Raw Results 1/5/15 – The Authority Has Some BAD NEWS For Everyone!


RAW Results January 5, 2015
From American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

First time ever on Raw is an Ambulance Match. And The Authority will be back tonight, will they have revenge on their minds as Trip and Steph start Raw at the top of the hour?

Raw Starts


Recap of The Cutting Edge Peep Show from Raw last week. Rollins took matters into his own hands, and forced Cena's hand to get The Authority back.

Music & Pyro!

In Ring Segment

All the Superstars and Divas are in and around the ring. Darrin Young is behind Cena with new hair and beard.

Cena – The Authority is back in power. (heat) Their first order of business was to call us all down here to address us. Before they do, I want to apologize to all of you and your coworkers. My word is my bond, but I had to go back on my word, and I'm sorry. When Rollins said he'd snap Edge's neck, I thought I could save the day, but realized that the health of a friend, husband and father was more important that The Authority being back in power. Right now I want to make a promise to you and my coworkers. 2015 is going to be a very tough year...

Trip's music cuts Cena off. Trip and Steph out. Trip in his suit, Steph in an incredibly SHORT black and white geometric patterned dress with half sleeves, and thigh high black leather boots. They get solid heat.

Steph – But I haven't even said anything yet! Cena, that's not the way to start the first Raw of 2015, all down, sad sack. No, let me show you how it's done. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! Now we sincerely you all had an incredible new year, we did because we knew we'd be back to do what we were born to do, and that's entertain all of you, because we know what's best for you, and what's best for business.

Trip – That's right, little less than two months ago you were cheering and laughing because you thought The Authority was gone for good, all because of that face painted goof, Sting. What we tell them then? You'd be begging for us to come back. You won't admit it, but you were.

Steph – Begging!

Trip – You were. Oh, HoHoHogan was good, or the computerized Raw GM. No, the place was in chaos. It was what we said it would be, a sinking ship. Now, due to one man, the ship has righted its course. The WWE is back where it should be, because of one man. That man is the undisputed future of the WWE, Mr. MITB, the man you owe all the thanks to, Seth Rollins!

Rollins' music, but he doesn't come out until it's been playing a bit. A hug from Steph, then one from Trip. Rollins poses with his case and laughs to heat.

Steph – God, this feels good, doesn't it?

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – I just want to say one thing. I just want to say hello to my good friend in yellow, John Cena. John, let me be the first to say to you, happy new year.

Trip – Seth, all these people here owe you a debt of gratitude, the WWE 'Universe' that they can never repay. We owe you a debt, so while you made history in a moment, we're going to give you chance to make history again. In just a few weeks, at Royal Rumble, John Cena will compete against Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC. It will be a hell of a match, as of this moment, it's a Triple Threat Match! John Cena, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar for the WWE WHC.

Rollins is all excited and hugs Trip for this.

Steph – You've earned it. But there is one other man we have to thank, Mr. hustle, loyalty, respect himself, John Cena. You can't have all these sorrys, what ifs. You showed us your true strength of character when you broke your promise to all the Superstars and the 'Universe'. You showed us that in your gut you know what's best for business. Tonight, we're not going to punish you, no, we want to honor you, show you just what you truly are by declaring tonight John Cena Appreciation Night. John, I know you're conflicted, or, at least, pretending to be, but I need to tell you that your attendance isn't optional, it's mandatory. We're going to put a smile on your face, because I guarantee The Authority will deliver.

Trip – That's right. The rest of you, this is a new era for The Authority. No agendas, no motives. No, no, a new Authority, in the WWE, as in life, you will get out of it, what you put in. in other words, everyone will get what they deserve. As for tonight, what a show! Dolph Ziggler, don't go anywhere, you're up now, and you're going to defend your IC Championship against the man that never really lost it, Bad News Barrett.

Big hugs on stage. On announce Cole talks about King being ill, but is getting better. Booker T is in King's seat on announce. Booker T sends love to King. Cole talks up Reigns vs Big Show tonight. JBL says Ryback vs Rollins later. More Johnny Manziel comments, this one from JBL. Cole talks up the Ambulance Match later tonight.


