WWE NXT Taping Results (7/22, 7/29, 8/6 & 8/13)

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WWE held another set of NXT tapings on Thursday night from the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Dark Match

Lina (The Rock's cousin) defeated a woman's wrestler from Toronto, Ontario whose name I could not try to spell if you gave me 24 hours to try. Lena did a bear hug, a Farooq style spinebuster, then did a cover by just placing one foot on her before doing a standing leg drop for good measure to win.

Episode 1 (7/22/15)

Finn Balor came to the ring for a promo with Greg Hamilton. Greg congratulated him saying it was about two weeks ago where he won the belt but this is his first time back at Full Sail and asks how it feels. He said he is a fifteen year pro wrestling all over the world and said there were a lot of tough decisions and sacrifices made but the moment that he was handed the NXT Title, he knew that every one of those choices was worth it. Greg mentioned how it is going to be him and Owens at Takeover: Brooklyn and said the match will be official tonight in a contract signing. He commends Owens for making an impact here, running down everyone he has beaten including John Cena, but he did not defeat Balor in Tokyo and in Brooklyn, Balor will walk in and straight out as champion.

Match 1) Eva Marie defeated Cassie via a Sliced Bread #2 Variation.

Match 2) Baron Corbin squashed Mr. 450 in under ten seconds via the End of Days.

Match 3) Samoa Joe squashed Mike Rawlis via Muscle Buster.

Match 4) Bayley defeated Emma w/Dana Brooke via a Hugplex. Dana got thrown out towards the end of the match.

After Bayley said she is back to be the next NXT Women's Champion but to do that she has to beat the best and she wants a match with Charlotte.

Match 5) Aiden English & Simon Gotch defeated Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins via pun fall on Dawkins.

They had the contract signing. William Regal came to the ring. He spoke of NXT raising the bar constantly and in Brooklyn they will continue to rise and introduced Owens and Balor. Owens asked Balor what it feels like to defend the title at the biggest NXT show in history (in Brooklyn, which the crowd booed) and as the underdog. He commended his own accomplishments such as winning the title, ending Zayn and Itami defeating Cesaro and Rusev and John Cena and that's just in his first six months while Balor had not accomplished anything here prior. He will show everyone that Japan was nothing but a fluke when he becomes the first ever two time NXT Champion. Balor said in Brooklyn he will take KO's words and shove them down his throat. Both of them sign the contract. Owens attacked Balor, flipping the table, and even laid out Regal with a punch. Balor got the upper hand and drop kicked Owens out of the ring.

Episode 2 (7/29/15)

Match 1) Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder defeated Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy w/Carmella via a combination Flapjack/Gutbuster on Enzo. Dawson & Wilder took out Colin towards the end of the match and outsmarted Enzo to win.

Match 2) Baron Corbin squashed Jesse Sorensen in very limited time via the End of Days.

Match 3) Jason Jordan & Chad Gable defeated Elias Sampson & Levis Valenzuela Jr via a vaulting back suplex on Levis.

Match 4) Charlotte defeated Dana Brooke w/Emma via the Natural Selection.

Match 5) Kevin Owens squashed Martin Stone (former NXT Alumni, Danny Burch) via the pop-up powerbomb.

After the match, Owens powerbombed Stone in the apron and got on the turnbuckle and did the Balor pose as refs attended to Stone.

Match 6) In an NXT Tag Team Championship Match, Blake & Murphy w/Alexa Bliss defeated Aiden English and Simon Gotch with help from Alexa. Aiden and Gotch went to finish Blake when Alexa tripped up Aiden and Blake rolled up Aiden with the rights to retain.

They attacked Blake & Murphy after and were left in the ring with Alexa Bliss. Gotch and Aiden held the ropes for her to leave. She slapped both Gotch and Aiden and left the ring after.

Episode 3 (8/6/15)

Match 1) Bayley defeated Charlotte.
- Bayley reversed the figure four
- After one sequence in the corner with both going for backslides, Bayley kicked off the corner and Bayley hit the Hugplex for two.
- Bayley hit a Hugplex from the middle rope for the win in about ten minutes.

Match 2) Baron Corbin squashed Steve Cutler.

Match 3) Tyler Breeze squashed Aaron Solo and won with The Beauty Shot.

William Regal said that for weeks Breeze has asked him for a match at Takeover in Brooklyn. He has scoured the world looking for an opponent for him. He has no doubt that this opponent will truly put him on the map: Jushin Thunder Liger, complete with a graphic on the screen for him.

Match 4) Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder defeated Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder via Tandem Rough Ryder.

Dawson attacked Mojo and Zack after. They dumped Mojo to the floor and double teamed on Ryder, hitting their Flapjack/Gutbuster Combination on him.

Match 5) Samoa Joe defeated Rhyno via Muscle Buster.

Episode 4 (8/13/15)

Match 1) Tye Dillinger defeated Solomon Crowe with a grounded codebreaket/knee to the face. Tye debuted his new Perfect 10 gimmick, even enter in with a sign.

Match 2) Baron Corbin squashed Axel Tischer with the End of Days.

Baron talked about how he always wins and nobody gets up from the End of Days. Steve Cutler came out and attacked him, ate the End of Days. He takes the mic and said nobody gets up from the End of Days. Samoa Joe's music hits and he comes to the ring with a mic in hand. Joe says he is impressed and heard how Baron wanted a challenge. Joe guarantees one thing: Baron won't be doing that to him. Joe said he is standing right here, why not try doing The End of Days right now? Baron said obviously not now, he just fought two wrestlers. Baron sucker punched Joe and attacked him. Joe came back and was able to get Baron in the Coquina Clutch. Joe stood tall over him.

Match 3) Finn Balor defeated Marcus Louis via Coup De Grace.

Kevin Owens attacked Finn on the ramp. He went for the pop up powerbomb but Finn blocked it and drop kicked Owens into a guardrail. He rolled Owens into the ring but Owens laid him out with the pop up powerbomb. Owens stood tall with the title over Finn.

Match 4) In a #1 Contender's Match (likely for Brooklyn,) Bayley defeated Becky Lynch via schoolgirl roll-up. Sasha Banks was on commentary. Sasha stood on the table and she and Bayley stared each other down.

Confirmed for WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn...

Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor (C) for the NXT Championship
Tyler Breeze vs Jushin Liger

All but confirmed for WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn...

Bayley vs Sasha Banks (C) for the NXT Diva's Championship
Murphy & Blake (C) vs The Vaudvillains for the NXT Tag Team Championship
Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin

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