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Raw Results 2/9/15 – Dirty Finishes...Dirty Finishes Everywhere!

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RAW Results February 9, 2015
From Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Trip wants to face Sting at Fast Lane, will Sting answer. Rusev pays tribute to Cena tonight!

Raw Starts


Recap of The Authority starting Raw last week.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Reigns through the stands to the ring. Video of Big Show beating Reigns last week, then Reigns returning to take out Big Show and Rollins, helping Bryan win his match. Reigns gets a mixed reaction from the fans.

Reigns – This time last week I stood here the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble Match. (heat) When you win the Royal Rumble Match, you guarantee your spot at WrestleMania. Which says I fight Brock Lesnar and I beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC! (heat) Also, The Authority made it clear that I'm not the guy they want in that spot. (mixed) That means the way I prove myself is I win Royal Rumble Match, beat Bryan at Fast Lane (heat), go on to WrestleMania and beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC, then I will do it. This point on, I don't care who gets in my way. You get in my way, I got a spear with your name on it. You can bet your ass that you can believe that!

Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" He's all smiles. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" fill the arena while he's in the ring.

Bryan – Easy there big dog. I didn't come out here to fight you. I came out to thank you. Last week you came out and speared Big Show, which was amazing! Without that Rollins might have beaten me, I might have been a goner. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity last week. But now you have an opportunity of your own at Fast Lane. You vs me. The winner face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC at WrestleMania.

Bryan waits and the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" goes again, but not as loud.

Bryan – I get it, you're bigger than me, your stronger than me. When it comes to looks, I'd say we're about even. (Reigns laughs) But the reality is, and everyone here knows this, when it comes to wrestling, I am the better wrestler than you!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

The Authority's music and out they come. Steph in a purple dress leading Trip, Kane and Big Show. They stay on the stage.

Steph – Hang on a second gentlemen. I know you two are ramped up for Fast Lane, we're all so excited. Fast Lane, for new subscribers is available for free on the WWE Network, as is the entire month of February.

Trip – The same PPV where I will go face to face with Sting. If he shows up. It's been two weeks since I called Sting out, I have yet to hear a word. So I am giving him to the end of the night. Sting, if you're listening, I want an answer by the end of tonight! Are you a man, or are you the coward that I think you are?

Steph – That's right, tensions are incredibly high, with everyone. I think that's why the two of you have been so antagonistic lately. Roman, I'll start with you. You cost Rollins his match on Rollins, and spear and innocent Big Show who was just minding the ring, and the reason why is because Big Show pinned you earlier in the night. You did it out of spite.

Reigns – No, no, no. I did it because I could.

Steph – That's even worse. And you Daniel, you stuff Kane into a casket and close the lid? That's where diseased bodies go to decompose. How sick and twisted are you?

Bryan – I mean, in all fairness, you guys did put me in that match, and also, considering what your husband has done in caskets, I thought you'd appreciate it.

Steph – You know, we can stand here and throw barbs back and forth, but as The Authority, as management, we take accountability very seriously. The two of you have causes emotional distress, physical pain, public humiliation, so we're going to take action, so the two of you will be in tag team action tonight, against Kane and Big Show. That match is right now!

Bryan & Reigns vs Kane & Big Show

Kane and Big Show head for the ring.


Kane kicks Bryan, then hits him. Bryan ducks Kane, but then caught. Bryan free, pulls the top rope down and Kane out. Bryan with his suicide dive that gets the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" going. Back in the ring and Reigns tags in to some solid heat! Kane beats Reigns down, but then Reigns up, off the ropes and lands a clothesline. Big Show tags in. Reigns on Big Show, but pushed off. Reigns whipped, then to the opposite corner and hits the mat. Reigns comes back with blows, then a clothesline in the corner. Another corner clothesline to Big Show. Reigns caught, but Reigns reverses into a DDT on Big Show for two.

