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WWE NXT Results (8/26/15) - The Battles Continue In Brooklyn

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WWE NXT Results (8/26/15)
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts with a video package. Triple H kicked off NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn with a promo. The Vaudevillains won the NXT Tag Team Championship. Bayley won the NXT Women's Championship. Finn Balor retained the NXT Championship in a Ladder Match.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show as we are in Brooklyn for this special episode of NXT. Corey Graves is also on commentary.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass make their way to the ring with their usual promo. Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder make their way to the ring next. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson enter. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are last to make their way out.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, & The Hype Bros vs. Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, & The Mechanics

Mojo and Wilder start with a lock up. Mojo sends Wilder into their corner, Ryder tags in. Ryder with an elbow in the corner, clothesline from Mojo. Ryder covers. Dawson tagged in. Dawson takes Ryder to the corner, Ryder counters with knees and a dropkick, cover. Ryder drags Dawson over to the face corner with a leg submission. Enzo tags in and stomps on him.

Enzo is taken to the heel corner. Enzo slips through and tags Big Cass. Everyone gets in the ring and a brawl ensues. The babyfaces clear the ring until Wilder comes back in for a Broski Boot from Ryder. Cass sends Enzo flying out of the ring onto three of them. Enzo throws Dawson back in the ring.


Jordan and Enzo are in the ring. Jordan spears Enzo into the turnbuckle. Jordan drags Enzo in for a cover. Jordan applies a headlock. Jordan gets up and tags Gable. Gable holds Enzo in the ropes with an arm bar. Gable whips Enzo to the mat by the arm, tag to Dawson. Scott kicks Enzo and then tags Wilder. Dash covers, two. Dawson comes back in and stomps on Enzo. Dawson works the left arm. Gable gets the tag and he applies a left arm hold.

Enzo sends Gable face-first into the turnbuckle to break free. Gable catches Enzo before he can make a tag. Gable monkey flips Enzo back to the heel corner. Wilder comes in with a pin. Wilder places Enzo up top, but Enzo shoves him off and nails a DDT. Jordan gets the tag and stops Enzo from making a tag. Jordan mocks Cass before Jordan runs into an empty corner as Enzo side stepped him.

Big Cass comes in with clotheslines on Gable. Cass knees Dawson and flies onto Gable in the corner. Cass hits a big boot and then a big elbow drop, Jordan breaks the cover. Cass flies into an empty corner. Jordan runs into a Rough Ryder. The Mechanics take Ryder out with their double finisher. Mojo takes The Mechanics out. Cass connects with a side slam on Gable. Enzo gets the tag and is sent off the top onto Gable for the three.

Winners: Enzo Amore, Big Cass & The Hype Bros - by pinfall (11:12)

William Regal once again announces the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Neville walks up and asks if he could have a spot in the tournament. Regal says he can make it happen.

We see footage of Balor vs. Owens in a Ladder Match. In the end, Finn Balor retained. Backstage, Balor says he proved that Tokyo wasn't a fluke. Finn Balor is the rightful NXT Champion, and he proved it to Kevin Owens. Brooklyn saw a new side of The Demon. This is only the beginning, and he's now going after bigger and better things.

We see a video package on Emma as she will be competing in a four-way match later on. Emma was put on the back-burner on the main roster and she came back to NXT for a fresh start.

Devin Taylor interviews Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Charlotte talks about Dana Brooke trying to prove she is the most dominant. Brooke found Emma, to which Lynch says they are a little rough. Charlotte and Lynch have the same agenda, so let the best PCB member win.


We see a video package on Becky Lynch.

Eva Marie makes her way to the ring, receiving lots of boos. Carmella makes her way to the ring while cutting a promo.

Eva Marie vs. Carmella

Lock up, Eva grabs the left arm and does a flip. Carmella trips Eva down to the ring, quick cover. Eva charges Carmella, and Carmella coutners with a headlock. Eva with a shoulder block, then blows a kiss. Carmella hits a hip toss followed by an atomic drop and dropkick. Eva elbows Carmella in the corner. Eva throws a right forearm strike and then hits a senton, cover.

Eva works the right arm while down on the mat. Carmella gets out and is whipped into the corner where she counters with an elbow and a head scissors take down. Carmella takes Eva down with a Thesz Press. Carmella drives Eva into her foot in the corner, cover. Eva connects with sliced bread for the win.

Winner: Eva Marie - by pinfall (4:07)

We see footage of Jushin "Thunder" Liger beating Tyler Breeze at TakeOver. After the match, Breeze had some words for Liger. Breeze asks if he's really the winner because Liger has to wear a mask everywhere he goes. In the meantime, Breeze has a bigger, better idea for William Regal that will put him on the map.

Dana Brooke and Emma are backstage talking when Devin Taylor walks up. Brooke agrees that this match will be one to watch. Emma says Charlotte will find out that looking dominate and being dominate mean two different things. Emma also says Becky Lynch will look like a joke. Brooke pats Devin on the head before walking away.


We see the video package that aired at the top of the show. A Dana Brooke vignette airs next.

Corey Graves talks about Bayley vs. Sasha Banks being one of the best matches ever. In the end, Bayley beat Banks to capture the NXT Women's Champion. After the match, the Four Horsewomen celebrated in the ring together.

