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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Results (8/20/16) - Hideo Itami Hits GTS, New NXT Champion

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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn

WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Results (8/20/16)
Saturday, August 20th, 2016
From the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts with a video package featuring highlights of last year's Brooklyn event. We then see shots of Nakamura, Joe, Roode, Asuka, Bayley, Aries, Jose, Gargano, Almas, Ciampa, Dawson. They discuss where they were at one year ago. This is NXT. This is Brooklyn. And these ladies and gents are ready to take over Brooklyn.

Tom Phillips & Corey Graves welcome us to the show as 15,671 fans have sold out the Barclays Center.

No Way Jose makes his way to the ring for the opening match. Jose has a conga line of NXT fans dancing with him around the ring. Austin Aries enters next. We see footage of Aries attacking Jose two months ago on NXT, which is ultimately what led to this match.

No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries

Jose starts walking right Aries, but Austin gets the upperhand first, taking Jose to the mat. Austin dodges to the ropes briefly. Aries offers a hand, which Jose accepts but then slaps him across the face. Jose body slams Aries before stomping on his head. Jose chops Aries in the corner. Aries rolls out of the ring and Jose chases him. Back in the ring, Aries kicks Jose, but Jose counters with a big right hand to the face. Aries rolls out again as Jose flies out onto him.

Jose chases Aries back to the ring, shoving him right into the apron. Jose sends Aries back in the ring for kicks and strikes. Aries with a back elbow out of the corner. Jose follows Aries up top, but Aries counters by slamming Jose's throat against the ropes. Aries keeps Jose down with stomps. Aries goes up top and nails an elbow to the neck, cover. Aires applies a clapping headlock next. Jose works his way out, only to be knocked back down for a cover.

Aries starts throwing punches, but Jose counters with some of his own before tossing Aries over the top rope. Jose sends Aries' face into two turnbuckles on the apron and follows it with massive double chops to the chest. Aries is sent flying over Jose's shoulders, but Aries breaks things up by grabbing the bottom rope. Aries drops Jose and applies the Last Chancery. Jose crawls to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Jose gets up with a big forearm. Aries throws strikes of his own, but Jose counters with a TKO, nearfall. Aries sends Jose out of the ring and does a suicide dive through the ropes. Aries nails a neckbreaker with the second rope. Aries hits a corner dropkick. He sets up for the brain buster, but Jose counters with a slam, cover for two. Aries connects with a rolling elbow, Jose fires back with a wicked clothesline. Aries hits a crucifix bomb without the cover.

Another corner dropkick is hit. Austin heads up top, but Jose stops him. Jose goes up there, throwing several right hands to the jaw. Aries hits a sunset flip into Last Chancery and Jose taps.

Winner: Austin Aries - by submission (10:40)

Aries continues attacking Jose and applies Last Chancery again. Hideo Itami's music hits and Aries lets go. Itami walks to the ring in a suit. Hideo takes the jacket off, but Aries attacks him. Itami counters with strikes and a big kick to the head. Itami nails Aries with a huge GTS! Itami celebrates on the turnbuckle as the crowd soaks it all in.

Ric Flair is shown sitting ringside. Phillips and Graves discuss Itami breaking the internet before hyping the main event. We see Jose warming up backstage, and then Nakamura stretching.

Billie Kay makes her way to the ring with a new theme song. Ember Moon makes her way out next.

Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

Lock up, Kay applies a headlock to start. Ember counters into an arm lock. Moon flips Kay over with her legs. Moon does a countering flip and sends Kay across the ring with an arm drag. Kay knocks Ember off her feet with a big punch, cover. Ember hits a crossbody off the ropes, cover. Billie nails an Eat Defeat, cover for two. Kay unloads with strikes, pulling Moon around by her hair. Billie lifts Moon up into a Widow's Peak, stretching her back over the right shoulder.

Kay drops Ember face-first, cover. Billie goes for another cover. Moon gets up with a quick roll-up. Moon knocks Kay down with a back elbow. Moon does a kick to the gut, neckbreaker, and suplex. Ember flips into the corner, striking Kay. Moon goes up top and nails a twisting stunner of some sorts. Moon covers for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon - by pinfall (4:34)


Graves tells Tom that TakeOver is about to get glorious. We see footage from earlier of Bobby Roode calling Brooklyn the arm pit of NYC, whereas he belongs in Manhattan. Roode promises to make NXT glorious tonight.

