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WWE NXT Results (12/23/15) Sami Zayn Returns, Tag Team Showdown

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WWE NXT Results (12/23/15)
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

We see highlights from last week's NXT TakeOver: London pay-per-view. All champions retained in three highly-entertaining contests.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show as the action continues in London. Bryon Saxton and Corey Graves are also on commentary.

The Vaudevillains make their way to the ring for a four-way tag team match. Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley enter next, followed by Blake, Murphy, and Alexa Bliss. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable enter last to a standing ovation.

The Vaudevillains vs. The Hype Bros vs. Blake & Murphy vs. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

Gable and English start the match with a lock up. Gable wraps up the left arm until Gotch tags in. Gable and Gotch grapple to the mat, bridging cover from Gotch. Gable works his way out of a lock and applies an arm bar of his own. Mojo tags in on Gable and takes Gotch down with a shoulder tackle. Ryder gets the tag and he missile dropkicks an upside down Gotch. Th ring gets cleared and everyone gets back in for a showdown as we go to commercial.


English and Ryder are the legal men. Ryder hits a flap jack, cover. Gable tags in on Ryder and goes right to work with a left arm hold. English gets out but is caught by an arm drag. Blake comes in and works with Gable. Gable does an epic arm drag before connecting with two dropkicks. Murphy tags in and gets wrapped up in the ropes with an arm bar. Blake breaks the hold for his partner as Bliss distracts the ref. Blake tags in and covers Gable, quick kickout.

Blake works the legs of Gable and tries to apply a submission. Gable rolls him up, kickout. English tags in on Blake and hits a variety of offensive maneuvers on Gable. Gotch comes in and works the left leg of Gable. Gable kicks Gotch into the turnbuckle. English tries for a swanton, but Gable gets his knees up. Murphy takes Jordan off the apron to prevent the tag. Blake and Murphy take everyone out before double teaming, which doesn't work. Gable slips out and tags Jordan.

Jordan hits several dropkicks and suplexes. The Vaudevillains suffer from suplexes and Jordan takes the straps down. Blake gets hit with one, English breaks the cover. Mojo slams English, Ryder clotheslines Gotch out. Ryder flips out onto Gotch and Mojo is tossed out by Murphy. Murphy turns around and is suplexed out of the ring by Jordan. Gable and Jordan hit the double team backbreaker on Blake for the win!

Winners: Chad Gable & Jason Jordan - by pinfall (9:16)

Brennan highlights Asuka vs. Emma from last week. After the match, Dana Brooke talks to Emma in the trainers room. Brooke is ranting as Asuka walks up and taps her on the head. Asuka mocks Emma's dance while giving the ladies the creepy smile.

We catch a look at NXT's UK live events prior that took place prior to TakeOver. We also see highlights of Finn Balor beating Samoa Joe.

Tye Dillinger is backstage looking in a mirror and he discusses everyone talking about Sami Zayn's return. Dillinger will be Zayn's opponent in the main event.

We see a new vignette for Elias Samson, who debuts next. Next week will be Part 1 of NXT's best of 2015.

Baron Corbin told us that no one gets up from the End of Days. Corbin is declaring himself the number one contender to the NXT Championship.

Bull Dempsey makes his way to the ring. Elias Samson enters with a guitar for his "debut" match.

Bull Dempsey vs. Elias Samson

Bull does jumping jacks in the ring until Samson makes a move. Samson takes Bull to the corner with kicks. Bull unloads with punches and a shoulder block until Elias pops up with a running knee to the face. Samson goes up top and hits an elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Elias Samson - by pinfall (1:36)

We hear from Dash & Dawson after they retained over Enzo & Big Cass last week. Also, Bayley retained the Women's Title over Nia Jax.

Tye Dillinger makes his way to the ring for the main event. Sami Zayn enters to a big pop for his return match. The crowd chats "welcome back," and he can't help but smile.

Tye Dillinger vs. Sami Zayn

Lock up, Tye takes Sami to the mat by trying to work his shoulder. Tye goes in for the left arm lock again but Zayn reaches the ropes. Lock up, Zayn works the left arm of Dillinger. Tye does a cart wheel and holds up ten in Zayn's face. Lock up again, Tye applies a headlock. Zayn takes Tye down with several arm drags. Sami fires up, but back flips off the ropes and poses. They both go outside the ring and Sami chops Dillinger a few times. Tye sends Sami into the ring post shoulder-first.


Dillinger is still working the left arm in the ring as we come back from break. Dillinger snaps the arm and covers Zayn, two. Dillinger gets up and holds in a lengthy arm stretch on the mat. Zayn works his way up and out but Tye clotheslines him back down. Sami gains some strength and clotheslines Tye a few times. Zayn connects with a fisherman's suplex, and Dillinger rolls out.

Zayn winds up and flips out of the ring onto Tye. Back in the ring, Sami nails the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Zayn goes to the corner and Tye counters the Helluva Kick. Zayn catches Tye's foot but ends up getting pushed into the ref, Tye rolls Sami up. Tye super kicks Zayn, nearfall. Zayn hits the exploder suplex followed by the Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn - by pinfall (9:46)

Zayn grabs a mic and says there's been something he's been waiting to say for seven months... I'm back!! The crowd erupts with "Ole" chants. Sami gets on his knees in the ring and soaks in the warm welcome. Sami says every time a dream comes true, a nightmare follows... Like when he won the NXT Title, and had a match on Raw. But Sami says the trend is broken. Zayn thanks the crowd and says more and more great things will happen with NXT in 2016. Zayn promises more great things are also in store for him in 2016. "We are NXT!"

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