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WWE NXT TakeOver: London – Results, Live Stream Details & Discussion

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Welcome to our WWE NXT TakeOver: London "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

WWE NXT TakeOver: London Results
Wednesday December 16 2015 live from the Wembley Arena in London, England.
Results reported by Jamie Welton of

Tonight's Show Results:

Asuka defeated Emma
Dash & Dawson (c) defeated Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.
Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews
Bayley (c) defeated Nia Jaxx to retain the NXT Women's Championship.
Finn Bálor (c) defeated Samoa Joe to retain the NXT Heavyweight Championship.

The show starts with Triple H in the middle of the ring. He receives a great ovation from the crowd before he talks about getting his ass kicked on Monday, but he says he wanted to be in London tonight. The fans wanted it and now they have it. London, England; "scream with me because we are NXT".

A video package plays previewing all six of tonight's matches before the show starts.

Asuka vs. Emma

Asuka is first out to the ring to a great reaction. Emma comes down to the ring with Dana Brooke. While Ema makes her way to the ring we are shown video clips of how this feud started a month ago and then Asuka's actions last week on NXT. The crowd starts an Asuka's gonna kill you chant before the bell rings and we get under way.

Asuka attempts to finish the match immediately but Emma avoids her. The two trade early grapples and reversals before Emma gains control. Asuka looks in a hammer lock on Emma, before the two trade reversals. Emma elbows Asuka to escape and hits the ropes before Asuka locks in an arm bar. Emma manages to escape by grabbing the ropes and retreats outside where she receives a running hip attack from the apron by Asuka.

Emma returns to the ring. Dana Brooke distracts Asuka to allow Emma to deliver a baseball slide as Asuka tries to get back in the ring. Emma delivers stomps to the corner before attempting a pin fall. She has Asuka down on the mat with her feet buried in Asuka's shoulders. Asuka screams as she attempts to escape the move.

Emma back in control near the ropes, pulling the hair of Asuka before delivering a kick and going for a pin which only scores a 2 count. Emma tries another submission on Asuka, who eventually manages to escape and deliver back elbows to Emma. Asuka hits a back slide but only gets a 2 count. Emma gets out of it and then hits a clothes line on Asuka.

Emma attacks Asuka, who tries to get back into the match by screaming in the corner each time Emma hits a move. Emma slaps Asuka, before she delivers and Irish Whip to the corner. Asuka hits a second rope drop kick and both women fall down to the canvas.

Bother begin trading blows on the canvas before the get to their feet. Asuka gains the advantage with some kicks. An Irish Whip into the ropes sees Asuka hit a running hop attack. Asuka delivers two kicks to Emma, who then catches the third attempt. Emma goes for a pin but Asuka escapes. Asuka nails some spinning forearms before getting a near fall.

In the corner Asuka misses a splash and is locked in the Tarantula. Emma then hits Asuka with a butterfly suplex in the corner and then an Emmamite Sandwich but only scores a two. Back on the mat Emma rubs Asuka's face before trying to lock in her finisher. However Asuka reverses into an ankle lock. Emma gets to her feet but is nailed with a German Suplex, before being kicked in the face for a two count.

Asuka motions this one is over and tries to lock in the Asuka lock. Emma fights out of it before grabbing the referee's shirt, pulling him behind them before he is knocked down in the corner by both. Emma motions to Dana Brooke, who throws an onject into the ring. Emma falls down as the referee comes to. Emma attempts the roll up but Auska kicks out and locks in the Asuka Lock. Dana Brooke tries to distract the referee and is thrown out by the referee. Asuka then hits a kick for the win.

Your winner of the match: Asuka

UK wrestling legend Johnny Saint is shown on the front row before a video of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe arriving in the arena is shown.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Dash & Dawson (c) vs. Enzo Amore

A promo video building up Enzo and Cass is shown. We then see Dash and Dawson's attack on Enzo and Cass, before being shown action to build up the match between these two teams.

Enzo and Big Cass out to the ring first with Carmella to a great reaction. Enzo and Cass cut their usual pre-match promo which goes over extremely well with the London crowd. Enzo pulls a pound coin out of his pocket which goes over well as part of the promo. Out come Dash and Dawson to a not so favourable reaction from the crowd. The two teams get in each others faces before the bell rings and the action gets under way.

