WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results (10/7/15) - Balor & Joe Win It All, Bayley Retains


WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results (10/7/15)
Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The show starts with a video package on respect. We see images of WWE legends and superstars facing each other and winning championships. Tonight, we will see the culmination of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Tonight, Sasha Banks and Bayley will make history once again. And tonight, no matter the outcome, the superstars of NXT will battle for the ultimate prize: respect.

Rich Brennan welcomes us to the show. Corey Graves and Byron Saxton are also on commentary.

NXT Champion Finn Balor makes is way to the ring for our opening match. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring next. The Mechanics enter last. This is the first Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semi-finals match of the night.

Semi-Finals Match: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson

Wilder knocks Balor off the apron right off the bat. Joe takes Wilder to the corner and unloads with punches. Joe sends Wilder into another corner, but Dawson pulls Wilder out of the way. Wilder takes control with lots of stomps. Dawson comes in with elbows to the back of Joe's head. Dawson tags Wilder, who kicks Joe in the heel corner. Wilder covers, one. Joe connects with an enziguri in the corner. Dawson and Balor get the tags. Balor clotheslines Dawson and kicks Wilder off the apron. Balor connects with chops to the chest.

Balor dropkicks The Mechanics out of the ring before flipping out onto them. Balor dropkicks Dawson into the corner, but Wilder runs in to stop it. Dawson takes Balor down, targeting the left knee. Wilder tags in and works the knee. Dawson tags in and works the knee as well. The Mechanics continue to target the knee by slamming it against the ring post. Dawson puts Balor in a half crab. Balor crawls to the bottom rope for the release. Balor gets to his feet and throws punches. The Mechanics double team bu taking Joe out and preventing Balor from getting the tag.

Dawson connects with the elbow drop from the top, nearfall. Balor sidesteps Dawson, but Wilder prevents Balor from making the tag. Balor leaps again and gets it. Joe comes in with punches, a boot, and a senton on Wilder. Joe hits a scoop power slam, cover. Joe hits the Muscle Buster, tag to Balor. Balor connects with Coup de Grace for the win.

Winners: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe - by pinfall (9:03)

Joe checks on Balor's knee before they raise hands together. Joe & Balor officially advance to the finals.

We see footage of NXT's shows at the Louder Than Life convention last weekend.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable make their way to the ring for the second semi-finals match. Rhyno enters next. Baron Corbin is last to make his way out.

Semi-Finals Match: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin

Jason Jordan and Baron Corbin start with a lock up. Corbin shoves Jordan off of him. They lock up again, Jordan applies a waist lock and slams Corbin around. Jordan is plowed over, cover by Baron. Corbin elbows out of a waist lock and tags in Rhyno. Jordan slams Rhyno, cover. Jordan brings Rhyno to the corner. Gable tags and sunset flips in to cover Rhyno, two. Rhyno tosses Gable into the corner. Gable applies a headlock into an arm lock. Rhyno shoulderblocks Gable, cover.

Gable works the left arm, tag to Jordan. Jason comes in and whips the left arm like Gable did. Gable comes back in, and they double suplex Rhyno, bridging cover. Gable continues to work the left arm. Gable applies an arm bar on Rhyno in the ropes. Rhyno sends Gable out of the ring. Corbin runs Gable into the apron a few times. Back in the ring, Corbin covers Gable twice. Rhyno tags back in and applies a chin lock. Gable tries to work his way out, but Rhyno tags Corbin. Baron holds Gable in the ropes by his knee. Corbin then stretches the left arm down on the mat.

Corbin takes Jordan off the apron before booting Gable. Corbin covers, kickout. Rhyno gets the tag. Rhyno body slams Gable. Rhyno goes up top and fails to connect with a diving headbutt as Gable moved. Jordan tags in and takes out both Corbin and Rhyno with dropkicks. Jordan takes Corbin to the corner, while taking Rhyno out of the ring. Jordan spears Corbin into the corner. Gable gets the tag. Corbin hits End of Days on Gable, Jordan breaks it.

