Raw Results 1/19/15 – STING! Get Back Here Sting!


RAW Results January 19, 2015
From American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Raw Reunion. Let's see what surprises are in store tonight. Brock Lesnar is on Raw, what will happen?

Raw Starts


A lovely opening video for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They also included Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Condoleezza Rice, Nelson Mandela in a most beautiful way. Then Jesse Owens, Thurgood Marshall, Muhammad Ali, and Barack Obama. Most of it was in black and white video, and so touching, as the WWE always does. Everyone is on their feet clapping and cheering.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar and Heyman to the ring.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is...

The fans finish for him, but it's Brock who cuts him off with a head shake and taking the mic.

Brock – I'm here to fight baby. Seth Rollins, get your ass out here boy!

Cheers! Heyman after the mic, but Brock pushes him away.

Brock – That's right, when I show up, it's business time baby. Rollins, you got about ten seconds to get your weasely ass out here.

Rollins doesn't come out.

Brock – That's what I thought baby. I show up, and you're nowhere to be found.

The Authority's music hits and out comes Trip. Video of the fight in the ring after the contract signing on Raw last week.

Trip – Brock, Paul, I get it. You're upset, I understand why you're upset. Rollins curb stomped your head into the ground and you're upset, I get it. Here's the thing, Brock, wouldn't you have done the same thing? I seem to recall you suplexing Rollins first. So, I'm just sayin', maybe it understandable what Rollins did. Maybe we should all just calm down, go in the back, get you a nice big juicy steak. Paul and I go back and talk about this like businessmen and put this behind us.

Brock – Are you here to fix this, or are you here to fight?

Heyman (off mic) – This is your meal ticket! This is your meal ticket! This guy pays the bills! He pays the bills! Calm down!

Trip and Brock just glare at each other as Brock continues to flex. Steph's music hits. And out she comes in a black long sleeved dress (which we have seen on her before), black boots almost to the knees, her hair down and wavy. She rushes out, mic in hand, with Kane and Big Show in tow.

Steph – Brock, Paul, let's let cooler heads prevail here. Let's be businessmen. This isn't what you want to be doing Brock, not right now. (Steph into the ring, hand on Trip's shoulder, then steps in front of him.) Please, let's think about things. Paul?

Everyone circles together as one. The Authority ends up back to announce with Brock and Heyman back to the ramp.

Heyman (off mic) – I'm trying to help you here! Be reasonable!

Steph – Not trying to make you feel defensive here Brock, just trying to help you listen!

Rollins (from the tron) – Brock! Brock! Brock! Brock! Brock! Brock! Brock! Hahahaha! Man, you are always just two steps behind. You want to call me out, get your hands on me? Be patient caveman. You will get your shot at me, right before I take you Title at the Royal Rumble. Hahaha!

Heyman – Pardon me, but this will be between the adults if you don't mind. (pop) Even if you do. Please, put a leash on your puppy before Brock fixes this all by himself. If you fix it, my beast will be happy, but if Brock fixes it, there's going to be a whole lot of bodies lying around, and that's what's worst for business. Whether you fix this or Brock fixes this, at the end of their match at the Royal Rumble, here's what you're going to hear – Ladies and gentlemen, the still reigning, defending, undisputed WWE...

Cena's music cuts Heyman off and Cena comes out in yet a new t-shirt ensemble. (It's aqua, and my Sam wants the whole look.) Cena stomps out to the bottom of the ramp.

Cena – Paul, don't go spoiling anything for them, and Seth, just shut up! See, everybody knows we signed the contract, and kicked the crap out of each other, and this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, we're going to settle it. I came out to talk to The Authority. The Authority asked me to join them, and I politely said hell no. they felt embarrassed and dejected, then concocted a great plan to get rid of John Cena. That's why Brock Lesnar is here, and why they cone out every week and say I'm not the man I say I am. They come out every week to put my back against the wall, try to break my spirits and try to force me to quit. I just wanted to come out, face to face and tell you, keep it up. Everything you say and do lights a fire in me that makes sure I will never give up. I'll take that fire with me into the Royal Rumble to knock the teeth out of your mercenary, and your protege, and the Champ is here! You two (Trip and Steph), you don't have any fire, you just use your false sense of authority, and it makes me sick! You used your cold hearted politics to get rid of three Superstars, then you use me, because I'd do anything to get them back. That's not fire. You had it once, but you used it up. You're just a pile of ashes. Two big pits of ashes. Yeah, Dallas, Texas, Trip and Steph aren't The Authority, they're the world's biggest ash-holes, see you Sunday!