Big Show with a head butt that drops Reigns. Kane tags in and all over Reigns in the heel corner with blows and kicks. Snap mare on Reigns into a chinlock. Kane could be seen calling the moves into Reigns' head, but was very obviously seen on camera. Reigns reverses and slams Kane to the mat. Both are down and reaching. Both tagged out. Drop kick to Kane through the ropes to knock him to the floor. Running double kicks to Big Show in a corner, and another. "YES!" kicks to Big Show who pushes Bryan off. "YES!" kicks to a kneeling Big Show, even the biggie, but Big Show rolls out. Bryan climbs, flies out onto both Big Show and Kane, but he's caught and slammed back into the ropes.


Big Show has Bryan locked up in the ring through, "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan free and on Big Show with a forearm, but caught in a bear hug. Big Show slams Bryan to the mat. Kane tags in and drops an elbow on Bryan for two.

Bear hug on Bryan. The fans behind Bryan, clapping. Bryan with blows, and free, but whipped. Bryan runs up, but caught and into a side slam from Kane for two.

Big Show tags in and punches Bryan in the ribs as Kane holds him. Head butt from Big Show drops Bryan, then Big Show walks on Bryan. Big Show walks back across Bryan again. Big Show climbs his corner, second ropes, but Bryan rolls and Big Show screams, selling the pain. Kane tags in and a cheap shot on Reigns to cut Bryan off. Bryan grabs Kane into a "YES!" lock. Big Show grabs Bryan by the ankle and pulls him out. Big Show sends Bryan into the timekeepers area and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners – Bryan & Reigns via DQ (12:06)

Reigns attacks Big Show from behind. Kane on Reigns from behind. Reigns reverses on Kane, takes him down. Big Show with a chair to Reigns' gut with the top, then the flat of the chair to Reigns' back. Reigns in over the bottom rope, and Big Show in over the top. Reigns up with a superman punch on Big Show. Chair to Big Show's back, then the top of the chair to Big Show's ribs. A big chair shot sends Big Show from the ring, over the top. Reigns turns around into a blow from Kane. Reigns avoids a chokeslam from Kane, but Bryan in and rushing Kane, but Kane sidesteps and double feet to Reigns in the corner. Steph loves it, mixed reaction from the fans. Reigns and Bryan talk, Bryan explains. Reigns pushes Bryan down to the mat. Bryan back up, getting in Reigns' face at The Authority laughs.

Trip – You two seem to get along great. I'm gonna give you another opportunity to team up again tonight. See how you get along when you face Kane, Big Show, J&J Security and this man...out comes Rollins with J&J Security in tow. Reigns and Bryan don't look thrilled in the ring. Video recap of the double kick on Reigns. The Authority on the bottom of the ramp laughing.


Rollins vs Ryback

Rollins with J&J Security in the ring. Ryback out to face him.

Noble distracts Ryback on the apron, giving Rollins the chance to attack. Rollins all over Ryback. Rollins pulls the ropes down, Ryback flies out. J&J Security sends Ryback into the barricade by announce. Rollins out, grabs Ryback and rolls him in. Running forearm on Ryback's face in a corner. Stomps, then a neck breaker on Ryback for two.

Front facelock on Ryback on the mat. Ryback muscles up like nothing. Rollins blocks with knees to Ryback's middle. Blows to the back of Ryback's head. Rollins yells and gets heat, bringing the fans back into the match. Ryback uses this time to hit a HUGE body drop on Rollins! Rollins got SERIOUS air! Rollins in, knocked down. Mercury knocked off the apron. Ryback gets Rollins up, but J&J Security attack and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Ryback via DQ (2:56)

Noble tossed off, Mercury holds Ryback down by a leg and Rollins kicks him in the face. Rollins then lands a curb stomp. Rollins stands over Ryback, with J&J Security pointing to Rollins, giving him props. Video recap of the high points of the match. Rollins backs up the ramp yelling smack at Rollins who is still on the mat, glaring up at Rollins, checking his mouth for blood.



