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WWE NXT Results (2/3/15) - Santana Garrett In Action, Balor vs. Crews


WWE NXT Results (2/3/16)
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

A video package advertises tonight's main event - NXT Champion Finn Balor vs. Apollo Crews.

Aiden English and Simon Gotch make their way to the ring for the opening tag contest. Corey Graves & Tom Phillips are on commentary. Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley enter to face the newly-turned heel duo.

The Vaudevillains vs. The Hype Bros

Mojo and English lock up. Mojo takes English down with a headlock into a cover. Mojo does a crossbody before tagging Ryder in. Ryder does a front flip neckbreaker as English sits on the mat. Ryder hits a dropkick and Gotch runs in to break it up. English strikes Ryder from behind and poses in the ring. English runs into Ryder in the corner with an elbow, cover. Gotch tags in and covers Ryder. Zack is stuck in a headlock until Gotch makes the tag. English kicks Ryder and holds him in the bottom rope with his knee.

The Vaudevillains get kicked by Ryder when they attempt to double team. Mojo gets the tag and he runs over Gotch a few times. Mojo splashes in the corner until Gotch side steps him. Ryder comes back in with a forearm to English and missile dropkick from the top onto Gotch. Ryder fails to connect with the Broski Boot when English pulls Gotch out of the way. English hits Whirling Dervish in Ryder for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillains - by pinfall (4:13)

3 weeks ago - Carmella won a #1 Contender's battle royal. We see footage of her win and her celebration with Women's Champion Bayley.

Earlier today - Phillips interviews Carmella. She says it felt incredible to eliminate Eva Marie to win the match. Fans have seen her with Enzo & Cass and now we get to see her on her own journey. Paul Vandale was Carmella's father, so she has wrestling in her family background. Next week, Carmella will challenge Bayley for the title. Tom brings up their friendship and Carmella says nothing will affect their friendship. Carmella is also prepared to beat Emma later tonight.


Alex is backstage with Dash & Dawson. He asks them about their harsh words for Carmella, Enzo, and Cass. Dash calls the duo groundhogs. Dawson says they are on their way to being the greatest NXT Tag Team Champions and are ready to beat Enzo & Cass once again.

Carmella enters while cutting a promo. Emma enters with Dana Brooke at her side.

Carmella vs. Emma

They lock up, Emma takes Carmella to the corner. Carmella counters into a headlock. Emma reverses the hold before shoulder tackling Carmella. Carmella nails a dropkick, cover. Emma gets Carmella down on the mat and throws punches. Emma pulls Carmella's arms and then wraps her up in a cradle, kickout. Carmella gets angry and takes Emma down with punches. Emma is thrown into the corner head-first and then tossed with a head scissors. Emma gets out of Carmella's grasp and tries to gain control. Carmella gets Emma in a backslide for the win.

Winner: Carmella - by pinfall (4:25)

We see footage of last week's main event where Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe both submit Baron Corbin in a triple threat. Zayn says he believes he should've won because he had Corbin in a hold longer. Joe doesn't give an answer to the interviewer. We will hear William Regal's resolution later tonight.

We see a video package on Jason Jordan & Chad Gable.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass make their way to the ring while cutting a promo. Two jobbers are already in the ring.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Two Jobbers

Enzo starts with one of the jobbers. He does a few dance moves and throws a punch. Enzo takes jobber to a corner for the tag to Cass. Cass throws Enzo into the jobber. Cass slings the jobber across the ring before booting him. Cass grabs the other jobber and beats him up in the corner. That jobber is thrown straight over the top rope and thuds hard on the floor. Cass slams the first jobber and tags Enzo. Cass launches Enzo onto jobber for the cover and win.

Winners: Enzo Amore & Big Cass - by pinfall (2:10)

Apollo Crews speaks on tonight's big opportunity from backstage. Apollo says he knows he has what it takes to be the NXT Champion and tonight he will show Balor and everyone just what he can do.


Regal's office: William Regal announces that there will be a rematch... Baron Corbin interrupts and wants to be in the rematch. Regal says he's the one who lost and that he will not be in the rematch. Regal continues; Samoa Joe will face Sami Zayn in the near future, with the winner getting a title shot.

Asuka makes her way to the ring. Santana Garrett

Asuka vs. Santana Garrett

They starts with a lock up. Santana throws several punches and Asuka gets angry. Asuka hits Santana with the hip strike. Asuka kicks Santana down to the mat. Santana ducks a kick and rolls her up. Santana hits a side Russian leg sweep, cover for two. Santana stretches the arms of Asuka. Asuka applies an ankle lock briefly. Santana breaks free but runs into an arm bar. Santana manages to get to her feet but Asuka applies the Asuka Lock for the win.

Winner: Asuka - by submission (2:24)

NXT Champion Finn Balor cuts a promo on Apollo Crews backstage.

Next week - Bayley vs. Carmella for the NXT Women's Championship.

Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring for the main event. NXT Champion Finn Balor makes his way out.

Apollo Crews vs. Finn Balor

They shake hands before locking up. Balor does a quick waist lock. Balor wraps up the left arm and keeps the hold intact while holding Crews down to the mat. Crews gets up and reverses the hold. Balor has a headlock in when Crews tries to push him off. They separate briefly until Balor does a headlock take down. Crews rolls Balor into a quick cover. Balor keeps the lock in for a bit until Crews takes him to the corner to break it. Crews turns the tables and takes Finn down with a headlock. Balor once again gains control. Crews hops over Balor and connects with a big dropkicks that knocks Balor out of the ring.


Crews has Balor in a headlock as we come back from break. Crews does a big sunset flip, Balor flips out and dropkicks Apollo. Balor applies a lock to the left arm of Crews. Balor continues to stretch the arm. Crews gets to his feet, taking Balor to the corner. Balor strikes Crews and kicks him in the jaw, cover for two. Balor chops Apollo in a corner, and then another. Crews is whipped across the ring for another chest chop, cover.

Balor locks up the left arm again. Crews whips Balor into the corner. Clotheslines connect and then a splash in the corner onto Finn. Balor eats a dropkick on the apron. Crews does a back flip from the apron, landing it. Balor front flips out onto him. Balor sends Crews back in and connects with a double stomp to the back of the head, nearfall. Crews slams Balor with a Samoa Drop, cover. Balor ducks an enziguri and connects with a sling blade. Crews hits a dropkick, body press, and moonsault, but Balor kicks out.

Balor gets out of the powerbomb and kicks Crews in the head. Sling blade is hit, followed by a corner dropkick. Balor connects with the Coup de Grace. Balor drops Crews on his head with a slam for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor - by pinfall (11:30)

After the match, Balor checks up on Crews and they shake hands, hug, and Crews raises Balor's hand before leaving. In two weeks, Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe will take place to determine Balor's next challenger.

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