Cena's music plays as he stomps up the ramp.

Steph – Excuse me, cut the music. John, come back here please. That's right, come back. I want to savor this moment. We should all savor this moment, it's the turning point in John Cena's career. Because John Cena used to be the man who overcame the odds, inspired all these people, entire Cenation, all these little kids looked up to you, because you would win at the end of the day. That's who John Cena used to be. But that's not who John Cena is today. John Cena is the man who personally lied to all of you by bringing The Authority back. You can talk all you want all you want about how much you don't like us, make all your corny little jokes, but the fact of the matter is, we're here because of you. And you are single handedly responsible for those three men getting fired and losing their livelihoods. Tearing their hearts out, losing their hopes and dreams. Time to look in the mirror. Nobody wants to cheer you! They don't want you to win at the Royal Rumble, because you aren't the man you used to be.

Cena turns to leave, but sees Rollins.

Rollins – You're a loser John! Go ahead and say it, you're a loser, and nobody wants to cheer a loser, a failure. That's all you been doin'. Last week John Cena failed to get his friends their jobs back, when I beat him single handedly. And this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, John Cena is going to fail again! Everyone knows John Cena's a failure, except John Cena. If there's one thing that Brock and I can agree on, it's that John Cena's time is up, and he should take himself out of the match, tuck his legs, tuck his tail between his legs, and walk off, save himself whatever dignity he has left.

Cena – I don't know how the hell I'm going to tuck my legs between my legs, but what I do want is to find that little room you're in, kick the door down, and rip your mouth off your face. Listen up idiot squad. It's not about the odds (pointing at Rollins), it's not about the money (pointing at Brock), and it ain't about the power (The Authority), it's about the respect, and this Sunday when I beat Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, you don't have to like me, but you damn sure gonna respect John Cena! I tell you what, how about we sweeten the pot? How about when I win at the Royal Rumble, and the Championship, you, The Authority, give Ryback, Rowan and Dolph Ziggler their jobs back!

Trip (to the fans) – Is that something you would like? (pop) You see, to want those guys to have their jobs back, is that something you would like? ("YES!") You know John, it does seem like something the WWE 'Universe' is interested in, but we gave you an opportunity to get their jobs back and you failed. You failed miserably. Here's the thing. I'm inclined to work with you to get them back, but you need to put something on the line. You want the opportunity again, then you step up to the plate.

Cena – What do I gotta do?

Trip – Tonight you have a match. If you win, all three of those guys will get their jobs back.

Cena – Your word!

Trip – Yeah, but if you lose, not only are they still fired, but you give up your opportunity to be in this Triple Threat Match at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Put your money where your mouth is. You want the deal, or not?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Steph – What's it gonna be Cena? You said you'd do aaaanything for them to get their jobs back. Are you willing to potentially lose your opportunity for the WWE WHC at the Royal Rumble? Or are you all talk?

Trip – Here's the thing, that's not yours to answer. That question, we will leave that up to them! To the WWE 'Universe'! To the Cenation. Let's see they think of you. Do they want to see you put it on the line, risk it all to get them their jobs back? Or, do they know that you're a failure? Have they lost faith in you like everybody else has. It will be a simple yes, or no, let's see what the WWE 'Universe' think of John Cena?

Announce Segment

Cole tells us how to download the WWE App and use it. Later Bryan will face Wyatt!


Wyatt vs Bryan

Wyatt to the ring, lantern in hand, through the fireflies. In the ring he blows out the lantern. Bryan's music hits and the fans erupt! Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" The front of his hair is pulled back ala HBK.

They lock up, Wyatt into a corner. Bryan on him with kicks. Wyatt out with a big right. Bryan choked in the ropes. High running knee to Wyatt, but then Wyatt rolls out. Both feet on Wyatt through the ropes. Bryan climbs, flies out on Wyatt who barely catches him. Bryan starts the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chants, but then Kane's music hits.