Big Show talking about BA Star, after the accusations thrown at him earlier today.


Promo for Sheamus' return, making him look dominant.

Paige vs Brie

Paige in the ring, waiting. Brie out with Nikki in tow. Both in their green ring gear. Video of Paige vs Fox on Raw last week, then the Bellas spray tanned Paige's gut and crotch.

Thesz Press on Brie takes her down. Paige all over Brie on the mat, pulled off by the ref about pulling Brie's hair. Brie takes Paige down for two.

Upper cut to Paige, then a running knee against the ropes. Brie gets one for it.

Head scissors on Paige on the mat as Nikki cheers her twin on. Brie really all over Paige with the hold, into an almost figure four on Paige's head, back to a scissor lock. Paige forced Brie's shoulders down for two.

Paige on Brie with blows, but Brie off the corner with a drop kick for two.

Brie yells smack at Paige. Both bitch slap at the same time, then a short clothesline on Brie. More short clotheslines drop Brie, then a drop kick. Nikki on the apron, Brie sent into Nikki, knocking her down. Rampaige on Brie for three.

Winner – Paige (3:15)

Nikki rushes in at Paige who flees the ring. Nikki poses with her strap, staring up at Paige on the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Rusev and Lana heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Rusev to the ring with Lana in tow in her too shiny red suit. Lana mic squeals against her skirt, she pulls it away. Then squeals again. "USA!" chants.

Lana – Regardless of what the ignorant masses of America think, we are proud to face John Cena at Fast Lane. John Cena should be honored to face Rusev. You see, Rusev and I agree that John Cena has accomplished great things in WWE. Cena's never give up attitude has led him to be one of the greatest Champions in WWE history. Just like an award show like Oscars and Grammys acknowledge someone's great career, we want to recognize John Cena's career tonight.

Video all about Cena, starting good, but ending with bad things happening to Cena, including all major injuries.

Lana – 13 years is a long time, we wonder how a mortal man like John Cena can keep on going. His body must be so tired after all these battles. His body must ache. John Cena, we know you look stronger and greater than ever, inside you're more vulnerable. Your a man at your limits, awaiting annihilation.

Rusev takes the mic and gets heat.

Rusev – John Cena, the man you once were no longer exists. ("What?") You're no longer what you used to be John Cena! ("What?") You don't WHAT me, I'm a hero! ("What?") I'm a hero! ("What?") John Cena you're no longer that you, tough man, full of ruthless aggression! ("What?") Now your fighting spirit has left you. ("What?") And you're just weak! ("What?") at Fast Lane, John Cena I will break your body and crush you spirit! ("What?")

Cena's music and out he comes, eye still really black, mic in hand. He stays on the stage.

Cena – Alright, I'm half blind, but I'm not deaf. From what I gather, I hear Lana and Rusev talking like Rusev's already won this match at Fast Lane. From what I hear, I hear Rusev talking about how he's facing a tired, broken down shell of an old man. The only reason he's fighting is to prove that he's superior. He's unbeatable. If he's so unbeatable, and I'm such an easy walk through, I'm wondering why we're even having a match at Fast Lane. For the same reason all these people here tonight want you to shut the hell up. They know what I know, you're both full of yourselves and you're both full of crap. These people know me, they don't have to watch some of your lousy propaganda videos to realize that over the past 13 years I've been knocked down a few times. Got my nose broke, my neck broke, both my elbows cut, my eyes gouged out and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here's the part of your little film you left out comrades. Every single time I get knocked down, I get back up! This is why we're having a match at Fast Lane. Yeah, you won some fights, but you need a lesson on respect! So at Fast Lane, this easy target, I'm going to hit you in the mouth so hard that your eyes water. At Fast Lane, this broken down shell, I'm going to lock you up in a pretzel so tight your arms go numb. And at Fast Lane, this here old man will hoist you up on his shoulders, adjust your attitude and by the time you wake up, the only thing you're going to be able to do is turn and ask Lana, 'Lana help Rusev, Rusev have booboo spot.' Don't get it twisted Rusev, I'm not going to take you lightly. I know you're going to show up at Fast Lane to try to hurt me you are everything you say you are. You are a super athlete, but at Fast Lane, we're going to find out if you're tough. You picked a fight with the wrong old man, son. Because at Fast Lane, this old man is gonna whip your ass!