We see a video package on Bobby Roode making his NXT debut a few weeks ago and his encounter with Andrade "Cien" Almas to set up this next match.

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring as all the fans in the arena sing along with his glorious theme song. Roode looks phenomenal with his robe on. Andrade "Cien" Almas makes his way out next to what sounds like some heat from the Brooklyn crowd. Can't say I'm surprised.

Bobby Roode vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

Roode and Almas circle the ring a few times until they lock up. Roode takes control with an arm lock. Roode poses in the ring real quick. Lock up again, Roode works the left arm. Almas flips out of the hold, only to be put in a headlock. Roode dodges Cien's dropkick and poses again. Almas takes Roode to the corner, but backs off. Roode fires back with a kick of the gut. Almas hangs in the ropes to show off. Almas chops Bobby's chest. Roode drops to the mat, where Almas dropkicks him. Almas catches Roode with a hurricanrana, sending him out of the ring.

Almas kicks Roode away from the ring. Cien flips to the apron as Roode misses him with as clothesline. Roode knocks Almas off the top by hitting the ropes. Roode stomps on Almas. They get up and chop each other in the corner. Almas is whipped across the ring, where he takes a knee to the gut. Roode drops Almas with a stalling vertical suplex, cover. Roode applies a headlock on the mat. Roode catches Almas with a knee in the ropes.

Almas with a back elbow to the jaw. Almas does a springboard dropkick off the second rope, knocking Bobby out of the ring. Almas does a big springboard corkscrew plancha out onto Roode. Almas does a crossbody from the top, cover. Almas drops Roode with a bulldog, cover for two again. Roode catches Almas with a huge clothesline, nearfall. Roode places Cien up top, but Almas elbows Bobby off of him. Almas does a backflip to counter the suplex. Andrade drops Roode with a suplex, nearfall.

Roode counters Almas' flip with knees. Almas rolls Roode up, countering a suplex, nearfall. They trade blows in the middle of the ring until Almas does a big kick to the head. Almas connects with the running corner knees. Roode uppercuts out of the DDT, but Almas catches Roode with a big boot. Roode plants Andrade with a spinebuster. Roode plants Andrade with the Glorious Bomb for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode - by pinfall (10:21)

We see a creepy vignette that ends with the word "sanity" on a white brick wall.

Earlier today - Triple H and Orange County Choppers unveil the Cruiserweight Classic trophy. Some of the CWC competitors are sitting in the front row, as well as the Orange County Choppers guys and Mauro Ranallo.

Tommaso Ciampa gives Johnny Gargano a blue t-shirt with their names on it and the #DIY. We see a video package hyping the NXT Tag Team Title match. The Revival recaptured the titles in June at TakeOver: The End when they beat American Alpha. Gargano & Ciampa beat The Revival in a non-title match several weeks ago on NXT to earn this match.

Gargano and Ciampa make their way to the ring first. Champions Dash & Dawson enter next.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Dawson start the match with a lock up. Dawson takes Tommaso to the corner, and the ref has to break them apart. Dawson locks up Ciampa's left arm. Ciampa counters, twisting Scott's left arm. Dawson chops Ciampa after a quick cover. Dawson rolls out of the ring to escape Ciampa. The Revival regroups outside. Dawson gets back in at the eight-count. Dawson applies a headlock. Ciampa finally gets to his feet and chops both Dawson and Dash.

Gargano is tagged. He does double knees to the chest before Ciampa takes him out. Gargano covers, two. Johnny locks up the left arm of Dawson. Dash tries to pull Dawson to him, but it doesn't work. Dash gets tagged in as Gargano works his left arm harshly. Gargano catches Dash with a big kick to the head, cover for one. Dash body slams Johnny to tag Dawson.

Gargano takes Dawson down with rolling arm drags into a left arm hold. Gargano gets wiped out with an elbow to the jaw. Dash comes back in, chopping at the back. Johnny slides out of the ring and back in, avoiding both Dash and Dawson. Ciampa joins him in the ring and they all four go at it. Ciampa clotheslines Dawson out as Dash gets kicked in the head. Dawson drags Dash out to save him. Gargano flies out onto Dash as Ciampa wipes out Dawson. They celebrate on the turnbuckles.

