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WWE NXT Results (8/14/14) Every Tournament Has A Purpose For Takeover

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WWE NXT Results (8/14/14)
From Full Sail University
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts out with a recap of the Tyler Breeze and Adrian Neville's feud.

NXT Video Package Opener

Bull Dempsey first to come out.

Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley vs Vaudevillians Simon Gotch and Aiden English Tag Team Tournament

Aiden and Bull to start the match. Bull shoulder blocs Aiden and goes for a pin gets two. Bull picks up Aiden and tags in Mojo. They double team him and Mojo goes for a pin but only gets two. Aiden puts Mojo in the corner and wrenches on his arm. Aiden throws Mojo into the corner shoulder first. Aiden puts Mojo into the matt and drives his knee into the shoulder. Aiden tags out. Gotch is in and has a hammerlock on Mojo. Mojo up and throws Simon into the corner and tags out. Bull in and clubs Simon. Bull throws him to the matt and drops a series of elbows. Simon is picked up and Bull drives his knee into Simon. Bull puts Gotch in the corner and tags out. Mojo in and goes to spear Simon in the corner. Aiden pulls Simon out of the way. Simon picks up Mojo and tags out. Simon hits the rolling senton then Aiden goes up to the top rope and senton's Mojo. Aiden goes for the pin.

Winner via pinfall Vaudevillians (Time 2:52)

Match is over and Bull starts the beat down on Mojo. Rakes his eyes and stomps on Mojo. Bull hits the bulldozer.

Backstage Segment

Bayley is backstage getting ready and Sasha shows up. Tells her to go back to la la land and keep playing with her inflatable friends because she won't be the next NXT Divas champ.

 Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the #1 Contender

The women lock up. Sasha gets the head of Bayley and Bayley throws her into the ropes. Sasha gets a shoulder block. Bayley gets up and arm drags Banks. Bayley gets a backslide pin but Sasha gets out and starts punching Bayley then pins for two. Bayley gets out and starts her series of punches and pin for two. The two exchange pin falls back and forth. Bayley comes out on top with a headlock. Sasha keeps trying to roll out but Bayley maintains control. Sasha gets out and drop kicks Bayley goes for a pin but gets two. Sasha gets a drop kick from Bayley. Bayley hits the ropes and cross bodies Sasha. Bayley hits the ropes again and drops a knee. Bayley hugs Sasha and slams her in the corner. Sasha tries to sneak out of the ring but gets caught by Bayley. Sasha gets free and takes a breather outside the ring. Bayley goes for Sasha but gets caught by Sasha. Sasha in and goes for the pin.


We come back and Sasha is going for another pin on Bayley but gets two. Sasha is on top in a camel clutch with her hair. Sasha goes for another pin. Sasha gets a bow and arrow on Bayley with her knee in the back. Bayley gets a foot to the face of Sasha. Sasha tackles Bayley again. Sasha has control of her hair and suplexes her and goes for a pin of two. Sasha gets another submission on Bayley arching her back backwards. Bayley gets out and starts her comeback. Bayley spears Sasha in the corner and then splashes her. Bayley goes for an elbow but misses and gets hit by a knee from Sasha. Sasha goes for it again but gets caught. Bayley goes for the Bayley to Bayley and gets slapped. Sasha puts Bayley in the corner and starts stomping. Sasha hits another flying knee to the corner on Bayley. Bayley rolls to the outside. Sasha rolls her in and climbs in for a pin but gets caught. Bayley goes for a roll up pin for two. Sasha gets Bayley in a another submission but Bayley rolls up Sasha for the pin.

Winner via pin fall Bayley and the new #1 Contender. (Time 8:44)

Charlotte is out on the stage and offers a hand to Bayley. Charlotte then rises the hand of Bayley.