IC Championship Match – Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Bad News Barrett

Ziggler on Barrett's ankle, Barrett pulls him up, puts an arm bar on him. Side headlock on Barrett. Barrett stomps Ziggler down. Suplex on Ziggler for two.

Drop kick on Barrett, drops an elbow for two.

Ziggler tries to float over, is caught, kicked in the gut on his way down. Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler up, then slammed back to the mat for two.

Barrett drops a knee on Ziggler as Booker T says Barrett hasn't lived up to the championships he's won. Booker T then goes on about Barrett being injury prone. Ziggler reverses on a side slam and rolls Barrett up for three.

Winner – Ziggler (2:36)

As Ziggler gets his strap, Bad News Barrett attacks him from behind. Ziggler dumped outside, then into the barricade! Ziggler pulled up and slammed back into the barricade again. Ziggler bounced face first off announce, takes the shroud down with him. Ziggler then into the stairs. Ziggler eats the next stairs, then the post on the third corner. Ziggler dragged around by his hair, then slammed back against the apron. Barrett into the ring, pulls Ziggler up by his hair, then shoulder first from the apron. Cole is demanding to know where officials and security are. Ziggler shoulder first from inside the ring.

Kane – I apologize, but in our excitement we forgot to mention this was 2 Out Of 3 Falls, ref ring the bell. (nothing) Ref, ring the bell, NOW!

Wasteland for three.

Winner – Barrett (4:07)

Barrett with Ziggler up, hits wasteland again, but only gets two for it. Kane is ringside watching. Barrett on Ziggler again for two.

Barrett all over Ziggler with blows, chokes him in the ropes, then kicks Ziggler from the ropes to the floor. Back in and Barrett gets two for it.

Ziggler slammed down again with wasteland, but Ziggler kicks out.

Chinlock on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler screaming, reaching, sits up, to his knees, then feet. Blows to get free, ducks a clothesline and lands a drop kick on Barrett. Ziggler splashes, but Barrett moves and Ziggler eats corner. Barrett pins for two.

Ziggler across the corner taking blows, then a sick kick to the ribs. Barrett pins for two.

Chinlock back on Ziggler on the mat. The camera keep flashing over to Kane. Jaw breaker on Barrett, then Ziggler trips Barrett into a corner. Ziggler up, splashes Barrett, then a neck breaker in the center of the ring. Barrett ducks the famouser, hits winds of change on Ziggler for two.

Barrett loads the elbow, he's smiling, Ziggler ducks, lands a superkick for a long two.

Kane over to the apron, yelling at Barrett. Kane up and eats a superkick. Ziggler turns into a bullhammer for three.

Winner & New IC Champion – Bad News Barrett (12:46)

Kane into the ring, clapping for Bad News Barrett. Barrett celebrates, then down to shake Kane's hand. Kane raises Barrett's hand, then checks his own chin as he glares at Ziggler on the mat.


2002 – Cena out to Angle with Ruthless Aggression! Cena almost beats Angle, then backstage gets a handshake from Taker.


Announce Segment

Cole and Booker T talk about Reigns vs Big Show. Last week on Raw, when Reigns faced Rollins, but Big Show got involved and sent Reigns over announce, flipping the table over onto Reigns. On Smackdown Friday, Reigns avoided being chokeslammed through announce, then Big Show over announce, and flips the table onto him.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome Roman Reigns. With everything that has led to this moment, what can we expect?

Reigns – I don't know what to expect. Big Show is 7 feet tall, 450lbs and all of it is coming for me. But I do know what he can expect. Expect a man that's faster than a speeding bullet – POOW! A man who can leap over a tall building in a single bound! A man so powerful, more powerful than a locomotive! What the Big Show can expect, the Big Show can expect me. Believe that.


Bray – What is your new years resolution, Dean? Is it to become a better person? Is it to get to know your criminal father a little bit better? (whispering, indecipherable) Which is unfortunately, the same thing that must happen to you. You're going away Dean. You're going to do your time. You've made your bed, and now you will rot in it. And tonight when I slam that ambulance door shut, with your lifeless body inside of it, it will mark the end of our great journey. Your Lunatic Fringe won't be more than a lost soul trapped inside of his own nightmare. (whispering, indecipherable) The devil is real, and he's not just a man with red horns and a pointed tail, he is suffering, he is pain. And tonight he walks beside me. Run!