Rusev pitches a fit in the ring, Lana tries to hold him back. "USA!" chants fill the arena.

Rusev – You're gonna kick my ass? John Cena, you talk a lot standing over there. You can't even see me from your one eye. (Rusev waves hand in front of his own face to mock Cena) You can't! You can't even see me John Cena. At WWE Fast Lane,i am going to crush you!

Cena – I see how this works. Hey, everybody, Rusev's got the jokes! It's a shame that Lana's got the balls. Feeling froggy, jump homeboy!

Rusev leaves the ring, Cena meets him at the bottom of the ramp. They fight a bit, then Rusev slams Cena the softest way possible on the ramp, as if Cena would break. They fight more there. Then back up and Cena lifts Rusev, carries him to the stage, trips slams Rusev down. Both up and Rusev pokes Cena in that blackened eye. Rusev sends Cena face first into the back of the stage. Rusev stomps Cena's back so lightly he barely brushes Cena's shirt with his foot! Refs are there yelling for Rusev to leave.



Recap of the fight between Cena and Rusev.

Ziggler vs Wyatt

Ziggler to the ring. Wyatt to the ring through fireflies.

They lock up, Ziggler tossed off, then glares up at Wyatt. Ziggler on Wyatt's leg. Dueling chants for both wrestlers as Ziggler stays on Wyatt's leg, and onto his back on the mat. A big right to Ziggler who comes back with a drop kick! Ziggler behind Wyatt, Wyatt into the ropes. Elbow to Ziggler's face drops him. Blows on Ziggler, then chokes in the second rope. Ziggler whipped, but moves and Wyatt eats corner. Ziggler splashes, lands neck breaker, but Wyatt avoids the epic elbow. Wyatt hung up top on the apron, then kicks Wyatt in the head, knocking him to the floor.


Wyatt on Ziggler on the mat with a chinlock. Ziggler struggles up, but slammed back for two.

Wyatt takes Ziggler back down to the mat in a chinlock. Wyatt's nose is bleeding, and he smiles the blood on his face and teeth at the camera. "Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler up, blows on Wyatt, but caught across the gut with Wyatt's body. Ziggler on the mat, selling it completely. Wyatt wipes his face, then on Ziggler with blows on the mat. Another smile from Wyatt. Wyatt pulls Ziggler up through dueling chants for both men. Ziggler with blows on Wyatt, then jaw breaker. Ziggler lands an elbow, then that sick DDT on Wyatt for two.

Both are down on the mat. Both up, famouser avoided. Sister Abigail avoided. Ziggler gets two.

Famouser, superkick, but only two for Ziggler.

Both slow to move again. "This is awesome!" could be heard, at least once. Wyatt out, Ziggler out after him, comes around the ring and eats that sick clothesline! Wyatt grabs Ziggler and drops him on the apron, rolls him into the ring. Wyatt to a corner, back bend and smile through the blood. Back crab walk, to his head, flips and lands. Ziggler up for Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Wyatt (11:43)

Wyatt stares at Ziggler flopping on the mat. Wyatt grabs Ziggler's arm, drags him from the ring to the floor. Wyatt pulls the mat up, the refs flip it back down and yell at Wyatt to not do it. Video recap of the high points of the match. Ziggler's head hit hard outside, didn't tuck enough, or got hit really hard out there.

Wyatt is yelling that he's sorry!

Announce Segment

Black History Month. This one for Junkyard Dog, with a lovely video for the great man.


