Raw Results 2/2/2015 – WWE, Where The Big Boys Play!


RAW Results February 2, 2015
From Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Comercial

Just a week removed from the most controversial ending to a Royal Rumble. Tonight Trip starts Raw with an announcement that will, "Shake the WWE 'Universe' to its core!"

Raw Starts


From Royal Rumble Match, talked over by Trip from Smackdown. Reigns was overly strong, but Trip will shake the WWE 'Universe' to its core!

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Trip's music, and out he comes, holding Steph's hand. Steph in black booties, a red skirt, and snug black top with a scoop neck. Backstage all Superstars are watching a monitor to see what happens. JBL goes off about Rock getting in the middle and causing mayhem, he couldn't enjoy the Super Bowl because of it. Steph and Trip point to the WrestleMania sign, then Steph welcomes everyone to Raw.

Steph – Before we get into our amazing announcement, we should talk about last night's amazing game! The Patriots, Boston Strong. (heat) They went on to victory. (heat)

Trip – Pats won, but it wasn't without controversy. People were outraged at the end of the game.

Steph – Maybe they were, but at the end of the day, the Patriots are Super Bowl Champions! (heat) Because that's what's best for business.

Trip – It is what's best for business, but I hope the NFL can survive with the whole #CancelTheNFL movement.

Steph – It's tough.

Trip – As controversial as the Super Bowl was, the Royal Rumble had it's controversy as well.

Steph – It did, and we listened to you. To the WWE 'Universe' that night. Reading Social media and comments and realize there's outrage from the Royal Rumble. We understand why, and are here to do something about it.

Trip – That's right, because at the end of the day, we can't let something like this happen.

Video of Big Show and Kane eliminated. Then The Authority came back to mug Reigns. Then Rock came running out to save his cousin. Rusev in, then eliminated by Reigns.

Trip – I'd like to address that controversy, Big Show and Kane getting back in was wrong. They were guilty, like the Seahawks, of being unsportsmanlike.

Steph – It's true, you saw it.

Trip – I don't have a problem with unsportsmanlike. I have a trouble with Rock. He has no business here. He's one of the biggest Superstars in history, he will always have a place here...

"Rocky!" chants.

Trip – Right, you will cheer him, and should. He's one of the biggest Superstars and transcended it to be the biggest box office attraction ever, but he's not a WWE Superstars any longer. He had no business getting involved in the Royal Rumble. Part of that is my fault. Letting people back in because they have a name, and people want to see them lets them think they can effect what happens in the WWE and that effects business. That lays on me because I let Sting get away with it at Survivor Series. He came back and effected the course of the WWE. Then he did it again, but I'm telling you it stops. It stops at Fast Lane. Sting out, wherever he is. I want you to stand in this ring and look me in the face, and I promise you I will resolve our problem.

"We want Sting!" chants.

Steph – You want Sting? You want Sting? You're going to get Sting at Fast Lane on the WWE Network for $9.99 and February is free.

Trip – But that problem brings us back to the controversy surrounding the Royal Rumble and the winner Roman Reigns. (mixed)

Steph – As my husband so eloquently put it, what would have happened if Rock hadn't interfered? If he didn't stick his nose where it didn't belong. There could have been a different winner going to WrestleMania. Should that outcome apply? Reigns will officially go down as the winner at Royal Rumble, but should he go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? (mixed) (She waits, but nothing happens.) Some...

Out comes Reigns. He gets in the ring with a mic, right in Trip's face.

Reigns – You're telling me that I won the Royal Rumble Match, earned the right to go to WrestleMania, and you're going to take that from me? Hell no!

Steph – Roman.

Reigns and Trip right up close, face to face with each other, both looking pissed.

Steph – Roman, please. Hunter. Roman, please, calm down. (gets between the men) We haven't announced anything official yet. You spoke eloquently about your family heritage, Samoan legacy, your father, Sica, Rikishi, Usos, Rock. Nobody knows what it's like to be part of a generational legacy like that better than me.

Steph physically between the men, but they're looking around her to glare at each other as Steph tries to get Reigns' eyes on her.

Steph – Listen to me. Isn't it ironic that the very family you want to impress is probably why you should not go on to main event at WrestleMania.

That got Reigns' attention on her!

