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Last night's Thanksgiving edition(if you live in America) of NXT UK saw the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament and Jordan Devlin's first title defense since winning the title back at Worlds Collide in January.

Here are the results of last night's show:

Jordan Devlin retained against Amir Jordan:

Results (via WWE) - Jordan Devlin was a man on a mission in the first defense of “his” NXT Cruiserweight Championship in eight months. Fighting as though he still has everything to prove, The Irish Ace punished Amir Jordan with a cavalcade of chops and holds, methodically wearing him down bit by bit. Though Jordan demonstrated his grit by fighting back with a flurry of offense — including a high-risk tope suicida and a rolling flatliner — Devlin stymied the rally and tapped his foe out with a Cloverleaf.

Jinny defeated Isla Dawn:

Results (via WWE) - One week after playing a pivotal role in Kay Lee Ray’s NXT UK Women’s Title defense against Piper Niven, Jinny showed once again she’s a force to be reckoned with between the ropes as well. Isla Dawn nearly scored a major win after hitting a backdrop driver, but The Fashionista recovered and fired back with a reverse enziguri before tapping out NXT UK’s White Witch with a brutal submission combination.

A-Kid defeated Trent Seven to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup:

Results (via WWE) - A-Kid and Trent Seven needed more than six rounds, but in the end, WWE’s Spanish Superstar became the first to hoist the Heritage Cup by winning in Sudden Death Overtime after an unforgettable classic.

Most of the first two rounds were spent on the mat as the competitors traded holds. While the bout wasn’t short on respect, it also wasn’t short on intensity, and A-Kid brought the aggression right off the bat in Round 3, charging Seven before he even finished drinking his water from the intermission. From there, mat wrestling largely went out the window as they traded thunderous strikes. A-Kid scored the bout’s first fall, pinning The Don of NXT UK after connecting with a jumping side kick.

Seven fought out of an armbar to hit a huge powerbomb in Round 4, but couldn’t capitalize for a pin in time by the round’s end. A-Kid nearly sealed the deal in the next round, as he countered Seven’s gigantic back superplex by rolling over for the cover, but the bell signaling the end of the round just before the referee could count three. 

Unable to even the tally even after hitting the Seven Star Lariat and a Burning Hammer, Seven dug deep into his back of tricks to reverse an armbar into what was finally a successful pinning combination to force the extra period. 

Seven seemed to have the Cup all but wrapped up after hitting a massive slam from the apron to the outside, but A-Kid managed to beat the 10-count. The plucky Spaniard later reversed Seven’s omoplata into his own, eventually forcing Seven to submit after a desperate struggle and giving way to an emotional celebratory scene. 

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