The Ascension vs Baba Ganoushes

The Ascension to the ring.

Viktor – Throughout the history of the WWE, there have been many so-called dominant tag teams, just like Ax and Smash of Demolition.

Konnor – We'll destroy Demolition!

Viktor – Or, there's The Road Warriors!

Konnor – We'll throw them right off the road. Hey, yo, Vik, what's the old saying?

Viktor – Oooohhhh, what a rush!

Konnor – More like, Ooohhh, what a joke!

Viktor – We are The Ascension!

Konnor – Welcome to the Wasteland!

Viktor on a little Baba Ganoush in blue and black. Konnor tags in, knocks the other in blue and black off the apron, then they double team the first guy with the fall of man for three.

Winners – The Ascension (0:40)

JBL and Booker T are all bitch about how they talked down the Road Warriors, and that these were nobodies who they destroyed.

Backstage Segment

Lana – Your American Christmas is over, but in two days we will celebrate our Russian Christmas. As a gift, we offer you this advice.

Rusev – America, keep your nose out of Russia's business. America, keep your nose out of any country's business. You want to be the police force of the world? You think the only way is the American way? How dare you disrespect customs and traditions of any other country. There is only one man who can lead this world to peace and prosperity, and his name is Vladimir Putin.

Lana – There is only one man who is undefeated, and he rises above the rest. He is Rusev!

In Ring Segment

Reigns through the stands to the ring.


Big Show vs Reigns

Big Show to the ring looking pissy as ever.

Reigns behind Big Show, on him with blows and kicks. Reigns run off the ropes into a sick spear, but Big Show only gets two for it!

Blows on Reigns in a corner. Reigns comes back with a couple blows, but Big Show with bigger blows drops Reigns. Big Show wrenches on and squishes Reigns' face. Scoop slam on Reigns, then Big Show walks across Reigns' mid-section! Another blow sends Reigns to sitting in a corner. More kicks to Reigns. Reigns up with a couple blows, but takes more from Big Show that drop him, then a kick to Reigns' ribs. Big Show again walks on Reigns' mid-section. Another kick to Reigns' ribs and Big Show pins, but only gets two for it all.

Big Show yells smack, mocking him. Big Show lifts Reigns by the head in two hands, then tosses him off to the mat. Big Show pulls Reigns' up by his hair, but Reigns with blows on Big Show. Reigns dives on Big Show, ends up in a bear hug. Reigns with elbows to Big Show's head to get free. Reigns tries to clothesline, but nothing. Another clothesline, but nothing. Reigns ducks a Big Show clothesline, lands a flying clothesline of his own to drop Big Show. Samoan drop on Big Show! Reigns onto a knee, but Big Show blocks the punch! Reigns free and out of the ring. Big Show gives chase and backs Big Show into the apron a couple times. Big Show blocks after a couple, then a big thrust kick to Reigns' chest/face. Big Show lifts the top of the stairs and slams them into Reigns. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ – Reigns (5:32)

Big Show pulls Reigns up, holding his vest, tosses Reigns in over the bottom rope! Big Show into the ring, raises the stairs high and rush at Reigns, but Reigns goes below and spears Big Show! The stairs fall next to, then carefully onto, Big Show. (Looked better than it reads.) Doctors in to check on Big Show on the mat.

Announce Segment

Raw is airing live in India for the first time! It's early tomorrow morning for those of us in the USA. They go to video of the opening of Raw when Trip made the WWE WHC match at Royal Rumble into a Triple Threat Match. Steph goes on and on about Cena breaking his promise to everyone, and so Cena knows what's best for business.


Nikki vs Nattie

Bellas in the ring posing. Nattie out to face Nikki. Kidd not with her after what happened last week on Raw. Video of Kidd catching Nikki in Nattie's match last week on Raw. Paige's music hits and she comes down to the ring and hugs Nattie.

