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WWE NXT Results (7/6/16) - Rhyno Returns, 2/3 Falls Title Match

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WWE NXT Results (7/6/16)
Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

We see a video package on American Alpha vs. The Revival before the theme song airs. Tom Phillips & Corey Graves welcome us to the show from commentary.

Bayley makes her way to the ring to kick off the show. Alexa Bliss enters next.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley starts the match by flipping Bliss over and delivering two elbows. Bliss gets up with a knee to the gut. Alexa grabs Bayley and slingshots her into the ropes, cover. Bayley is tossed into a corner for strikes. Bliss holds Bayley on the mat with a unique neck hold. Bliss slams Bayley viciously before pinning again. Bliss holds her knee against Bayley in the ropes. Bliss manages to throw Bayley down again and proceeds to stand on her. Bayley gets some space, which allows her to drill Bliss with a running knee in the corner.

Bayley nails several elbows in the corner next. Bliss is rammed into another corner, but manages to attempt a sunset flip. Instead, Bayley covers her, kickout. Bliss knocks Bayley out with a kick to the head.


Alexa still has control as we come back from break. She tries everything she can to hold Bayley up in the ropes, but Bayley counters. Bliss is tossed to the apron for a neckbreaker using the middle rope, cover. Bliss chokes Bayley before hitting Insult to Injury. Bliss goes up top, but Bayley strikes her. Bayley follows her up, but can't hit her finisher. Bliss pulls off an epic sunset flip into a nearfall. Bayley and Bliss trade bridging covers and roll ups. Bliss with a backslide, two.

They stand up back-to-back locked in arms. Bayley hits a back suplex. Bliss whips Bayley, but Bayley counters with an elbow. Bliss wipes Bayley out in the corner. Bliss tries to do a corner move, but Bayley gets her knees up. Bayley connects with Bayley to Belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley - by pinfall (8:38)

Bayley grabs a mic and says it's been a long road back. In Dallas, she was knocked out by Asuka and lost her title. She always bounces back to get get knocked down again, but this time it was Nia Jax. Bayley had to watch Nia take her opportunity at TakeOver. Jax interrupts, wearing street clothes. Off the mic, they agree to one more match. Jax smiles and walks away while Bayley looks on from the ring.

We see a video package on TM61.

Cathy Kelly talks to The Revival backstage. Dash says there is no doubt they will retain tonight. Dawson says tonight they will remain the absolute best tag team on this planet. They clank titles and walk off.

Blake & Murphy make their way to the ring for the next match. Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley enter next.

Blake & Murphy vs. The Hype Bros

Mojo and Blake start the match. Mojo ducks Blake's moves and hits a shoulderblock. Murphy tags in, which leads to an argument with Blake. Mojo tries to break it up, but that doesn't work. Rhyno comes running out and clears the ring with several Gores!

No Contest (0:52)

Rhyno poses on the turnbuckle as Murphy stares at the ring from the stage.

We see a video package on Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, which takes place next week. The video features comments from Triple H, Tye Dillinger, American Alpha, and Neville. We hear comments from Balor & Nakamura that aired last week.

American Alpha are interviewed backstage on their strategy for tonight. Jordan says they are going to wrestle their match. Gable says the longer a match goes, the better American Alpha gets. They've never been more Ready, Willing, and Gable!

Samoa Joe returns next week for the first time since his Steel Cage match at TakeOver.

An interviewer tries to ask Rhyno why he is back in NXT, but he just stares and walks off.

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable make their way to the ring for the main event. Champions Dash & Dawson enter last.

2/3 Falls NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs. American Alpha

Dash and Gable start the match with a lock up. Gable turns it into a waistlock, but Dash counters with a wrist lock. Gable flips around and trips Dash into an ankle lock. Dash reaches the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Dawson is tagged in. They lock up, Gable works the wrist and tags Jordan. Jordan flips Dawson over and locks up the left arm. Dawson counters with a headlock that doesn't last long. They trade moves and get up to stare down. Both men recollect in their respective corners.

Dawson strikes Gable, leading to Dash distracting Jordan. Dash tags in, leading to double teaming. Jordan counters with a double clothesline. Gable comes in and American Alpha connects with double dropkicks. They stand tall i nthe ring as we go to break.


Dawson catches Jordan with a slam. Dash sneaks in a tag, leading to double teaming. Dash clobbers Jordan with strikes. Jordan is beat down in the heel corner, with his left knee being a target. Dawson drags Jason back down for more strikes. Dash comes back in kicking the knee. Dawson is tagged, and he slams the knee against the ring post twice. Dawson props Jordan up in the ropes. Dash gets in some cheap shots while the ref backs Dawson off. Dawson covers, two.

Dash tags in for an elbow to the knee. Dash slams the knee twice before stretching it out. Jordan clubs Dash in the back to get him off. Dawson comes flying in off the tag to prevent Gable from getting in. Jordan finally gets the tag. Gable takes The Revival out with dropkicks. He punches Dawson in the corner and does a crossbody onto Dash. Atomic drops are hit, followed by a suplex on Dawson, nearfall. Gable runs the ropes and does a roll up for two. Dash is tossed out, but he pulls the ropes to let Gable fall out.


Dawson flattens Gable for a cover. The Revival repeatedly punch Gable in their corner. Dash clubs Chad for another pin. Dawson tags in with an elbow drop, cover. Dawson slams Gable and tags Dash again. They do an assisted leg drop, Dash covers. Dash applies a chinlock on the mat. Gable manages to let Dash slip out. Dawson tags in and stops Gable from tagging. Dawson unloads with kicks and punches before Dash clotheslines Gable into the ring. Dawson pins for another two.

Dawson plants Gable with a spinebuster. Dawson applies a headlock on the mat. Gable does a sunset flip on Dawson, but Dash breaks it up as he's the legal man. The Revival pull off another dirty counter to keep Gable at their corner. Dawson covers again for a two. Gable makes Dash & Dawson run into each other to make the tag.

Jordan comes in hot with dropkicks and suplexes. The straps come down for a spear to Dawson in the corner and a spear to Dash in the middle of the ring, nearfall. Jordan puts Dash up top, but Dash tries resisting. Gable shoves Jordan to hit Dawson with a belly to belly. Dash leaps, but Jordan does a roll through to apply an ankle lock. Gable puts Dash in an ankle lock outside. Dash taps.

First fall - American Alpha - by submission (17:15)

Dawson goes up top for a sunset flip. Jordan sends Dash flipping while Jordan covers for a two. Jordan & Dawson trade pins. Dawson hits a DDT, nearfall. Dawson traps Jordan in a figure four. Jordan taps.

Second fall - The Revival - by submission (18:40)

Jordan rolls Dawson up, two. Gable tags in for a roll up, followed by another cradle. Gable does another crazy cover. Jordan tags in. Jordan spears in the corner, but Dash takes out Gable. Jordan rolls Dawson up as Gable shoves Dash out to counter the Shatter Machine. Jordan puts Dawson in the ankle lock. Dawson covers Jordan before applying the figure four again. Gable flies in to break it up. Gable takes Dash out with a crossbody over the ropes.

Gable is legal as Dawson nails him with a knee on the apron. They trade several blows. Gable tries to do a German onto the barricade, but Dash gets involved. The Revival hits Shatter Machine on the apron. Dawson pins Gable for the third fall.

Winners & STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Revival (22:10)

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