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WWE NXT Results (2/1/17) - UK Champion In Action, TakeOver Fallout

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WWE NXT Results (2/1/17)
Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
From Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas
Report by CJ Blaze of

A video package on NXT TakeOver: San Antonio airs to start the show.

Tom Phillips, Corey Graves & Percy Watson welcome us to the show from commentary as we have three matches in store.

1) Ember Moon def. Aliyah via Eclipse (3:19)

Aliyah controls the match off the bat, but it doesn't take long for Moon to counter with a few moves of her own. Moon power lifts Aliyah, allowing her to flip her over with her feet. Ember rolls through and clotheslines Aliyah. Moon goes up top and hits Eclipse for the win.

A recap of Eric Young (and Sanity) beating Tye Dillinger airs. Exclusive - Young says Dillinger made his choice, and it was the wrong one. On Sunday, Dillinger debuted in the Rumble. Footage of his entrance airs. Another interview with Tye airs. He says this was 15 years in the making as this business is full of ups and downs. Tye gets emotional and says it's still surreal.

Footage from the Women's Title four-way dance airs. Asuka overcame the odds and retained. Cathy Kelly asks Asuka how she's feeling afterwards. Asuka says it was tough but the title is still hers. Ember Moon has called her out, but Asuka questions whether she works there.


Ember Moon responds to Asuka's comments. Ember says she wants to be the one to dethrone the empress. Asuka has never been in the ring with Ember Moon. And after it's all done, she will know who Moon is.

2) United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate def. Oney Lorcan via Tyler Driver 97 in a non-title match (5:08)

Lorcan starts the match by attempting submission holds. Bate gets in a cheap shot and a dropkick. Lorcan unloads with vicious elbows to the head. Bate manages to hit a springboard uppercut from the middle turnbuckle. Bate spins Lorcan several times, pauses, and then spins a few more times, cover. Bate nails the Tyler Driver 97 for the win.

Cathy asks Roderick Strong about his first TakeOver match. When he got here, Strong said he was coming for the NXT Title, and this was just a taste of what we will see.

We get a recap of The Authors of Pain beating #DIY to win the Tag Team Titles. Backstage, Ellering says the landscape of tag team wrestling has changed. "We are the new law and we show no mercy."

Footage airs of Bobby Roode capturing the NXT Title and injuring Nakamura in the process. Exclusive footage airs of Nakamura being helped to the back. Triple H checks on him as the trainer thinks it was his knee cap. Matt Bloom and Kassius Ohno are standing there as well. Ohno tells Nakamura that it sucks.

As for the new champion - Roode is baffled by the interviewer's question about Nakamura's Kinshasa. Roode says he'll let it slide since she's new. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. Bobby Roode's NXT era has begun... and it will be glorious.

Roode will have a glorious celebration next week.

Phillips announces this is Corey's last episode of NXT. WE see a fantastic video package on Corey's NXT career, which started in FCW. Very heart-warming story.

3) No Way Jose def. Elias Samson via pop-up punch (6:50)

Samson nails a dropkick right after the bell is rung. Jose comes back with running chops to the chest. Jose nails Samson with a pop-up right punch for the win.

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