Bryan's music hits, and he comes out leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" chant with a big smile, and his hair in a bun. Bryan into the ring with a smile and a mic. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.

Steph – I'm so glad you're back Daniel, this chant is just awesome.

Bryan – Roman, I'm sorry they're messing with you, I've had to deal with it for a long time. But, if you want to talk controversy, how about the controversy of you stripping me of the WWE WHC and never giving me a rematch? So, if there's a WHC Title shot at WrestleMania, I officially throw my name in that hat, because I want to do it one more time.

Trip – There was nothing out of the ordinary of us stripping you. You failed to make your contractual obligations. We had no choice. You do deserve a rematch, and would have given you the opportunity, but you were so full of yourself coming back, threw yourself into the Royal Rumble, and shouldn't have been in there in the first place! So, the truth is, you never lost the Championship. Brock Lesnar never beat you, so I could see you getting a Championship Match at WrestleMania.

Rollins' music hits, and he comes out, case in hand, leading J&J Security.

Rollins – (mumble, mumble)

Steph – We can't hear you!


Still In Ring Segment

Rollins – Live TV, huh? The reason I came out here, because if I'm hearing what I think I'm hearing, this is getting ridiculous. Bryan, you want a match with Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC? Let me tell you something. Brock Lesnar would eat you alive. And, if you think you deserve it just because you got stripped of the Title, pal, that's nobody's fault by you. Welcome to the deep end where the big boys play. Any you wouldn't even be #1 contender, have won the Royal Rumble if it wasn't for The Rock, so I don't even know why you think you deserve to go to WrestleMania. If we're looking for someone who deserves to go on and main event WrestleMania, it's the man who stole the show in the Triple Threat Match at the Royal Rumble. It's the man who put a chink in the piece of armor, broke Brock Lesnar's ribs. If anyone deserves it, it's Mr...

Reigns – Get any closer and I'm going to knock you into next week.

Rollins backs off.

Trip – Easy now. This is not what we came out to say, we have a big announcement, but as we say, we listen to the WWE 'Universe'.

Steph – Listening to all of you right now.

They whisper between them.

Trip – So, change of plans, here's what I propose. This is an interesting situation, you all have a claim on it. So, tonight, in this ring, we have a match. Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins. The winner goes on to Fast Lane to face Reigns. The winner at Fast Lane goes to WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC.

Reigns is pacing and pissed.

Trip – The thing is Roman, you're the one with everything to lose here. But, you have an opportunity to end the debate, to stop the controversy, to get rid of the asterisks next to your name. To stop all the booing, just accept this. What do you say?

Steph – I understand that this sounds preposterous, but you have to think about it. This is your chance. You can prove to the WWE 'Universe' and your family. Think about Sika who's watching right now. You have a chance to prove to him, to yourself that you belong in the main event at WrestleMania.

Bryan – Wait, don't listen to them. How about this? I beat Rollins tonight, and we wrestle at Fast Lane, rip each other apart, tear the house down, and prove who deserves to be in the main event at WrestleMania?

Rollins – Whoa, hey, hey! No one wants to see Reigns vs Bryan. Roman, we both know you would break him in half real quick. If you don't accept this offer, it's really because you're afraid to face me. Let's be honest here. You don't have the guts if you don't say yes to this.

Steph – What do you say Roman?

Trip – What do you say? It's your choice. Accept this? Yes, or no?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" led by Bryan.

Steph – The most defining moment in your career is right now.

Reigns thinks, seethes, looks around.
Reigns – Screw it. I'll fight you. I'll fight you. It's been one versus all the whole time. Let's do it.

Trip – Then we have our match, Bryan vs Rollins tonight, the winner faces Reigns at Fast Lane, the winner goes on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the WWE WHC. And, as for you tonight, don't go anywhere big man.

Big Show's music hits, and out he comes.


Reigns vs Big Show

Bear hug on Reigns in a match that started during the commercial. Rollins and J&J Security are outside the ring, in front of announce, watching the match. During the commercial Reigns was tossed into the barricade. Reigns tossed down, and he rolls out. Big Show lifts him to the apron by his hair. Reigns on Big Show. Reigns in and clotheslines Big Show to the mat. Reigns off the corner taking Big Show down again. Splash on Big Show in a corner. Then another. A third of these sends Big Show out of the ring over the top. Reigns with a running double kick on Big Show's head as Big Show stands with his head on the apron. Reigns sets up, but J&J Security distracts, and Big Show spears Reigns for two.