Rhyno belly to belly slams Jordan. Gable gets to his feet and hits Corbin with a German Suplex, Rhyno breaks the cover. Rhyno spears Jordan, they both roll out again. Gable and Corbin get to their feet. Corbin connects with End of Days again on Gable for the win.

Winners: Baron Corbin & Rhyno - by pinfall (10:29)

Corbin & Rhyno celebrate by the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup. Balor & Joe vs. Corbin & Rhyno will take place later tonight.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is shown sitting in the crowd.

Up next is Dana Brooke vs. Asuka. We see a video package on Asuka. Dana Brooke makes her way to the ring first, escorted by Emma. Asuka makes her way to the ring next, wearing a mask and robe.

Dana Brooke vs. Asuka

Asuka offers her hand, but Brooke slaps it away. Asuka and Brooke lock up. They trade left arm holds. Asuka and Brooke roll while Asuka keeps the hammerlock in tact. Brooke pats her head and slaps Asuka across the face. Asuka smiles and unloads with kicks and strikes. Asuka copies Dana's pose in the middle of the ring. Brooke throws several punches, but Asuka pulls Brooke down into a vicious arm lock. Brooke reaches the bottom rope with her feet. Asuka kicks Dana out of the ring. Asuka sends Dana back in, but Emma pulls Asuka's foot into the apron while the ref is distracted.

Brooke pins Asuka, two. Brooke holds her foot on Asuka in the corner, clothesline follows. Dana is locked up into a knee bar into an ankle lock by Asuka. Asuka hits a German Suplex. Asuka hits a jumping arm bar, taking Brooke down to the mat. Brooke rolls through, but Asuka applies a headlock. Asuka kicks Brooke in the face. Emma gets on the apron, but takes a chop to the face. Asuka brings Brooke down into the Asuka Lock and Dana taps.

Winner: Asuka - by submission (5:31)

Brooke starts to attack Asuka, but Asuka takes her down with a single kick to the head. Asuka and Emma have a confrontation before Asuka walks up the ramp with a smile.

The commentators discuss Finn Balor's knee injury suffered in the opening match. Balor was able to win the match with the Coup de Grace. We see a trainer evaluating Balor's knee as Joe paces back and forth in the background.

We see a vignette for Nia Jax.

Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring for the next match. Apollo Crews enters next.

Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews

Crews and Breeze lock up. Crews takes Breeze to the corner. Breeze is held in the ropes, but fires back with a headlock. Crews connects with a big dropkick, Breeze rolls out of the ring. Crews runs over Breeze on the outside. Crews throws Breeze back in, but Tyler attacks immediately. Crews breaks free and hits a stalling vertical slam. Breeze dumps Crews through the ropes. Breeze strikes Crews on ramp before sending him bouncing off the apron. Back in the ring, Breeze covers Crews. Tyler whips Crews into the corner, cover.

Breeze applies a chin lock on the mat. Breeze connects with a backbreaker to the ribs. Breeze goes up top, but Crews lifts him. Breeze gets out and locks in the Sharpshooter. Crews reaches the bottom rope. Breeze finally backs off, but Crews leaps up and hits a clothesline. Breeze sends elbow shots to the lower back of Apollo. Crews lifts Breeze and Tyler rolls through with a head scissors into a cover. Crews jumps up and drills Tyler with a kick to the head. Crews is tossed to the apron, but Crews flips back in. Breeze nails a Supermodel Kick, nearfall.

Crews rolls out to the apron, Breeze connects with a dropkick. Breeze goes up top, but Crews catches him into a powerslam, nearfall. Crews hits the gorilla press, but lands the moonsault on Tyler's knees. Breeze rolls him up, kickout. Breeze sends several forearm shots in the corner. Crews with a bicycle kick, followed by a powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews - by pinfall (9:46)

Replays air as Crews celebrates.

