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WWE NXT Results (9/25/14) - The Lucha Dragons Retain

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Welcome to this week's WWE NXT "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion. Gesus is out sick so I'm filling in out of the bullpen. We're going with the matinee showing since I'm available.

WWE NXT Results - Thursday, September 25, 2014
Taped on September 12, 2014 from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Report by: Richard Gray of

This week's show features new NXT Tag Team Champions Kalisto and Sin Cara putting the titles on the line against The Ascension. You can watch a commercial at this link or embedded in the video below:

Singles Match
- Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey

The entrances:

The show opens with Mojo Rawley coming out. He gets in the ring and tosses his t-shirt into the crowd. Bull Dempsey goes right for his opponent before his introduction is even complete.

The match:

Bull Dempsey went right to work and completely destroyed Mojo Rawley in no more than two minutes. Dempsey got the win after a diving headbutt from the top rope.

Winner - Bull Dempsey

Singles Match
- Tyler Breeze vs. Justin Gabriel

The entrances:

Tyler Breeze decided to take Mojo Rawley out on his way to the ring as Rawley was on his way to the back from getting squashed in the show's opener. Shortly after the awkward entrance, we went to break and returned with Breeze being announced in the ring.

Justin Gabriel came out next to a pop from the crowd. He goes right to the ring and is ready to fight. He pumps the crowd and this match is ready.

The start:

Breeze is awesome... no he's not dueling chants. Breeze buries Gabriel in the corner with kicks to the midsection, following with right hands. The referee pulls him back.

The match:

Gabriel takes out the knee of Breeze in the counter and delivers a face plant. Gabriel covers with a one count, then follows up with right hands and stomps on the mat. It got to the point where Gabriel was taunting Breeze but he built a counter, landing a superkick/Beauty Shot combo after a missed 450 splash to go over.

Winner Tyler Breeze via pinfall in 4 minutes

Backstage, Natalya tells William Regal she's asking for a favor. She wants Tyson Kidd to get another match against NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Regal wants to know why he should get another match. Nattie talks about the bout [at TakeOver] being a Fatal 4-Way but Regal reminds her it was him that got pinned. Regal said he'll give him one more chance but it's his last chance. If he can't pin Adrian Neville, it'll be his last chance at the NXT Champion.

Singles Match
- Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

The entrances:

Alexa Bliss came out first, wearing all blue. Renee Young declares her "adorable" but she can punch you right in the face. We go to announce, where Rich Brennan, Jason Albert and Renee talk about the match. Bayley is out next with the streamers at the top of the ramp. They talk about her feeling she let everyone down at Takeover.

The start:

The crowd chants that Bayley is going to hug you! They lockup and the crowd applauds their effort. Belly to back and a reversal, as Bayley buries Bliss into the corner and gets a quick two count for clear opening control.

Mid-match notes:

Alexa used a sunset flip in a counter and got a couple of covers. Off the ropes, head scissors takedown by Alexa Bliss. Albert says on announce that he thinks Bayley is actually impressed. They high five one another and lockup again. Bayley uses an arm drag takedown and gets a cover on a mat submission attempt. Bayley applies an armbar but Bliss gets back to her feat.

Another armdrag takedown by Bayley on Bliss. She inverts it into a submission hold on Bliss on the mat. Bayley is able to get a two count on her opponent and they go back to mat wrestling. Bayley is in control and has had multiple pining combinations. Cross-body followed by a dropkick by Alexa Bliss.

The finish:

A 'questionable' Hugplex from Bayley onto Bliss to win the match.

Winner - Bayley via pinfall at 3:35

Richard Reacts: Quick and forgettable but that was a sloppy go-home sequence, hence why I called it a 'questionable' Hugplex.

After the match, Bayley politely asks for NXT Women's Champion Charlotte to come to the ring. Her music hits and here she comes. Bayley says she hasn't been able to sleep since NXT Takeover. She literally let herself down and the NXT Universe down. She talks about her mother watching her lose. She asks Charlotte for another chance to beat her for the championship. She wants a rematch. The crowd chants "one more match." Charlotte says she didn't let her down, she finally earned her respect. However, Charlotte says the second verse will be the same as the first. She'd be honored to face her again. See you next week, kid.

We go to a video of Enzo Amore working out at the WWE Performance Center, where he fell off a treadmill while advising Carmella.

Singles Match
- Marcus Louis w/Sylvester LeFort vs. Enzo Amore w/Colin Cassidy

The entrances:

Marcus Louis comes out wearing a wig and Rick Steiner earmuffs to hide his bald head. They talk [one announce] about it being Sylvester's idea to give him confidence. Amore is out next with Colin Cassidy. He's a certified G and a bonafide star and you can't teach that. He introduces Big Cass, he's 7 feet tall and you can't teach that. Amore gets in the ring and berates Louis for losing his hair at NXT TakeOver. Colin Cassidy joins in on the fun, Louis isn't fooling him with that new do.