Nattie ducks Nikki, grabs her and slams her into a corner. Nikki comes back with an elbow, then clotheslines for two.

Bitch slap to Nikki, then a side Russian leg sweep on Nikki. Nikki kicks out as Nattie sets up. A big clothesline knocks down Nikki as Brie and Paige argue outside. Paige throws her jacket at Brie, then slams Brie into the barricade. Nikki is distracted by all this. Nattie rolls Nikki up for three.

Winner – Nattie (1:16)

Nikki attacks Nattie from behind. Nikki stomps Nattie. Paige in with a superkick on Nikki.

Paige (off mic) – This is my home!

Paige hugs Nattie and raises Nattie's arm in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – Wyatt, I've never been one to make a new year's resolution. I don't need to lose any weight. Don't want to save money. Don't need to become a better person. I mean, that's a lost cause anyway, right? All I care about is kicking your ass all over this building, and tossing you in the back of that ambulance. There is no happy ending to our little fairy tale. This match will be ugly. This match will be brutal. This match will be dangerous. That's the way I life my life, and that's the way I'm gonna end yours.


Announce Segment

Cole and all of them send their condolences to Stewart Scott from ESPN. They brought tears to my eyes in how honest and sweet they were.

Rowan vs Harper w Special Guest Refs – Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury

Rowan to the ring, mask and all. Into the ring, and off comes the mask. Harper to the ring to face him. There's no ref in the ring. Eden announces a Special Guest Refs for this match, Noble and Mercury. The fans are confused by this. They both come out in zebra stripes to a tiny bit of heat, and nothing much else.

Rowan backs Harper up into a corner. J&J Security pull Rowan back, and Harper attacks. Rowan reverses a whip, then on him with head butts. Rowan is about to storm across the ring, but J&J Security are in the way. Spin kick on Harper, but neither can decide who will count. Rowan in their faces. Clothesline from smell from Harper, so Noble counts a quick three.

Winner – Harper (1:09)

JBL talks about NLF having a bad call last night, things like this happen. J&J Security on Rowan with kicks and blows. Harper back in with another clothesline on Rowan. Harper with his own hold on Rowan, holding him on his knees for Noble and Mercury to double drop kick Rowan's head from each side. Noble raises Harper's arm as Harper glares at Rowan.


June 6, 2005 – Jericho announces the first pick in the draft lottery, Cena. Cena on the Highlight Reel. He was running with spinner belt at the time.



Usos regained the TTCs last week on Raw, from Miz and Mizdow.

Backstage Segment

Naomi messing with her hair in a mirror. Her bangs won't behave. She blows them out of her eyes, then makes a silly face.

Fox – Naomi, what's up girl?

Naomi – Fox!

Fox – We've been friends a lot time, right? Even though we're on opposite sides of the match tonight, you know there's nothing that will come between us.

Naomi – No problem.

Fox – Oh, this Sunday I make my Total Divas debut!

Naomi – That's good for you, but, what's your point.

Fox – Oh, I forgot, they kicked you off! Oh.

Naomi – It's fine, because now I can focus on my career.

Fox – No, really, I didn't mean to say that.

Naomi – I said, it's fine.

Fox – I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings. (slap to Naomi's gut) I was trying to hurt you!

Fox slams Naomi onto the table head first, over and over again, knocking the mirror down behind it. Powder is sent flying everywhere. Emma, Cameron and Summer Rae into the scene. Summer Rae and Emma check on Naomi, Cameron doesn't seem to care.

Announce Segment

Cole rants about this amazing Ambulance Match. Video recap of the feud between Wyatt and Ambrose. Back to live, and the ambulance is backing into the arena.


Ambulance Match – Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

Eden announces the rules for the Ambulance Match. Ambrose is the first out. He looks at the stretcher and ambulance before heading to the ring. Wyatt out to face him, lantern in hand, fireflies all around.