We see footage from the first semi-finals match featuring Balor & Joe's win. We are informed that Balor is cleared to compete in the finals match tonight. We then see footage of Baron Corbin & Rhyno winning their semi-finals match earlier.

Eden Stiles is in the ring to announce this match. Baron Corbin enters, followed by Rhyno. Samoa Joe enters next, followed by NXT Champion Finn Balor. This is the finals match for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Finals Match: Baron Corbin & Rhyno vs. Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Balor and Rhyno start the match. They lock hands, Balor rolls Rhyno up. Balor dodges Rhyno, Corbin makes the tag. Corbin and Balor attempt to lock up, but Balor side steps him a couple times. Corbin throws a kick at the knee. Balor takes Corbin down with a dropkick, tag to Joe. Joe comes in with loads of punches into the corner. Joe chops Baron's back, knee drop to the chest, cover. Joe throws more punches. Corbin counters by planting Joe, punches thrown, cover.

Rhyno tags in and takes Joe to the corner with strikes. Rhyno spears Joe in another corner. Belly to belly suplex follows, Joe kicks out. Rhyno applies a headlock, but Joe works his way up and out. Rhyno holds Joe in the ropes. Corbin gets the tag, cover. Corbin runs into Joe in the corner a few times before booting him down, cover. Corbin throws more punches in the corner. Joe with an Irish Whip and enziguri in the opposite corner. Joe crawls to Balor for the tag.

Balor dropkicks Rhyno out of the ring. Balor gets kicked by Corbin. Balor hits an enziguri on Corbin in the corner. Rhyno takes out the left knee of Balor's on the apron while the ref is turned around. Corbin pulls Balor to the ring post to slam the knee repeatedly. Corbin gets back in the ring and works the knee with elbow drops. Balor kicks Corbin and elbows Rhyno. Corbin counters with a big body slam, cover. Balor gets up and connects with the sling blade.

Joe and Rhyno are tagged in. Joe boots Rhyno, senton follows. Joe slams Rhyno in the corner. Corbin runs in, Rhyno spears Joe, Balor breaks the cover. Balor DDTs Corbin and clotheslines him out of the ring. Balor kicks Corbin, but Rhyno knocks Finn off the apron. Joe kicks Rhyno. Joe tags Balor before hitting the Muscle Buster. Balor connects with the Coupe de Grace for the win!

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winners: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe - by pinfall (11:02)

We see replays from the match. The Rhodes family is in the ring to present Balor & Joe with the Cup. Cody grabs a mic and says there's just some things a man can't run from. Cody says they can't run from what happened to The Dream, but we can remember and respect. Dusty Rhodes was referred to as the oak of NXT, but Cody referred to him as dad. For decades, we made Dusty apart of our family. Tonight, we are all on Rhodes. Dusty's theme plays as Balor & Joe raise the cup.

The commentators hype Bayley vs. Sasha Banks. We see footage from their match at TakeOver: Brooklyn in August where Bayley beat Banks to win the Women's Title. William Regal scheduled a rematch - a 30-minute Iron Man match.

Sasha Banks is first to make her way out to the ring. NXT Women's Champion Bayley makes her way to the ring next.

NXT Women's Championship 30-Minute Iron Match Match: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (c)

Bayley and Banks spend the first minute staring at each other. They lock up, Banks pushes Bayley off. They lock up again, Banks takes Bayley to the ropes. Headlock on Bayley, shoulderblock follows, cover. Banks applies another headlock. Bayley gets out and hits a shoulderblock, cover. Bayley tries for more covers. Bayley with a backslide, they work their way up against each other. Banks tries for a small package. Bayley attempts a cover, Banks again. Bayley works the left arm, cover. Banks dropkicks Bayley. Bayley backs up to the corner while Sasha stands over her.

