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WWE NXT Preview, Live Coverage, Results (4-29-2020)

Tonight's NXT features two championship title matches. NXT Champion Charlotte is facing off against Mia Yim. How will Io Shirai who should technically be next in line for a title shot feature? Or do you think she will be featured at all tonight? Also, the North American Championship will be on the line with Keith Lee defending against ongoing rival Damien Priest. Will we Dominic Dijakovic be involved? We will also see Tony Nese face off against the 0-1 Drake Maverick.

While that is all that is advertised as of right now, you also have to wonder if we find out more regarding Dexter Lumis, find out Finn Balor's status as well as finally get a full reveal of who attacked Finn Balor and Tomasso Ciampa. And if that isn't enough we will also see more must-see matches in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. Who do you think will win the tournament?

Tune in to the site because live coverage kicks off tonight at 8/7 pm CT. 


To start the show we see a recap of what happened last week, we see Charlotte Flair arrive and we see Tom Phillips introduce Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix.

Isaiah Swerve Scott vs. El Hijo del Fantasma

Fantasma quickly rolls up Scott to start the match. Fantasma continues to go for the fast pin but Scott counters. Both men go for cover attempts and a beautiful head scissors takeover but Fantasma rolls out of the ring. Swerve goes to the outside but Fantasma catches him. Fantasma breaks the count and both men are in the ring again. Scott sends Fantasma into the top rope and we see Scott catch him with a kick but Fantasma kicks out. Both men are locked up and both men punch at the other's midsection. Fantasma does a flying la Tijera and rolls out. Scott catches him with a kick after a baseball slide. Fantasma quickly battles back and we see his knees to the face of Scott. Both men are on the top and a Frankensteiner sends Scott to the middle of the ring and Fantasma once again goes to the top and does a diving splash which lands. Scott somehow kicks out at two and both men trade chops in the middle of the ring. Scott catches Fantasma with a kick but Fantasma rolls out. Scott goes for a dive through the middle ropes but misses and Fantasma does the same and his connects. Fantasma goes for the phantom driver and Scott reverses with a crucifix and wins with a pin. Scott is interviewed and he says he has all the respect and says he needs this more than anybody in the tournament. 

Winner: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

We will see Adam Cole tonight and up next will be Candice LeRae in action with Johnny Gargano in her corner. We see Dijakovic walking outside prior to the show and he criticizes Johnny Gargano. He says the Garganos do not respect anyone and he asks if next week Johnny can back up his words when he goes on a match against him. We also see two masked me try to kidnap Fantasma again. 

Candice LeRae vs Kacy Catanzaro

Johnny Gargano introduces Candice and calls her the Poison Pixie. Kacy and Candice used to be in a tag team. Both women start locked up and Candice drives Kacy into the corner. Kacy and Candice go for a strength test and Candice lowers her to the ground but Kacy counters. Kacy sends Candice into the corner and Candice counters. Kacy does a centaun but Candice kicks out. This match is fast and Candice counters and we see huge side slaps from LeRae. Candice drives Kacy into the match and drags her into the middle of the ring. Kacy kicks out and Candice goes for the submission but Kacy kicks out. Candice does a wheelbarrow and a slap, Kacy does a reversal. Candice goes in a fury and attacks her with many chops in the corner and Candice ties up Kacy. Candice does a new finisher which she calls a wicked stepsister and wins. LeRae almost leaves but comes back to do the Gargano lock and lets it go when Kacy taps.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Damien Priest is backstage saying his moment has arrived. He reminds us of the attack he did on Keith Lee last week. He says that he will finally be able to finish what he started months ago. At the end of the night after tonight's main event Keith Lee will be basking in the glory of Damien Priest.

We are joined by the Broserweights. Matthew Riddle and Timothy Thatcher are on the stage and Riddle says he knows Thatcher like the back of his hand. Tonight they will prove to the world why they are the best in the newly bro show. Byron Saxton is the host and calls Thatcher a technician specialist and says Riddles like pina Coladas in the rain.  And shockingly they both get all the answers correct. The game ends when they are attacked by Imperium's Eichner and Bartel. Thatcher gets his revenge but he is ultimately taken out. Both men hold up the NXT Tag Titles and drape the titles on Thatcher. Coming up next will be Mia Yim and Charlotte Flair. 

As we return from break we see a highlight of the 40-year partnership between WWE and Make A Wish. We then see Adam Cole backstage and he announces per William Regal Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream will be next week.