Ambrose off the ropes into a crossbody on Wyatt. They roll out and Wyatt eats stairs. Ambrose sends Wyatt over announce. Wyatt pulled out, to the barricade. Ambrose on announce, flies off onto Wyatt. Wyatt over the barricade, Ambrose with him, throwing blows. They work their way through the stands toward the ambulance. Wyatt face first off the back doors of the ambulance. Ambrose opens the back doors, but Wyatt fights back. Ambrose tossed in, swings out, kicking Wyatt in the face as Wyatt tries to shut the doors. Ambrose pulls two white tables with red crosses on them out of the ambulance. Ambrose tossed back in. Wyatt slams a door on Ambrose's knee. Ambrose sells the pain all over the place, up onto the ramp. Wyatt clotheslines Ambrose's legs out from under Ambrose, landing back first on the ramp. Wyatt rolls the stretcher into Ambrose's knee hanging over the side of the ramp. Wyatt all over Ambrose as the fans chant for Ambrose.

Ambrose rolled into the ring. Booker T says Ambrose is "The Attitude Era!" Ambrose fights back outside as they go to commercial.


Ambrose eats corner in the ring. Wyatt splashes Ambrose in that corner. Heat for Wyatt as Ambrose holds his knee on the mat. Wyatt yells at Ambrose to, "Get up!" Clothesline on Ambrose. Ambrose pulls himself up, staggers to the mat again. Another blow on Ambrose and he's down, staggering around. Wyatt yells at Ambrose to, "Run!" Ambrose comes back with blows. Blows back and forth, until Wyatt takes Ambrose down hard.

Wyatt – No more!

Ambrose tossed from the ring, holding his knee outside. "Let's go Ambrose!" chants. Wyatt stomps Ambrose on the floor, then sends him into the barricade. Wyatt pulls Ambrose up the ramp, around the ramp, then Wyatt drives Ambrose onto the ramp. "We want tables!" chants. Ambrose clotheslined onto the stage. Wyatt grabs a white table and sets it up in front of the stage. Ambrose to Wyatt's head. Ambrose launches off the stage with a clothesline on Wyatt!

Ambrose uses the stretcher to get to his feet. Back and forth, then Ambrose into the ambulance. A chair flies out onto Wyatt. Ambrose on Wyatt with blows on the floor. Ambrose continues to sell the knee, pulls Wyatt up and tosses him into the ambulance. One door closed, but Wyatt out. Wyatt closes the other door and bounces Ambrose off the back doors. Ambrose again bounced off the back doors as something is bleeped out.

"Use the tables!" chants.

Elbow to Wyatt's face, and since he didn't haven ropes to bounce out of, he bounces off the stretcher. The back board is lifted by Ambrose, and he beats Wyatt all over with it. The back board is thrown down on Wyatt.

"This is awesome!" chants.

Ambrose moves the table over to the back of the ambulance, and he pulls a bright red Wyatt to his feet as JBL mentions Trapper John MD. Cole brings up Marcus Welby. (only if you're old enough) Wyatt laid out on the table. Ambrose on the stage, then up on top of the ambulance. Ambrose staggers around on the ambulance, then lands a flying elbow on Wyatt, through the table. Ambrose sells the knee.

"Holy shit!" chants from the guys right by there. "This is awesome!" chants from the rest.

Ambrose pulls Wyatt up, but Wyatt back with a knee, then Sister Abigail off the back doors of the ambulance! Ambrose splayed out as Wyatt tries to get to his feet. Wyatt opens the back doors of the ambulance. "Let's go Dean!" chants as Wyatt puts Ambrose in the ambulance. One door closed, but Ambrose kicks Wyatt in the head. Wyatt grabs Ambrose, pulls him from the ambulance and hits Sister Abigail onto the cement floor in one fluid movement. Wyatt drags Ambrose to the ambulance, rolls him in, slams the door.

Winner – Bray Wyatt (19:39)

Wyatt sits outside where the ambulance was, laughing and crying at the same time as his music plays.


Recap of the opening of Raw when Rollins was added to the WWE WHC match at Royal Rumble.


6 Person Mixed Tag Team Match – Naomi & Usos vs Fox & Miz & Mizdow

Naomi and Usos to the ring. Video recap of Usos defeating Miz and Mizdow for the TTCs last week on Raw. Miz, Mizdow, and Fox out to face them. Miz's shades off to nothing. Mizdow's off to huge pop.

