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WWE NXT Results (9/2/15) - Neville & The Ascension Return, Divas In Action


WWE NXT Results (9/2/15)
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicks off tonight! Rich Brennan and Corey Graves welcome us to the show as The Ascension makes their way to the ring. We are reminded that Konnor & Viktor were the longest-reigning NXT Tag Team Champions.

Rhyno makes his way to the ring quickly. Baron Corbin enters last.

1st Round Match: The Ascension vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin

Rhyno and Viktor lock up. Rhyno runs the ropes and takes Viktor down with a shoulderblock. Viktor fires back with uppercuts and a clothesline. Konnor is tagged in, as is Corbin. They lock up, Corbin throws a right before Konnor counters with a shoulderblock. Viktor is tagged, Ascension with a double tackle. Corbin is thrown into the corner, Konnor stomps on him. Corbin rolls out of the ring, but Viktor sends him back in. Konnor stomps, cover. Viktor comes back in with a chop and high knee to the chest. Corbin sends Viktor to the apron. Corbin sends Viktor into the ring post shoulder-first.

Rhyno and Viktor duke it out in the middle of the ring. Rhyno spears Viktor into the corner. Corbin gets the tag and strikes Viktor a couple times. Viktor kicks Corbin, but Baron nails a swinging slam. Corbin is taken down with a big clothesline. Rhyno and Konnor are tagged in. Konnor throws several punches. Corbin runs in to a punch from Konnor. Konnor side steps Rhyno, sending him into the ring post. Konnor hits a flap jack. The Ascension sets up their finisher, but Corbin distracts Viktor, taking him out of the ring. Rhyno spears Konnor for the win.

Winners: Rhyno & Baron Corbin - by pinfall (5:37)

Devin Taylor is backstage with Neville and Solomon Crowe. Neville says Dusty was someone that was very important in his life. It will be an honor to compete in the Tag Team Classic. Solomon Crowe calls it an honor to be in the tournament, but he's feels great about teaming with Neville. Crowe says they are winning this thing. Neville agrees, but then calls Crowe weird.


Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring for the next match. Blue Pants makes her way to the ring.

Alexa Bliss vs. Blue Pants

Bliss throws several right hands to start the match. Bliss takes Blue to the mat with more punches. Bliss throws Blue Pants into the corner. Bliss gets Blue on the mat and applies a left arm hold. Blue tries to work her way out but is pushed down. Alexa covers, kickout. Bliss holds Blue Pants down with her foot. Bliss spears Blue into the corner with rage. Blue Pants is flipped over and kicked in the back before Bliss applies another left arm hold. Blue is briefly covered. Blue Pants kicks Bliss twice before hitting as Northern Lights Suplex. Bliss kicks Blue down and does a black flip double knee strike. Bliss connects with the Sparkle Splash from the top for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss - by pinfall (3:29)

William Regal is backstage with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Tyler Breeze interrupts and says he needs to win the Tag Team Classic. Breeze begs Regal to find him a partner to help him win this thing. Regal tells Breeze that he interrupted him and two of the hottest free agents. Breeze and a partner will face Gargano and Ciampa next week... Regal announces Breeze's partner is Bull Dempsey. Breeze is not happy but tells Regal he is still going to win.

Last week in Brooklyn, Emma surprisingly won a four-way Divas main event. In a post-match interview, Emma says there is no Divas Revolution without Emma.

Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring. Martin Stone is already in the ring.

Apollo Crews vs. Martin Stone

Crews and Stone lock up. Stone holds Crews with a wrist lock. Crews with an arm drag and shoulder block. Crews connects with a big dropkick followed by another arm drag into an arm lock on the mat. Stone takes Crews down with a big clothesline. Stone applies a left arm hold on Apollo. Crews works his way out and hits a standing enziguri. Crews hits a clothesline. Crews drops Stone with a gorilla press and does a standing moonsault for the win.

Winners: Apollo Crews - by pinfall (2:56)

Devin Taylor is backstage with Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. Jordan says that they are apparently the underdogs now. Gable says history is written by the winners. Gable says Neville is going to fail in spectacular matter, while fans will forget Solomon Crowe even existed. They are ready, willing, and Gable.


Devin Taylor is backstage with NXT Champion Finn Balor. As NXT Champion, Finn Balor looks forward to defending the title in Texas. Balor will be teaming with Samoa Joe in the Tag Team Classic. Joe walks up and congratulates Balor on retaining. Joe wants to win it all and asks Balor if he's ready. They shake hands.

Eva Marie makes her way to the ring. Billie Kay is already in the ring.

Eva Marie vs. Billie Kay

Eva and Billie lock up. Billie applies a waist lock, Eva turns it around into a headlock. Eva blows Kay a kiss, but then gets kicked down, cover. Billie brings Eva up with a headlock. Eva sends Billie into the corner viciously. Eva with a suplex, cover. Eva applies a right arm stretch on the mat. Billie briefly rolls Eva up, kickout. Eva splashes in the corner and throws a right hand. Eva hits a senton, cover. Eva Marie applies the arm stretch again. Kay takes Eva down with a hip toss. Kay clotheslines Eva and then hits a suplex. Kay covers Eva, but Marie didn't really kick out in time and the crowd boos heavily. Eva connects with Sliced Bread in the corner for the win.

Winner: Eva Marie - by pinfall (3:43)


Last week - Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and The Hype Bros are celebrating their win backstage. Enzo says everything happened exactly like they had planned. Mojo yells in excitement. Ryder talks about going to Long Island.

Next week - Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. The Lucha Dragons in a 1st Round tag team match.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable make their way to the ring. Solomon Crowe makes his way to the ring, followed by Neville.

1st Round Match: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Solomon Crowe & Neville

Crowe and Gable start the match with a lock up into an arm hold on Gable. Gable works his way out and turns it into a headlock. Crowe applies a headlock, shoulderblock follows. Gable rolls Crowe up, kickout. Crowe grounds Gable with a headlock on the mat. Crowe plants Gable, cover. Neville gets the tag. Gable takes Neville to the heel corner, tag to Jordan. Jason slams Neville, cover. Neville rolls Jordan up. Neville flips around the ring and lands a suplex. Neville connects with kicks and a hip toss. Crowe sends Gable out of the ring with Jordan.


Jordan has Crowe in a waist lock before slamming him. Gable comes in and applies a waist lock. Crowe elbows out, tag to Jordan. Jordan suplexes Crowe and takes him back to the heel corner. Jordan and Gable trade tags and spears in the corner. Gable gets the tag as Crowe rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Jordan is tagged and covers Crowe. Jordan applies a chin lock, tag to Gable. Gable continues keeping Solomon down with a modified bow and arrow. Crowe gets out, but is pulled back

Crowe and Gable make tags. Neville explodes into the ring with lots of flashy moves. Neville connects with a clothesline and kicks in the corner on Jordan. Neville heads up top, but Gable drags Jordan out of the ring. Neville moonsaults out onto Jordan. Crowe flies out onto Gable. Neville sends Jordan back in the ring. Neville springboards, but is caught and tossed to the mat. Neville superkicks Jordan. Crowe tags in and hits a running knee. Jordan catches Crowe with a suplex. Jordan spears Crowe in the corner and tags Gable. Gable lands the back body drop toss for the win.

Winners: Chad Gable & Jason Jordan - by pinfall (9:41)

Jordan and Gable celebrate in the ring together to end the show.

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