Reigns kicks on Big Show's knee, knocks Noble from the apron, lands a superman punch on Big Show. Rollins attacks Reigns from the apron with the case. Chokeslam on Reigns for three.

Winner – Big Show (2:47)

Rollins over to celebrate with Big Show. All four head off up the ramp together. Video recap of the high points of the match. The case landed against Reigns' spine. Rollins on the ramp yelling smack at Reigns on the mat who's glaring up at him.

Backstage Segment

Trip and Steph watching the monitor, smiling.

Trip – Was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Steph – I almost feel sorry for Roman.

Trip – They bought into that. So easy to manipulate them. I mean, I didn't have to mention stripping Reigns of his WrestleMania. I don't think anyone knows that contractually, we can't even do that.

Steph – I know, and then mentioning Reigns not competing, here comes the beard with yes, yes, yes.

Trip – Then Rollins out now, all we have to do. Big Show took care of Roman. Seth takes care of Daniel Bryan. Seth goes on to Fast Lane to take out Reigns.

Steph – Then goes on to WrestleMania.

Trip - All that's left tonight is that Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast.

Steph – Let me ask you though, I saw the podcast with my dad. What do you think he's going to ask you?

Trip – He can ask me anything he wants. I can manipulate Austin like we did everybody else.

They kiss to heat from the fans.


In Ring Segment

Axel – Hold on one second, don't turn the channel, because I have something I want to say. I was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match. I was sucker punched from behind, and if that didn't happen, I would have won it. I would have won it! I want justice! I said I want justice!

JBL (on announce) – I'm thinking about turning the channel.

Axel – You want to know what else I want? Check this out.

Up on a corner, pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

Axel – I want Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the WWE WHC.

Ambrose's music hits, and out he comes. He looks pissed heading for the ring.

Ambrose all over Axel with punches, sends him over and out of the ring.

Ambrose – Now you're eliminated. While we're out here making demands, I have a demand of my own. After the Royal Rumble PPV last week, I took a long walk to clear my head, make my next move. I trudged through the ice and snow, all the way to WWE Headquarters and I found a wall, with a bunch of nice pictures hanging on it. Past WWE champions, former IC Champions, all the greats, and it got me thinking, you know, I take a pretty nice mug shot. My face would look great on that wall! (pop) Two weeks ago I pinned IC Champion Bad News Barrett, that means I'm in line for a Title Match! And I'm afraid I've got some bad news. I'm coming after that Championship. I'm gonna get my face on that wall at WWE Headquarters. Strap yourself in for a wild ride with the Ambrose on the road to Fast Lane!

The fans cheer for Ambrose, but then clothesline is back in the ring, attacking Ambrose from behind, stripping his leather jacket off, beating on him, but Ambrose out of the ropes on Axel, then dirty deeds and it's over! Ambrose paces around the ring, all Lunatic Fringe.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Black History Month, and how they celebrate people in the WWE. The first is a professional football player, a human rights activist, and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. They go on to show a most lovely video for Ernie 'The Big Cat' Ladd. He's the only member of both the AFL and WWE Halls of Fame.


The Ascension vs Stardust & Goldust

Viktor on Stardust with a knee. Stardust back with a clothesline. Viktor plants Stardust. Goldust in, drags his brother over, and tags out. JBL yells about The Ascension being better than Harlem Heat. It gets ugly between JBL and Booker T. Konnor in on Goldust. Viktor in, Konnor distracts and Viktor is able to get three.

Winners – The Ascension (1:47)

JBL and Booker T are still yelling at each other about great teams. Stardust in, yelling at his brother about needing to be in control. Stardust says his head's on straight, and leaves Goldust looking about to cry on his knees in the ring as his little brother stomps off up the ramp.


Backstage Segment

Goldust – Stardust, what happened? Stardust? Cody!

Stardust – Don't! Ever! Call! Me! Cody!

Stardust hisses and stomps off on his brother.

In Ring Segment

Cena's music, and out he comes to show off his ring gear, looking rather pissy, and black eyed.

