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WWE NXT Results (3/30/16) - Joe & Balor Can't Wait Until Dallas

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WWE NXT Results (3/30/16)
Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show as we are just two nights away from NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Corey Graves is also on commentary.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable make their way to the ring to kick off the show. American Alpha will challenge The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship in Dallas. Corey Hollis & John Skylar are already in the ring.

American Alpha vs. Corey Hollis & John Skylar

Jordan takes Hollis down before picking him up and tagging Gable. Gable catches Hollis and slams him. Hollis is taken down with a single leg and Gable continues to work him from behind. Hollis manages to elbow Gable off of him to tag Skylar in. Skylar works the left arm briefly before Gable trips him into an arm lock. Jordan tags in and dropkicks Skylar. Jordan applies a headlock and tags Gable. Chad comes back in to apply a left arm lock.

Skylar drives Gable into the heel corner to tag Hollis. Gable strikes both men before Skylar body slams him. Hollis finally comes in. Gable belly to belly suplexes both opponents. Jordan tags in and slams Hollis, followed by Skylar. Hollis is speared in the corner. Gable assists with the back body drop for the win.

Winners: American Alpha - by pinfall (4:38)

Graves & Phillips discuss the upcoming Tag Title match. Also in Dallas, Finn Balor defends the NXT Title against Samoa Joe.

Earlier today - Balor says he's heard everything Joe has been saying. Joe has become obsessed. Balor thinks Joe is obsessed with the wrong things. Finn is obsessed with being the best and that's why he beat Owens to win the title in Tokyo. That's why he beat Joe the first time in London. And that's why he will do it again in two days.


Baron Corbin makes his way out. We see footage of Corbin ruining Austin Aries' debut last month. Mike the jobber is already in the ring.

Baron Corbin vs. Mike Cuellari

Corbin kicks Mike. Mike gets to his feet and manages to dropkick Baron. Corbin turns around and super clotheslines Mike inside out. Corbin whips Mike across the ring and connects with Deep Six for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin - by pinfall (1:05)

After the match, Corbin grabs Mike and nails End of Days. Corbin poses in the ring before leaving.

We see a video package on Shinsuke Nakamura. His debut match will be against Sami Zayn.

NXT Tag Team Champions Dash & Dawson make their way down to the ring. Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler are in the ring already. We see a brief video package on The Revival before the match.

The Revival vs. Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler

Dawson and Cutler lock up to start. Cutler is taken to the corner and Dash tags in. All four men run in and have a brief confrontation. Dash grabs Cutler and they trade arm locks. Dash applies a headlock and is bucked off. He kicks Cutler and Dawson comes in to toss Steve into the ropes. Dawson covers, kickout. Dash tags in as they double team with punches in their corner. Dash trips Cutler, allowing for Dash to drop an elbow to the head.

Dawson drops Cutler onto Dash's knee. Dash stretches Cutler out on the mat. Cutler's ribs are visibly red. Dawson comes in and drops Cutler with a buster. Dawson dropkicks Cutler to prevent a tag from being made, cover. Cutler dodges a clothesline to tag Knight. Tucker comes in and takes out The Revival with clotheslines and dropkicks. Splash into the corner and a Thesz press onto Dash. Dawson slips in and out of the ring, tagging Dash. They hit the Shatter Machine on Tucker for the win.

Winners: The Revival - by pinfall (4:45)

Jordan & Gable are watching from backstage as The Revival celebrate.

We see footage of Samoa Joe attacking Bull Dempsey last week. Backstage, Dempsey cuts a promo. Bull says Joe will learn that "fit happens."

Apollo Crews makes his way out. Alex Riley enters next.

Apollo Crews vs. Alex Riley

Crews and Riley lock up, Crews gets in a headlock. Crews hops over him and Riley nails a clothesline. Riley kicks Apollo's knee in the ropes. Riley drops an elbow and covers. Crews pops out of the corner with a couple clotheslines and a splash. Crews kicks Riley in the head before dropping him with the toss powerbomb. Crews covers for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews - by pinfall (1:55)

Elias Samson walks down the ramp strumming his guitar whole Crews is celebrating. Crews wants Elias to step in the ring. Samson places the guitar over his shoulder and slowly backs away.

Corbin is backstage talking trash on Austin Aries. He brings up the fact that Aries hasn't stepped inside an arena since the attack. Corbin says there's no shame in getting beaten by a bigger and better man.

We see an awesome preview for NXT Women's Champion Bayley vs. Asuka.

Earlier today - Sami Zayn talks about being on the main roster and also facing Nakamura at TakeOver. Zayn says he can handle it. He believes it will be the biggest match of Nakamura's career because he's going to try and make a big impression like Zayn did with Cesaro three years ago. Zayn won't let Nakamura cement his name and legacy at Sami's expense.


Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring for the main event. Joe will challenge Finn Balor for the NXT Championship in the main event of TakeOver in just 48 hours. Bull Dempsey enters for his final televised NXT match.

Samoa Joe vs. Bull Dempsey

Bull goes right on the attack with punches to Joe in the corner. Bull runs Joe over but he also falls. They get back up and slug at each other. Joe drops Bull with an elbow. Bull ends up in the corner, taking several punches. Joe connects with an enziguri in the opposite corner. Joe rubs his boot across Dempsey's face. Bull throws a right hand but catches a knee to the face, followed by an STO. Joe applies the Clutch and Bull immediately taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe - by submission (1:30)

Joe refuses to let go and the bell is rung several times. Regal and a couple jobbers come out to get Joe off. They get attacked with clotheslines. Joe puts Bull back in the Clutch as Regal yells at him.

Finn Balor finally runs out and unloads with punches. Balor dropkicks Joe out of the ring. They send each other into the apron. Balor soccer kicks Joe from the apron before dropkicking him through the barricade. They end up brawling in from of the announce table. Joe tosses Balor onto Corey Graves. Balor leaps from the announce table onto Joe and security. More wrestlers and refs come from the back to separate them. Joe breaks free and the brawl ensues. The show ends with Balor staring at Joe.

Remember to join us for our live coverage of NXT TakeOver: Dallas Friday night beginning at 9:30 PM EDT.

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