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WWE NXT Results (10/23/14) - Can't Win The Big One

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WWE NXT Results (10/23/14)
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL
Reported by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with Ascension making their way to the ring

Ascension vs Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan

Viktor and JJ in to start the match. Both men out from their corners JJ ducks and suplexes Viktor. JJ maintains the bear hug and slams Viktor again. Viktor gets free and chops JJ. Viktor chops and european uppercuts JJ in the corner. Viktor tags out and double team JJ with a double shoulder block. Konnor stalks JJ. Konnor strikes JJ in the corner with his boot. Konnor whips him to the other corner chases and eats an elbow. Tye is tagged in and is flapjacked by Konnor. Konnor tags out. They set up and execute the Fall Of Man.

Winner via pinfall Ascension

Post Match

Hideo Itami comes running out to the ring and gets beat down by Ascension. Hideo is on the matt getting pummeled by both men. They pick up Hideo and hit the Fall Of Man on him.

CJ Parker vs Tyler Breeze

There is no word this week of what animal fur Tyler’s boots are made of. CJ kicks Tyler in the gut and puts him into the corner. CJ on the attack goes up and over to the outside apron. Tyler springboards and knocks him off the apron Tyler rolls him in. CJ goes right to the ropes and Tyler has to break his hold. With the distraction from the ref takes down Tyler and starts punching him. Tyler to the top rope and double axe handles Tyler pins him for two. Mojo makes his way down the ramp. CJ to the top rope again and gets caught by Tyler who hits him in the gut when he drops. Tyler rolls up CJ lays in some punches. Tyler puts CJ in the corner and hits him. Tyler comes running and CJ moves and rolls up Tyler for two. Tyler hits a Beauty Shot out of no where.

Winner via pinfall Tyler Breeze

Backstage Interview With Titus

Titus tells us not only his thoughts but his actions tonight. Titus is going to take the NXT Championship from Adrian.

VaudeVillians vs Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

Murphy and Aiden are in to start the match. Aiden gets wrist control on Murphy. Murphy reverses and goes for a pin of one. Aiden backs up Murphy into the corner and hits him with an elbow right before the break. Aiden tags out with having Murphy in a headlock. Both men double team Murphy and Gotch goes for a pin of one. Gotch gets a headlock on Murphy. Murphy backs Gotch into the ropes tags and throws Gotch off. Both men double team Simon and Wesley Blake gets Simon in a pin for one. Blake picks up Simon and tags in Murphy. Murphy up over the top rope and pins Simon for one. Gotch puts Murphy into the corner. Gotch charges but gets caught. Aiden distracts Murphy and Gotch shoves Murphy head first into the corner. Simon pins Murphy for one. Gotch locks in an armlock and tags out to Aiden. Aiden in and stomps Murphy. Aiden pins him for two. Aiden drives a knee into the back of Murphy. Aiden with another pin for two. Aiden tags out and Simon in with a headbutt to the arm. Simon maintains arm control on Murphy. Murphy hits a jawbreaker on Simon. Simon tags out. Aiden in before Murphy could get the tag. Aiden for a suplex and is reversed. Murphy tagged out. Wesley in hot. He knocks Simon off the apron. He springboard flying forearm on Aiden. Aiden gets up in a roll up and tags in the process. Simon in and uppercuts Wesley Aiden hits the Gentlemans Congress.

Winners via pinfall VaudeVillians

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

Bayley comes running at Banks but Banks gets in the ropes. Banks gets a cheap shot. Bayley gets a double leg and the women are rolling around the ring. Bayley goes for a pin of one. Bayley with a suplex and a knee drop. Bayley pins Banks for two. Bayley picks up Banks and puts her in the corner. Bayley whips Banks into the opposite corner but gets reversed. Banks rushes the corner but gets caught and Bayley tosses her with a deep arm drag. Bayley rushes the corner and goes up and over. Sasha brings her back in and starts a beat down. Banks scoop slams Bayley. Banks hits the ropes and slaps Bayley. Banks pins her for two. Banks clubs Bayley on the back and locks in a submission. Banks grabs the hair and utilizes the five count. Banks chokes Bayley on the second rope. Bayley drives Sasha into the corner and splashes her with a back elbow. Bayley on the second rope hits Banks with a flying elbow pins her for two. Bayley goes for a suplexes gets reversed and gets hit with a Bank Statement.

Winner via submission Sasha Banks

Post Match

Banks starts a beat down on Bayley. Becky Lynch rushes the ring. Becky helps Bayley up and hugs her. Becky then attacks Bayley from behind.

Backstage Segment

Big Cass, Enzo and Carmela are backstage. Enzo got Carmella a match with Emma after a meeting with Regal.

Titus O’Neil vs Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship

Titus goes to lock up and Adrian backs into the corner. They try again and Adrian gets head control. Titus shoves of Adrian. Titus catches Adrian as he tries to slide under. Titus goes to suplex him but gets reversed and dropkicked. Titus chases Adrian in the corner gets ducked and rolled up for one. Adrian gets reversed in a headlock and slammed into the corner. Titus drives his shoulder into Adrian in the corner. Adrian hits a Titus with a knee. Adrian then with the separation gets a headlock on Titus who picks him up and puts him on the top rope. Titus shoves Adrian off the top rope to the outside. Titus goes after Adrian rolls him in and covers him for two.


We come back to Titus dropping Adrian on his knee and tossing him. Titus locks in a bear hug on Adrian. Neville tries to fight back but gets locked in harder. Titus just ragdolling Adrian. Titus throws Adrian away. Adrian gets up and hits him with a forearm blow. Adrian up digging deep and hitting Titus with a series of kicks. Adrian hits the ropes but gets caught off and shoved into the corner. Titus goes after him and gets kicked. Adrian springboards misses hits the ropes and gets caught with a big boot. Titus pins Adrian for a close two count. Adrian in the corner and gets pummeled by Titus. Titus goes to splash Adrian but gets caught with a double boot. Adrian to the top rope and hits a Red Arrow.

Winner via pinfall and STILL NXT Champion Adrian Neville

Post Match

Adrian goes up the ramp celebrating. Sami comes walking out and meets him. He tells Adrian that he hears that he’s on fire but that Sami is also on a mission to get that championship. Adrian says he can get the match anytime anywhere and that everyone knows he can’t win the big one.

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