Enzo and Dawson start things off with several head moves before they lock up in the middle of the ring. The crowd are fully behind Enzo and Cass during this one. Dawson locks in a headlock. He tags in Dash after a pin fall attempt who beats down on Enzo. Enzo manages to regain control and then tags in Big Cass.

Cass backs Wilder into the corner and unleashes a flurry of punches. Enzo back in. Dash leaves the ring and is followed by Enzo. Dash hits his arm on the ring post before getting back in the ring. Enzo backs Dash into the corner and tags Cass back into the match, who locks in an arm lock on Dash.

Cass whips Wilder into the corner. Dawson provides the distraction and allows Dash to take control, backing Cass into his teams corner. They go for a double Irish Whip but Big Cass manages to clothesline both men. He tags in Enzo and goes for their finisher, but Dash and Dawson escape the ring. Cass launches Enzo out the ring onto both men.

Enzo goes for a sunset flip but Dash tags in Dawson, who breaks up the pin. Enzo ends up outside the ring but gets back in by the count of nine. The tag champions continue to beat down Enzo as the crowd get more and more behind the challengers. Dawson goes for a pin but Enzo kicks out at 2.

Enzo is trapped in an arm lock on the mat. He almost manages to tag in Cass but ends up being tripped. Dash and Dawson double team on Enzo as the referee's back is turned. Dawson goes for the pin but Enzo again kicks out at 2. Back in another arm lock Enzo manages to escape with a huge knee lift. The crowd try to rally Enzo, who almost gets the tag but Cass is knocked off the apron.

Dash and Dawson hit Enzo and attempt to go for the pin but the referee notices there was no tag, allowing Enzo to kick out at 2. Enzo hits a huge DDT out of the corner and manages to tag in Cass, who comes in like a house of fire and unloads on Dawson. Cass hits a big splash in the corner and then hits a sidewalk slam. Cass goes for the pin but it's just 2. Dawson hits a chop lock on Cass's bad knee and both men are down.

Dash locks in a variation of the figure four leg lock. Enzo tries to save his partner but is turned inside out by a Dawson clothesline. Cass creams in pain but manages to make it to the ropes for a break.

Dawson and Dash go to break the leg of Cass but instead fail. Cass goes for a roll up and gets a 2 count. Cass hits a big boot and Enzo hits their finisher off the top. Dawson saves the titles by pulling Enzo off the pin. Carmella hits a slap on Dawson. The action returns into the ring and Dash and Dawson hit Enzo with a double team to win the match and retain the Tag Team Championships.

Your winners of the match and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Dash and Dawson.

A video of Bayley arriving at the arena is shown before we are shown a Nia Jaxx promo video.

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

We see a brief video of the lead up to this match. Baron Corbin is first out to the ring. Apollo Crews out to a great reception from the crowd. The fans begin chanting "Uhaa" in a sign of respect to his former ring name, Uhaa Nation. The bell rings and we get under way.

The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Corbin forces Crews into a corner. Apollo eventually retaliates with a headlock before Corbin exits the ring for a breather. Back in the ring and they lock up. Again Corbin forces Crews into a corner, but Crews reverses and hits shoulder blocks in the corner on Corbin. Corbin eventually lifts a knee to Crews and then takes Crews round the corners to hit his head on the turnbuckle.

Crews attempts a roll up but it is blocked. Corbin comes off the ropes and Crews misses a drop kick. Crews charges Corbin who is in the corner and is back body dropped to the outside. Corbin shouts down at Crews before getting out the ring to bring Crews back into the ring.

The return to the ring was brief as Corbin just throws Crews out the other side. Crews attempts to get back in but takes a hard puch from Corbin. Back in the ring Crews is backed into a corner and punched unmercifully until he hits the canvas. Corbin then hits several clotheslines in the corner before going for a pin and only getting a 2 count.

Corbin continues his beat down, even nailing Crews with some head buts before standing over a fallen Crews. Apollo manages to hit a roll up after jumping from the second turn buckle but only gets a 2 count. Corbin regains control by launching Crews with an Irish Whip into the corner.