Wyatt grinds his head into Bryan's . Drop toe hold and Wyatt eats corner. Sick kick to Wyatt. Bryan up top, clotheslined down to the floor. Bryan head first into the barricade. Bryan ends up holding his right elbow. Back into the ring and Wyatt gets two.

Nerve pinch on Bryan's right shoulder. Bryan up, elbows free, under a clothesline, but then Wyatt dives himself sideways into Bryan's body. They replay the collision. Wyatt stands on Bryan's head on top of the bottom rope. Bryan choked up on the second rope. The announcers talk about Bryan possibly being #1 in the Royal Rumble Match. HBK's name is brought up, but not Benoit's. Elbow drop on Bryan for two.

Chinlock on Bryan on the mat. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan still in the hold on the mat. Bryan struggles up to his knee. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Jaw breaker on Wyatt, but then runs into a huge clothesline. Bryan rolls out to regroup as Kane claps ringside.


Bryan kicks out after two.

Wyatt chokes Bryan in the corner for a couple counts. Bryan off the top, lands on his feet and off the ropes onto Wyatt. Wyatt into a corner, and eats Bryan's double feet. Bryan's "YES!" kicks in the corner, then lifts Wyatt up there. Head scissors on Wyatt off the top for two.

Bryan holds his neck, again and again, but keeps going. "This is awesome!" chants. "YES!" kicks to a kneeling Wyatt. Wyatt ducks the last. Wyatt rushes Bryan who pulls the rope down. Bryan flies out onto Wyatt who catches him beautifully. Bryan on the apron, Kane pulls him down. Bryan is then driven into the corner buckle in a most sick way. Sister Abigail on Bryan for three.

Winner – Wyatt (16:07)

Kane clapping in the ring, then pulls Bryan up and lands a chokeslam. Off comes his jacket and Kane on Bryan with blows. Bryan blocks, the ref is yelling at Kane to stop. Kane to his feet, pulls himself together then back down on Bryan with punches. The ref screaming at Kane who gets up and finally leaves.


Backstage Segment

Trip (to his cell) – I want a running tally. I want to know what's going on. (a tap on his shoulder) Hey!

It's Hall and Nash!

Hall – Hey yo!

Hug for Hall, then a three way hug.

Hall – Sweet, sweet suit. You still working the ___ gimmick?

Trip – Yeah, it's not a bad gig, and listen, you guys are back, right?

Nash – Drop the suit, run around with us. Delegate, man!

HBK – Actually, what you should do is join us on the Legend's Panel, that way you can get us free Legends drinks and stuff! I'm kidding! Seriously, what is with the suit? You like Vince Jr.? Why don't you just bring all of Cena's friends back, then you can give them all a hard time while they're here!

Trip – I get the suit thing Shawn, but it's not like a Remington shirt. (Trip turns HBK to camera, and shows off the shirt HBK is wearing, ala DX!) But, you know, I don't come where you work and tell you how to kill defenseless animals!

HBK – Ho ho ho, it's true, it's true. He doesn't.

Nash – It's not going to be a Kliq reunion without X-Pac. Where is X-Pac?

Trip – I don't know, he said all week that he wasn't...

Fake X-Pac in wearing a DX shirt, doing a crotch chop.

X-Pac – I got this, it's happened to me before!

Sandow mimics everything X-Pac says and does. Wolfpac motions with one hand, then the other. Then a crotch chop, then they laugh.

X-Pac – You're hired!

X-Sandy – You're hired!

Miz walks in.

Miz – He is my stunt double. Go change.

Miz throws the Wolfpac sign at X-Pac who shakes his head. Miz goes down the line, they all ignore, or eye roll until Nash who starts, then runs his hand through his hair to blow Miz off.

Miz – Call me.

Miz leaves.

Nash – What the hell kinda show you running, man?

Trip – I'm so ashamed!

Trip drops his face into his hand, and they all laugh together.


Barrett vs Ambrose

Barrett in the ring. Ambrose out to face him.

