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WWE NXT Results (11/11/15) - New NXT Tag Team Champions


WWE NXT Results (11/11/15)
Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

We see footage of last week's NXT Championship main event between Apollo Crews and Finn Balor. The match ended in no contest when Baron Corbin attacked. Samoa Joe made the save, but turned heel on Balor to end the show.

Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to this week's show as they are on commentary.

Tye Dillinger makes his way to the ring. Baron Corbin enters to lots of boos.

Dillinger vs. Corbin doesn't start as Apollo Crews runs down and attacks Corbin. Corbin tries to get away, but Crews grabs him and sends him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Crews spears Corbin and unloads with more punches before Corbin runs away.

The announcers discuss why Crews and Corbin did what they did over the last couple of weeks. Later tonight, we will hear from Samoa Joe on his attack on Balor.

NXT Women's Champion Bayley makes her way to the ring for a six-person tag team match. Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley enter next. Alexa Bliss, Blake, and Murphy make their way to the ring last.

Bayley & The Hype Bros vs. Alexa Bliss, Blake & Murphy

Ryder and Murphy start the match. Murphy goes back to his corner and tags Bliss. As a result, Ryder tags in Bayley. Bayley and Bliss lock up, headlock takeover on Bliss. They get back to their feet and Bliss throws Bayley down. Bayley whips Bliss back down to the mat with a headlock. Bayley rolls Bliss up. Bayley is tossed into a corner head-first before Bayley counters and slams Bliss against the turnbuckle several times. Bliss dodges a Bayley to Belly and makes the tag.


Mojo and Blake lock up. Mojo takes Blake down with a whipped shoulderblock, tag to Ryder. Ryder does a small blockbuster before dropping a leg drop, cover. Ryder goes up top, but gets distracted, and Blake drags him down. Blake punches Ryder in the heel corner and tags Murphy. Murphy comes in with vicious stomps. Blake is tagged back in for a backbreaker, cover. Blake keeps Ryder grounded with a chin lock. Murphy gets the tag, and he whips Ryder into the turnbuckle, cover.

Murphy applies a chin lock. Ryder works his way up, but Blake gets the tag. Blake rolls in for another cover, two. Blake applies a chin lock. Ryder works his way out and whips Blake into a corner. Ryder crawls his way over to tag Mojo as Murphy is tagged too. Mojo comes in with big clotheslines and shoulderblocks. Mojo splashes into the corner, chops Blake, and drops Murphy to the mat.

Bliss runs in, and Bayley comes in to take her out. Murphy clotheslines Mojo, leaving both men down. Bliss grabs the Women's Title and runs away with it. Murphy covers Mojo, but Bayley breaks the cover as the ref is distracted. Bayley hits Murphy with a Bayley to Belly. Ryder dropkicks Blake off the apron. Ryder and Mojo hit the Hype Ryder on Murphy for the win.

Winners: The Hype Bros & Bayley - by pinfall (9:09)

The Ascension cut a promo announcing that they accept the challenge to face Jason Jordan & Chad Gable next week.

Nia Jax runs into Eva Marie backstage as Jax is on her way out. They go into a private area to talk.


Apollo Crews is backstage. Crews brings up Corbin ruining his NXT Title match last week. Crews says tonight was just a glimpse because when Crews gets his hands on Corbin, he will break him.

Deonna makes her way to the ring with music that sounds like one of Kaitlyn's old theme songs. Nia Jax makes her way to the ring.

Deonna vs. Nia Jax

Jax shoves Deonna down right off the bat. Jax catches Deonna and slams her. Deonna is down in the corner while Jax waits for her to get up. Jax grabs her and plants her before hitting the leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax - by pinfall

Graves announces Carmella will face Nia Jax next week. The commentators hype the main event and bring us back to a second-round match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic when Dash & Dawson surprisingly beat The Vaudevillains.

William Regal recently had neck surgery. Details are available on

Bayley is backstage looking for Alexa. Bayley finds her with the title at a photo shoot. Bayley grabs the title, but ends up running into Nia Jax. Bliss attacks Bayley, but Jax picks up the title and hands it to Bayley as Bliss runs off.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson make their way to the ring for the main event. NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains make their way to the ring last.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Vaudevillains (c) vs. Dash & Dawson

English and Dawson lock up. Dawson takes Aiden down with a headlock. They get to their feet and stare at each other. Lock up again, Dash gets the tag. English works the left arm and takes Dash down with an arm drag. Gotch is tagged in and they double team on Dash. Gotch holds Dash in a left arm lock on the mat. English gets the tag. Gotch with an elbow drop, English hits a running boot. English locks up the left arm of Wilder.

Dash takes English down and tags Dawson. English does some unique flips with the arm drag. English works the left arm some more before hitting a shoulderblock. English goes to the apron, kicks Dash, but is taken out by Dawson. Dash gets the tag.


Dawson with a dragon screw, tag to Dash. Dash keeps English in the heel corner with a left leg lock. Dawson gets the tag and slams English's left knee against the ring post. Dawson applies another leg lock, tag to Dash. Dash stomps on the knee while it's being held in the ropes. English almost makes the tag, but Dawson stops him. Dash & Dawson keep the ref distracted at times. Dawson with a snap suplex. English is hung up in the ropes as Dash & Dawson double team.

Dawson comes in and continues to work the knee. Dash is tagged and he is pulled into the ring post when Aiden counters. English makes the tag to Gotch. Gotch takes Dawson out with strikes and kicks. Gotch plants Dawson and tags English. Dawson manages to take out English's knee. The action spills to the outside where Gotch is thrown into the ring steps. Dawson holds English's knee while Dash stomps on it. Dawson applies a submission to the knee and English taps.

Winners & NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: Dash & Dawson - by submission (8:56)

Dash & Dawson celebrate their title win as replays from the match air.


Dash & Dawson are backstage for post-match comments. They did it exactly like they said they would.

Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" is one of the theme songs for NXT TakeOver: London.

Next week: Jordan & Gable vs. The Ascension is confirmed. Bayley will defend the NXT Women's Championship against Alexa Bliss in the main event.

Samoa Joe comes out to lots of boos. Joe grabs a mic. All he hears is "Why?" Well, Joe will tell us why. Joe says Balor came to him and asked him to be his partner. Not only did he make a choice, but he put action behind it. Joe and Balor won it all. Joe asked Balor to give him an NXT Title shot. Balor gave him the shot, but no action was put behind it. William Regal walked in and made a battle royal. Joe says placing him in a battle royal was insulting. Joe says he is entitled to an NXT Championship match.

Finn Balor's music hits. Balor comes down quickly as referees run down to keep them separated for awhile. Joe shoves a ref into Balor, allowing Joe to put the sleeper hold on Balor. The refs try to pull him off, but it's no use. Joe releases Balor and raises up the NXT Title. Joe finally leaves the ring. The refs check on Balor to end the show.

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