Cena – I'm beat up, half blind, and almost broken, but after hearing that reaction, there was no way I was missing Raw from Denver, Colorado. (pop) Tonight is a special night, the COO, Triple H, has to sit down with Stone Cold Steve Austin! They're going to talk about the state of the WWE. Austin isn't afraid of Trip, so Austin will ask Trip questions that we want to know the answers to. I just want to know if Trip does what he always does, dances around the answers. The one thing Trip didn't dance around was on Smackdown he came out and said John Cena was the past. (mumbling) I know there will be some that side with him, and some that side with me, but he has Rollins in his back pocket, and calls him the future of the WWE. Trip single handedly re-branded NXT, and has a whole stable of WWE Superstars ready to come up and take my spot. Trip has a vision for his WWE, and Trip's WWE is without John Cena. (mumbles) Here's why I don't like that. You guys tell me how you feel. You think I suck, you tell me I suck, straight to my face. A guy like Trip, he'll do business with me in this ring,but he's afraid to fire me, because then he has to talk to TV affiliates and sponsors, and shareholders and Board of Directors, and I'd say you guys, but he don't care about you guys. The Authority cracked up a scheme I'd do something I've never done before, and that's give up. They tested my will, tarnished my resolve, tested everything I've ever worked for. If you take a look at my face, you'd think their plan is working. I just came out to say that no matter how tall the mountain, no matter how many chumps I have to knock down to stay on top, giving up is one thing I will never do. (pop) All the crap The Authority does only makes me stronger, and along the way we get to enjoy history making moments like this!

Video recap of Cena beating Rollins with Sting's help two weeks ago. Trip then trashed the place and called out Sting at Fast Lane.

Cena – That's right, the first time ever on Raw, the WWE 'Universe' got to see Sting! I owe him a heartfelt thank you, because we're making history right now, as I officially welcome back Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler!

All three come out to Ryback's music. They head for the ring together.

Cena – These three men proof that The Authority can be beat. If their next roadblock is Rusev at Fast Lane, I'll prove Rusev can be beat! 300Lbs undefeated weapon of mass destruction, but I'm going to prove that I'm not the past, and...

From the tron...

Steph – Gentlemen, far be it for me to interrupt such a momentous occasion.

Ziggler – But you're going to anyway, Steph, aren't ya? Classic. Don't you get tired of constantly putting obstacles in our way and watching us overcome them, over and over again?

Steph – Wait just a second. Watching you overcome what Ziggler? None of you in the ring, with the exception of John Cena has been fighting any battles. Or maybe Sting. Everybody's been fighting your battles for you Ziggler. But that's going to change tonight. So Ziggler, since you decided to mouth off and interrupt me, I'm going to make your match first. You will be facing Bray Wyatt. And Rowan, you're facing the man John Cena will be becoming quite familiar with, Rusev. As for you Ryback, you are going to be in action next.

"Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback.

Steph – Oh, you're going to be fed. You're going to be fed Ryback, until you choke, and gag, and wish you never came back to the WWE. Like I was saying, your match is next and against Harper.

All three in the ring pump each other up as Harper comes out to the ring.


Ryback vs Harper

"Feed me more!" from the fans right after the bell. Harper kicks Ryback, then a suplex from the large man who yells. Ryback back with kicks, then a delayed vertical, where he walks with Harper up, drops a hand, then drops Harper. Harper slammed, then Ryback off the corner for two.

Chops on Harper in a corner. Harper whipped, takes a clothesline, but comes out with a sick drop kick on Ryback! Harper with a big boot to drop Ryback off the apron. Harper out, knees Ryback in the face. Ryback rolled in. Harper over the top rope with a back slam, similar to how Eddie used to do it. Ryback comes back with blows, but Harper quickly takes Ryback down for one.

Facelock on Ryback on the mat. "Feed me more!" chants for Ryback. Ryback up, lifts Harper, slams him to the mat. Harper rushes, takes post. Ryback rolls up for two.

Thesz Press by Ryback, then a splash for two.

Tilt-a-whirl side slam on Ryback for two.

Harper knocked off the apron to the floor. Harper back in, takes a spinebuster. Ryback gets the fans chanting, but eats a kick to the face for two.

Both slow to their feet. "Let's go Ryback!" chants. Both to their feet, Ryback gets Harper on his shoulders, Harper reverses for two.

Ryback lifts Harper, shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (5:58)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Ryback gets the fans chanting along with him. "Feed me more!"


