojo. Mojo takes Dawkins down with shoulder blocks. Ryder gets the tag. Ryder headbutts Dawkins and works the left arm. Fulton comes into a dropkick from Ryder. Mojo tags in and whips Ryder into Fulton. Mojo clotheslines Fulton, cover. Mojo dances in the ring and brings down the double fists on Fulton. Fulton gets the upper hand after Dawkins distracts. Dawkins leaps over Fulton and onto Mojo, cover.

Ryder comes in with a clothesline on Dawkins. Ryder is whipped across the ring but counters with a back elbow and dropkick from the top. Ryder flies into the corner with an elbow. Ryder connects with the Broski Boot, Fulton breaks the hold. Mojo knocks Fulton out of the ring. Mojo tags Ryder, Ryder hits Rough Ryder for the win.

Winners: Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley - by pinfall (4:08)

William Regal is in his office. Eva Marie walks up and says she has put in a lot of work to earn a match in NXT. Regal says she can't just waltz in here. Eva says she will show Regal.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring for the main event. We see replays of Rhyno attacking Balor at the start of the show. Kevin Owens' music hits. Owens is out for commentary. Rhyno makes his way to the ring.

Finn Balor vs. Rhyno

Balor and Rhyno start right off with punches. Balor sends Rhyno into the corner with strikes. Rhyno throws punches and kicks. They go back and forth around the ring until Balor gets Rhyno in the corner again. Balor kicks and chops Rhyno. Rhyno gets chopped again in the opposite corner. Balor slams Rhyno's head against the top rope. Balor sends Rhyno spilling out of the ring. Balor knocks him off the apron to flip out of the ring on him

Balor sends Rhyno back in the ring, cover. Rhyno chops Balor, taking him down to the mat. Balor punches Rhyno, but Rhyno counters with a spine buster, cover. Rhyno punches Balor a few times. Rhyno applies a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Rhyno pins Balor, two. Rhyno applies the bear hug again.


Balor strikes Rhyno a few times. Rhyno whips Balor in the corner, Finn counters with a kick. Balor connects with a dropkick from the top, cover for two. Balor chops Rhyno in the corner. Balor kicks Rhyno again, cover. Rhyno with a suplex, cover. Rhyno gores Balor in the corner a couple times, cover. Balor connects with the pelee kick. Balor kicks Rhyno off the top of the ropes.

Balor goes up top as Owens leaves commentary. Balor gets down as he see Owens. Balor dropkicks Owens off the apron. Balor turns around into a belly to belly from Rhyno. Balor gets up and hits the sling blade. Balor hits the double foot stomp for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor - by pinfall (8:36)

Owens attacks Balor in the ring. Rhyno joins Balor. They double team before Samoa Joe runs down. Owens and Rhyno leave the ring.

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