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Last night’s edition of WWE NXT UK saw Ben Carter in action, the announcement of Joshi Legend Meiko Satomura joining the brand, and we crowned new #1 contenders to the tag team titles.

If you missed an of the action from last night’s show then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the full results:

Trent Seven Confronted NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin:

Results (via WWE) - Jordan Devlin once again declared his greatness and called on any challengers to step up for his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. What he got was a surprising confrontation with Trent Seven.

Seven proposed he cut weight to make the 205-pound limit with the promise of a future title opportunity. The Irish Ace responded by laughing incredulously, wishing The Don of NXT UK good luck before Seven decked him in the face to show he means business.

Ben Carter defeated Sam Gradwell:

Results (via WWE) - Ben Carter once again showcased unbelievable athleticism and promise, this time pulling off a victory after pushing Devlin to the limit earlier this month. The much stronger Sam Gradwell began to impose his will behind his powerful repertoire, grounding the high-flying blue-chipper.

Carter’s agility eventually won out, however, highlighted by an explosive tope suicida followed by a tope con giro moments later. The electrifying 22-year-old put Gradwell away with a picture-perfect frog splash.

Sha Samuels defeated Josh Morrell:

Results (via WWE) - Josh Morrell was the unfortunate Superstar to be caught standing in Sha Samuels’ way, and Samuels made him pay. As vicious as he was effective, Samuels dismantled Morrell, steamrolling him with a spinebuster and forcing a submission with what resembled a modified Cobra Clutch.

Pretty Deadly defeated Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, The Hunt, and Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster to become #1 Contenders:

Results (via WWE) - The NXT UK Tag Team Title picture is looking Pretty Deadly all of a sudden.

Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker prevailed but not before plenty of chaotic, fast-paced action unfolded at The BT Sport studios, and champions Gallus looked on with a balcony view and popcorn in hand.

The Hunt were without the guidance of Eddie Dennis, who was barred from ringside after getting involved in recent matches. Primate & Wild Boar didn’t take long to come to blows with their former friends turned foes, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

Oliver Carter treated the NXT UK universe to shock and awe, delivering an innovative springboard off Howley’s back to take out all other competitors outside the ring. Carter was also responsible for the first elimination, hitting a springboard cutter to Primate off Ashton Smith’s shoulders

However, Smith & Carter were the next to go following a knee strike-poison rana combination from Andrews & Webster on Smith.

Andrews soon caught fire, unleashing his full arsenal of offense against Howley and Stoker. But a cunning attack targeting Andrews’ previously injured left knee slowed him down in a hurry, and the damage was further exacerbated by Stoker’s single-leg crab and Figure-Four.

Dennis still made his presence felt, bashing Andrews’ knee with a chair, unseen to the referee as he was occupied with the rest of the competitors. Pretty Deadly capitalized, hitting a double-team neckbreaker to earn the right to challenge Gallus.

Plus we learned that Joshi legend Meiko Satomura will be joining the NXT UK brand:

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