In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar and Heyman to the ring.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I have been authorized this evening to disseminate some information on behalf of The Beast who imposes his presence upon you, Brock Lesnar. That's kind of the theme of tonight's sermon, information, because it's going to be apparent to my client that society no longer places any value on credible information. Look how far everyone has gone to crucify Brian Williams on NBC News for embellishing a story or two, outright lying, and yet Brian Williams is not the #1 liar in the land, in fact he's a distant second to a distinction that is held jointly by Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. They are going to have a match at Fast Lane, the winner of that match, and the winner goes on to have an opportunity for that Championship against The Beast at WrestleMania. If either Bryan or Reigns come out and say they have a chance against Brock Lesnar, they're lying. To their families, to each other, and to each and every one of you. They're simply lying to their-selves. Let's look at Reigns, the baddest dude from the most feared tribe from the most violent island in Samoa, and yet I stood two feet away when Reigns looked eye to eye with Brock Lesnar, and Roman, that yellow stream running down your leg was not pineapple juice. Come on Roman, there's nothing to be afraid of, or hang your head down. It's a normal reaction facing The Beast. Then there's Daniel Bryan. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" The tragic tale of the overachieving ultimate underdog who actually has lied to himself into believing he has a chance against Brock Lesnar. Ladies and gentlemen, let me make this simple for you. Look at Bryan, and look at Brock Lesnar. Do you really think Bryan has a chance?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Heyman – I'm not just talking about the size difference, because what Bryan is lacking in physical stature compared to Brock Lesnar, he more than makes up for with in-ring ability, knowledge of submission holds, grit, and a pipeline to God, because he's pulled more miracles out of his tuckus than we've ever seen anyone pull off, but do you really believe that Bryan is the one to beat the one in 21-1?

"YES!" "YES!" "NO!" "YES!" "YES!"

Heyman – Let me spell this out for you, so even you can understand this, it doesn't matter who wins at Fast Lane, the winner of that match should hop into a helicopter with Brian Williams and subject themselves to enemy fire, because that enemy fire is a hail storm in the form of an F5, because an F5 will take that chopper down, straight into the middle of the ring at WrestleMania, because that is the fate that awaits Bryan. That is the fate that awaits Reigns. That's the fate that awaits any man who tries to take the Championship away from The Beast, The Conqueror, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar.


WWE Rewind

Dusts beaten by The Ascension, then the brothers had issues. Backstage Goldust called him Cody, and Stardust freaked on him.

Stardust & Goldust vs A New Day

Goldust and Stardust posing at the ring. A New Day to the ring.

Stardust and Kofi lock up, arm drag on Stardust, Kofi keeps holding on. Into a corner and Stardust pulls Kofi out. Shoulder block drops Kofi. Goldust tags in with arm drags on Kofi as Booker T talks issues with Stevie Ray. Stardust leaves his brother, then Goldust takes a drop kick. Goldust takes Kofi down, demands his brother return. Kofi rolls up Goldust for three as Stardust poses on the stage.

Winner – A New Day (1:37)

Goldust looks very upset sitting on the mat in the ring.


Recap of the opening bout, and Bryan with an accidental double feet on Reigns.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome Daniel Bryan. After what we just saw, do you think you and Reigns can coexist in your match later tonight?

Bryan – What happened was an accident, and I can't blame Reigns for reacting the way he did. In the heat of the moment, I might have done the same thing. So, do I think we can coexist tonight?

Reigns (from behind Bryan) – You're damn right we can! It's very clear, we have a common enemy, The Authority. Do I say we take them out, and that will leave all kind of room for us to handle our business at Fast Lane. Regardless of what happens, it's Bryan and Reigns at Fast Lane. See you out there Daniel.


Backstage Segment

Goldust – Hey, hey, this is getting out of hand! This is not Goldust talking, this is Dustin. You are my brother, Cody.

Stardust pushes Goldust into a leaning pile of PVC pipes, then gets right down in Goldust's face.