Banks tries to drag Bayley down by the arm. Bayley with a couple arm drags, Sasha lands hard on the second one. Banks connects with a head scissors takedown. Bayley sends Banks to the apron. Banks grabs the left arm and does an arm drag from the top. Sasha dodges a belly to belly. Bayley pulls Banks up and they hug, but Banks viciously slams Bayley down, cover. Bayley connects with a big arm drag out of the corner. Bayley hits a low clothesline and suplex on Banks. Sasha rolls out of the ring.

Bayley dropkicks Banks through the bottom turnbuckle. Bayley trips Sasha and hits a bulldog, cover. Banks rolls Bayley up while using the ropes, but she gets caught. Bayley nearly runs into the ref, Banks thumbs Bayley while the ref is distracted. Banks rolls Bayley up for the first fall.

Banks - 1, Bayley - 0 (21:15 left)

Bayley takes Banks down with punches. Banks reverses rolls and throws more punches. They get to their feet and Banks is sent into the turnbuckle face-first several times. Banks places Bayley across the second turnbuckle, but Bayley counters the double knees by dropping Sasha on the turnbuckle chin-first. Banks is pulled up, forearm to the face. Bayley connects with the belly to belly slam, three count.

Banks - 1, Bayley - 1 (18:52 left)

Banks rolls out of the ring. Bayley tries for the sliding dropkick again, but Sasha catches her and swings her into the steps. They get back in the ring, but Sasha throws Bayley right back out. Banks sends Bayley into the steps two more times. Banks screams at Bayley's biggest fan. Banks covers Bayley in the ring, kickout. Outside the ring, Banks tosses Bayley into the center LED board on the stage. Banks wins this fall by count-out.

Banks - 2, Bayley - 1 (15:37 left)

Banks sends Bayley back into the ring. Banks covers, kickout. Banks hits a backbreaker, cover. Banks stomps on Bayley's hand before locking in the Walls of Jericho. Bayley flips Banks over into a quick cover, three count.

Banks - 2, Bayley - 2 (12:27 left)

Banks places Bayley across the second ropes, but Bayley dodges the knee drop again. Bayley fires back with double ax handles. Bayley plants Banks face-first, nearfall. Bayley spears Banks in the corner, running back elbows follow. Bayley goes up top and connects the spinning elbow, cover. Bayley places Banks upside down in the corner and hits a running elbow, nearfall. Bayley places Banks up top. Banks slips down and places Bayley upside down for the double knee drop, cover.

Sasha puts Bayley in the corner again, strike to the back. Sasha runs into the ring post as Bayley sits up. Bayley is sitting up top as Banks falls to the outside. Bayley kicks Banks through the ropes. Bayley slams Sasha's hand against the steps a couple times. Bayley throws Banks back in, cover. Banks is pulled against the bottom rope/apron. Bayley pulls out the ring steps. Banks' hand gets smashed again. Bayley launches herself at Sasha with a clothesline.

Banks kicks Bayley against the steps. Banks leaps out onto Bayley. Bayley barely catches her and hits the belly to belly onto the floor. Back in the ring, Bayley covers, nearfall as five minutes remain. Bayley places Banks up top. Banks kicks her away, but Bayley comes back again only to pushed. Bayley runs back and connects with the belly to belly. Cover, but Sasha's foot reaches the rope.

Bayley and Banks are up top again. Bayley hits the reverse hurricanrana. Banks lands it and hits the belly to belly, nearfall. Banks applies the Banks Statement. Bayley almost reaches the ropes, but Banks reapplies it in the middle of the ring. Bayley slams Sasha's hand. Banks hits the backstabber, but Bayley reverses and applies a submission on Banks' hand. Sasha taps right as time runs out.

Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion: Bayley (3-2)

We see Lita, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Stephanie McMahon applauding in the front row as Bayley's music hits. We see replays of the falls throughout the match.

The entire NXT roster comes out to the stage. Banks drops to her knees while crying as Sara Del Rey, Regal, Stephanie, and Hunter embrace her. Regal is in tears. Triple H raises Bayley's hand in the ring, and presents her with flowers.

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