They circle and lock up. Ambrose behind Barrett. Barrett reverses, takes Ambrose down. Ambrose back up, running the ropes, takes Barrett down with a clothesline for two.

Chops on Barrett in a corner, then rakes his face along the top rope. Barrett comes back with blows. Ambrose whipped, gets his feet up, then an elbow to take down Barrett. Ambrose stomps Barrett's gut, then struts a bit for the fans. Ambrose off the ropes, and takes a back kick to the mouth for two.

Barrett on Ambrose in a corner with blows. Ambrose out of the ropes with a huge clothesline. Barrett on the apron. Ambrose with a big drop kick over the ropes to knock Barrett to the floor.


Barrett whipped, but moves and Ambrose eats corner, landing across it. Barrett on him with blows, then a kick to Ambrose's ribs for two.

Chinlock on Ambrose. Ambrose up, off the ropes with a kick to a telegraphing Barrett. Running bulldog on Bryan that Booker T raves about. Ambrose off the top with an elbow on a standing Barrett for two.

Ambrose with punches on Barrett on the ropes, but then his knee lets go. Ambrose rolls up Barrett for two.

Ambrose out of the ropes on Barrett again. Ambrose climbs, but Barrett bounces off the top rope to drop him. Ambrose avoids the bull hammer, but ends up on Barrett's shoulders. Ambrose reverses into dirty deeds for three.

Winner – Ambrose (8:19)



Dallas Cowboys in the front row, and JBL says something about deflating the other team's footballs. The players are all behind announce.

Announce Segment

They rip on everyone who actually has to pay for the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, and can't get the WWE Network, for some reason.


All about the Royal Rumble Match, and what it all means.

A New Day vs Kidd & Cesaro

A New Day out together, trying to get the fans in Dallas riled up, and happy for them. Woods talks about how they're happy and smiling all the time, because when they're not, the rage comes out and the whole roster ends up in the hospital!


Drop kick on Big E from Kidd. Big E comes back, tags out, and Kofi with a big drop kick on Kidd for two.

Rose on the apron, distracting, and Cesaro with a cheap upper cut on Kofi. Cesaro tags in. Cesaro with Kofi up in a sick delayed, tags out, and Kidd up top. They double team Kofi for two.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. JBL talks about Kofi using his chair to get back in the Royal Rumble Match. Cesaro with an upper cut. Big E knocked off the apron. Kidd tags in, stops Cesaro's big swing and all over Kofi. Cesaro tags in and all over Kofi on the mat with a chinlock. Kofi struggles around and up. He works over Cesaro and Kidd,but can't get to Big E. Cesaro rushing Kofi to his corner, Kofi manages to kick Kidd off the apron, then roll Cesaro up for three.

Winners – A New Day (3:15)

A New Day dances with Exotic Express.


In Ring Segment

Hall, Nash and X-Pac to the ring. Wolfpac hand signs, and they strut down to the ring.

Hall – Hey yo! Now, everybody knows, you can't have a reunion without X-Pac, Big Sexy, and The Bad Guy. And, if it's okay, I'd like to take a little survey. Now, how many people are here for the Raw Reunion?

Soft pop.

Hall – Or, how many people are here for the Raw Reunion with the...


Hall – Thanks for playin'!

Nash – nWo single handedly created the Monday Night War, which you can relive on the WWE Network for only $9.99! You're welcome Hunter. We invaded WCW which made Vince pick up his game, which created Stone Cold Steve Austin. (pop) Personal friend of mine. I know you're out there somewhere Steve. DX! Also buddies of mine. And the entire Attitude Era. People say we got egos, but you have to say one thing about the nWo, we're responsible for everything great that's ever been created.

Hall – Sound right.

X-Pac – Dallas, Texas, raise some hell, and make a little noise! (solid pop) You know it sounds good to me, but you know something Kev...

He's cut off by The Ascension. They comes out to the ring, strip down outside the ring, then get up and in. Hall looks like he's flashing back to the days when he could go with the best of them. X-Pac is stretching out a bit. Nash looks annoyed.

Viktor – Welcome to Raw Reunion. Hall, Nash, and X-Pac. The nWo, the Wolfpac! All we see is three old dogs begging to be put out of their misery.