Stardust – I told you, never call me that name again! He is dead. Stardust!

Stardust hisses, then flees.

In Ring Segment

Trip – For 20 years I eat, sleep and breathe WWE. While others have come and gone, I have stayed here. My blood, sweat, tears, my passion, all to make this a better place. All of that, all of my life's work almost taken away by one man, Sting. Sting, the face of WCW! WCW, the company I helped destroy. (heat) Now, 14 years later, and Sting finally gathers up the guts to do something about it. Because for 14 years, he stayed away. For 14 years he knew I'd personally expose him. Now, for whatever reason, at Survivor Series, 14 years later Sting finally decides to take his shot. And when he takes his shot, does he take it like a man? No, he attacks like a coward. Well Sting, I am a man, and I am calling you out at Fast Lane, to stand in this ring, face to face with me, and I will look you dead in your eye and explain to you why you were right to stay away for 14 years. And if you agree, you agree to never show your face here again, then I will let you leave Fast Lane with your dignity in tact. I'm a patient man, but I've called Sting out, like a man, for two straight weeks with no answer. My patience has run out. Sting, I want an answer, and I want it now!

"We want Sting!" chants can barely be heard.

The lights go down, except those on the ring. The crow caw is heard. Then again. Trip loosens his tie and looks around. A light up in one spot, then out. On another high spot, then out. Video of Trip's interview with Cole on WWE Network. An overlay of shadows on Trip's face looks likes Sting's paint as Trip, in the interview, called Sting a coward. Then Sting's face on the tron. Then Trip's name appears on a blank white tron, with black shadow trees growing up and together, forming Trip's skull face out of the branches with imposing music.

"We want Sting!" chants. The light go out completely. The lights come back up in the ring, and it appears to be Sting behind Trip. Trip turns and drops back to the mat to scurry away, but that wasn't Sting.

On the tron, behind Trip sitting in the ring, a black screen with white trees growing. In the tree branches forms Sting's face. Above it, in the same block letters as Trip's name earlier, pops up simply, "I accept". The screen simply flashes to a black screen with the white letters. Another caw and it's gone. Trip to his feet in the ring, looking around for where Sting might be.



Recap of the fight between Rusev and Cena earlier. Cole talks up Cena's eye damage, but he will be there for

Usos w/ Naomi vs Kidd & Cesaro w/ Nattie

Usos to ring with Naomi in tow. Kidd and Cesaro are in the ring with Nattie. Video of the crashed date of Nattie and Kidd with Jimmy and Naomi.

Kidd all over Jimmy. Cesaro tags in and on Jimmy with blows. Jimmy back with chops on Cesaro. Cesaro rolls out as Cole teases the next HOF inductee. Kidd tags in and forearms on Jimmy's face. Jimmy reverses and whips Kidd. Jey tags in and they double team Kidd. Kidd slammed to the mat for two.

Jimmy tags in and they double team Kidd again for two.

Arm hold on Kidd, he's up and free. Kidd comes back kicking Jimmy in the face, but sent from the ring. Kidd blocks Jimmy flying and sends him out over the top.

Outside Nattie and Naomi get a bit snippy at each other.


Kidd slammed to the mat, but tags out. Cesaro with a sick gut wrench on Jimmy. Kidd kicks Jimmy in the head over the top rope, from the apron. Kidd on Jimmy on the mat with a facelock into a front facelock. Jimmy up, but not free. Cesaro tags in and Cesaro off corner on Jimmy. Cross faces from behind Jimmy really works him over. The ref gets between them, breaks it up. Jimmy with blows, but Cesaro right back on Jimmy with an upper cut. More blows on Jimmy in the heel corner, but Jimmy comes back with blows on both. Between Cesaro's legs, caught by an ankle, kicks Cesaro in the head. Hot tag on Jey. Kidd tags in and is beaten all over by Jey. Tree of woe for Kidd, then a diving head butt. Kidd avoids the bum slam. Jey stopped from flying, so Jimmy flies on Cesaro. Kidd off the top into a huge kick for two from Jey.

