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WWE NXT TakeOver: R Evolution - The Road To Redemption's Paved With Gold

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Welcome to our WWE NXT R Evolution "Open Thread" featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

WWE NXT TakeOver: R Evolution Results
Thursday, December 11, 2014
From the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by Gesus Oliver of

The show starts off with an R Evolution vignette

The NXT Video package plays and Kevin Owens comes out and the crowd goes wild

Kevin Owens vs CJ Parker

The bell rings and Owens splashes CJ immediately into the corner. He backs up and splashes again. Owens backs up a third time and cannonballs CJ into the corner. Owens grabs CJ’s sign and breaks it. Owens then launches himself to the outside and takes out Parker. Owens throws CJ into the ring. He pummels CJ in the corner. The ref backs him up and CJ hits a boot with the distraction. CJ mounting offense with punches and kicks. CJ stomps on Owens. CJ hits Owens with a palm strike and pins him for two. Owens busted open. CJ hits a double knee on Owens in the corner. Owens on the offensive hits CJ with a shoulder breaker. Owens hits a combo powerbomb on CJ Parker.

Winner via pinfall Kevin Owens

Lucha Dragons © vs Vaudevillians for the NXT Tag Team Championship

To start the match we have Sin Cara and Gotch. They lock up. Simon gets back control. Cara uses his speed and takes down Gotch and pins for one. Aiden in to help and gets double teamed and taken out. Cara tags out and they double team Gotch with a wheelbarrow senton. Cara tags in again and is on the offensive. Cara power bombs Gotch and pins him for one. Gotch goes for an arm drag but gets caught. Gotch tags but Aiden knocked to the outside. Aiden pulls Cara to the outside. Aiden rolls Cara into the ring and pins Cara for one. Aiden with a series of punches and pins Cara for one. Gotch tagged in and they utilize the five count. Gotch pins Cara for one. Simon keeps Cara in a headlock and then tags out. They double chop Cara. Aiden pins Cara for one. Cara gets up in the corner and whipped across the ring. Aiden in pursuit and eats an elbow. Aiden rolls Cara out of the ring and hits him with a big kick. Aiden pulls Kalisto off the aproin and rolls Cara into the ring. Aiden puts Cara into their corner and the beat down starts. Aiden tags out and Simon in. Cara rolls up Gotch and tries for the tag but can’t stretch it out. Gotch slams him down and tags out. Aiden using his knees and feet to beat down Cara. Aiden with a headlock on Cara. Aiden puts Cara on the top rope. Cara fights back flips of the top rope and in the ring. Kalisto with springboard cross bodies for everyone. Kalisto hits Aiden in the head with a kick. Gotch in and gets drop kicks from everyone. Aiden rushes Cara and Kalisto in the ring and gets launched to the outside. The Lucha Dragons go for a suicide dive. Aiden pushes Gotch out of the way and takes the hit. Simon shocked rolls in Kalisto into the ring. Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champs via pinfall Lucha Dragons

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

The bell rings and the crowd starts counting. Baron chops Tye in the corner and Snake Eye’s him on the top rope. Baron hits him with a big boot. Baron sees Bull in the audience makes eye contact and hits the End of Days.

