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WWE NXT (8/07/14) - Tag Tournament Heats Up

WWE NXT Results (8/07/14) From Full Sail University Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with the crowd chanting NXT.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs Big Cass and Enzo Amore for the Tag Team Tournament

The men go to lock u and Tye has Big Cass' wrist. Big Cass throws him into the corner and Tye tags out. Jason Jordan in net lock up. Jordan has Big Cass and try for a series of suplexes but are blocked. Jordan into the rope and eats an elbow. Jordan gets pinned for two. Jordan is up and gets whipped into the corner then comes out again to eat another elbow. Big Cass gives Jodran a knee to the gut twice. Tye creates a distraction and Jordan takes down Big Cass. Jordan tags out. Tye is in and starts a series of punches to Big Cass and gives knees to the head. Tye pins for two. Tye has a head scissors on Big Cass and tags out. Jordan in and gets a chin lock. Big Cass climbs up the corner and gets speared by Jordan. Jordan goes for a pin but gets two. Jordan tags out to Tye. Tye in kicks Cass. Tye gets in a submission on Cass. Tye goes for a stomp and gets blocked by Cass. Enzo is tagged in. Enzo hot misses a clothesline goes for a move and eats a kick to the head. Enzo is out on the mat. Tye sets up Enzo in the corner and tags in Jordan. Jordan picks up Enzo and drives him into the turnbuckle. Jordan talking trash to Cass. Jordan goes to spear Enzo and Big Cass gets in the way. Jordan and Tye are yelling at the ref. Jordan picks up Enzo and Cass gives him a big boot. Enzo goes for the pin.

Winner via pinfall Enzo and Big Cass they move onto the second round.

Backstage segment

Sami (with the best band in the world t shirt on) lets us know he has a tag team partner who wasn't medically cleared. Kidd and Gabriel interrupt the interview telling him thanks for the by in the tournament. You hear in the distance Adam Rose's party drawing near. Rose told Sami in this world he is never alone and they will team up.


CJ Parker vs Xavier Woods 

CJ before Woods comes out cuts a promo about "the truth".

Match starts and Xavier gets a double leg and lays in a series of punches. Xavier then does a series of chops. Xavier goes for a pin CJ powers out at 1. CJ hits the ropes and tries to go outside but Xavier catches him. Xavier throws him outside. Xavier rolls him back in and goes to the top rope. CJ gets out of the way and Xavier hops down. Xavier goes shoulder first into the post as CJ gets out of the way.


We are back and CJ goes for a pin but only gets two. CJ locks in a choke hold. Woods is starting to fade. Woods gains momentum and gets back up but CJ gives him a short arm clothes line then senton's Xavier goes for a pin but gets two. CJ hits Woods with a series of punches. CJ sets up in the corner and hits Woods with a big double knee. CJ to the top rope and hits a double axe handle. CJ pins Xavier for two. CJ locks in another choke hold. Woods is fighting out of it and gets to his feet. CJ with another short arm clothesline. CJ goes for a senton but Xavier gets the knees up. Xavier gets a series of punches and hits CJ with a spinning back kick. Xavier gets a huge drop kick and CJ sets up in the corner. Xavier with a head of steam but gets lifted out and onto the outside. Woods to the top rope but CJ reverses and gets a cover for two. Xavier plants CJ into the mat gets a pin but only gets two. Xavier hits the honor roll on CJ. Goes for a cover but gets two again. Woods hits the top rope. Woods goes coast to coast hits the elbow and pins CJ for two. CJ catches Woods and trips him into the ropes. CJ fireman's carry and slams him to the mat. Goes for the pin.

Winner via Pinfall CJ Parker

Tyler Breeze directs out attention to the Tron via Brandy.

He finally challenges Adrian for the title and for us to join the era of gorgeous.

Bayley vs Eva Marie 

Match starts out with Bayley chasing Eva but Eva keeps ducking. The women finally lock up and Eva gets a headlock. Bayley pushes her off but gets Bayley gets hit with a shoulder block. Eva hits the ropes again but gets a back elbow by Bayley. Eva goes to the corner and Bayley lifts her up and slams her down to the matt. Bayley helicopters on Eva's back. Bayley goes for a victory roll but Eva rolled out. Eva gets a submission on Bayley. Eva drives a knee into the back of Bayley and locks in the hold yet again. Bayley starts to fight out but Eva kicks her. Eva hits a suplex. Eva locks in the submission again. Bayley fights out again and backs up Summer into the corner. Eva and Bayley gets out and Bailey goes for a small package. Bayley is on top of Eva and locks in a series of punches. Eva into the corner and Bayley splashes Eva in the corner with a back elbow. Bayley hits the Belly to Bayley.

Winner via pinfall Bayley

 Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs Sami Zayn and Adam Rose

Tyson and Sami to start the match. The men lock up and Kidd gets a headlock. Sami shoves him off and Kidd gets a shoulder block. Sami up and Kidd gets a headlock. Sami throws him off and gets another shoulder block. Sami gets a few kicks then takes Tyson down and locks in an arm lock. Sami tags out. Rose is in. Rose panders to the crowd. They lock up and Rose backs Kidd into the corner and spanks Tyson's butt. Gabriel and Kidd on the outside Rose rungs out and slaps Justin's butt. Justin cages Rose and Rose hits the outside and starts running right into the knee of Kidd. Kidd rolls in Rose and tags out to Gabriel. Gabriel is in and hits Rose with a series of stomps. Gabriel hits a few kicks to the spine of Rose goes for a pin gets two. Both men are up and Rose puts Gabriel into the corner. Rose rushes and gets a double boot to the face. Gabriel charges out but gets planted with a spine buster. Rose goes for a pin but gets broken up by Kidd. Gabriel drags Rose and tags out. Kidd in and stomps Rose. Kidd puts rose in the corner and gives him a series of strikes. Kidd sets up Rose upside down in the corner and stomps him some more. Tyson causes a distraction and Gabriel chokes Rose. Kidd picks up Rose and slams him down.


We come back and Tyson has a sleeper hold on Rose. Tyson rolls back and grapevines Rose. Tyson tags out to Gabriel and he comes in stomping Rose. Gabriel sets rose up under the rope and hits Rose. Gabriel back in and hits Rose with a series of punches and kicks. Gabriel leg drops Rose. Gabriel puts his knee in the throat of Rose and pins him for two. Gabriel locks in a sleeper and backs into the corner to tag out. Kidd chokes Rose on the bottom rope. The crowd starts chanting "We want Sami!" Kidd tags out. Gabriel hits Rose with a series of mounted punches. Gabriel picks up Rose and Rose starts fighting back. Rose tries to lock in a sleeper but gets a backdrop. Gabriel tags out. Kidd hits Rose with a kick to the chest. Kidd scoop slams Rose. Tyson goes to springboard Rose but Rose gets his knees up. Rose crawls to the corner and gets the tag. Sami hot laying everyone out with kicks. Gabriel on the outside and Sami goes for a dive. Kidd sneaks up behind Sami. Sami throws Kidd outside and Sami dives into both of them. Rose hits the top rope and hits Gabriel and Kidd. Rose rolls Gabriel into the ring. Sami sets up in the corner and hits Gabriel with a Helluva Kick.

Winner via pinfall Sami Zayn and Adam Rose and advance to the second round.

Show goes off the air with Sami and Rose and the Party on the entrance ramp.

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