Jimmy vs Cesaro

Usos out in light blue, with Naomi in black. Cesaro and Kidd are already out there.

Cesaro takes Jimmy down to the mat. Jimmy up with a headlock on Cesaro. Cesaro pushes out, drop toe hold on Jimmy. Back and forth to sick chops on Jimmy. Big blow back on Cesaro, then another. A hip to Jimmy, but Jimmy off the ropes with a back elbow for two.

Cesaro tries to block a kick, takes a spinning kick to the back of the head. Cesaro from the ring to slow Jimmy's speed. So, Jimmy flies out onto Cesaro. Cesaro sent in, Jimmy after him, but Cesaro rolls out the other side. Cesaro off the second rope onto Jimmy, then big punches on the mat. Side headlock on Jimmy on the mat. Jimmy up, punches, kicks Cesaro in the gut, but then ends up eating corner himself. Cesaro with a big swing into a half Boston crab in the center of the ring. Cesaro down deep in the hold. Jimmy free, so Cesaro with double knees to Jimmy's chest for two.

Release power bomb on Jimmy for two.

Jimmy with a corkscrew off the top for two.

Both clothesline at the same time, but Jimmy with more clothesline until he's dumped over the top. The ref yells at Kidd to stay away from Jimmy. Jimmy eats announce, then Cesaro yells at Nattie to mind her own business. Cesaro in and off the top, but eats a superkick! Bum slam on Cesaro, then Jimmy climbs. Kidd tries to get involved, but Jey pulls him off the apron. Jimmy flies off the top, right into an upper cut from Cesaro!

Winner – Cesaro (6:20)

Jey in to check on his twin and is attacked by Kidd with a low drop kick to Jey's face. Nattie doesn't look thrilled as they head up the ramp. Naomi in looking rather pissed. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Backstage Segment

Mizdow is getting fruit.

Miz – More blueberries. Less blueberries.

Some staff guy – I don't mean to bother you guys, but my friends are really big fans, and would like autographs.

Miz – I'm in the middle of something, so shoo.

SSG – I was meaning Mr. Mizdow's autograph.

Mizdow – Absolutely. Here you go man.

SSG – Thank you.

Mizdow – No problem

Miz rips it up, laughing.

Miz – Beat it, nerd. (to Mizdow) You just don't get it, do you? (Mizdow drops right in mimicking Miz) You just don't get it. We both know how this story plays out, don't we? A real star throws a bone to a nobody, and that nobody gets a big head, and becomes an arrogant jerk. Do you remember what you were doing before you met me? You were wearing ridiculous costumes. You were an absolute joke. Stop mimicking me and listen! I made you my stunt double, I made you relevant. I made you a TTC, and have a purpose in life, and now you're throwing it away because of your ego, you ungrateful, talentless human prop! You are the worst stunt double I have ever seen! Well, no more Mizdow, no more, because you are fired!

Miz stops. Sandow is about to say something, but Miz continues.

Miz – But, I am really big into philanthropy, so I'm going to give you a new job. You are going to be my personal assistant. What? You don't want to be my personal assistant? (Mizdow starts mimicking again) You want to go back to doing what you were before? Let me paint a picture for you. Tonight I have a match against Sin Cara. You know what that means in Spanish? It means faceless, which is what you will be if you defy me. STOP THIS! Stop this right now! You are no longer my stunt double, you're my personal assistant, so assist. Go get my protein shake, extra strawberries, thank you!

Backstage Segment

Rowan removes his mask.

Rowan – My whole life, I've been treated like an animal. An outcast. See, no one's ever stood up for me like that. So, I'd like to thank you for standing up for me.

Cena – You shouldn't have been fired in the first place, man.

Rowan – My time away, I'd like to think I'm a changed man. Gracious, someone I can recognize when I look into the mirror. Thank you, John. And, for that, I'd like to do you a favor. Tonight, when I take on Rusev.

Cena – You've just got to be on your game. Rusev is a dangerous man. He's a wrecking machine with a mean streak in him. Just don't take him lightly, okay?

Rowan extends a hand. Cena shakes it. Rowan leaves looking at his mask.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring to solid pop.


Backstage Segment

Austin getting ready to do his podcast with Trip.

Ziggler vs Wyatt

Wyatt to the ring, lantern in hand, fireflies all around.

