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Last night’s edition saw a battle between two colossal titans and the NXT UK Women’s Championship was on the line in the main event.

If you missed any of last night’s action then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the full results of the show:

Rampage Brown defeated “Bomber” Dave Mastiff:

Results (via WWE) - Something had to give in this collision of two mastodons, and eventually it did. But early on, they were seemingly stunned by the other being able to match their strength, a rare experience for both competitors. Dave Mastiff stymied Rampage Brown in a way we haven't yet seen, catching him off the ropes with a huge bludgeoning strike before hitting a pump-handle suplex that shook the ring.

 Answering with a big boot and a lariat, Brown later blasted Mastiff at the leg to cut him down from the second rope. Brown then summoned the strength to plant "Bomber" with the Doctor Bomb, showcasing impressive strength and passing his toughest test yet with flying colors.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Jack Starz:

Results (via WWE) - Ilja Dragunov may be a changed man if his return to action was any indication. In his first bout in nearly three months since falling short in his bid to dethrone WALTER as NXT United Kingdom Champion, Dragunov went to a scary place after Jack Starz leveled him with a strike to the back of the neck. Transforming almost immediately, The Mad Russian unleashed a ruthless barrage of strikes and ultimately forced a referee's stoppage after repeated elbows to Starz's head.

Coming to his senses after the bell, Dragunov looked remorseful for — and confused by — what he had done to Starz, who lied motionless on the mat. 

Amir Jordan defeated Tyson T-Bone:

Results (via WWE) - In a match arranged by tag team partner Kenny Williams, Amir Jordan rose to the challenge against the imposing Tyson T-Bone. Jordan countered T-Bone's pin attempt into a crafty pinning combination of his own, claiming his first-ever singles victory on NXT UK.

A Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Tag Team Match announced for next week:

Kay Lee Ray successfully defend her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Jinny:

Results (via WWE) - With much of the NXT UK Women's division watching on with the rest of the NXT UK Universe, Jinny proved why she had earned the opportunity, dominating Kay Lee Ray behind a methodical pace while deriding her for not being championship material. A title changed appeared imminent as The Fashionista smashed KLR with a huge knee to the face and a short-arm lariat.

But The Scary Queen of Scots struck back, and had Jinny in position for the Gory Bomb until Jinny's associate, Joseph Conners, caused a distraction. Jinny capitalized by hitting the Makeover, however the referee spotted Conners holding KLR's legs down on Jinny's ensuing pin attempt, prompting Conners to be ejected from ringside.

Conners appeared intent on leaving with KLR's title in tow before the champion blasted him with a right hand. Jinny sought to use the championship as a weapon, but was once again foiled by the referee, who grabbed it away. Jinny then felt the wrath of the Gory Bomb, and Kay Lee Ray's record-setting reign continued. 

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