Nash puts his hand up like paws, as if he's exactly what Viktor said he was.

Konnor – And we're the two who do it.

"You suck!" chants. Nash claps for the fans.

Konnor – We're born and bred to rip and shred!

Viktor – No tag team is better than The Ascension! From the past, present, or the future, and sure as hell not a tag team from WCW!

Konnor – It's our time to rise, welcome to the wasteland!

"nWo!" chants.

Hall throws his toothpick in Konnor's face! X-Pac is bouncing around, ready to go!

JBL – No, no, no, wait a minute!

JBL to his feet, removes his jacket, tie, then heads for the ring with a mic in hand.

JBL – You can paint yourself green, it doesn't make you a frog, anymore than wearing shoulder pads and painting your face makes you into a legendary tag team! You have the audacity to come out here in front of these legends who changed the business. I had a feeling this might happen, so I made a little phone call to a legend I know very well!

JBL rips open his button down shirt to show an APA shirt, and the fans go WILD! Nwo pulls more from the fans. Then, out comes Ron Simmons! They hug on the bottom of the ramp, then head for the ring together. The Ascension backs up, looking nervous between APA and nWo!

Booker T – Hold the phone a minute Cole.

"APA!" chants.

New Age Outlaws' music, and out they come!

Road Dogg – Stop the music! Wait just a Dallas Cowboys minute! (pop) I'm sorry, I meant cotton pickin' minute, I said Dallas Cowboy minute, Billy! It seems like you gentlemen want to throw a party without the Outlaws! So far it's looking like an Old School Party, and there ain't no party like an Old School Party, because an Old School Party don't stop! Now, so far, this party is compiled of thoroughbreds, and race horses. I got just one question, Dallas. Who invited the jackasses?

At this moment Billy and Dogg attack them. Konnor into one corner, Viktor into the opposite corner. Billy stomps Konnor down, as Dogg does his punches, comes out of the corner to waltz with Nash, who spins Dogg around to go back for the final blow on Viktor. Viktor out into the tilt-a-whirl slam from Billy, then Billy kicks Konnor from the other corner.

JBL stretches his arm, comes off the ropes with a SICK clothesline from HELL!

Outlaws pose on corners. nWo pose over Viktor, and JBL and Ron hug behind them. Then X-Pac and Ron hug. Nash and Ron hug, and they're all thrilled and smiles in the ring together.


Recap of Cena's speech when he found out that he was going into that match tonight.

Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph playing on the same phone, coming up with something together.


Backstage Segment

Trip – Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally that time. You've heard all the speculation from the announcers, from the Superstars, now it's time to find out who John Cena will face tonight.

Steph – For such a special announcement, I think we need a drumroll.

A bald guy comes out, marching drum strapped on. He starts a loud drumroll, but she calls for quieter, so he does. Obviously knows what he's doing on that drum.

Trip – In tonight's main event, John Cena will face, Seth Rollins!

Drummer stops.

Steph – Why'd you stop?

Trip – Did somebody say stop?

The drummer looks nervous.

Steph – Keep drumming.

The drummer starts up again.

Steph – And Big Show!

Drummer stops.

Trip – Again?

Steph – Why did you stop?

Trip – Did anybody say to stop? No! I didn't hear stop.

Drummer starts again.

Steph – Worst drummer ever.

Trip – And, Kane!

Steph – Now stop!

Trip – Stop!

Steph – Just go. Get out. You're fired.

Trip – You're fired. You'll never work in this town again.

Steph – My husband and I will be ringside to watch the systematic self destruction of John Cena.

A bugle player starts playing taps in Trip's ear. Steph and Trip stomp off.

Fox & Summer Rae vs Paige & Nattie

The Bellas are at announce together. The rest of the Divas are there and ready for the match to start.

Paige on Summer Rae. Nattie tags in, they are a bit confused, then double team Summer Rae. Drop kick to a sitting Summer Rae's chest. Paige tags in, and they double delayed vertical on Summer Rae. Paige climbs up on Summer Rae, then on her with head butts. Nattie tags in and on Summer Rae. Summer Rae telegraphs, is kicked. Nattie with a cheap on Fox, but then eats a spin kick for two.

