NXT Live Results (2-26-20)


Hello, welcome to NXT! WWE did several well-placed advertisements on Raw this past week promoting Finn Balor and Charlotte Flair hoping that this helps increase viewers for their show. Charlotte will be in action likely in the main event against Bianca Belair.

Also advertised for tonight:

What's next for Finn Balor?

Ciampa vs. Austin Theory

Dijack vs. Grimes

First up tonight we see a recap of last week's NXT. Then we Charlotte Flair arriving at Full Sail being greeted and escorted out of a limousine by William Regal. While Charlotte points to Regal to get her bag he points to two security guys to do so.

Dominik Dijakovic is first out to the ring.  Afterward, Cameron Grimes and his infamous hat are set for tonight's first match up. Dijak starts the match with a nice lock up on Grimes. Dijak goes for the leap year leapfrog but is thwarted by Grimes. Grimes then starts a beat down on all facets of Dijak with continuous chops. Swiss Kick by Dijak leads to a two count.  After a series of hard-hitting chops in the corner Dijak gets another two count. Grimes nails Dijak with hits to his back but is thrown out of the ring. Grimes is tossed back in the ring and then kicks Dijak out. During the commercial we see Grimes stomp on Dijak's neck. And while Dijak tries to battle Grimes delivers another beatdown. Back from commercial break and we see Dijak being cheered on by the crowd. Dijak delivers a flurry of forearms and tosses Grimes's body for a suplex. We see a set of counter kicks and Grimes barely kicks out of a two count. Dijak kicks out of a two count after a devasting set of moves by Grimes. Mama Mia moonsault out of the ring by Dijak with a nasty landing for Dijak. Damien Priest comes out and attacks Dijak while he tries to get back in the ring. The referee does not see the attack and while Dijak does get back to the ring after a 9 count. He is defeated after a spear by Grimes.  We see referees and medical staff tend to Dijak in the ring. 

We then see William Regal being interviewed and says there will be a set of qualifying women's matches because at NXT Takeover Tampa there will be a top contenders ladder match to determine the #1 commender for the women's title.

As we come back from commercial break we see Dijak being assisted out of the ring. Finn Balor comes out and commentary reminds us of all the achievements by Balor. Finn says that he is not a stooge to the politics guys but when the bell rings he is the guy and that guy builds brands. He reminds us of who he has beaten while back in NXT and asks who is next but is interrupted by Imperium. Balor attack but is then beaten down by Imperium. Will we see Walter vs Balor at NXT Takeover: Tampa?

We see footage from earlier in the day of Bianca Belair arriving at Full Sail and being interviewed by Johnny Quasto. Johnny seems to have stepped into the role left open by Cathy Kelly. Xia Lee and Mia Yim start their match shaking hands but then Xia chases Mia to the corner with a set of kicks. Mia gets a quick two count. This match is interrupted by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales. Xia Lee wins after Yim is distracted due to Dakota Kai. Raquel attacks Yim, Lee steps in to help but is also beaten down and we continue to see Raquel beat down Yim. While Raquel might be handling Dakota's business tonight she will not be able to do so once her and Tegan Nox are inside of the steel cage. As we go to commercial break we see Ciampa warming up. 

We see Dream cutting a promo reminding that while he did beat Roderick Strong last week he wants more. He tells William Regal that next week he wants Strong inside the steel cage. 

Austin Theory comes out first for his match against Tomasso Ciampa. Theory proves he can hang with Ciampa until Ciampa hits the back of his neck with the top ring post. When we go to commercial break we see Theory on the floor outside of the ring clutching his neck. We see a beautiful standing moonsault from Theory to Ciampa. Ciampa starts to run over Theory and delivers a German  Suplex. Ciampa delivers his knee to the face of Ciampa. A wanton knee delivers only a two count for Ciampa. Theory delivers devastating moves to Ciampa's neck but Ciampa kicks out at two!! Theory counters the Fairytale ending but once again only gets a two count. Theory takes Ciampa outside and batters at him but Ciampa catches him when Theory is stepping back into the ring. Ciampa wins after a tremendous Fairytale ending. As Ciampa celebrates Johnny Gargano invades the ring and attacks Ciampa. Ciampa counters but is distracted by Theory and Johnny delivers a superkick to Ciampa. He then delivers another kick to his face in the middle of the ring. He sits on the outside of the ring claps while the crowd has dual chants of Johnny Wrestling and Johnny Sucks. 

As we come back from commercial we see Undisputed Era. Strong agrees with Dream that he wants him to face him inside a steel cage next week. O Reily and Fish that they want another shot against the Broserweights. Killian Dain and Bronson Reed face off in battle. Reed and Dain continue to prove that they can deliver killer moves despite being bigger men. Dain mutes the offense of Reed. Bronson makes it to his feet and throws punches to the abdomen of Dain but they collide in the middle of the ring.  Dain delivers a Samoan Drop to Reed. Reed puts his knee up and delivers a DDT to Dain. Fireman's carry by Reed results in a two count. Both men at the corner and a suplex that makes both men and the ring bounce. Dain defeats Reed with a Vader Bomb from the corner. The Grizzled Young Veterans will face Forgotten Sons next,

The Grizzled Young Vets come out to heavy boos and USA Chants. Forgotten Sons interrupt the Vets and the match gets underway. Wesley Blake with a series of kicks to Zach Gibson. Gibson tags in James Drake. It is indeed a changing of the guard and all tag teams are looking to become the top contender against the Broserweights. Grizzled Young Vets are dominating the Forgotten Sons. The best of the forgotten sons in a long time and launch Drake into Gibson. After the break, The Forgotten Sons continue to dominate the match up. Cutler delivers a Fisherman Drivers but it ends in a two count after Gibson interrupts. Chaos ensues and referee tries to restore order.  Gibson misses the clothesline but the Grizzled Young Vets win. 

Tegan Nox says that while she is still facing the effects of the table and says that while Dakota started this in a cage she will end it in the steel cage. As we cut to a commercial break, we see Charlotte Flair putting on her robe. Charlotte and Bianca will be the main event of tonight's show. 

Quasto interviews Priest and he says that now Keith Lee knows what he wants.

Bianca Belair is out first for tonight's main event. The crowd chants you don't go here to Charlotte Flair. Flair forces Belair to the corner once in a lock-up. Charlotte draws a line and Belair immediately crosses it. This is a match between two of the most athletic women in WWE. Flair comes back with a set of chops that forces Belair to the corner.  During a commercial break with the match in corner we see both women deliver a hard-hitting offense to the other. Belair forces Flair into the post and Flair comes back into the ring with a vengeance. Belair shifts the momentum and huge impact from the double chicken wing but Flair kicks out at two. Flair and Belair continue to counter each other's abdominal stretch. Belair delivers a handspring moonsault but Flair once again kicks out at two. Flair utilizes the turnbuckle to her advantage. While Flair continues to try to submit Belair, Belair continues to escape. Belair dropkicks Flair through the ropes. Double spear from both women and Charlotte Flair gets the win. Flair then brings in the steel chair to the ring and stomped Belair's ankle with it. Once Ripley steps into the ring, Flair retreats. 

See y'all next week for next week two steel cage matches, Roderick Strong vs The Velveteen Dream and Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai.

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