WWE NXT Results (10/26/16) - Mickie James Announcement, Perkins & Ibushi Unite

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WWE NXT Results (10/26/16)
Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Tom Phillips & Corey Graves welcome us to the show as Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa make their way out for the opening tag match. HoHo Lun and Tian Bing enter together.

1st Round: #DIY vs. Tian Bing & HoHo Lun

Ciampa and Bing start the match. Bing takes Ciampa down with shoulder blocks. Ciampa is thrown in the corner as Lun tags in. Lun covers Ciampa, one. Gargano is tagged in as Lun throws a punch at Ciampa. Gargano does the roll up kick to the face before Ciampa hits a neckbreaker. Gargano chops Lun in the corner. Lun throws a few kicks before nailing a dropkick on Johnny; tag to Bing. Bing drops Gargano into a cover. Bing applies a headlock on the mat.

Bing kicks Gargano a few times until Gargano lands a kick to the ear. Lun and Ciampa are tagged. Tommaso catches a kick and turns Lun inside out with a clothesline. Lun breaks free from a powerbomb as Gargano flies in through the ropes with a spear. DIY nails the double kick on Lun for the win.

Winners: #DIY - by pinfall (4:03)

With Hideo Itami injured, Kota Ibushi has picked Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins to be his tag team partner tonight. Perkins says they'll bring out the best in each other if they team. They'll face Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali in the main event.


Backstage, Samoa Joe is asked about what went down last week. Joe says he was not going to attack Nakamura last week. He was playing psychological warfare. He wants Shinsuke to know Joe can come out at any time and end his career. Joe ends by claiming he'll be the next NXT Champion.

Aliyah makes her way out for the next match. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce enter together as Kay will be competing.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay

Billie goes right on the attack with strikes and kicks. Aliyah manages to break free with a jaw breaker. Kay catches Aliyah and bounces her off the ropes onto the mat face-first. Kay takes several right hands to the jaw. Aliyah flips Kay over for a low blockbuster. Aliyah connects with a running ax kick in the corner. Aliyah hits an enziguri, but Kay remains on her feet. Billie takes Aliyah out with a forearm. Liv Morgan runs down to attack Peyton Royce. Billie is distracted, allowing Aliyah to roll her up for the win.

Winner: Aliyah - by pinfall (1:47)

Liv and Billie continue to brawl. Peyton gets in, then Aliyah. Royce nails Aliyah with a knee to the head, then throws Morgan into Kay's knee.


Noah Potjes comes out to face Tye Dillinger. Dillinger enters to a big pop as expected.

Noah Potjes vs. Tye Dillinger

They lock up, Noah works the left arm right off the bat. Tye slips through, does a snap mare and chants 10 in Noah's face. Tye takes Noah to the mat and locks up the left hand. Potjes aggressively punches Dillinger in a corner before taking chops to the chest. Tye slams Noah to the mat and stomps on his face and then chest in the corner. Dillinger connects with the Tye Breaker for the win.

Winner: Tye Dillinger - by pinfall (1:40)

Mike Rome interviews Tye on the stage. Dillinger says the only glorious thing Bobby has done is run. Roode runs up from behind for the attack. Roode unloads with punches. Roode plants Tye with the DDT.


TM-61 are asked about facing Aries & Strong in the quarter-finals. Miller says they aren't changing how they prepare. Thorne says they think with one mind and fight with one fist. Miller says they are the team because the mighty don't kneel.

Thea Trinidad (Austin Aries' wife, if you didn't know) is in the ring as NXT Women's Champion Asuka makes her way out.

Thea Trinidad vs. Asuka

They kick each other at the same time, leading to Asuka to kick Thea a couple more times. They take turns running the ropes until Asuka nails a hip attack. Thea throws a few punches, prompting Asuka to fire up. Thea kicks Asuka out of the corner. Asuka catches a kick and rolls Thea into an ankle lock. Thea gets planted with a German suplex into an arm bar. Thea taps.

Winner: Asuka - by submission (1:40)

William Regal comes out to the stage to congratulate Asuka on her victory and continued dominance. Regal announces Asuka's next opponent at TakeOver will be... Mickie James appears on the tron. James says she's coming for that NXT Women's Championship. James vs. Asuka is set for Toronto. Asuka appears excited in the ring.

Backstage, Paul Ellering tells the Authors of Pain that this is their house. Paul is asked if he is pleased with their dominance so far. Ellering says he has a plan, and the AoP will execute. Jose and Swann have a bright future in NXT, but they will not advance in the classic. Akum says something in a foreign language before walking off.

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The Authors of Pain vs. No Way Jose & Rich Swann is confirmed for next week, plus Sanity is in action.

Mustafa Ali and Lince Dorado make their way out for the main event. Kota Ibushi enters, followed by Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins. Insert cheap plug - Perkins defends the title against Brian Kendrick at Hell in a Cell this Sunday.

1st Round: Mustafa Ali & Lince Dorado vs. Kota Ibushi & TJ Perkins

Perkins and Dorado start the match with a lock up. They flip around each other, Perkins hits an arm drag into a cover. Dorado tries to break out of the arm hold. They both kick up at the same time for a face off. Ali and Ibushi are tagged in. Ibushi forces Ali's shoulders to the mat for a few pins. Ibushi tries to break the bridge. Ali breaks free and hits a dropkick.


Perkins hits Ali with a suplex, followed by a back drop, cover. Perkins locks in the knee bar, but Ali reaches the bottom rope. Ali tags Dorado as they try to double team. Dorado flies over the ropes onto Perkins. Back in the ring, Dorado lands a crisp crossbody, cover. Ali comes back in and stretches out Perkins' arms. Ali prevents TJ from tagging. Ali knocks Ibushi off the apron, flips back in and hits a nice neckbreaker, cover. Headlock on Perkins. TJ hits a wheel barrel face buster.

Ibushi comes in with crazy strikes and kicks on Dorado. Ibushi gets slapped across the face. He hits a double pelee kick on Dorado & Ali. Ibushi does a backflip on Dorado. Perkins tagged and hits a frog splash, Ali breaks the cover. Ibushi flies out of the ring with a back flip on Ali. Perkins dropkicks Dorado, hits a wrecking ball dropkick in the ropes. Dorado rolls TJ up. Dorado does another roll up, Ibushi breaks it. Ali is legal, kick to the face of Kota. Perkins gets Ali in the knee bar for the win.

Winners: TJ Perkins & Kota Ibushi - by submission (9:07)

We see replays of the fast-paced match. The duo will face Sanity next in the quarter finals. Perkins and Ibushi dab together to end the show.

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