Fox tags in, all over Nattie, then a northern lights on Nattie for two.

Nattie slammed to the mat, but Nattie moves and Fox eats mat. Paige tags in with short clotheslines on Fox, then a SICK single foot drop kick on Fox off the ropes. Super kick to Fox, but Summer Rae breaks the count.

Summer Rae tossed out hard by Nattie. Nattie pushes Fox into a sick kick from Paige. Paige locks Fox into her finishing submission. Fox taps out.

Winners – Nattie & Paige (2:58)

Nattie and Paige over to taunt the Bellas. Bellas stand, arms around each other, Nikki holding the strap high. Nattie and Paige hold on to each other as well, and don't take anything from the Bellas.


Announce Segment

At the Royal Rumble Kickoff, there will be a 6 Man Elimination Tag Team Match between A New Day and Cesaro, Kidd and Rose.

Rusev vs R-Truth

Rusev and Lana in the ring. R-Truth comes out singing to face him. Rusev wants R-Truth to hurry it up, and motions so to the ref.

R-Truth – Rusev, at Royal Rumble, every flag waving, apple pie eating, red blooded American WWE Superstar is coming for you, cupcake, and that the truth! Whoop, there it is!

R-Truth ducks Rusev, gets blows on Rusev and sends him out over the top. Rusev back in, kicks R-Truth head off, then locks on the accolade.

Winner – Rusev (0:44)

Rusev and Lana celebrate, the Russian flag unfurls from above as Rusev rants off mic.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Cena's match in tonight's main event. Cole says all three Superstars Tweeted about what The Authority did to Cena tonight.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – Show the entire world, the entire 'Universe' what a failure John Cena is, what...

Brock Lesnar steps out of nowhere and gets right in Rollins' face. Brock smiles that sick smile of his.

Brock – I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm a prize fighter. I just hope. That you take out John Cena tonight. Then come Sunday. I'll get paid. To take you out. And I will take you out!

More glaring, Brock steps away, still glaring at each other. Brock leaves and Rollins looks rather green


Miz vs Jey

Miz and Mizdow in the ring, shades still on, waiting. Split screen -

Miz – This Sunday I will win back my TTCs, and as for the Royal Rumble Match, they say it's every man for himself, but they don't have a stunt double who will do everything you say, so as I see it, I have two chances to win.

Mizdow doesn't look like he quite agreed with everything Miz said there.

In the ring, Mizdow is still acting as Miz. The fans love Mizdow, not Mizdow, and let them know this.

Jey rolls Miz up for two.

Kick to Jey's head for two.

"We want Mizdow!" chants. Miz works over Jey in a corner, then yells that the fans aren't getting Mizdow, that gets him heat. Miz with hid neck and back breakers on Jey for two.

Mizdow doing all Miz does in the ring, giving the fans something to watch. "We want Mizdow!"chants. Jey into a corner, takes Miz's clothesline. Miz climbs and flies, Mizdow flies off the stairs. Jey blocks the SCF, Miz hit by Jimmy, then Jey flies on Miz for three.

Winner – Jey (2:54)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Usos celebrate in the ring with the dirty penny belts.

Announce Segment

Again the announcers rip on those who cannot get the WWE Network, and have to pay for the PPVs, as if they don't know that this happens.

Backstage Segment (Earlier)

Hogan – Let me tell you something, brother, my thoughts on Cena's chance tonight? It's only up from here brother! I mean Cena doesn't have the WHC, and it goes up from here. John's a fighter, and the hustle, loyalty, respect that he talks about, he lives by that brother, that's why Cena's going to get their jobs back, then go onto the Royal Rumble and win the WWE WHC. That's what's gonna happen!


Announce Segment

Just announced for the Royal Rumble, New Age Outlaws will be facing The Ascension!

Cena vs Rollins & Big Show & Kane

The Authority are ringside. Rollins, Big Show and Kane are in the ring waiting, with J&J Security right behind them. Cena's music hits, and out he comes in his new aqua merch. He shows his towel, then to the ring. He hands off the towel to someone on his way by.