They both rush at each other. Ziggler pushed off, but right back with major punches. Wyatt on Ziggler's throat, then a kidney punch. Ziggler off the ropes into a back elbow through a lot of yelling and chants I cannot understand. Wyatt stomps Ziggler, but Ziggler back with a lovely drop kick, then all over Wyatt who hides in the ropes, but comes back with a knee to Ziggler's back. Ziggler choked in the ropes as the ref counts. Ziggler choked in the next side of the ring ropes. Video recap of the knee to Ziggler's back. Ziggler comes back with another drop kick. Wyatt rolls out to slow things down. Wyatt taunts from outside the ring. Wyatt back in, they circle, then Ziggler on Wyatt's leg, on the mat, working Wyatt over. Facelock on Wyatt. I think I hear a dueling chant of, "Let's go Ziggler!" and "Let's go Wyatt!" Back splash by Wyatt for two.

Wyatt with a nerve pinch on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler to his back on the mat, trying to get free of the Vulcan death pinch. Ziggler to his feet, but down with a knee. Drop kick on Wyatt, then an elbow, but Wyatt rolls out. Ziggler grabs Wyatt, gets hung in the ropes, then Wyatt grabs Ziggler, slowly pulls him through the ropes into a vertical suplex outside!


Facelock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler struggles up, punches free. Ziggler ducks a clothesline, but runs into a SICK back elbow for a long two.

Facelock on Ziggler all the way down on the mat. Ziggler struggles up again, lacks Wyatt's jaw and free. Wyatt rushes Ziggler, takes an elbow to the temple, then into the post when Ziggler side-steps. Ziggler uses the corner to pull himself up, gets up top, flies, but takes an upper cut and lands hard. Ziggler avoids a back splash from Wyatt, and both are down! Ziggler with a clothesline, splash in a corner, then swinging neck breaker on Wyatt. Epic elbow on Wyatt for two.

Ziggler off the ropes into one of the fastest, sickest clotheslines I've seen! Sister Abigail is set up, but Wyatt takes an elbow, then a serious DDT from Ziggler for two.

"Ziggler!" chants. Wyatt side-steps and then splashes Ziggler himself in the same corner. Wyatt back bends in the corner, yelling at Ziggler to get up. Ziggler ducks a clothesline. Wyatt avoids the famouser, but takes a big kick to the gut for a long two.

Both slow to move. "This is awesome!" chants can be heard, then suddenly gone. They fight on their knees, back and forth to their feet. Big right from Wyatt. Ziggler back with the famouser, but then takes Sister Abigail for three.

Winner – Bray Wyatt (14:58)

Wyatt poses in the center of the ring, on his knees. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Announce Segment

Cole recaps the opening of the show. They go to the video.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – That's a phenomenal DVD.

Steph – My Fit DVD?

Rollins – Almost as phenomenal as that plan tonight. Holy crap. I can't believe how good that worked.

Steph – You just had to trust us.

Rollins – I didn't believe it, but I have to ask, about the Bryan thing. You're not actually considering?

Steph – We had to appease the crowd a little bit, you understand. You have to have that faith in us. We wouldn't let by go to Fast Lane, let alone WrestleMania.

Rollins – I just wanted to make sure.

Steph – It's a sign of the confidence that we have in you.

Trip – You know Seth, you take advantage of that. That's one of the things about Randy Orton. Orton was just who we thought was the face of the WWE, but no matter how many times we gave him the opportunity to go out and prove how great he was, he didn't get it, he'd just complain, whine about it. You have an opportunity to do something more, that why Randy Orton...

Rollins – That's why Randy Orton ended up under my boot when I curb stomped him through the announce table. I get it. I'm not Orton, God forbid, thank you, but Orton is not Seth Rollins. I'm going to take this opportunity tonight, just like I did at the Royal Rumble, why everybody in this locker room can touch me. I know the fans are going to be going nuts for Daniel Bryan, it's what they do. It doesn't matter, I'm going to punch my ticket to Fast Lane, and stomp out #YesMovement once and for all.

Rollins leaves.

Steph – I like him.



The Bellas fighting with and taking down Paige backstage on Smackdown.

Fox vs Paige

Bellas are on announce. Cole asks about why they are all over Paige. Nikki talks down Paige. Fox is in the ring. Paige out to face her.