The start:

The match starts and Amore connects with a right hand right to the face of Louis. Louis counters, taking him down to the mat and hits right hands of his own. He bounces the head of Amore right off the turnbuckle. He takes Amore down to the mat and follows up his assault with a scoop and a slam.

Mid-match notes:

Marcus Louis, who they call an angry looking man, dominates Amore in a headlock. The referee checks for submission and Amore gets kicked to the midsection. On the outside, LeFort and Cassidy stare each other down when Enzo goes to the outside to regroup.

Louis is in the ring as the referee begins to count out his opponent.

The finish:

He gets on the apron and Louis ends up losing his wig/earmuffs. Amore rolls him up while he's distraught over his bald head and trying to cover it up.

Winner Enzo Emore via pinfall at 2:45.

Backstage, Tyson Kidd says his wife's heart is in the right place but he doesn't need anyone... especially his wife requesting title shots for him. He declares he's going to take the NXT Championship and all the power it posses away from Adrian Neville. Tyson Kidd talks about being the guy that beat Neville this year and says you're looking at the next NXT Champion.

We come back with Sami Zayn's thoughts on Tyson Kidd getting a rematch. He believes it's pitiful his wife had to beg for a rematch. He's desperate but they makes him dangerous. Zayn says it could go either way but he's gunning for that championship one way or the other.

WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match
- The Lucha Dragons (c) vs. The Ascension

The entrances:

WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Lucha Dragons are out first. Kalisto and Sin Cara enter impressively and pump the crowd with their hands. The Ascension, as the challengers, are out next. They're fired up and angry!

The start:

Sin Cara and Konnor starts things out, with Konnor very aggressive at the onset, immediately going for the cover.

Mid-match notes:

A tag is made and here comes Kalisto. Viktor tags in and works over Kalisto in the match. He backs Kalisto into the corner and whips him across. He runs right into a dropkick. Kalisto goes high risk and Sin Cara tags in. Sin Cara lands a clothesline on Viktor and gets a two count. Kalisto tags in, they're working quick. Lucha team work and Kalisto gets yet another two count.

Viktor needs a tag but he counters with a kick and whips the smaller Kalisto into the corner. Konnor finally tags in and uses a side headlock takeover and applies it on the mat. He leaves the headlock applied and rolls him around the ring on the mat. It made me dizzy. He had multiple covers.

Konnor applies another headlock on Kalisto in the ring. The crowd tries to rally behind The Lucha Dragons. Viktor tags himself in and goes back to work on Kalisto. He kicks out of a two count but Viktor applies a rear chinlock on the mat. Rich Brennan questions if The Lucha Dragons can withstand the test as we go to a break.

Back in the ring and Viktor slams Kalisto and pins him for a two count. Konnor is tagged in and destroys Kalisto with a huge slam and gets a two count. He applies a side heacklock on his woozy opponent, with the crowd behind Kalisto. He gets to his feet and backs Konnor off but Konnor lifts him and tags in Viktor. They hit a double team backbreaker and Viktor pins him. Viktor lands more offense and gets another cover for a two count.

Frustration has set in for the champions as Kalisto has been completely isolated. Viktor applies another headlock but Kalisto counters and goes for the tag. To no avail as Viktor keeps him isolated and tags in Konnor. Double team and Konnor gets another couple of near falls. They're working on the mat with Konnor wrapping his legs around Kalisto.

They get back up and Viktor gets the tag. Sin Cara can't get to his partner at all. Kalisto takes a European uppercut and is pinned for another two count. Viktor runs into a boot from Kalisto and goes for a slam. He counters and tags Sin Cara. Cara goes to work, flying cross-body on his opponent and pins him off a second high risk maneuver.

Sin Cara works over Viktor in the corner and Kalisto tags in.

The finish:

Sin Cara to the outside and Hideo Itami's music hits. He's at the top of the ramp as Kalisto hit Viktor with Salida Del Sol in the ring and pinned him.

Winners & STILL WWE NXT Champions via pinfall, The Lucha Dragons at 10:30.

Konnor goes right at Itami but he fights him off as the show fades.

Richard Reacts: Scott Brooks told me this main event was "boring" and I agree. It was just oddly worked, with Konnor and Viktor resorting to so many headlocks. Konnor had a very strange sequence, rolling Kalisto all around the mat in a headlock. I also didn't like how Kalisto was dominated but after finally making the hot tag to Sin Cara, he almost immediately tagged back in. Hideo Itami fought off Konnor to end the show to keep the story going.

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