WWE NXT Results (10/14/15) - Nia Jax Debuts, Apollo Crews Wins Battle Royal

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WWE NXT Results (10/14/15)
Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We see video highlights from last week's NXT TakeOver: Respect to kick off tonight's show. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe beat Rhyno & Baron Corbin to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Bayley beat Sasha Banks in a 30-minute Iron Man Women's Title Match to retain her title.

NXT Women's Champion Bayley makes her way to the ring. Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show as they are on commentary. Bayley grabs a mic as the crowd chants "Match of the Year" at her. Bayley says last week, NXT made history. And she's not just talking about her match with Sasha, she's talking about the whole PPV. Bayley praises Dusty Rhodes for being the reason why her & Sasha were in the main event. "You Deserve It" chants break out.

Bayley says they started a whole new level of the Divas Revolution. We want women's wrestling to be respected. Bayley raises up her title as Alexa Bliss, Blake, and Murphy walk down the ramp. Bliss grabs a mic and says what Bayley accomplished last week was incredible. Alexa was in total awe, and nobody deserves to be champion more than Bayley right now. And that's really all Bliss has. Alexa says Bayley truly is an incredible champion. Bliss is excited to share the future with Bayley.

Bliss walks up to Bayley and takes the title. Bayley goes to attack Bliss, but Blake & Murphy block her.Bliss says she wants the title too. Alexa says she will take the title from Bayley before tossing the title back at her.

Brennan discusses last week's finals match of the Tag Team Classic.

WWE.com Exclusive - Finn Balor and Samoa Joe are backstage with the cup when William Regal walks up and congratulates them. Balor couldn't be happier. Joe agrees but mentions he came here for one reason, and wants a shot at the NXT Title Balor agrees to it. Regal mentions we've lost focus on who the number one contender is, and everyone should get a chance. Tonight, there will be a battle royal to determine who will be Balor's next challenger.


Hype promos: Tye Dillinger says there will only be winner tonight, and there's only one Perfect 10. Apollo Crews says he will win tonight to go on to become the NXT Champion. Rhyno says he's already won the battle royal and will soon become NXT Champion.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains make their way to the ring for the first match of the night. Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins make their way to the ring together.

The Vaudevillains vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Dawkins and English start with a lock up. Dawkins locks up the left arm. English rolls through and applies a hold of his own. English with an arm drag into a lock on the mat. English punches Fulton on the apron. Dawkins gets the upperhand and Fulton tags in. Fulton kicks English in the heel corner. Dawkins comes back in with strikes. Dawkins body slams English, Fulton connects with an elbow drop from the top, cover. Fulton applies a headlock on the mat.

English flips out of a back drop. Dawkins tags in and flies into an empty corner. Gotch gets the tag and comes in with a fury of offense. Gotch hits a back body drop, tag to English. They connect with Whirling Dervish for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillains - by pinfall (3:17)

Devin Taylor is backstage with The Mechanics. They bring up beating The Vaudevillains during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, so that should make them the number one contender's. Dawson mentions Enzo & Big Cass standing in their way.

A Nia Jax vignette airs. She debuts up next.

We see footage of Asuka's debut match against Dana Brooke at TakeOver. Last week - Emma is checking on Brooke backstage when Asuka walks up and gives them a smile. Dana believes she beat Asuka.

Evie makes her way to the ring for the next match. Nia Jax makes her way to the ring.

Evie vs. Nia Jax

Lock up, Evie is shoved down immediately. Evie tries to clothesline Nia, but Jax picks up her and applies a vicious bear hug. Evie gets out and tries for a roll up, but Jax tosses her into the corner before running into her. Jax knees Evie in the head. Evie kicks Nia in the chest a few times. Jax catches Evie and throws her to the mat back-first for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax - by pinfall (2:13)

We see a video package looking at the praise Bayley & Sasha Banks received following their historic Iron Man main event match last week.

Hype promos: Tyler Breeze says he needs an opportunity at the NXT Title. Baron Corbin says there will be one man left standing, and that man will be the Lone Wolf.

Eva Marie cuts a promo from Paris. Eva says she needed to take time off after her grueling NXT matches, and she will be back soon.

Rhyno makes his way down to a half-full ring for the battle royal. Baron Corbin enters. Samoa Joe is out last.

NXT Title #1 Contender's Battle Royal

The participants start brawling. Lots of stars work on taking Joe out, including Rhyno. Corbin tosses Joe to the apron, but Joe is able to fight back into the ring. Ryder is seen working on Colin Cassady. The Mechanics continue double teaming. Johnny Gargano is holding on to the bottom rope from the apron. Ryder stops Dawson from throwing out Enzo. Bull Dempsey finds Dawson and they start throwing punches in the corner. Apollo Crews clotheslines Steve Cutler out of the ring for the first elimination. Danny Burch is out next, followed by Elias Samson. Crews tosses Gargano over and out onto the already-eliminated participants.


Murphy is working on taking out Enzo, but has no luck. Blake & Murphy try to eliminate Mojo. Joe places Blake across the top. Joe delivers a knee, but Blake stays in. Enzo falls to the apron via Dawson. Several people work on Ryder, but Zack saves himself. Big Cass boots Riddick Moss. Cass & The Mechanics are tossed out. Enzo follows after Tye gets rid out him. Bull punches Tye repeatedly. Tye is out. Corbin and Bull trade blows.

Rhyno throws Dempsey out. Corbin and Rhyno seem to have each other's back at this point. Mojo is eliminated by Corbin. Ryder works on Corbin until Rhyno saves him. Rhyno then works on Joe while Ciampa works on Crews in another corner. Murphy has a close call. Breeze saves himself from Blake & Murphy. Ryder goes up top, but Corbin grabs him and tosses him out. Blake & Murphy work on Crews, but Corbin breaks it up. Joe is seen punching Ciampa as Corbin shockingly throws Rhyno over the top.


Crews takes Murphy to a corner. Corbin takes Blake out, while Joe and Breeze lay on the mat. Ciampa was eliminated by Joe over the break. Corbin tries to force Breeze out. Blake & Murphy go out at the same time by Joe. Crews and Corbin work each other as Breeze super kicks Joe in the opposite corner. Joe unloads with strikes on Breeze. Joe catches Tyler with a big slam. Joe eliminates Breeze with a running boot. Corbin turns his attention to Joe. Crews joins Joe on the attack. Corbin gets out of the Muscle Buster, but fails to throw Joe out.

Breeze pulls Joe's leg to eliminate him. Crews and Corbin start to get to their feet. Corbin drives Crews into a corner, and Apollo returns the favor. They trade several punches until Corbin plants Crews, followed by more punches. Crews is tossed to the apron. Corbin once again tosses Crews to the apron. Crews gets to his feet and clotheslines Corbin a few times. Crews splashes into the corner, followed by another clothesline.

Crews does the standing moonsault onto Corbin's legs. Crews dodges End of Days with kicks. Crews clotheslines Corbin out of the ring to win the battle royal.

Winner & New #1 Contender: Apollo Crews (18:18)

We see several replays of the match as Crews celebrates in the ring to end the show.

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