Kalisto and Sin Cara vs Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake For the Tag Team Tournament

Sin Cara and Blake to start. The men lock up. Blake gets a headlock on Cara then throw into the ropes. Blake gets a shoulder block on Cara. Blake this the ropes and gets vaulted into the air by Cara. Blake hits his corner and tags out. Cara also tag out. Muprhy suplexes Kalitso and gets reverved. Muprhy goes to vault Kalisto and gets caught. Kalisto stomps Murphy and tags out. Cara and Kalisto in and double teams Buddy. Cara tags Buddy for two. Cara picks up Buddy puts him in the corner and tags out. Kalisto is in and gets caught by Buddy's right hand. Kalisto in the corner goes for a pin but gets caught. Cara then goes between the legs and tags Cara. Murphy and Blake are in and Cara hits them both with a cross body. Cara head scissors Blake and back elbows Buddy goes for a pin gets two. Kalisto gets a blind tag on Cara. Cara power bombs Buddy. Kalisto hits the Del Sol Driver.

Winner via pin fall Sin Cara and Kalisto. (Time 2:44)

Backstage Segment

Tyler Breeze vs Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship 

The men circle the ring and lock up. Tyler backs Adrian back into the corner. Pulls him out and locks in an armlock. Adrian flips out and gets control of Tyler's arm. Tyler gets a series of kicks from Neville. Adrian punches Tyler and chops him. Adrian rolls up Tyler for a pin but gets one. Adrian goes for Tyler but Tyler tries to spear Adrian misses and goes to the outside. Adrian goes over the top rope to hit Tyler but gets caught and crashes. Out comes Tyson Kidd. Tyler rolls in Adrian and goes for a pin but gets two.


We come back to Tyler choking Adrian on the bottom rope. Tyler picks him up and chokes him on the second rope. Tyler lays him down and stands on his chest. Tyler goes for a pin but kick out at two. Tyler picks up Adrian and clubs him on the back and kicks him in the chest. Tyler goes for a pin only gets two. Tyler locks in a head lock. Adrian starts to get some momentum. Tyler cuts it off and throws him out of the ring. Tyler picks up Adrian and throws him spine first into the steps. Tyler rolls in Adrian. Breeze goes for a pin but Adrian kicks out. Tyler locks in a headlock again. Adrian gains momentum again and launches Tyler into the air. Adrian puts Tyler in the corner and uppercuts him. Adrian hits the ropes and kick to the head. Adrian goes for a pin but gets two. Adrian is frustrated. Tyler up and into the corner. Adrian gets launched up and over but Tyler gets caught on the top rope. Adrian vaults over the top rope and gets caught mid air by a dropkick from Tyler. Tyler hits the pin but gets two. Both man are up and Adrian hits Tyler with an elbow. Tyler then a series of punches and kicks. Tyler locks in a bull dog onto the second rope turnbuckle. Adrian catches Tyler on the chin with a super kick. Adrian goes for a pin but Tyler kicks out at 2. Adrian sets up Tyler. Adrian goes to the top rope. Tyler gets up and catches Adrian with an elbow. Tyler climbs the ropes and goes for a super plex on Adrian. Adrian is resisting. Adrian rams his shoulder into Tyler on the top rope. Adrian sets up sun set flips Tyler into a pin. Adrian only gets two. Adrian climbs the ropes again and Tyler rolls away. Adrian goes after Tyler and Tyler catches him. Tyler goes up to the top rope and tornado DDT's Adrian. Tyler goes for a pin but Adrian kicks out at two. Tyler throws a punch at Adrian and both men collapse. Adrian in the corner and Tyler goes to splash and gets caught. Adrian brings him out to the middle of the ring and Tyler fights out and goes behind Adrian. Tyler goes to suplex Adrian and he flips out. Tyler goes after him gets caught and german suplex into a cover. Tyler kicks out at two. Both men are to their feet again and exchange blows. Adrian hits an elbow and Tyler rolls out of the ring. Adrian gaining steam and suicide dives to the outside onto Tyler. Tyson gets up from announce as both men are laying there. Tyson just looking over the railing and Adrian super kicks Tyson. Tyler is up and rolls Adrian into the ring. Adrian goes to the outside and kicks Tyler to the head. Adrian goes to the top rope and Tyson pulls him down.

Winner via DQ Adrian (Time 14:43)

Tyson gets on top of Adrian and starts beating down Adrian. Breeze is in and throws Tyson off and they both start fighting. All three men are rolling around exchanging punches . Tyson holds Adrian and team up on Adrian. Sami Zayn runs out for the save. Sami throws both men out of the ring and checks on Neville.

Show goes off the air with Sami and Adrian in the ring.

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