Ciampa chases Dash around, who makes the tag to Dawson. Dawson plants him with a back body drop. The Revival gangs up with punches on Ciampa in the heel corner. Dawson covers Tommaso for a two. Dawson applies a lengthy headlock. Ciampa gets to his feet, flips Scott off him. Ciampa chops both Dash and Dawson. Ciampa sunset flips Dawson, kickout. Ciampa takes The Revival out, but Dawson pulls Johnny off the apron to prevent the tag.

Dash tags in, allowing The Revival to double team a slam, cover. Dash pulls Ciampa back to their side to tag Dawson. Scott covers following a dropkick, two. Dawson wraps himself around Ciampa. Dash distracts the ref, preventing Johnny from legally being tagged. The Revival does an elbow drop combination, but no luck on the pin. Ciampa eats a nasty clothesline. Dawson knocks Gargano off the apron. Ciampa ducks, allowing Dawson to eat the turnbuckle.

Gargano legally gets the tag and he clears the ring. Dawson counters with an elbow, but Johnny does the roll up kick to the face. Johnny nails a Zig Zag, nearfall. Gargano kicks Dash from the apron and spears Dawson, cover for a two. Gargano gets caught with a DDT from Dawson. Dash covers for two. Johnny rolls up Dawson, two. Ciampa comes back in, taking Dawson down into an arm bar. Gargano tries holding Dash back, but he breaks free and breaks the hold.

Dash gets speared, allowing Ciampa to cover Dawson for a close nearfall. Dawson and Ciampa trade punches to the head until Ciampa nails a huge knee to the head. Dawson counters with a slap. Shatter machine is hit, but cover is broken. Gargano and Ciampa hit their finisher, but Dash's foot was on the rope. Dawson is super kicked out of the ring. Gargano takes Dawson out, but Dash chop blocks Johnny's knee. Dash stomps on the leg. Dawson applies a reverse figure four. Gargano taps.

Winners & STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Revival - by submission (19:10)

The Revival celebrates and leaves. Ciampa picks Gargano up and they exit together to a standing ovation.


WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are shown sitting at ringside. Elsewhere, Charlotte is sitting away from her former friends.

We see an epic video package for Asuka vs. Bayley.

Bayley makes her way to the ring first. NXT Women's Champion Asuka enters next.

NXT Women's Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Bayley

Lock up, Bayley shoves Asuka off of her. Bayley tries to keep her left arm away from the champ. They lock hands, Bayley rolls Asuka up. Bayley tries a couple more covers, kickouts follows. Bayley splashes herself into the corner. Asuka kicks Bayley across the nose as she comes off the corner. Bayley rolls out of the ring to recover. Asuka nails a hip attack as Bayley gets back in the ring. Another hip attack connects in the corner.

Asuka wraps herself around Bayley in the ropes. Bayley grabs Asuka and slams her into the turnbuckle. Bayley pulls herself up and catches Asuka with a forearm on the apron. Asuka counters with kicks and strikes, followed by a big running kick to the head, cover. Bayley unloads by head slamming into the corner again. Bayley nails a suplex and follows it with an elbow to the back, low clothesline, and knee drop, cover for two. Bayley runs Asuka into the corner, nails an elbow.

Asuka tries for a hip attack, but lands in the ropes where Bayley punches her. Bayley hits an impressive crossbody, cover. Asuka side steps a crossbody and nails a shining wizard, two. Asuka places Bayley up top. Bayley slips through and flings Asuka down for the elbow drop, cover. They shove each other and begin trading blows. Bayley catches Asuka with a running knee. Asuka counters with a hip attack. Bayley nails another running knee right after. Asuka trips Bayley and applies a stretch muffler hold. Bayley gets pinned, then covers Asuka.

Asuka applies an ankle lock. Bayley tries to roll out, but Asuka rolls through to keep the hold in. Asuka kicks Bayley in the chest several times. Bayley catches one of them, but Asuka unloads with strikes. Bayley does a backslide, nearfall. Bayley does some striking of her own. Bayley and Asuka botch, but somewhat cover up for it. Bayley plants Asuka, nearfall. Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock, but can't get it all. The lock is officially in. Bayley works her way out and up, elbowing Asuka. Bayley nails a Bayley to Belly, nearfall!