Kidd sitting in the corner, but Cesaro moves him from the bum slam. Kidd pins, using ropes, is caught. Another kick to Kidd's face. Jimmy distracts the ref, then knocks Jey off the corner so Kidd got the three.

Winners – Kidd & Cesaro (10:08)


Rikishi is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2015! A lovely video for him, showing his bum, discussing family history

In the ring the Usos and Naomi are leading the cheers and love for Rikishi.

Backstage Segment

Miz cuts Mizdow off, walks in front of him to the ring.



Miz getting pissy at Mizdow ringside last week on Raw.

Mizdow vs Sin Cara

Miz out, forcing Mizdow to the way back from him. Video recap of Miz firing Mizdow, berating him and being a bum, making him into his personal assistant. Miz makes Mizdow set up his director's chair for him, and get him a mic.

Miz stops Mizdow from removing his glasses the way Miz did. Miz really rips on him from his seat.

They lock up, Sin Cara behind Mizdow, then on Mizdow for one, then another one.

Side headlock on Mizdow. Mizdow beats Sin Cara down in a corner, then a snap suplex on Sin Cara for one.

"Let's go Mizdow!" chants. Drop kick knocks Sin Cara from the ring. Mizdow out, rolls Sin Cara in. Miz demands Mizdow get him a water right then. Mizdow does. Then Miz demand he open the water bottle. Sin Cara flies out onto Mizdow. "Pay attention to your opponent, Mizdow," says Miz. Sin Cara off the ropes on Mizdow. Head scissors that don't touch Mizdow, but he sells it. Miz's double move on Sin Cara, and Miz is pissed. Mizdow sets up the figure 4, but Miz screaming up on the apron, yelling that he made that move famous, and put his legs down. Miz will send him back to nothing, get his own moves. Sin Cara with a small package on Mizdow for three and Mizdow is pissed.

Winner – Sin Cara (3:57)

Mizdow and Miz argue about what just happened.

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the WWE Network, NXT TakeOver on Wednesday, and, of course, Fast Lane.


We cannot see Wyatt, only smoke/fog.

Wyatt – Since the dawn of our existence, mankind has struggled to answer one question.

Wyatt can now be seen through the smoke/fog.

Wyatt – Where do we go when we die? A man of science believe we become one with the earth, nothing more. A man of faith, views things from a much, much different perspective. But what about those like you and I, we're special. For us there is no death. This world is our hell. Hahaha! This world is our hell. We don't belong here. You can hear me, but my eyes are wide open, and I don't fear you. I pity you. It's time for you to go home. Find me!

Backstage Segment

Ambrose heading for the ring.


Another Sheamus promo.


Ambrose vs Axel

Axel in the ring, pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

Axel – This is my spotlight. No one's going to try to steal this from me, not even Kanye West, because I never lost the Royal Rumble Match! I want you to keep doing your thing, and keep the movement alive, and #AxelMania! AxelMania! AxelMania!

Axel cutoff by Ambrose's music.

Ambrose all over Axel with blows, backing him into a corner, stomping him down. Axel comes out with blows, reverses on Ambrose, but Ambrose with a forearm dropping Axel. Elbow drop on Axel, then working him more in the corner. "Let's go Ambrose!" chants. Axel comes back on Ambrose, then kicks him in the face. Knees to Ambrose's head, then drops a blow on him. Axel grinds Ambrose's face into the mat. Elbow to the top of a sitting Ambrose's head, into a headlock on the mat. Ambrose up to "Let's go Ambrose!" chants, but back down again. Ambrose up, fighting back with blows. A drop kick from Axel knocked away, then Ambrose out of the ropes with his clothesline. Dirty deeds for three.

Winner – Ambrose (2:30)

Video recap of the high points of the match.