Mia Yim vs NXT Champion Charlotte Flair

Mia is out first and commentary mentions the back ended compliment. Last week Charlotte called Mia a good hand. Flair drives Yim to the corner. Both women once again lock up and Flair continues her hold. Flair breaks and does a series of chops to Yim. Yim reverses but Flair drives her shoulder into Yim. We see a slap and a flurry of kicks. Yim cannonballs Flair into the corner and does a DDT to Flair. Yim poses on the ropes alas Flair's fiance Andrade and Flair goes through the ropes. Flair on the attack after the break and she is forced to break her hold. Flair uses her father's chops and does kick to Yim in the corner. Flair does shots to Yim's back and Yim begins to counters. Yim places Flair into a tarantula but Flair breaks. Yim goes for a move but she is chopped down to the mat by Flair. Flair then trash-talks and kicks and stomps at Yim. Yim begins to counter and does soul food into Flair. Flair counters and pushes Yim into the turnbuckle. Flair goes for the moonsault but Yim counters and gets a two count. Yim welcomes back Flair with a set of kicks but Flair reverses and Yim reverses for a two count. Flair does a big kick and Yim somehow kicks out at two. Flair sets up for the Figure Four and Yim reverses but Flair reverses into the Figure Eight and Yim taps. As Flair celebrates Io Shirai interrupts and yells at Flair in Japanese. She does say that next week Charlotte Flair is hers. Next week we will see Charlotte Flair vs Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship. We also see a package in which we can clearly distinguish Kross and Scarlett Bourdeaux and they say next week NXT will fall in line.  

Winner: Charlotte Flair

We see Kacy Catanzaro being tended to backstage. She is joined by Kayden Carter and then the Garganos show up and Candice says Kacy better get used to it. We are then told Finn Balor will be on NXT next week. 

Dexter Lumis vs  Shane Thorne

Thorne attacks first but Lumis takes him down first. Thorne goes for a DDT but Lumis sends him across the ring. Thorne rakes the eyes of Lumis and catches Lumis with multiple right hands. Standing dropkick by Thorne and attacks Lumis with throw cannonballs. He goes for a third but Lumis counters with a spine buster. Lumis brings thorn to his feet slams him down goes for the submission and Thorne passes out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

We are then shown Jordan Devlin's comment where he reminds all the competitors that he is the real champion. Up next will be Drake Maverick vs Tony Nese. 

 Back from break Keith Lee appears backstage and his voice is not back to normal. But he says the beating that he will give Damien Priest will live on in infamy.

Tony Nese vs. Drake Maverick

Nese mentions how he has no empty for Maverick. Nese brings Maverick down and Maverick goes on the attack. Nese sends Maverick into the corner and punches at him in the corner. Nese brings Maverick back into the ring and does a strong kick to Maverick. Maverick uses the ropes to get up but Nese quickly beats him down and showcases his power. Maverick begins to battle back but is caught by Nese. Nese has Maverick in a hold. Maverick tries to fight back but Nese kicks him in the back. Nese trash talks Maverick and slaps him. Nese grabs a hold of Maverick and sends him into the corner. Maverick begins to punch and does a cannonball into Nese. Maverick does a missile dropkick from the top rope. German suplex by Nese sends Maverick into the turnbuckle. Nese exposes the turnbuckle and Maverick counters. Maverick does a corner cutter and Nese somehow kicks out at two. Maverick goes to the top rope but misses with a diving elbow. Nese goes to the top but he is caught by Maverick. Maverick does a diving bulldog and he covers Nese! Maverick is interviewed and he says he is not leaving yet and Kushida is up next.

Winner: Drake Maverick 


NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs Damien Priest

Lee tries to catch Priest and Priest counters. Lee is able to run over Priest and clocks Priest on the side of the face. He sends him over the top rope with a clothesline. Priest climbs over the barricade and Lee catches up with him and sends him into the apron. Pries battles back with a shoulder into Lee's midsection and Lee catches himself before he goes into the steel steps. Priest sends Lee crashing into the barricade.  Once back Priest has Lee in a stronghold but Lee quickly battles back. Priest tries to lift Lee but Lee deadlifts Damien Priest. Lee sends Priest into the corner and he falls hard to the ring. Both men struggle to get to their feet and we see a master slam by Lee. Tornado by Lee into Priest. Lee goes for the pin but Priest kicks out. We see a laria from Lee but Priest once again kicks out! Lee tries for the spirit bomb and Priest chops at Lee's throat. Lee goes on the attack against Priest's throat. The match becomes very hard-hitting with blows and strikes. We see a broken arrow by Priest and both men are slow to get up. Lee rolls out of the ring and Priest goes from the top rope and both men go through the barricade. Priest goes to the top rope and does a cyclone kick to Lee and Lee kicks out at two.  Lee hoists Priest from the top rope and Priest somehow kicks out. Priest does a chokeslam and Lee kicks out at two. Priest grabs the title and his nightstick and Lee catches him with the nightstick in hand. Lee says he is limitless and does a grizzly magnum and does two spirit bombs for the win.

Winner: Keith Lee

 Are you basking in his glory? What match was your favorite tonight? What match are you currently looking forward to the most for next week? Stay tuned in to the site for any breaking news and you can follow me on twitter @undisputedeva. 


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