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The Yellow Brand has been en fuego over the last few weeks and it eventually would come to a point where everything would simmer down some and I think we got to that point this week. As of late we've been spoiled with title matches, new champions, banger after banger match wise that mainly feature the best NXT has to offer, and while this episode wasn't as stacked as what we've become accustomed to recently, they did a lot to push things story-wise, planting a lot of seeds, which this writer loves his seeds. I'll say it every week, JB loves seeds! But overall this wasn't a particularly strong outing for NXT with a number of highs and lows but despite that, there's still loads to talk about and I'm glad that you're here with me so we can cover everything important that went down last next during NXT.

But as usual to start us off, here is this week's honorable mention...

  • Dexter Lumis Runs Roughshod Over Killian Dain

Killian Dain took on Dexter Lumis this week after the Beast from Belfast took umbrage with a drawing Lumis did of Dain getting coffee spilled on him two weeks ago by Robert Stone. I was not interested or invested in this match. I like Lumis as a character but have not been enamored with his in ring work. On the flip side, I've had an interest in the development of Killian Dain since his split from Sanity in what seemed like a lifetime ago, but like a rapper trying to make it after 30, might be time to let go of my dreams of seeing him flourish. Despite Dain being a physical presence in every appearance, he has consistently lost and is in desperate need of a rehabbing of his character. Lumis was solid in ring last night but I did not once think that he was in danger of losing this match. A lot was missing in this contest and it was obvious. Overall, the match was here, I'm acknowledging it as a mention, and that's where it'll stay.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the list proper... 

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