Last night edition of NXT UK saw a semi-finals match in the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament as we as action in the women's division along with two debuts and two returns.

Let's breakdown everything that happened last night:

Gallus defeated Sam Gradwell and Pretty Deadly:

Results (via WWE) - The Iron King is back, and thus Gallus is once again at full strength. Joe Coffey made his highly anticipated return to the ring and was as physically dominant as ever as the Glasgow firm squared off with the oddball alliance of Sam Gradwell & Pretty Deadly. Coffey found himself alone in the ring with Gradwell and ate an STO, but recovered in time to deliver All The Best for the Bells and put the Gallus boys on top. 

My Take:

Gallus is back at 100% This six man tag team match marked the first match back for The Iron King Joe Coffey since the world stood still and it looks like he hasn't missed a step and has been hitting gym. This also marked the first match back for Sam Gradwell who has been out of action with a knee injury for over two years. This match was very one sided for majority of the match as Gallus dominated Sam Gradwell and Pretty Deadly. Gallus boys may have came out on top but not without potential injury.

Jinny defeated Aleah James; Piper Niven DECIMATED Jinny:

Results (via WWE) - The feisty upstart Aleah James gave Jinny plenty to deal with in a spirited effort, but The Fashionista put down the underdog challenger with a rolling Liger kick for the victory.

Not yet satisfied with merely a victory, Jinny commandeered a microphone and ran down her competition in the NXT UK Women's division, and Piper Niven was quick to meet her in the ring for a heated shouting match. NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray soon joined the scene as well, challenging both to demonstrate their "killer instinct." Jinny slapped Piper but was met with a thunderous headbutt. Seemingly snapping, Niven smashed a chair over Jinny's back before planting her with a Piper Drive. 

My Take:

This was an ok match for Jinny against the debuting Aleah James and that's what I've come to expect from NXT UK's resident Fashionista. Since the inception of the brand Jinny has staked her claim to the Women's Championship but alas she has never been able to wear the crown. Other women such as Toni Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Piper Niven, Isla Dawn, and Nina Samuels have seem to jumped over her in the very much crowded title picture. After the match Jinny staked her claim again as being next in line to challenge for the title as she ran down Piper Niven and the rest of the division. I get that things still aren't settled with Piper and KLR but why did it have to come at the expense of Jinny. 

A-Kid defeated Noam Dar to Advance to the Finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament:

Results (via WWE) - A-Kid has punched his ticket for the finals after digging deep for a comeback victory. The Spanish Superstar nearly tapped Noam Dar for the first fall, but The Scottish Supernova was saved by the bell marking Round 2's end. Dar instead turned the tables, earning a submission fall in Round 3 and keeping the hold cinched in even after the bell to potentially jeopardize A-Kid's right arm, which he targeted with a vicious kick to begin Round 4. A-Kid evened the tally, however, pinning Dar with a crafty bridge combination, and neither man earned a fall in Round 5, requiring Sudden Death. Potentially sealing his own fate, Dar planted two kisses on the Heritage Cup as the action spilled outside, but moments later found himself locked in A-Kid's omoplata and had no choice but to submit. 

My Take:

This was a great match between these two that saw a lot of mat based wrestling in the beginning as Dar was looking for a submission. This was the longest match I believe in the whole entire tournament as they went the distance to all six rounds. In the end A-Kid won 2 falls to 1 earning him a spot in the finals and will face the winner of Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff. I'm firmly in the camp that an up and comer should win the cup and we could be looking at A-Kid vs Trent Seven in the finals possibly.

NXT UK Next Week/Backstage Segments:

Rampage Brown made his debut in a segment that showed him on a tour of the NXT UK Performance Center before signing his contract. 

We also learned that Brown will make his in-ring debut next week.

After a wild and chaotic brawl between Piper and KLR we found out that in two weeks time it will be Piver Niven vs Kay Lee Ray in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the NXT UK Women's Championship 

Trent Seven vs Dave Mastiff in a semi-final match in the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament 

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