Corbin locks Crews in a back breaker, applying pressure to the back with his hand under Crews' chin. Apollo manages to escape with knees to the head of Corbin. Crews floats over the back of Corbin and eventually then takes down Corbin with tackles and unleashing punches on Crobin, who appears phased by the comeback.

Corbin leaves the ring for a breather but is soon attacked by Crews. Apollo then hits a moonsault onto Corbin from the ring apron. Back in the ring and Crews hits clotheslines and a splash before Corbin reverse with a side powerbomb. He goes for a pin and only gets a 2 on Crews.

Corbin goes for End of Days but Crews counters and hits a kick to Corbin. He hits a standing moonsault but only gets a 2 count. Crews goes for an Irish Whip but Corbin blcoks. Crews hits abig right hand, before being reversed out of a toss powerbomb attempt. Corbin then hits the End of Days out of nowhere for the win.

You winner of the match: Baron Corbin

We see a promo video for the return of Sami Zayn next week on NXT.

We see an interview recorded earlier with Nia Jaxx. She is interrupted by Asuka, before the two stare down. Asuka slowly smiles creepily before walking away from Nia. Jaxx continues by saying she will dominate and destroy the NXT Women's Champion.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Nia Jaxx

We see a promo video for Bayley charting her journey to becoming NXT Women's Champion and her journey since then. Nia comes out to the ring first to a chorus of boo's. Out next to the ring is Bayley to an outstanding ovation from the UK fans. The two women are introduced by Greg Hamilton with Nia Jaxx looking confident, while Bayley appears focused but nervous. Bay;ey stares at her Women's Championship before handing the belt to the referee. The bell rings to get this match underway.

The fans are incredibly behind Bayley from the off. Nia goes for a clothesline but Bayley ducks on two occasions. Bayley attempts a sunset flip but fails. Bayley then hits Nia with elbows in the corner before being caught and tossed across the ring by Nia. Jaxx then takes control of Bayley and hits a shoulder breaker o the Women's Champion.

Nia then locks in a sleeper hold on Bayley. Bayley attempts to escape but fails on her first attempt and is trapped in the sleeper hold again. Bayley eventually gets out, reverses, and locks in a Dragon Sleeper before Jaxx escapes by backing Bayley into the corner.

Bayley hits back elbows in the corner on Jaxx, before she eventually manages to get Jaxx down onto one knee. She hits a drop kick but can't get her down. She then hits two flying elbows and is unable to knock Jaxx down. She goes for a third but is swatted out of the air by Jaxx

Bayley goes for a submission but she is over powered and dumped onto the top rope. Nia hits a head butt before climbing up. Bayley counters and pushes Jaxx down before hitting a Swanton. Bayley goes for the pin but Jaxx kicks out, throwing Bayley out the ring.

Back in the ring and Bayley is nailed with a Samoan Drop. Jaxx goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out at 2. Nia hits a further two Samoan Drops, followed by a leg drop. She goes for a cocky pin but Bayley kicks out at 2 again.

Jaxx whips Bayley into the corner and hits a series of big splashes. She then throws Bayley out the corner like a rag doll. Jaxx picks up Bayley and hits a let drop onto Bayley's shoulder before she hits three leg drops to Bayley. Jaxx covers Bayley and again the Women's Champion kicks out at 2.

Nia begins to show frustration with the referee and then looms over Bayley, who is crawling to the ropes to get up again. Nia looks on before hitting another big splash in the corner. Nia places Bayley on the top rope and climbs up after her and goes for a Samoan Drop. Bayley fights out and locks in a guillotine choke. They go into the middle of the ring and Jaxx escapes.

Jaxx goes to pick up Bayley who locks the guillotine choke again. Jaxx escapes the hold again but looks like that took a lot out of her. Bayley locks the choke in again for a third time and get Jaxx down to one knee, then onto her bum, before getting her to the canvas. Bayley has it locked in deep in the middle of the ring and Jaxx eventually taps out to give Bayley the win.

Your winner of the match and still NXT Women's Champion: Bayley

A video of Samoa Joe backstage preparing for his match with Finn Balor is shown.

NXT Championship Match: Finn Bálor (c) vs. Samoa Joe

A video charting the feud between these two following winning the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic is shown, with Balor talking about how a 10 year friendship was thrown down the drain. Joe talks about being sorry for his actions but talked about how the championship was important to him. We then see the moment Joe attacked Balor and moments from their encounters over the last few weeks building up to this match.

