WWE NXT Results (11/9/16) - Contract Signing, Semi-Final Matches

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WWE NXT Results (11/9/16)
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
From Los Angeles, CA and Winter Park, FL
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We open with the theme song before Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show from commentary. Corey Graves is also calling the show as always.

Charly Caruso is at the Performance Center to update us on the Tag Team Classic. Four teams remain as our semi-finals matches take place in LA.

Mike Rome introduces Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa first for the opening bout. The Authors of Pain enter with Paul Ellering accompanying them.

Semi-Final: #DIY vs. The Authors of Pain

Ciampa and Akam start the match. Ciampa is rammed into the corner a few times. Ciampa gets some space and applies a headlock, tag to Johnny. Gargano dropkicks Akam a few times but can't knock him down. All four men start brawling in the ring. Ciampa and Johnny switch corners and opponents to work on. DIY takes their opponents over the ropes together. Gargano gets caught as he goes flying and they toss him into Ciampa.


Gargano is held in the ropes throat-first. Ellering slams Gargano's head when the ref is distracted. Gargano is covered for a two. Akam stomps on Gargano from the second rope, cover. Akam runs Johnny into the heel corner again for a stomp to the chest. Rezar is legal briefly. Akam holds Gargano on his shoulders for a bit while staring at Tommaso. Gargano manages to counter with a DDT. Ciampa comes in and works Rezar with punches. Rezar catches Ciampa with a knee to the gut.

Ciampa chops Rezar several times, bringing him to a knee for a running knee to the head. Rezar is hit with a big German suplex, nearfall. Gargano is tagged but takes an elbow to the face. Rezar lifts Ciampa and catches Gargano, doubling slamming them. He covers Gargano, two. AoP try the double body slam, but DIY both flip out of it. Ciampa does a running knee strike as Gargano flips out of the ring on their opponents. Ciampa is tagged and they connect with the double finisher. Ellering distracts the ref from counting. The Revival comes out and takes Gargano out. The Authors of Pain nail Ciampa with the Last Chapter for the win.

Winners: The Authors of Pain - by pinfall

The Authors of Pain are officially in the Tag Team Classic finals in Toronto.


Interview - Tye Dillinger says Roode has made a career of saying something and breaking his promises. There's nowhere left to run in Toronto. Tye says after that night, it'll be known as the home of 10 City.

Back in LA, we have our second semi-finals match. Sanity enters first, followed by Shane Thorne and Nick Miller.

Semi-Final: Sanity vs. TM61

Sanity attack before the bell is rung. EY and Cross are involved as well.


Wolfe and Thorne start the match. Fulton comes in with a big double team clothesline, cover. Fulton clamps down on Thorne's right shoulder. Fulton runs over Thorne in the corner, cover. Fulton is tagged and punches Shane a few times. Wolfe does a crazy dance before stomping on Thorne. Fulton keeps Thorne down with a chin lock. Miller gets knocked off the apron. Thorne moves, allowing Fulton to get hit with an uppercut from Wolfe.

Miller is finally tagged, back suplex on Wolfe and a clothesline on Fulton connect. Miller covers Fulton, Wolfe breaks it. Wolfe is legal again. Thorne comes in with a dropkick to stop the double teaming. Miller manages to roll up Wolfe out of nowhere for the win.

Winners: TM61 - by pinfall

It'll be The Authors of Pain vs. TM61 in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto a week from Sunday!

Charly hypes the match and TakeOver before sending us to Regal for more news.

William Regal announces #DIY will challenge The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship in a 2/3 Falls Match at TakeOver.


Interview - Bobby Roode talks about Tye blaming him for everything. Bobby says it was actually Tye's fault for the embarrassment. Tye is a perfect loser and perfect failure. Roode promises he will be the man that makes TakeOver glorious.

Back at Full Sail, Rachel Evers makes her way to the ring. Ember Moon enters next.

Rachel Evers vs. Ember Moon

Lock up, Moon is pushed to the corner. Ember counters with a roll up and then a brief headlock. Moon rolls her up again using an arm drag technique. Moon catches Evers with a back elbow to the jaw. Evers dodges a crossbody. Evers nails a gut wrench on Ember, cover. Moon unloads with knees and strikes before connecting with a running boot to the face. Moon goes up top and nails the fancy stunner for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon - by pinfall

Contract Signing

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and William Regal are in the ring, but Samoa Joe brings his own table and stays on the stage. Joe says it's for their benefit because he might go crazy on Nakamura. Joe demands Regal bring him the contract. Regal does it as Joe continues the disrespect. Joe signs it. Regal brings it back for Nakamura to sign. He drops the contract and begins assaulting the security guards around him. Regal just watches from the apron as Joe watches on too. Nakamura powerbombs one of them through the table. Nakamura signs the contract and throws it down to end the show.

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