WWE NXT Taping Results (3/18, 3/25, 4/1 & 4/8)

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WWE held another set of NXT tapings on Wednesday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Episodes taped on Wednesday are scheduled to air on March 18, March 25, April 1st and April 8th.

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Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

They announced at the beginning of the show that the next taping will be on April 23rd, 2015 (which will be head to head with Impact at Universal Studios)

William Regal announced at the beginning of the show that the following matches will be taped tonight:

Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze (2/3 Falls)
Rhyno vs Sami Zayn
For the NXT Championship: Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens

Dark Match

The Vaudevillains defeated Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

3/18/15 (Episode 1)

Match 1) Finn Balor defeated Tye Dillinger via double stomp.

Tyler Breeze came on the screen and called Finn a flavor of the month.

Match 2) In a Triple Threat #1 contender's match, Becky Lynch defeated Bayley and Charlotte when Charlotte had a Bridging Figure Four Leg Lock on Bayley and Becky made the cover on Bayley to score the win.

Match 3) Hideo Itami defeated CJ Parker with the Busaiku Knee.

Match 4) Rhyno squashed John Yurnet (Mr. 450) with a Gore.

Match 5) In a non-title match, Kevin Owens defeated Alex Riley with the pop-up powerbomb. The match was mostly one sides by Owens.

After, Owens set up Riley for the powerbomb on the apron until Sami Zayn ran down and attacked Owens. NXT Security tried to break them up. They pulled Owens away on the floor and Zayn went to the top rope and did a flip dive onto all of them on the floor. Owens made it the ramp/stage and he and Zayn stared each other down.

3/25/15 (Episode 2)

Match 1) Jason Jordan defeated Tye Dillinger with a T-bone Suplex.

Match 2) Bayley defeated Emma when Emma went for a pin and Bayley countered into a pin of her own.

After the match, Bayley walked out on Emma.

Match 3) In a non-title match, Blake & Murphy beat Sin Cara & Kalisto via a running Suplex by Murphy and a frog splash by Blake.

Sami Zayn came to the ring for a promo. He said it is good to be back. He mentioned being overseas in Abu Dahbi. He said the only thing on his mind while he was there was Kevin Owens. He realized that the Owens that he was in the ring with at Rival was not the same Owens as 2 to even 10 years ago both in the ring and as a person. He says he is going to use his rematch and recapture his NXT Championship and he will kick Kevin Owen's ass.

Match 4) Rhyno squashed a jobber with the Gore.

After, Rhyno took a microphone. He said he came to NXT to make a statement. He wants the NXT Championship. He calls out Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens and he says it doesn't matter which of them gets in his way because the end result will be the same with a "gore...gore...gore."

Match 5) In a 2/3 Falls Match, Tyler Breeze defeated Hideo Itami.
- First first fall happened when Hideo hit a running kick to the face on Breeze in just over two minutes.
- Second fall happened Breeze teased an injury to his knee then hit a Beauty Shot when Hideo didn't expect it.
- Third fall happened when Hideo went for the running kick and Breeze countered with The Beauty Shot to win 2-1.

(4/1/15) Episode 3

Match 1) Solomon Crowe defeated CJ Parker via Stretch Muffler.

Crowe said after the match to stay tuned because the real show is just beginning and he now returns everyone to their regularly scheduled programming.

Match 2) Baron Corbin squashed an unknown.

Enzo & Cass cut a promo before the next match vowing to win the Tag Titles.

Match 3) Enzo Amore & Big Cass w/Carmella defeated Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins (who were in their "shooter" gear.) Blake & Murphy came out and gave Carmella flowers during the match.

Match 4) Dana Brooke defeated Bluepants with a sitout fireman's carry slam.

Match 5) Sami Zayn defeated Rhyno with the Helluva kick. Crowd was pretty hot for this one and very into the nearfalls.

(4/8/15) Episode 4

Match 1) For the NXT Women's Championship, Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss via the Bank Statement.

Match 2) For the NXT Heavyweight Championship, Kevin Owens defeated Finn Balor with the pop up powerbomb in a match that went over 20 minutes. Crowd was into this one with the nearfalls. There were some big nearfalls, including Owens hitting a Fisherman's Buster from the top rope. Owens posed on the stage and Finn got a big ovation after the match.

NXT returns to Full Sail University on April 23rd, 2015 for more NXT TV.

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