Cena reaches for Rollins. Rollins touches his hand, then tags Big Show in. Dueling chants for Cena. A cheap shot on Rollins, then Big Show takes him down. Steph touches Trip's stomach, talking to him as only a married couple would. Rollins tags in, takes Cena down. Rollins pins Cena for two.

More dueling Cena chants. Cena backed into a corner, stomped down by Rollins. The ref backs Rollins off. Rollins yells at the ref. Cena reverses a whip, lands a bulldog, but Rollins rolls out to J&J Security. Rollins in, tags in Kane. Kane pulls Cena up, blows on him in a corner, slaps him across the top of the head in the middle of the ring. Cena sent into Big Show's boot. Big Show tags in, and hits Cena in the gut. Cena to a corner, whips Cena across, then back slams him in the corner. "You sold out!" chants. Cena ducks, on Big Show with blows. Cena lifts Big Show, falls back, Big Show pins for two.

Big Show walks on Cena.


Rollins with a running forearm to Cena's face in a corner for two.

Cena pulls himself up on Rollins. Cena blocks Rollins', then punches of his own. Cena off the ropes into a sleeper from Rollins! Right in the center of the ring, Cena is fading to his knees. Cena up, but Rollins up on Cena's back. Cena slams back into a corner, leaves Rollins up there. Rollins off the top with a beautiful neck breaker move on Cena for two.

Big Show tags in, Rollins tells Big Show to, "Finish him off!" Big Show up on the corner, but Cena rolls from the splash off the second ropes. Big Show pulls himself to his corner and tags in Rollins. Cena with shoulder tackles. Knocks Kane off the corner, then his his 5k. Rollins up for the AA, but J&J Security up to pull Rollins. J&J Security knocked to announce. Rollins on Cena with a superkick for two.

Rollins on Cena again for another long two.

Trip is slapping the apron, Steph on the other side of the ring, yelling. Cena gets Rollins up for an AA, but Kane pulls Cena from the ring.

Spear from Big Show outside. Trip mocks Cena as the ref counts Cena out. At nine Cena dives into the ring!

Kane tags in, motions for a chokeslam. Cena caught, and the chokeslam executed, but Cena kicks out at two!

Rollins demands to be tagged in. Rollins in, waiting for the curb stomp, but then it's Sting on the tron! Everyone is in shock! JBL is claiming it's a picture of Sting, not really Sting. The lights go down, and a crow caws. Then Sting, in full makeup, red Sting t-shirt, and black trench with red shoulder patches, elbow patches, and cuffs. He moves, and starts heading for the stage.

Only light is on stage, and some in the ring, the rest of the arena is dark. Sting walks out on the stage, points down,with his finger, not his bat, at Trip. (?) (It's here that you see the big red scorpion on the back of Sting's coat.

In the ring Cena rolls Rollins up for three.

Winner – Cena (13:15)

Cena flees the ring into the stands as Trip yells at the ref. He ends up hugging a small child (maybe five years old), as he's all smiles over his win. More hugs and high fives to kids and other fans. Trip strips the shroud off announce. More love for kids and others in Cena gear.

Up on announce, Trip is standing, and has a mic, and a hissy fit.

Trip – No! No! This ain't happening!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – Sting, you don't belong here! No!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Trip – STING!

Steph is standing on the floor by announce, both hands over her ears, elbows fully out, the way a child would, but looking more malicious.

"We want Sting!" chants FILL the arena!

Brock Lesnar's music hits, and out he comes, WWE WHC in hand, Heyman by his side. Brock is focused in on Rollins. Brock up on the apron, into the ring, and spears Rollins to the mat, riding him down, trying to throw blows, but Big Show and Kane are there to pull Brock off Rollins. Rollins flops around selling it a bit like a fish out of water. Brock punches, then kicks Big Show to get free, then onto Kane who he lifts high and lands an F5. Brock back on Rollins on the mat, throwing blows. Big Show pulls Brock off Rollins again, but he's lifted and Big Show takes an F5! J&J Security, with Rollins, flee up the ramp and out. Brock is seething. He's bright red and livid!

Biggest Pop
Legends Roundtable

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Big Show
Divas in the ring

Surprised Mixed
Brock Lesnar

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