Samoa Joe is first out to the ring to a mixed reception from the fans. Joes looks focused and ready for this match. Finn Balor's music hits, showing video with a figure that resembles Jack the Ripper. Balor emerges from behind the smoke, dressed like Jack the Ripper with his demon body paint on, looking amazing and receiving an amazing reaction from the London crowd. The two men stare off across the ring before they are then introduced to the fans by Greg Hamilton. Balor hands over his championship to the referee and the bell then rings to get the action under way.

The two men lock up after a brief feeling out process. Joe backs Balor against the ropes before taking him down. The crowd seem to be mostly be behind Balor. Balor ends up drop kicking Joe out the ring, before hitting a diving drop kick through the ropes. He then kicks Joe in the head from the ring apron before returning the action to the ring. Joe slips out the other side but Balor is right after him and hits a running drop kick on Joe into the steel stairs. Balor then attempts to hit a Coup de Grâce on Joe on the steps but misses and Joe takes down Balor outside the ring.

Joe returns Balor to the ring and beats Balor into the corner. Balor attempts to escape but Joe takes him down. Back on the offence Joe hits a chop, before whipping Balor into the corner, hitting a splash and a jumping kick to the head.

The two men trade blows in the middle of the ring again before Joe hits him with a reverse back elbow. Joe then locks in a chin lock on Balor, who eventually escapes the move but is quickly thrown down again by Joe, who goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Joe then lays Balor out with two kicks and a knee drop before getting a 2 count.

Joe hits jabbing punches in the corner before choking Balor with his foot. Joe then hits a running boot to the face in the corner. Joe hits chops to Balor's shoulder, before Finn begins to fight back. The two trade blows before Joe hits an atomic drop and big kick. Joe goers for a senton but Balor moves. Joe lunges for Balor in the corner but he misses. Balor hits a pele style kick to the head of Joe. Balor drops to the outside and Joe runs and hits a suicide dive to the outside on Balor. Joes rolls Balor back in for the pin but only gets a 2 count.

Joe hits knee strikes to Balor's face before hitting a power bomb. Joe goes for a pin and only gets a 2 count. Joe then locks in a submission before transitioning into a crossface. Balor tries to use his momentum to get a pin but Joe reverses out at 2. Balor eventually makes it to the bottom rope and escapes.

Joe picks up Balor, who hits a spinning DDT out of nowhere. The two men make it to their feet. Joe charges Balor in the corner, who gets his feet up. Balor chops Joe before hitting a flying forearm. Joe into the corner is hit by lightning like chops from Balor. Joe hits a back elbow and goes to the second rope but is hit with an enziguiri. Balor then hits a flying senton over the top rope onto Joe on the outside. Back in the ring he hits a double stomp to Joe's back but he kicks out at 2.

Balor gets Joe back to his feet and hits several moves to get the big man down. He goes for a drop kick and misses. Joe hits a senton. He positions Balor for the Muscle Buster but Balor reverses and goes for the pin but Joe kicks out at 2. Balor hits a Pele kick and the two men are down to the canvas.

Back up at a count of eight Joe and Balor trade blows, before Joe is backed into a corner. Joes hits series of punches and eventually goes for the Coquina Clutch. Balor manages to roll through and reverse, hitting a double foot stomp to leave two men on the mat again. Chants of this is awesome ring through the SSE Arena.

Both men back to their feet and Balor finds some new life. He hits several drop kicks before he gets Joe down. Balor up to the top rope but is met by Joe who goes for a Muscle Buster. Balor blocks it but gets kicked in the head. Joe tries to suplex Balor down but is blocked and gets chopped. Balor hits the Coup de Grâce and picks up the win.

Your winner of the match and still NXT Heavyweight Champion: Finn Balor

Balor looks like a man who has been in a war by the end of the match as Joe stares him down as he is helped to the back by trainers. Balor climbs to the second rope to celebrate. Balor then sits in the corner while being talked to by another trainer. Balor stands in the middle of the ring, NXT Championship held high as the show ends.

Thank you everyone for joining us for live coverage of tonight's NXT TakeOver: London. We hope to see you again soon for more great action.

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