WWE NXT Taping Results (4/29, 5/6, 5/13), Card For TakeOver

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WWE held another set of NXT tapings on Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Episodes taped on Wednesday are scheduled to air on April 29, May 6, and May 13. The card for WWE NXT TakeOver on May 20 is included after the spoilers.

Dark Match

The Mechanics beat two unknowns.

Episode 1 (4/29/15)

Kevin Owens came to the ring and took a mic. He addresses how he went to take out Riley until Zayn got involved. He said he is ready for a fight and calls out Sami Zayn. William Regal's music hit and he came to the ring. He tells Owens he will not use NXT to help his own agenda. Owens says with all due respect he didn't call Regal to the ring so he really doesn't care what Regal has to say. All he wants is Sami Zayn. Zayn's music hits. Regal stops him at the steps and says it won't turn out like it did last week. Regal says it seems like the easiest thing he has had to do in weeks. The two of them want each other, so on May 20th, Kevin Owens will defend the NXT Title against Zayn. Owens said he would fight him but what has he done to deserve a title match. He asks if he earns them by cowardly sneak attacks like last week and says he will fight him but he won't put the title on the line. Zayn says it looks like that Owens wants and even needs this match. Zayn says over the last twelve years, anything Owens has done in his career has Zayn's name next to it even now with it being about what Owens has done to Zayn, not what Owens has done. Zayn says that Owens has been living in Sami Zayn's shadow. Zayn says he will give him that chance to get out of his shadow but he fights for a prize. The title is the prize to him, not Owens. Owens says he just made a huge mistake. If he thinks last time was bad, he will make Zayn wish he never asked for this. Regal says then and there that Zayn will face Owens for the championship.

Match 1) In a non-title match, Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy w/Carmella defeated Blake & Murphy via an assisted splash off the top on Murphy.

Match 2) Dana Brooke defeated Bayley via Samoan Driver. During the match, Emma came out wearing a headband, Bayley shirt and entered to Bayley's music distracting her. Dana and Emma high fived as Dana left while Emma looked on from the ramp.

Match 3) Hideo Itami defeated Adam Rose via the Shotgun Kick.

Match 4) Becky Lynch defeated Sarah Dobson (Crazy Mary Dobson on the indies) in a squash via submission with the armbar.

Kevin Owens joined commentary at this point.

Match 5) Sami Zayn defeated Alex Riley by DQ. Owens attacked Zayn on the ramp after a dive by Zayn. Owens then picked up Riley and powerbombed him on the apron.

Episode 2 (5/6/15)

Match 1) Charlotte defeated Emma via the Natural Selection.

Bayley came to the ring and helped Enma to. She gave Emma a hug, did not let go, and hit the Hugplex. She attacked Emma and ripped Emma's Bayley shirt off until Charlotte held Bayley back for Bayley's own good.

Match 2) Rhino defeated Bull Dempsey via Gore in a squash.

After the match, Rhino took a mic and said that everyone calls him an unstoppable force. He said that someone else here is called an unstoppable force and challenges Baron Corbin for Takeover.

The Mechanics (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) came out to face Enzo and Colin but Blake & Murphy laid then out backstage while Carmella pleaded with them to stop. The Mechanics went to the back.

William Regal came to the ring as a table was set up in the ring. Regal announced that on May 20th, the NXT Women's Championship will be defended and introduces #1 contender Becky Lynch. He then introduced NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks. Becky recaps her road to where she is now and said it was all worth it to be where she is now and said she is not here to take heart but is here to takeover and signs the contract. Sasha signs it and blindsides Bevky with the contract and tosses her over the table. She slams her face down into it, stands on the table with her foot over Sasha's head and stomps on it. Becky managed to catch Sasha in the armbar and made her tap out.

Finn Balor came to ringside suited up to sit and watch the following match.

Match 3) Hideo Itami defeated Tyler Breeze via Shotgun Kick. At one point it ended up on the floor and Breeze got near Balor. Itami charged and accidentally booted Balor in the face. Despite this, he was still able to defeat Breeze.

Balor got to his feet and stared at him in the ring. Breeze tried to jump Itami but Ballr saved him. Balor went to help Itami up but Breeze jumped in and superkicked Balor and used his selfie stick to pose over them.

Episode 3 (5/13/15)

Match 1) Bayley defeated Jessie McKay via the Hugplex.

Match 2) Baron Corbin defeated Solomon Crowe via the End of Days. Crowe tried to spring into a flatliner but Corbin caught him in the End of Days. Corbin was also wrestling more like a heel in the match.

Rhino's music guys and he comes to the ring with a microphone. Rhino calls him the "other" unstoppable force. He asks if they are going to do this or what. Baron throws a punch and the two get in a brawl until security runs out to separate them. Rhino ended up hitting The Gore on two of the security members, one of whom was the wrestler Jesus De Leon/John Yurnet who has had previous appearances with NXT in the past.

Before the next match, Sasha cut a promo saying how she made Becky's name and at Takeover she will show why she is The Boss of NXT and if you don't believe it, just watch.

Match 3) In a non-title match, Sasha Banks defeated an unknown who did not get an introduction via the Bank Statement.

Match 4) Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella via the Sparkle Splash. Blake & Murphy distracted Carmella at ringside when she went for her submission finisher in the match.

Blake took a mic and said that he and Murphy have been trying to tell her that when she hangs with trash like Enzo and Cass she is going to smell like garbage. He said it would be a shame if she is not by their sides wen they win next week at Takeover. Murphy takes a mic and tells her if she doesn't remember to check this out and plays the clip of them attacking Enzo and Cass last week. Carmella says next week they will be there and will walk out the next NXT Tag Team Champions. Carmella says after they lose their will only be one word to describe them: sawft.

Match 5) Kalisto defeated Tye Dillinger via Salida Del Sol.

Zayn comes to the ring and calls out Owens. Zayn asks Owens to tell him why. Zayn asks if it is jealousy because Zayn got here first. Owens remains silent. Zayn questions Owens some more on if Zayn's getting here paved the way for guys like them to get here. Zayn asks if it is his son and questions if he is a bigger fan of Zayn than him. Owens goes to speak but leaves up the ramp. Zayn says that after all this time he still has nothing to say. With his back turned to Zayn on the stage, Owens says everything he said is completely irrelevant because he knows the truth. After Zayn lost the title he went home to "clear his head" but Owens said it was because he was hurt, he is still hurt, Owens hurt him, he knows the injury, and at Takeover he will do it again. This time, Zayn won't be coming back and leaves. Zayn stays in the ring for a moment before leaving.

Match 6) Adam Rose & Tyler Breeze defeated Hideo Itami & Finn Balor. Balor and Itami had problems getting along throughout the match. Balor set up Breeze for the double stomp after blind tagging in off of Itami. Itami blind tagged back in and went to attack Breeze but Breeze caught him in a small package for the win.

Balor and Itami got into words until Breeze laid them both out. Rose came in and posed with Breeze until Breeze laid him out too. Breeze then posed over all three of them with the selfie stick.

In what I believe was dark, Balor and Itami took out Breeze after as posed for the fans to close the taping. Balor and Itami shook hands after.

The card for NXT Takeover on May 20th:

NXT Championship Match
Kevin Owens (C) vs. Sami Zayn

NXT Women's Championship Match
Sasha Banks (C) vs. Becky Lynch

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Blake & Murphy (C) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy w/Carmella

Rhino vs. Baron Corbin

Not official but likely for the special:

Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

Bayley vs Emma

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