WWE NXT Results (9/21/16) - Cedric Alexander Debuts, Aries vs. Lorcan

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WWE NXT Results (9/21/16)
Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The show starts off with a video package looking at Samoa Joe assaulting Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Tom Phillips & Corey Graves welcome us to the show as Joe makes his way out to the ring.

Joe says he needs to address the altercation from last week. Our NXT Champion finds himself in a bad place. Joe reads Nak's medical report, which states that he has several visible contusions, severe inflammation, and separated his left shoulder. The injuries shouldn't require surgery, but will require an extensive period of rest upwards of 6-12 weeks. Joe says he will not wait 6 or 12 weeks, and demands William Regal to come out to address this situation.

Regal comes out. He says Nakamura isn't a normal kind of person, and isn't sure of the situation currently. Regal promises he will take care of this. Joe says he didn't want it to come to this as he exits the ring and stands in front of Regal. Joe says he's giving Regal the opportunity to fix this, or else the entire roster will face his wrath. Joe walks to the back as Regal looks shocked.

Phillips & Graves welcome us again as we are just getting started. We take a look back at the CWC, where Kota Ibushi beat Cedric Alexander in an "instant classic." Ibushi may have won, but Alexander was put over by the fans and Triple H himself.

Backstage, Cedric is asked about making his NXT debut tonight in the main event. Cedric says he's faced seven long years on the indie scene, being told no. Cedric asked for Regal for the very best, and tonight he has Andrade Almas.


Backstage, Liv Morgan is asked about being ready to compete at a high level. Liv says she came here to hop hurdles. She refuses to bow down to Asuka, let alone anyone in the division. Morgan isn't going anywhere. Asuka walks up and asks Liv if she thinks she's ready... "Let's find out."

Oney Lorcan makes his way to the ring for the first match. Austin Aries enters next.

Oney Lorcan vs. Austin Aries

Lock up, Lorcan takes Aries to the corner. Aries breaks free, taking Oney to the mat with a waist lock slam. Aries turns it into a headlock. Lorcan takes Aries to the corner again, but ref breaks it up at four. Aries poses in the corner before being slapped across the face. Oney applies a headlock in the middle of the ring. Aries tries to get him off a few times. Lorcan catches Aries in the corner with another side headlock. Lorcan tackles Aries to the mat with another headlock. Aries gets to the corner to break the hold. They end up slapping each other across the face. Aries drops Lorcan onto the apron with a back body drop over the ropes.


Aries shoves his knee into Lorcan's face on the turnbuckle. Aries does a double stomp before nailing the elbow to the neck, cover. Aries does a quick headlock until Lorcan backs him to the corner again. Aries nails a few forearms to the face, chest chop follows. Oney breaks free with vicious punches and chops to the chest. Lorcan does a corner hip attack twice. Aries side-steps him the third time, Oney falls out. Aries leaps out onto him. Back in the ring, Aries gets caught with a big uppercut, and then another running one.

Lorcan covers for a two. Aries connects with a rolling elbow and corner dropkick. Lorcan gets hit with a knee to the chin. Lorcan taps to Last Chancery.

Winner: Austin Aries - by submission (7:48)

Aries grabs a mic. He says Itami puts people to sleep, but Aries makes people tap out. Austin was home last week as he does important stuff with his time off. Aries says he would call Itami out, but he won't show up because he's a coward. Itami's music hits. Aries runs out of the ring as Itami steps in.

The massive Dan Matha debuts in two weeks.


Last week - Gargano & Ciampa are asked about their participation in the CWC. Gargano says it's been a dream come true and everyone made it special. The Revival are also in the parking lot and the teams start brawling near cars. Dash & Dawson get away as DIY gets pulled back by wrestlers and security.

Aliyah makes her way out for the next match. Billie Kay enters next.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay

Lock up, they break away. Lock up again, Kay flips Aliyah over into a left arm lock. Aliyah gets knocked down by a shoulderblock. Aliyah screams as she tackles Billie. Aliyah does a corner crossbody and wraps herself around Kay on the ropes. She goes to the second rope for a leg drop, cover. Aliyah wraps Billie's arms up behind her. Kay breaks free and drops Aliyah to her knee nailing a discus forearm. Kay stomps on her in the corner, cover. Kay lifts Aliyah for a torture rack and tosses her face-first into the turnbuckle. Aliyah dodges a big boot, allowing her to hit a neckbreaker. Kay nails the big boot on the second attempt. Cover for the win.

Winner: Billie Kay - by pinfall (3:14)

Alexander and Almas are shown warming up backstage for the main event.


Mandy Rose is asked about her social media comments towards Ember Moon. Rose says Ember doesn't fit the mold or belong here. Rose says she looks like a real NXT superstar. Mandy promises to make sure Moon is totally eclipsed when they meet in the ring.

Liv Morgan vs. Asuka will take place next week.

Cedric Alexander makes his way to the ring for the main event. Andrade "Cien" Almas enters next.

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

They shake hands when the bell rings. Lock up, waist lock on Cedric. Almas works the left arm. Alexander breaks out and takes Almas down into a headlock. Almas counters it into a head scissors hold. They get to their feet for a stand off. Almas applies a headlock. Cedric flips Almas with his feet after doing some flips. Almas connects with a hurricanrana. They flip all over the place, dodging covers. Lock up, left arm of Alexander is wrapped up again. Alexander flips out of the hold. Almas hangs in the ropes. Cedric falls out of the ring, Almas kicks him back down through the ropes. Almas flips out into Cedric.


Almas has Cedric in a headlock on the mat. Alexander backs Almas into the turnbuckle and eventually breaks free. Cedric chops Almas a few times, followed by a boot to the face. Alexander takes Almas out of the ring with an enziguri. Alexander does a front flip out of the ring. Cedric nails a flying elbow from the top, cover. Almas rolls Alexander up, but powerbombs him before actually covering. They trade several blows until Alexander catches Almas, placing him on top of the turnbuckle.

Almas elbows Cedric down. Almas does a moonsault into another that actually connects, nearfall. Almas stomps and punches Alexander in another corner. Cedric catches Almas with a huge backbreaker out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander - by pinfall (9:12)

We see several replays. They shake hands, but Almas pulls Cedric closer for a hug. Almas raises Alexander's hand to end the show.

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