WWE NXT Taping Results (2/18, 2/25, 3/4 & 3/11)

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WWE held another set of NXT television tapings on Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

The following results are spoilers for the upcoming episodes of NXT to take place on 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, and 3/11.

Dark Match

Chad Gable defeated Mike Rollins (not the Canadian indie worker) via sunset flip.

Episode 1 (2/18/15)

They had William Regal on the screen explaining the results of the main event. Regal said Owens claims to be a prize fighter who only fights for money. He says Owens and Neville will face tonight in a non-title match since while Neville hasn't earned the right to face for the title, he has earned the right to face the man who sent him to the hospital a few weeks ago.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. He says many had issue with the way he won the title. Owens says they have no right to be mad about anything because he has not lied or pretended to be anything he is not. He made his intentions clear. He would fight anyone and everyone to make things for his family better and that's exactly what he did and holds up the title. Who he beats or how he beats them is irrelevant. What matters now is Zayn is the past. Owens says he looks to the future and that is Finn Balor. He tells Finn to pick a date and he will be there. He warns him that what happened at Takeover will happen to him because nobody will take the belt away from him or his family.

Match 1) Rhyno squashed a jobber. That Rhyno.

There was an interview segment with Finn Balor backstage saying he would face Owens any time any place. Rhyno walked by Balor and they had a staredown.

Match 2) Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy w/Carmella defeated The Vaudevillians.

Blake & Murphy came on the screen and insulted Enzo and Colin and invited Carmella to come hang out with them instead.

Neville backstage cut a promo on Kevin Owens.

CJ Parker came out and cut a promo claiming he was going to take the show hostage. He put a sign up on the ring and put caution tape across the ring. The video screen flashed and flashed until Solomon Crowe came through the crowd and attacked CJ. He did his rope assisted splash and took a mic. "And now we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast," and be dropped the mic and left through the crowd.

Match 3) Sasha Banks defeated Bluepants via submission in a non-title match. Bluepants had a titantron and theme song.

After Sasha had a promo saying everyone including Bayley, Becky, and Charlotte have to admit that she is the baddest diva in NXT.

Match 4) In a non-title match, Kevin Owens defeated Adrian Neville via the pop-up powerbomb. Neville hit a 450 splash from the apron to the floor during the match. He also hit a reverse hurricanrana. He went for the Red Arrow and when he came off the ropes after, Owens caught him with the powerbomb.

Episode 2 (2/25/15)

Match 1) Hideo Itami defeated Bull Dempsey via running kick to the face.

After the match, Breeze attacked Itami. Breeze went to take a selfie with him but Itami was to his feet and attacked Breeze. Breeze ran off into the crowd.

Match 2) Sin Cara & Kalisto defeated Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan. Jason Jordan walked out on Tye and Kalisto and Cara hit the Asai DDT/Swanton Bomb on Tye to win.

Tye cut a promo after saying he won't leave until he has answers from Jason Jordan. Baron Corbin's theme hits and he heads to the ring.

Match 3) Baron Corbin squashed Tye Dillinger.

Match 4) Becky Lynch defeated Bayley via an armbar.

Kevin Owens came to ringside for commentary.

Match 5) Finn Balor defeated Brian Kendrick via double stomp to the chest. Owens left the commentary booth during the match and went to the back. After the match, he came to the ramp and stared at Balor. He then took out Alex Riley at the commentary booth.

Episode 3 (3/4/15)

Match 1) Tyler Breeze defeated Adam Rose via the Beauty Shot.

Match 2) In a non-title match, Blake & Murphy defeated Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins via brainbuster/frog splash on Dawkins.

Match 3) Baron Corbin squashed Tony Briggs. During the match, Owens came out and stood behind Riley.

After the match, Owens took Riley's water bottle and poured it on Riley. Riley got in his face but Albert held him back.

Match 4) Solomon Crowe defeated Bull Dempsey via a rope assisted splash. Bull controlled most of the match and Crowe got less than five moves in.

Match 5) For the NXT Women's Championship, Sasha Banks retained over Charlotte. Charlotte went for Natural Selection on Sasha from the top but Sasha held onto the ropes than pinned Charlotte using the ropes for leverage and the pin.

Episode 4 (3/11/15)

Match 1) Big Cass & Enzo Amore defeated the Lucha Dragons following Cass slamming Kalisto and Enzo hit a top rope splash with an assistant from Cass.

Match 2) Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella via a twisting splash from the top rope.

CJ Parker came out for a promo and was interrupted by Alex Riley and a match happened.

Match 3) Alex Riley defeated CJ Parker with a blockbuster.

Kevin Owens came out and said it's a good thing Riley looks as good as he does because he is the dumbest man in WWE. He insults his back tattoo and mentions how he made the choice to end his announcing career to wrestle him and now Owens will end his in ring career and leaves.

Match 4) Tyler Breeze defeated Hideo Itami via The Beauty Shot.

The next NXT Taping is Wednesday February 18th, 2015. As of now, the taping is currently sold out.

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