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WWE NXT Results (7/15/15) - The Future Of The Divas Division Is In Good Hands

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WWE NXT Results (7/15/15)
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts off with a video package. Last week on NXT, Charlotte teamed with Sasha Banks to beat Dana Brooke and Emma. Charlotte wants a title match, and Sasha accepts. The NXT Women's Championship bout will be our main event tonight.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show as Jason Jordan and Chad Gable make their way to the ring. Steve Cutler and Elias Samson are in the ring. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are also on commentary.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Steve Cutler & Elias Samson

Jordan and Samson start the match with a lock up. Jordan body slams Elias and applies a waist lock. Gable and Cutler get the tag. Gable applies a headlock and rolls around with Cutler. Gable tries pinning Cutler several times. Gable goes back to the headlock before Cutler drives him into the corner. Elias gets the tag and works Gable with kicks in a corner. Samson slaps Gable with a vicious right hand. Samson body slams Gable, cover. Cutler tags in and gets slammed over by Gable.

Gable tags Jordan who comes in with a clothesline. Jordan drives Cutler into the corner and tags Gable. Jordan tosses Cutler up and Gable hits a backdrop. Gable covers Cutler for the win.

Winners: Chad Gable & Jason Jordan - by pinfall (2:47)

Jordan and Gable celebrate in the ring after the match. Rich Brennan goes over footage of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks debuting on Raw this week. Charlotte vs. Banks is still to come tonight.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Axel Tischer is already in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Axel Tischer

Lock up, Joe works the left arm. Joe headbutts the left arm while locking it up. Axel takes Joe to the corner for kicks. Joe chops Axel and punches him several times in the corner. Joe drops a knee drop on Axel. Joe takes Axel to the corner with another chop. Axel uppercuts and kicks Joe a few times. Axel scrapes Joe's face against the top rope. Joe boots Axel and hits a senton. Axel connects with a kick in the corner. Axel runs at Joe again and gets caught with a slam. Joe hits the muscle buster. Joe then applies the sleeper and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe - by submission (3:00)

We see a video package on Baron Corbin. He has several rings from playing football. Corbin is here to make a name for himself without being an internet guy.

Eva Marie comes to stage. She turns in a circle to soak up the heat. She is just as excited to see these fans. She's excited to see Banks vs. Charlotte for the title tonight. Eva says she will be making her in-ring debut next week. All red everything is coming, baby.

Blake and Murphy make their way to the ring with Alexa Bliss accompanying them. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton are already in the ring.

Blake & Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Murphy and Dawkins start. Dawkins ducks a clothesline and sends punches and a dropkick. Murphy fires back with a kick in the corner. Blake is tagged and they double team Dawkins with kicks. Blake rolls Angelo over into a headlock. Murphy gets the tag again. Murphy punches and elbows Dawkins before applying a headlock. Murphy keeps Dawkins from the tag as Blake takes Fulton off the apron on the other side. Murphy with a running suplex, Blake hits a splash on Dawkins for the win.

Winners: Blake & Murphy - by pinfall (3:04)

Blake and Murphy beat up Dawkins and Fulton even more after the match. Blake and Murphy hold Alexa by the feet and launch her onto Dawkins for the splash.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring with his left arm in a sling. Zayn gets a mic and soaks in the "Ole" chants. Zayn mentions his surgery and takes the opportunity to say he hasn't forgotten about the fans, and they certainly haven't forgotten about him. Zayn says it isn't a big surprise, and things have kind of sucked regarding his injury. 2014 was probably the best year of his career. The year ended with Zayn on the highest of highs as NXT Champion. 2015 has probably been one of the worst yet, and it looks to be staying that way. Zayn will most likely be out until the end of the year. Sami isn't finished by a long shot. His goal is to come back and take his NXT Championship. There's no better motivator than revenge. Zayn address Owens and says his career has been linked to him over the last twelve years. And that's how it's going to stay for the next twelve years. Zayn says he's coming for Owens to end the segment.

We see footage of Charlotte and Sasha agreeing to be partners even though Charlotte says Sasha owes her one. Banks granted Charlotte a title match for this week. We see "earlier today" footage of Charlotte doing jumping jacks.

Brennan recaps Finn Balor winning the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens in Tokyo two weeks ago at Beast in the East. Last week, William Regal announces at San Diego Comic-Con that the Balor/Owens rematch will take place at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn on August 22 live on the WWE Network. Owens and Balor trade words on the match from the panel table.

Charlotte makes her way to the ring for the main event. Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring while raising the title high in the air.

NXT Women's Championship Match: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte

Charlotte runs the ropes and they walk around each other briefly. They lock up, Banks is taken to the corner. Charlotte backs off and struts like her daddy. Lock up again, they go to the mat and roll around the lock in. Charlotte gets a quick cover in. Banks is able to quickly cover Charlotte. They both get to their feet. Charlotte takes Banks down with a shoulderblock. Charlotte flips Banks over with her feet. Charlotte catches Banks with a roll up. Banks gets up and grabs Charlotte by her hair.

Charlotte flips Banks over a few times with a head scissors. Banks elbows Charlotte in the corner. Charlotte goes to the apron. Banks takes control and hits the double knee drop. Banks covers, kickout at two.


Banks has Charlotte in a headlock. Banks takes Charlotte down for a cover. Banks sends Charlotte into the corner and holds her there with her foot. Charlotte falls and Banks mocks Flair's strut. Charlotte gets up and tries to slam Banks, but Sasha hits the Banks Statement backbreaker. Banks holds Charlotte up by wrapping Charlotte's arms around her own neck. Charlotte tries to get out, but Banks turns the hold into a head scissors. Banks slams Charlotte's head against the mat before Charlotte lifts Sasha up for a big powerbomb.

Both are down and Sasha gets to her feet first. They trade punches until Charlotte hits a neckbreaker and spear. Charlotte covers, kickout at two. Banks pushes Charlotte off of her and counters with a backslide, kickout. Sasha turns Charlotte around into a neckbreaker. Sasha slaps Charlotte. Charlotte gets angry and unloads with punches and strikes into the corner. Charlotte boots Sasha and tries for the Figure Four. Sasha rolls Charlotte up. Banks gets Charlotte down again into a roll up, nearfall.

Sasha attempts a figure Four, but Charlotte pushes her off and rolls through to apply a Figure Four of her own. Sasha reaches the bottom rope. Charlotte hangs off the apron with the leg lock still in. Charlotte breaks at four. Banks holds her knee in the ring. Charlotte gets back in the ring but Sasha rolls her up with tights. Charlotte tries rolling Sasha up, kickout. Banks hits the Banks Statement and Charlotte turns it into a quick cover. Banks re-applies the hold and Charlotte taps.

Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion: Sasha Banks - by submission (13:22)

Charlotte gets to her feet in tears. Banks and Charlotte hug each other. Charlotte raises Sasha's arm before they hug again to end the show.

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