They lock up, spin around, struggling, through the ropes and out. Paige knees Fox in the face, rolls her in, then runs screaming at the Bellas. Paige in and rolled up for two.

Fox kicks Paige in the face for two.

Headlock on Paige on the mat. Paige slammed back on the mat. Northern lights suplex on Paige for two.

Chinlock on Paige on the mat, a knee in her back. Nikki admits Paige is tough, but she's preparing for her. Paige all the way down on the mat in a headlock. Paige up, punching at Fox, but Fox back with a back breaker. Paige reverses the pin on Fox for three.

Winner – Paige (2:44)

Fox attacks Paige from behind. Paige all back bending up over Fox's foot, so the Bellas in to spray Paige with what looks like spray paint, but they're calling tanning spray.



Miz on Sirens.

Miz vs Sin Cara

Miz to the ring, Mizdow playing the same way, but getting yelled at for it. Video of Miz berating Mizdow earlier in the show. Down by the ring, Miz is still yelling at Mizdow. Sin Cara out to face him, jumping over the ropes and in.

Miz removes his shades to heat, and yells at Mizdow not to take his off. "We want Mizdow!" chants as the match starts and Mizdow tries hard to not move, not mimic Miz. Miz yells out at Mizdow. "Mizdow!" chants. Shoulder block drops mic. Sin Cara slingshots off the ropes onto Miz. Lovely lift and slam on Miz in the ring! Sin Cara off the top, but Miz moves. "Mizdow!" chants. Mizdow climbs as Miz climbs. Miz yells at Mizdow to get down! Sin Cara hung up on the top rope. Miz berates Mizdow, then back into the ring to kick Sin Cara for two.

Mizdow is having troubles staying still out there as Miz gets two in the ring.

Mizdow is struggling through more, "We want Mizdow!" chants. Knees to Sin Cara. Miz with a clothesline for two.

Miz glares out at Mizdow who's not moving. Miz gets heat, stomps Sin Cara, then pulls at the mask. Chinlock on Sin Cara. Side headlock on Sin Cara on the mat, Mizdow is struggling, not doing anything out there. He looks around, takes some love from the fans. Miz poses for more heat, but Mizdow on the apron gets serious love. Sin Cara grabs Miz and rolls him up for three.

Winner – Sin Cara (5:37)

Mizdow in and is further berated by Miz for it all.


Wyatt – I've been called many names in the past. Seducer, accuser, destroyer. You, you may call me Bray. I've been watching you for some time now, and oh, how they used to fear you. What you going to do? You let all that fear turn into love and admiration! I'm gonna be different. I'm the new face of fear. I am the dragon! It's real man, and we cannot wait to see you again. Find me! Hahaha!


Rusev vs Rowan

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Rowan out to face him.

Rusev attacks Rowan before he can get into the ring. Rowan into a post outside. Rowan rolled into the ring. A hip to Rowan's head. They call it knees to Rowan's face, but it's hips. Rowan slammed to the mat, then stomped, using the ropes for height. Rusev out, pushes Rowan up by his chin, back bending him up around the bottom rope. Rusev goes after Rowan with a kick, but the camera was on the fans and missed it. Cole had to explain it, then they recapped it. Back in the ring, the accolade on Rowan as the ref yells at Rusev to break the hold, the match never started. The ref keeps yelling and pleading, then Rusev finally does.

Lana – Now that we have your attention. We would like to invite all of you to a very special movie premier. It's Oscar season, and you're in for a cinematic treat. A cold, harsh reality. This film isn't your fairy tail ending. It will show not only the future of John Cena, but all those who dare to oppose Rusev!

They go to video of Rusev destroying wrestlers, narrated by Rusev. The video ends, the flag tries to unfurl, but it only partially comes down. Rusev and Lana are livid and ranting in the ring. Rusev waves his own flag so strongly he seems to be abusing it.

Backstage Segment

Bryan – Hey man, I saw what Rollins did to you out there tonight.

Reigns – Seth is gonna gets what's coming to him. I don't get mad, I get even.

Bryan – I hope you're not banking on getting your revenge at Fast Lane, because you're not going to be facing him, you're going to be facing me.

Reigns – Is that a threat.

Bryan – No, it's not a threat.

They both stand, Reigns looking down at Bryan.

