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WWE NXT Results (12/21/16) - Glorious Four-Way Match Headlines

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WWE NXT Results (12/21/16)
Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

The theme song airs before Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. Our main event is a four-way elimination match. Corey Graves and Percy Watson are also on commentary.

Billie Kay makes her way out with Peyton Royce accompanying her for the opening match. Daria Berenato enters next.

Billie Kay vs. Daria Berenato

Daria goes right for the attack, applying a waist lock. Daria does a sliding knee to the spine. Kay rolls out to talk to Royce. Royce distracts Daria, allowing Billie to take the advantage with a suplex and cover. Daria gets up for a few clotheslines. Daria runs the ropes and nails a double leg takedown (spear to the legs). Daria literally takes her gloves off and punches Kay in the gut several times. Royce pulls Kay out of the ring. Daria runs up the ramp and nails Royce with a forearm.

Kay rolls back in the ring as Royce takes Daria out on the outside. Daria is tossed back in, where she eats a boot to the face. Billie covers for the win.

Winner: Billie Kay - by pinfall (2:25)

Daria is tossed out of the ring as Billie grabs a mic. She says that is the fate of the entire women's division. Royce calls out Asuka and says they are her competition.


The Authors of Pain make their way to the ring accompanied by Paul Ellering. Two jobbers await them.

The Authors of Pain vs. John & Anthony

One of the jobbers is tossed right into the heel corner. Rezar comes in and stares at John. John steps down from the apron, but runs into Akam. Rezar runs John over, as the other gets back in the ring and boots him. The jobbers are slammed against each other. The ref calls the match as Anthony is injured from having John slammed onto him.

Winners: The Authors of Pain - by referee stoppage (1:19)

Ellering grabs a mic and says all roads lead to San Antonio. They don't care if it's DIY or The Revival. The Authors of Pain are on a seek and destroy mission to become NXT Tag Team Champions. *mic drop*

The commentators discuss the dominance we've already seen tonight. Replays are shown of Billie beating Daria with help from Royce. Backstage, Asuka says they are no competition, and that they need to be careful. Nikki Cross is shown in the corner lurking, stalking the champ.

A video package airs on the four men in tonight's main event.

Bobby Roode is the first to enter. Andrade Almas makes his way out, followed by Tye Dillinger. Roderick Strong enters last.

Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender's Elimination: Bobby Roode vs. Andrade Almas vs. Tye Dillinger vs. Roderick Strong

Roode rolls out of the ring, and Strong follows him. Tye follows and they chop Roode. Almas comes flying to break it up. Almas cops Strong back in the ring. Almas dropkicks Strong as they go to break.


Almas kicks Strong and covers him. Almas continues to work Strong in the corner with a slap across the face. Strong comes back with a chop. Almas counters with a body slam. Tye slips back in the ring to try and take Almas down from the top. Tye gets elbowed. Almas does a back flip and lands on Strong on the second rotation. Dillinger nails Almas with a dropkick. Tye and Strong come face to face until Roode runs in with a double clothesline. Tye is tossed out.

Strong catches Roode and drops him on his knee, cover. Dillinger slips in with a cover on Roode. Strong dropkicks Tye and kicks Almas back out of the ring. Roode drops Strong with a suplex, cover. Roode tosses Tye back out again. Strong is held in the ropes. Roode drops Roderick with a neckbreaker, cover. Almas is taken down again by Bobby. Strong tries to rally with a running knee and suplex. Roddy leaps out of the ring onto all three opponents.


Strong runs into an elbow from Roode. Roode tries to cover using his feet on the ropes. Roode drops Tye with a suplex, cover. Tye is rolled out of the ring again. Strong tries to fight back with punches and manages to toss Roode across the ring with a buster. Strong nails a running knee and elbow strike in the corner. Almas joins the fray, and of course Tye runs in for a big tower of doom as Roode eats the top suplex.

Dillinger is first to his feet and trades shots with Almas. Tye rolls Almas up, two. They trade more elbow shots to the head until Tye is kicked into the corner. Almas connects with the running double knees. Strong nails a signature kick out of nowhere to eliminate Almas.

Almas eliminated - 11:20

Roddy gets to his feet and stomps on Dillinger. They trade blows until Strong drops Tye with a slam, nearfall. Tye lifts Strong for the Tye Breaker. Roddy is out.

Strong eliminated - 13:00

Roode and Dillinger stare at each other across the ring. Roode throws the first punch, and many shots continue. Tye fires back with several clotheslines and stomps in the corner. Roode gets down from his shoulders, but Tye sits down with a cover. Roode plants Tye and rolls out of the ring to recover. Roode grabs a chair because apparently there are no disqualifications or count-outs. Tye nails Roode with a superkick, nearfall. Roode pulls Tye into the top rope. Roode goes up top, but Dillinger grabs him. Roode breaks free and nails a spinebuster.

Dillinger counters with a Tye Breaker, super close kickout. The crowd and commentators are eating this up. Dillinger grabs Roode and goes up top for a Tye Breaker. Roode wiggles out and plants Tye on the turnbuckle in the groin. Roode nails the DDT for the win.

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Bobby Roode - by pinfall (18:14)

Replays air as Roode celebrates in the ring. Roode will challenge Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio next month.

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