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WWE NXT Results (5/4/16) - Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe Headlines

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WWE NXT Results (5/4/16)
Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Report by CJ Blaze of

Tom Phillips welcomes us from commentary. while discussing Samoa Joe winning the NXT Championship in Lowell, MA two weeks ago. The new champ makes his way down to the ring to kick off the show. Corey Graves is also on commentary.

Joe grabs a mic and says he is much like death and taxes - inevitable. He now stands before us as the new NXT Champion. Today, Joe puts the world on notice as it's a new era, and it's his time. If anybody has a problem with that, Joe has no problem choking them out.

Music hits and Joe looks to the ramp. It's a debuting Eric Young! The crowd goes crazy as Phillips hypes him as one the hottest free agents. EY has a mic and tells Joe that he knows him, and Eric knows Joe. Eric steps on the apron and says the only thing that's guaranteed in life is change. Young says he collects championships. They stare at each other face-to-face until Joe leaves the ring. Joe tells EY that he doesn't belong in the same ring as him.

Tessa Blanchard makes her way to the ring for the first match of the night. Nia Jax enters next.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Nia Jax

Jax and Tessa lock up. Nia picks Blanchard up and throws her down to the mat. Tessa tries to get punches in, but Jax shoves her back down. Tessa goes at her again but is spiked. Nia drops a couple elbow drops before running and crushing her in the corner. Jax spins Tessa around into a Samoan drop. Jax connects with the leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax - by pinfall (1:10)


Tye Dillinger makes his way to the ring to a pop. Austin Aries enters next.

Tye Dillinger vs. Austin Aries

They lock up, Tye applies a headlock. Aries makes him run the ropes, but Tye does a shoulderblock and quickly covers. Aries applies a headlock until he is shoved off. Aries does a couple arm drags to get Dillinger back on the mat into a left arm hold. Tye throws a right to the gut in the corner. Aries unloads with punches and kicks Tye out of the corner. Dillinger catches Aries and drops his back to a knee. Dillinger stomps on Aries a couple times before whipping him across the ring, cover.

Tye loudly chops Aries, and they continue to trade shots after. Aries does a roll through and clotheslines Dillinger. Aries lands on the apron, slaps Tye, and front flips back onto him. Tye rolls out as Aries does a corkscrew plancha out onto him. Tye counters the corner dropkick with a kick of his own. Dillinger drops Aries with a neckbreaker, but Austin kicks out. Tye exposes the left knee and runs into a rolling elbow. Aries connects with the corner dropkick. Aries goes up top and hits a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries - by pinfall (4:36)

Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder enter for the next tag team contest. Dash and Dawson enter next. This match comes after The Revival attacked The Hype Bros last week.

The Hype Bros vs. The Revival

Dash and Ryder start the match with a lock up. Dash takes Ryder to the heel corner and Ryder has to battle both men off of him. He goes up top for a dropkick, but Dash takes him down with punches. Dawson tags in and kicks Zack. Dawson delivers an elbow to the head to knock Ryder down. Dawson clotheslines Ryder and tags Dash back in. Ryder eats double team kicks in the corner. Ryder falls again from an uppercut, Dawson is tagged.

Dawson drops an elbow and applies a headlock on the mat. Ryder rolls Dawson off of him as Dash tags in and continues the beat down. Ryder shoves Dash off of him straight into the turnbuckle. Mojo gets the hot tag and comes in with shoulderblocks to Dash. Dawson is kneed off the apron. Mojo runs right through Dash again. Dawson sneaks in a tag. Mojo turns around and eats the Shatter Machine.

Winners: The Revival - by pinfall (4:14)

Andrea is backstage with Alex Riley. A-Ry will face Nakamura next week. Riley knocks Shinsuke's talent. Riley says he will punch Nakamura in the face and give him a beating because it's time to rage.

No Way Jose makes his way out. Noah Kekoa is already in the ring.

No Way Jose vs. Noah Kekoa

Jose dances as the crowd chants for half a minute. They finally lock up as Jose twists the left arm of Noah. Noah gets to his feet while still in the hold. Jose takes him rolling to the mat. Noah throws a punch and Jose unloads with strikes. Jose throws the big punch and hits a full nelson slam for the win.

Winner: No Way Jose - by pinfall (2:13)

Cathy Kelly talks to Austin Aries backstage. Aries says his NXT career has gotten off to a pretty good start, but something seems odd. People don't know how to take Aries and he's kind of flying under the radar. Aries leaves to go eat a banana to replenish his potassium levels.

We see a video package that shows Finn Balor and the NXT Championship. Samoa Joe is shown at the end, as well as clips of their previous matches. Balor returns next week.

Eric Young makes his way to the ring for the main event. NXT Champion Samoa Joe enters last. (Yes, this match is main eventing NXT, not TNA Impact!)

Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe

They lock hands together to start. EY locks up the left arm. Joe reverses the hold, taking Eric down. Young switches the hold again. Joe throws a right hand to create separation. Young fires back and they trade several right hands. Young's blows take Joe to the corner, where EY hits a dropkick. Young nails a spinning neckbreaker, cover. Young kicks Joe in the corner. Joe grabs EY and throws him out and over the ropes. Joe goes flying under the top rope with a forearm.


We come back to see Joe chopping Young in the corner. EY tries to pick up speed but is flattened by an elbow, cover. Joe headbutts Eric until EY throws a few right hands. Joe smashes Young in the corner and connects with an enziguri. Joe clamps down on the right collar bone/shoulder area. Young manages to get out but runs into an atomic drop, big boot, and running senton. Joe covers for a two.

Joe holds EY in the corner and punches him. Young fires back with more shots. Joe sends EY flipping over his shoulders. Joe unloads with more punches in the corner until EY counters with an uppercut and more right hands. EY runs into an elbow and Joe covers. EY flips to the apron and slips back in the ring. They run the ropes, allowing EY to take Joe down, followed by a suplex.

Young goes up top for an elbow drop, nearfall. EY tries to lift Joe, but he gets out and chops instead. Joe catches EY with a slam out of the corner. Joe viciously slaps EY and places him up top. Joe connects with the Muscle Buster and forces EY to tap to the Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe - by submission (11:04)

Joe keeps the hold in after the bell and finally gives in. The champ raises his title and stands tall over Young to end the show.

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