Winner via pinfall Baron Corbin

The Ascension vs Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

To start the match we have all four men in the ring slugging it out. The bell hasn’t rung. Both Finn and Hideo are stomping down in the corner. They both switch and drop kick the Ascension. Ascension roll to the outside and regroup. Viktor in and Hideo is waiting. Hideo hits a big drop kick and pins for two. Hideo snapmares him and tags in. Finn setup Viktor in the corner and chops him. Pins Viktor for two. Viktor on the offense and tags out to Konor. Konor builds some speed on the ropes and gets drop kicked. Finn backs up Konor into the corner and tags out. Hideo chops and series of strikes. Hideo to the ropes and gets flap jacked and pin for two. Konor tags out. Viktor in and starts stomping Hideo. Viktor pins for two. Viktor tags out and they double shoulder block Hideo and pins him for two. Hideo reverses a suplex and kicks Konor. Konor tags out and Viktor comes in and takes Finn off the apron. Viktor stomps Hideo repeatedly. Viktor puts Hideo into the corner and stomps him and tags out. Konor continues to stomp Hideo into the corner. Konor pins Hideo for two. Konor tags out. Viktor puts his shin across the face and utilizes a five count. Hideo feeding off the crowd for a comeback and gets caught off and pinned for two. Viktor with a headlock on Hideo. Hideo feeding off the crowd once again but cut off one more time. Viktor tags out and Konor in to splash Hideo in the corner and pins him for two. Konor tags out. Viktor stomps Hideo. Viktor pins Hideo for two. Viktor gets a submission on Hideo. Hideo fight back once again and gets separation. Hideo jumps for the tag and gets caught. Viktor puts him in the corner and goes to spear him but Hideo moves and hits the post. Konor in and thrown to the outside by Hideo. Konor then pulls Finn of the apron so Hideo can’t tag out. Viktor i choking Hideo in this corner. VIktor tags out. Konor in and telegraphs a move and gets caught with a kick. Hideo crawling to the corner and gets the tag. Finn throwing forearm punches. Finn goes to punch Vik into the corner and gets caught then lands an enziguri on Vik who goes to the outside. Finn launches over the ropes and takes down everyone. Finn slides Vik into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Konor tries to distract him. Finn kicks Konor and hops back up. Finn goes for the double stomp and Viktor rolls out of the way. Finn hits a brainbuster suplex and the pin is broken up by Konor. Hideo takes out Konor. Finn gets caught with an STO and the pin broken up by Hideo. Hideo goes for a move and gets hit by Ascension. Ascension sets up for the fall of man. Hideo pulled out Konor. Finn hits the soccer kick on Vik. Hideo rolls in Konor and takes him out with both men on the matt. Both men hit stereo double foot stomps.

Winners via pinfall Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

Backstage interview with Roman Reigns

Renee asks him about being voted the WWE superstar of the year. He is really happy about it. Romans says he’s here to watch the event and the future.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte © for the NXT Divas Championship

Sasha hits Charlotte with a shirt and they go at it. Charlotte hits Sasha with a lou thesz and throws some punches. Charlotte puts Banks into the corner and Charlotte gets switched around and Banks chops Charlotte. Charlotte flips around again and chops Banks. Sasha rolls out of the ring and Charlotte rolls her in. Charlotte gets into the ring and gets kicked by Sasha. Sasha throws Charlotte into the stairs back first. Sasha up first but Charlotte gets the forearm blows. Charlotte goes for a suplex and gets reversed. Charlotte reverses that and hits a neckbreaker. Charlotte pins for two. Charlotte urging Sasha to get up charges her and misses to the outside. Sasha dives through the second rope and nails Charlotte. Sasha into the ring and pins Charlotte for two. The two exchange blows. Banks gets the better with knees to the gut and hits the ropes only to get cut off by a spear. Charlotte goes to rush Sasha into the corner and gets caught and drop toe hold onto the bottom rope. Banks goes for the bank statement and gets thrown off. Charlotte goes for a figure four and gets rolled up for a two count. Banks hits a neckbreaker for two, three times in a row. Charlotte hits a capture suplex. Charlotte to the top rope. Charlotte backflips and lands on her feet then sentons Banks. Charlotte goes for the pin and Banks gets a foot on the rope to break the count. Charlotte has her up and gets reversed by Banks. Banks puts Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. Banks sets up Charlotte on the top rope. Super plex blocked twice and Charlotte throws Sasha onto the matt. Sasha climbing the ropes and gets hit with the Natural Selection.