Post-match Interview: Bayley says she dreamt about this forever, but it doesn't compare to the actual moment. Bayley says she's never been ready for the feeling. Bayley says the celebration after the match was amazing. She wants them around all the time even though they are now on the main roster. Bayley's mom comes up and hugs her. Bayley's mom says Bayley did an amazing job tonight. Her brother walks up as well as her sister. Mom says she wants Bayley to be happy.

Devin Taylor is backstage with William Regal. Regal is about to announce the opening match for the tournament when Baron Corbin walks up and demands a spot. Regal says he knows someone else who doesn't get along with others. Regal announces Corbin will team with Rhyno to face The Ascension. Corbin says that's cool with him.

Kevin Owens is walking away as an interviewer tries to get a word with him about the Ladder Match loss. Owens says he's going to break Cesaro at SummerSlam. Owens is asked about his future in NXT to which he says nothing and walks out a door.

Elias Samson makes his way to the ring carrying a guitar. The new and improved Bull Dempsey makes his way to the ring wearing a white jacket over his singlet.

Elias Samson vs. Bull Dempsey

Lock up, headlock on Samson. Elias throws him off, but Bull takes him down with a shoulderblock. Elias with a hip toss, Bull counters into a headlock on the mat. They get up, headlock on Bull. Bull elbows Elias. Bull throws Elias flying over his shoulders for a big back body drop. Elias kicks Bull away and stomps on him in the corner. Elias kicks Bull again, cover. Samson applies a headlock on the mat. Bull gets to his feet, taking Elias to the corner to break free.

Bull starts to feel it when Samson throws punches. Bull throws several left hands and some big rights to the gut before a headbutt. Bull plows over Samson twice. Bull heads up top and connects with a big sitting splash for the win.

Winner: Bull Dempsey - by pinfall (4:34)

Brennan and Graves talk about Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin at TakeOver. The two giants left it all in the ring in a very physical bout before Joe won by submission. After the match, Joe talks about the raucous NXT crowd and how they are behind him. Joe says this victory sends a simple message - Joe is in NXT and means absolute business. Joe will continue to beat up the biggest and the baddest until he gets the NXT Championship.

We see a Nia Jax vignette.

After a commercial break, we see footage of Apollo Crews debuting at TakeOver. Crews reacted after the match by stating today was his birthday, and he's honored to be apart of this. Crews doesn't believe it happened and he tried to enjoy every moment of it.

The Vaudevillains won the NXT Tag Team Championship at TakeOver with some help from Blue Pants. Devin Taylor asks Blake, Murphy, and Bliss about the loss. They are mad and Bliss is furious about Blue Pants. Bliss says next week she is sending Blue Pants back to the clearance rack where she belongs.

We see footage of PCB's big win at SummerSlam in the three-team elimination match. A video package on Charlotte airs next.


Emma is the first to make her way to the ring for the main event. Dana Brooke enters. Becky Lynch and Charlotte make their way to the ring separately.

Emma vs. Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

They all stare at each other until Emma and Brooke back up into each other. Charlotte and Lynch clear the ring. They lock up, headlock on Charlotte. Lynch dropkicks Emma out of the ring. Both Charlotte and Becky dropkick Brooke and kick up at the same time. Charlotte and Lynch finger lock until Lynch hits an arm drag. Becky works the left arm and puts in a behind the back hold. Charlotte flips Lynch over using her legs. Brooke and Emma roll back in to beat them down.

Emma and Brooke slam Lynch to the mat. They flip Charlotte over the ropes. Brooke and Emma roll out and stomp on Charlotte. They send Charlotte into the barricade back-first as we go to commercial break.


Emma and Brooke are still working together, kicking Lynch who is down on the mat. Brooke strikes Becky and slams her to the mat. Emma kicks Charlotte off the apron. Emma slams Lynch against the mat, Brooke pushes Emma away and takes her turn. Emma and Brooke suplex Lynch together. Charlotte grabs Dana, but Emma dropkicks her away. Brooke goes outside and kicks Charlotte. Emma connects with an underhook suplex, Brooke breaks the cover.

Emma pushes Dana before Lynch rolls Emma up. Brooke breaks the cover for Emma. Emma and Brooke high-five. Brooke kicks Emma across the head. Charlotte sneaks back in the ring and chops Brooke. Charlotte with a neckbreaker on Brooke, boot to Emma. Charlotte nails a double DDT and tries covering both a couple times each. Lynch is up top and dropkicks Charlotte. Becky tries checking on her but goes on to clothesline Brooke and suplex Emma.

Lynch with a springboard kick on Emma, suplex on Brooke. Emma breaks the cover. Emma tosses Becky aside and hits the Emma Bite Sandwhich on Charlotte and Lynch. Emma covers Lynch for the three, which appears to be an awkward finish.

Winner: Emma - by pinfall (9:37)

Charlotte spears Emma after the match. Charlotte hits Natural Selection and covers her for the "three." Brooke attacks Charlotte from behind. Becky gets in and hits a fall away slam. Lynch applies the Disarmer on Emma as Charlotte applies the Figure 8 on Brooke. Charlotte and Becky stand tall on the ramp to end the show.

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