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WWE NXT Results (2/24/16) - Eva Marie & Nia Jax Win Big Against BayMella


WWE NXT Results (2/24/16)
Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
From the CFE Arena at University of Central Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable make their way to the ring to kick off this week's show with a tag team match. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are on commentary. Blake and Murphy make their way out with Alexa Bliss accompanying them.

American Alpha vs. Blake & Murphy

Gable and Murphy start the match with a lock up. Gable takes Murphy down, locking up both feet. Jordan tags in and does a gator roll on Murphy, cover. Jordan works the left arm before tagging Gable back in. Murphy throws a punch to make the tag to Blake. Gable slams Blake around, cover. Blake reverses a waist lock. Gable dodges Blake whole running the ropes before hitting a big arm drag and head scissors take down. Murphy tags in but immediately backs down. Murphy's foot is caught and he gets slammed by Gable, cover.

Gable locks up the left arm. Murphy gets out and tags Blake. Gable makes Blake & Murphy run into each other. Jordan and Gable double dropkick the two as we go to break.


Jordan has Blake in an arm lock on the mat as we come back. They get to their feet, but Jordan takes Blake back down. Jordan makes the tag. They double suplex Blake, cover by Gable. Gable locks up the left arm again as Jordan was doing. Blake gets to his feet and tries to slam Gable, but Gable counters by rolling through and keeping the hold intact. Murphy tags in and clotheslines Gable, cover.

Murphy applies a headlock on Chad. Gable gets up but is slammed back down, cover. Gable is taken to the heel corner as Blake is tagged. Blake continues to kick Gable in the corner, tag. Murphy is thrown into Gable, Blake does a backbreaker on his knee. Murphy covers before stretching Chad's arms out. Gable reverses the hold before rolling him up. Gable isn't able to tag, but Murphy does. Blake drops an elbow to the back. Gable dodges the next one and Murphy is tagged in.

Gable dodges a knee drop in order to tag Jordan. Jordan dropkicks Blake, who is now legal. Jordan flips Blake and then Murphy with big suplexes. The straps come down, Blake is speared in the corner while Murphy is launched across the ring. Gable nails the back body drop and covers Blake for the win.

Winners: American Alpha - by pinfall (11:37)

We see footage from the controversial end to Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe from last week. The ref argued with William Regal about the decision and we haven't heard one yet.

Backstage, Regal announces that Zayn and Joe will have a 2/3 Falls rematch in two weeks to determine the #1 Contender. Also, a new talent coming to NXT will debut next week.

An Elias Samson vignette airs.

Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring for the next match. Christopher Girard, the former Biff Busick, makes his in-ring debut.

Apollo Crews vs. Christopher Girard

Girard goes right on the attack, taking Crews down. Crews unloads with punches followed by a dropkick. Girard uppercuts and punches Crews a few times before hitting one big running uppercut, cover. Girard applies a chin lock to keep Crews grounded. Girard takes Crews back down to the mat with the lock still in place. Girard connects with another elbow to the face and applies a headlock. Crews is locked in for a bit before he stands up and slams Girard off of him. Crews takes Girard down while striking with forearms. Crews hits a big clothesline, but catches an elbow to the face in the corner. Crews kicks Girard on the apron. Crews lifts Girard and drops him with the big toss powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews - by pinfall (5:10)

We see replays from two weeks ago. After Bayley retained her title against Carmella, Nia Jax and Eva Marie attacked. Asuka made the save, scaring off Jax and Marie.

Alex interviews Bayley & Carmella backstage. Bayley says it will be a tough match, but Carmella will be by her side. Carmella says she will be coming for the title sooner than later, but those two tried to ruin her big night. Bayley is asked about Asuka saving them. Bayley was glad she was there, but it's no secret that she wants the Women's Championship.


Earlier this week - at the Performance Center, Dash & Dawson attacked Enzo Amore in the parking lot. Big Cass ran out of the building to save his partner.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out. Bull Dempsey enters next for what could be his final televised NXT match.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bull Dempsey

Bull struggles to take his shirt off and the ref has to help him. Ciampa is not amused. Bull does some jumping jacks before they lock fingers and do jumping jacks together. Ciampa goes on the attack, but Bull counters with an arm drag and a punch to the face. Bull rolls over Ciampa before eating a kick in the corner. Ciampa slams the left arm against his knees. Ciampa tries to roll Bull over for the cover. Ciampa instead stomps and elbows Bull to get him moving.

Ciampa pulls at Bull's face. Bull gets to his feet but gets kicked down, cover by Ciampa. Tommaso works the left arm on the mat. Ciampa tries to lift Bull, but Dempsey falls on top of him. Ciampa runs into an empty corner and Bull unloads with several right hands. Ciampa counters with an arm bar and Bull taps.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa - by submission (4:12)

Samoa Joe is interviewed backstage about Regal's announcement. Joe says NXT is hot because of him. And now we are playing games and it's a shame for Sami Zayn. Now, Zayn has to suffer twice as much. Joe once again promises to be the next NXT Champion.


Rich Brennan interviews Sami Zayn about the upcoming rematch with Joe. Zayn says he's ready and he knows how to survive in a 2/3 Falls match. Zayn says he has tunnel vision as his goal is to be a two-time NXT Champ.

Nia Jax makes her way out first for the main event. Eva Marie enters next, and it actually sounds like there are some cheers along with boos from this crowd. Carmella enters, followed by NXT Women's Champion Bayley.

Nia Jax & Eva Marie vs. Carmella & Bayley

Eva and Carmella start the match. Carmella takes Eva down viciously several times. Carmella makes the tag to Bayley. They double suplex her before Eva tags in Nia. Jax tosses Bayley across the ring. Jax pulls Bayley over and she tags Eva. Eva is tripped and the babyfaces double team Eva with strikes in the corner.


Carmella has Eva in a headlock as we come back from break. Carmella runs into a slam from Jax. Jax takes Carmella back to the heel corner for the tag. Eva takes too much time and Carmella rolls her up. Eva slams Carmella back into the corner for the tag. Jax wraps Carmella in a bear hug for a lengthy time. Eva tags in and kicks Carmella down. Carmella is held against the ropes. Jax takes a few right hands before trying to tag Bayley. Jax holds Carmella back in the ropes.

Nia applies a choke hold before swinging her around. Carmella tries to elbow her way out and Jax falls out of the ring when Carmella side steps her. Carmella and Jax tag. Bayley tags Eva down with elbows and clotheslines. Bayley suplexes Eva before hitting elbows in the corner. Bayley connects with a spinning elbow from the top. Bayley hits the belly to belly, but Jax pulls Bayley off of Eva.

Carmella is tagged and she covers Eva. Carmella applies her submission on Eva, but Nia once again breaks it up. Jax pulls Eva to their corner to make the tag. Jax connects with three leg drops on Carmella and Eva covers for the win.

Winners: Eva Marie & Nia Jax - by pinfall (9:00)

Rich Brennan is backstage with William Regal and NXT Champion Finn Balor. Regal announces that Balor's reign is approaching a record. Regal announces Balor will face the longest-reigning NXT Champion, Neville, next week in the main event.

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