Winner and STILL NXT Divas Championship Charlotte

Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville © for the NXT Championship

The Crowd is starting out hot! The men circle each other. They lock up and Adrian grounds Sami and gets a headlock. Sami up and in an arm lock. Chain wrestling ensues. Adrian gets the best of it. Sami in the corner and Adrian in the center of the ring. The two men start a test of strength and lock up instead. They both start chain wrestling again. Sami is caught in a crossface chicken wing. He reverses and they both chain wrestle yet again. Adrian has arm control again. Both men chain wrestle yet again. They locked up and Adrian has arm control again. Adrian whipped into the corner pursued by Sami. Adrian up and goes over Sami in the corner and runs to the opposite corner. Sami goes to the corner and gets caught by the shoulder of Adrian in the ropes. Sami then hits a tilt a whirl back breaker on Adrian. Adrian rolls to the outside. Sami on the apron springboards and nails Adrian. Adrian on the outside with Sami in the ring. The ref starts the ten count. Adrian at an eight count and he’s on the apron. Adrian in the ring at nine. Sami hits him with a huge kick and covers him but there is no count. Sami rolls up Neville for one. Sami puts Adrian in the corner head first. Adrian hits Sami with an elbow. Adrian pins Sami for one. Adrian snap mares Sami and dropkicks him. Adrian gets a chinlock on Sami. Sami starts to fight back and gets grounded yet again. Sami fights out and sets up in the corner and gets caught with an uppercut from Adrian. Adrian pins Sami for two. Adrian drives a knee into the chin of Sami. Adrian locks a chinlock on Sami again. Sami gaining momentum yet again and backs up Adrian to the corner. Adrian to the second rope and hits a dropkick on Sami for a two count. Adrian frustrated yells at the ref. Adrian rubbing his foot in the face of Sami. Adrian with quick strikes to the face of Sami. Adrian hits the ropes and gets caught with a stiff clothesline from Sami. Sami into the ropes and hits a huge dropkick. Adrian to the outside. Sami goes for dive and Adrian runs in and head scissor takedown to Sami and he goes out of the ring. Adrian goes for a dive and Sami gets in and launches Adrian out. Sami hits a dive to the outside. Ref’s count to eight. Sami to the top rope and hits a crossbody on Adrian then a pin for two. Sami goes for a suplex but gets reversed. Sami hits the ropes and catches Adrian in a Blue Thunder Bomb and pins for two. Sami to his feet. Adrian with a chain breaker. Adrian hits an uppercut on Sami in the corner. Sami gets caught with a big kick and a german suplex roll up for a pin of two. The crowd gets loud with Ole’ chants. Sami to the top rope with wrist control and gets caught. Adrian hits Sami with a sit down powerbomb and pins him for two. Sami with a series of forearm strikes. Sami fights up and they exchange punches. Adrian with the better and gains speed on the ropes but Adrian is hit with a clothesline! Adrian answers with a well placed kick to make Sami crumble. Adrian to the top rope. Sami counters the Red Arrow. Sami with the Kanji Clutch. Adrian gets his foot on the rope. Sami picks up Adrian gets reversed and rolled up for a pin. Sami kicks out and Adrian hits the ref in the head. Sami checking on the ref. Adrian hits a huge kick and hits a maneuver on Sami and pins him for two. The two men exchange strikes again. Sami with a german suplex and hangs on for two and full nelson throws him. Adrian rolls to the outside as a big kick was coming. Sami runs to the outside and diving DDT between the bottom ropes. Both men in the ring and Adrian in the corner. Sami hits a Helluva Kick in Adrian and the Ref gets hit too. Adrian in the belt and Sami catches im with a huge kick. Adrian drops the title and Sami picks it up after staring at it. Sami motions that he is going to knock out Adrian with the belt. Sami conflicted he drops the belt. Adrian rolls up Sami for two. Sami with an exploder suplex to Adrian. Sami sets up and hits a Helluva kick.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion Sami Zayn

Post Match

The locker room clears out and congratulates Sami. Adrian finally gets up and kicks Sami's hand away and hugs him. The crowd is going nuts. The wrestlers start to clear the ring. Sami climbs the top rope and holds up the belt. Sami on the apron and Owens comes to celebrate with him yet again. The two walk up the ramp and Owens throws him down. Owens hits a power bomb onto the apron. Regal and stares him down furiously.

The show goes off the air with Sami on the ground

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