Asuka drags Bayley into the Asuka Lock again. Bayley gets up but dragged back down. Bayley tries to pin her, two. Asuka kicks Bayley in the head a few times. Asuka covers for the three.

Winner & STILL NXT Women's Champion: Asuka - by pinfall (14:07)

Afterwards, Asuka picks Bayley up and they hug. Bayley raises Asuka's hand. Asuka celebrates and heads to the back. We can see Sasha and Becky clapping as Bayley sits in the ring and soaks up the "Thank You Bayley" chants. This is just like when Sami Zayn went out in Dallas. Bayley puts her headband back on and hugs Sasha, Becky, Charlotte, her mom, and a crying Izzy.

A commercial airs for NXT coming to Australia and New Zealand in December for the first time.

We see a video package for the NXT Championship Match.

Mick & Noelle Foley are shown in the crowd, followed by former NXT Champion Finn Balor.

A violinist performs live before and as Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring. Amazing entrance. Samoa Joe enters last. They almost begin fighting before the introductions.

NXT Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They circle the ring before locking up. Joe takes Nakamura to the corner before backing off. They lock hands and butt heads before trading kicks. Nakamura tries to stay on top of Joe, but can't quite get him. Joe ends up on top before backing off again. Lock up, Joe takes Nakamura to the ropes. Joe tries to work the left arm for a lengthy amount of time. Nakamura flips around, taking Joe down with a headlock. Shin tries for a cover but couldn't get it. Lock up, Joe has Nakamura in a headlock.

Nakamura breaks it up by taking Joe to the corner and taunting him. Joe ducks a spinning heel kick, but eats a few knees to the gut. Good Vibrations in the corner from Shinsuke. Joe grabs Nakamura and pulls him out of the ring. Joe chops the chest, but Nak sends Joe into the apron. Joe chops again and they enter the ring. Nakamura knees the gut again. Joe hits an enziguri in the corner. Nakamura kicks Joe in the head from the apron. Joe dodges a knee drop, allowing Nak to knee drop the floor.

Joe comes flying out of the ring under the top rope. Back in the ring, Joe covers for two. Nakamura gets swept off his feet, allowing Joe to nail an elbow drop, cover. Joe ties up Nak's top section, stretching out the shoulders and neck area; he reaches the bottom rope. Joe plants his knee in the small of the back. Joe takes out the knee and powerbombs Nakamura, cover. Joe turns it around into a Boston Crab, then into a crossface. Nakamura rolls Joe up out of the hold. Nak nails a kick to the head.

Nakamura fires back with a couple more kicks to the head; both men down. Nakamura unloads with more kicks, follows it up with the running corner knee strike. Joe counters the exploder. Inverted atomic drop is hit, but Nak counters the senton. Nakamura takes out a leg to knee Joe in the head a few times. Joe plants Nak out of the corner with a half-botched slam. Nakamura is placed up top. Nak dropkicks Joe away from him, leaving both down again. They trade several shots until Joe flattens Shinsuke with a lariat.

Nakamura drags Joe into an epic armbreaker. Joe turns it into a Triangle, but doesn't have the arm in. Joe turns it into a cloverleaf. Nak reaches the bottom rope to break it. Joe catches Nak with a big knee to the face, cover. Joe applies the Clutch, but Shinsuke reaches the bottom rope with his leg. Nak punches Joe out of the corner, but he comes back for a chop. Nak gets down and hits a huge German suplex. Nakamura gets power-slammed, two. Joe punches Nakamura in the corner, hits an enziguri. Joe connects with the Muscle Buster, nearfall!

Joe places Nakamura in a different corner, but Nak gets down. Nakamura nails Kinshasa quickly, but Joe kicks out! Nakamura knees the neck from the turnbuckle and connects with Kinshasa for the win!

Winner & NEW NXT Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura - by pinfall (21:13)

Nakamura celebrates in the ring with his new gold as Joe heads to the back with trainers. Congrats, Shinsuke!

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