Reigns – I don't care what it is. I don't care who I face at Fast Lane, I'm going to win, and I'm going to WrestleMania. Whether the world, or you, like it or not, now get the hell out of my locker room.

Bryan – No problem.

In Ring Segment

Rollins out to serious heat, with J&J Security in tow.


Rollins vs Bryan

Bryan out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and is all smiles.

They lock up, muscle around, Bryan to the ropes, but Rollins pushes Bryan's face in a dirty break. Shoulder block to Bryan. Bryan did some really fancy work, starting on Rollins' left arm on the mat, then over his own shoulder. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan all over that arm, a double underhook suplex into an arm bar on Rollins. Bryan with "YES!" kicks on Rollins in a corner, then back on the left arm in a standing hold. Bryan keeps on Rollins as they spin, then Bryan out through the ropes. Outside J&J Security send Bryan into the barricade, then Rollins dives out, sending Bryan into the barricade again!


Rollins is wrenching on Bryan's neck as Bryan sits on the mat. Big Show is outside the ring cheering on Rollins. Neck breaker on Bryan for two.

Rollins stomps Bryan in a corner, until the ref forced Rollins off. Heat for Rollins pointing to the WrestleMania sign. Rollins splashes Bryan for two.

Rollins is annoyed Bryan was able to kick out. Rollins holds Bryan's hair and beats on Bryan's neck. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Rollins eats corner. Bryan with blows on Rollins in a corner. Upper cuts on Rollins, but Rollins reverses, sending Bryan face first into the second buckle. Rollins kicks and stomps Bryan in a corner. Noble with a cheap shot from outside while Rollins has the ref distracted. Rollins looks at the WrestleMania sign again. Bryan pulled up by the beard as Rollins yells about it being his time, his chance at WrestleMania. Bryan whipped, runs up and over Rollins. Bryan takes Rollins down, then rallies up off the mat through "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" And "YES!" kicks to Rollins on the mat, even the biggie, all for two on the mat.

Bryan on Rollins with kicks in a corner, then his double running feet on Rollins. Rollins up top, Bryan with head scissors off the top, but Rollins rolls through on Bryan for two!

Both slow to their feet. Both holding each others hair with one hand, beating each other with the other. J&J Security up, but take both of Bryan's feet. Then Bryan sends Rollins over onto them. Then Bryan with a suicide dive sends all three onto announce! Rollins tossed into the ring, and Bryan climbs to the top. Rollins kicks Bryan's leg out. Bryan sits up top nursing his jewels as Big Show yells orders to Rollins. Rollins climbs to the top, but Bryan squirps out, lands Rollins on his jewels. Bryan climbs up behind Rollins, lands a lovely suplex, sells his neck, but throws an arm over Rollins for a long two.

Bryan looks up at the WrestleMania sign and gets the heart going inside. He leads the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Rollins catches Bryan, slams him onto the buckles with a power bomb for a long two.

"This Is Awesome!" chants. Rollins on Bryan, but Bryan locks on the "YES!" lock, Rollins spazzing all over the mat. Rollins slides back more and more, gets his feet into the ropes to break the hold. Rollins rolls out to Big Show's waiting arms. Big Show holds Rollins up, but suddenly the fans are wild and Reigns dives from the ramp, seems to fly through the air in a way our gravity won't allow, and spears Big Show! Reigns starts stalking Rollins around the ring, but at the last moment it's Mercury who takes the spear as Rollins flees out of the way.
Noble in with the case. Superman punch to Rollins through the ropes. Bryan with his running knee for three.

Winner – Bryan (17:25)

Backstage Segment

Renee – Excuse me Triple H, if I can get a couple comments about what we just saw Bryan pull off in front of the WWE 'Universe'?

Trip – What I have to say about this, I'll say to Austin in the podcast right now

In Ring Segment

Cole – Daniel, congratulations!

Bryan takes the mic out of Cole's hand.

Bryan – You guys are the ones who put me here. You guys are the ones who have made me, so for you guys, I am going to beat Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. (a bit of a grumble in the pop) And I'm going to main event WrestleMania! "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Video recap of the high points of the match. They show Reigns fly at Big Show again, then spear Mercury, and superman punching Rollins to help Bryan get the win.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Rusev & Lana

Best Fan Rage Pop

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