Ambrose – Hey, BNB, I got some breaking news for ya! You can deny me a Title opportunity all you want, but this mug is going up on the wall of champions at WWE Headquarters. There's an IC Match that belongs to me! I will not stop until I get it.

Barrett (from the tron) – Dean! Dean! I have some breaking news, courtesy of the BNZ. Once again, things are not looking good for the so-called Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, because kind of like Kim Kardashian wearing a golden robe at the Grammys last night doesn't make her as prestigious as The Nature Boy Ric Flair, just because you declare you want an opportunity for my IC Title, that doesn't mean you deserve one. For more breaking news, please stay tuned to BNZ.

In the ring Ambrose is pissed, all riled up. He's pacing, yelling, shaking, really selling it.



Smackdown on Thursday, Kane attacked Bryan on stage and brought him back to the ring for Rollins to help beat Bryan down.

Reigns & Bryan vs Rollins & Kane & Big Show & J&J Security

Reigns to the ring. Video recap of Bryan accidentally double kicking Reigns in the face earlier in the night. Bryan out to join him. Rollins leads his entire team out together, Rollins yelling smack the whole way.

They circle the ring, Bryan and Reigns back to back. All in and all over Bryan and Reigns in the ring, beating them down while the ref tries to gain control. Kane and Big Show with a double chokeslam on Reigns. Kane kicks Reigns out under the bottom rope. Now everyone to the apron and the ref checks with Bryan to see if he can go as Rollins waits with a smile.

Bryan at Rollins, but takes a quick suplex. A second German on Bryan. "Let's go Bryan!" chants as Big Show tags in and pulls Bryan to his feet. Bryan into a corner, his shirt ripped off, then Bryan bitch slapped. Big Show lifts Bryan, holds him with one arm, then slams him to the mat. Big Show asks who wants some? Noble in with a forearm to Bryan off the ropes as he bounces around on the mat. Booker T says that Noble is in cowboy boots, not wrestling boots. Bryan reverses, takes Noble down and tries to keep Noble away. A cheap shot on Rollins, and Noble back to his heels and Mercury tags in. Mercury mocks Bryan, but then taken down into the "YES!" lock. Rollins breaks the hold. Kane tags in and clotheslines Bryan. Bryan caught, and chokeslamed for two.

Reigns into the ring, so all in. finally Reigns caught by Kane, a KO from Big Show. Reigns dragged from the ring, Bryan left on the mat as Kane tags Rollins in. Rollins with his running powerbomb on Bryan in the corner for two.

Rollins yelling smack at Bryan, that he won't make it to Fast Lane, he's finished now. Rollins directs, so Kane and Big Show clear announce. J&J Security grab Bryan, but then "Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan! Kane, Big Show and Rollins meet them on the bottom of the ramp. They all fight around the stage area. Big boot to Ziggler from Kane on stage. Kane after Rowan. Ziggler off announce flies onto Rollins, Kane and Rowan.

J&J Security get Bryan up top, but he fights back! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and both beaten off the corner. Bryan lands his double drop kick off the top, then kips up! "YES!" kicks back and forth between Noble and Mercury, Noble getting the first big one, Mercury the second. Bryan leads a slow "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" but Reigns steals the tag, spears Mercury and gets the three.

Winners – Bryan & Reigns (7:38)

Bryan sits in a corner glaring up at Reigns.

Trip and Steph are watching on a monitor backstage, smirking a bit.

Bryan up, swings Reigns around and gets right into his face, yelling at him that Bryan did all the work. Reigns tries to leave, but Bryan grabs him, swings him around and yells that Bryan did all the work. Bryan pushes Reigns. Reigns then spears Bryan.

Video recap of the high points of the fight between Reigns and Bryan. Reigns leaves Bryan prone in the ring.

Biggest Pop
The Rescue Squad!

Biggest Heat
Most Mixed Turning To Heat

Slimiest Moment
Miz yelling, "Better than Columbus!" at heckling fans

Biggest Blast From The Past
Fake Sting

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