Naomi takes Fox down. Fox slung across the ring. Naomi all over Fox who tags out. Jey tags in and all over Miz. Miz brought in over the top, the hard way. Mizdow in the same way on his own. Neck breaker on Jey who was distracted by Mizdow. Blows on Jey on the mat as Mizdow throws blows to air. Booker T says Mizdow is so much better than Miz, but JBL argues hard that Miz is greater. Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Mizdow sells and hits every move on the apron. Mizdow wants in, gets the tag, but is stopped, tagged out, and Miz comes off the apron on Jey outside. "Miz, you suck!" chants! Chinlock on Jey on the mat. Mizdow has the hold on air. Blows to Miz, as Mizdow sells them. Miz is blocked, then double clothesline, and both men are down in the mat. Jimmy tags in, kicks Miz, Samoan drop. Fox rushes in to stop his bum slam, but Naomi in with head scissors on Fox! Jimmy tossed to the ropes, Jimmy avoids knocking into his wife, and Miz rolls Jimmy up for three.

Winner – Miz & Mizdow & Fox (4:10)

Usos and Naomi upset in the ring as Miz, Mizdow and Fox celebrate on the ramp. Video recap of the high points of the match.


Handicap Match – Ryback vs Rollins & Kane

Ryback to the ring. Rollins out, case in hand, J&J Security in tow. Kane's music, and he comes out sans shirt.

Kane – This is just not my night for remembering things. Ryback, I should have mentioned this earlier. This match is a Handicap Match. Your opponents are Seth Rollins, and me.

Rollins distracts and Kane on Ryback in a corner. Ryback reverses a whip, but Kane with an elbow up. Ryback with a Thesz Press, on Kane for two.

Side headlock on Kane. "Feed me more!" chants. Ryback into a corner, Kane eats foot, and Ryback off the corner. Three splashes in a row on Kane on the mat for a short two.

Ryback backed into the heel corner. Rollins tags in, on Ryback with elbow. "You sold out!" chants. Rollins on Ryback with blows. Ryback reverses the corner with a chop. The next corner with a chop, then back with another chop. Rollins runs the ropes, holds on, slides out. Back in, up top. Rollins flies, is caught, clotheslined from the ring.


Side headlock on Ryback. "Feed me more!" chants. Ryback whipped into the heel corner, then Kane with a clothesline in the corner. Blows on Ryback. Kane backed off, goes after Ryback and eats a belly-to-belly out of the corner. Rollins with a blind tag comes in with a beautiful drop kick on Ryback for two.

Ryback choked in the ropes. Rollins with a running elbow on Ryback in a corner. Rollins with thigh slams on Ryback's kidneys, then into a chinlock on Ryback on the mat. Ryback up, slams Rollins back into a corner. Rollins flipped off Ryback's back, but Kane in with a blind tag and pins Ryback with a heel cover for two. Kane keeps on Ryback and gets two more twos.

"Feed me more!" chants as Ryback with blows on Kane, but then eats Kane's elbow for two.

Rollins tags in, comes off the corner on Ryback. "You sold out!" chants on Rollins. Rollins chokes Ryback in the ropes. Rollins from the ring, lands a forearm on Ryback through the ropes. Kane tags in and stomps Ryback's ribs. Ryback blocks a suplex, lands a suplex of his own on Kane. Both are down. "Feed me more!" chants. Rollins tags in, Ryback ducks. Body drop on Rollins. Ryback lifts Rollins, Rollins free. Ryback ducks Rollins, then lands a spinebuster. J&J Security distract, but Ryback with his meathook. Rollins up, but Kane saves Rollins. Ryback sets up, lifts Kane, shellshocked! Rollins back with a curb stomp on Ryback! All three down on the mat. Rollins up, another curb stomp for three.

Winners – Kane & Rollins (11:59)

Video recap of the high points of the match. Kane, Rollins, and J&J Security in the ring celebrating over Ryback's prone body.


Rose vs Big E

Adam Rose, and Exotic Express are at the ring. A New Day out, all clapping and happy with pyro. A New Day all happy with Exotic Express as they head down the ramp.

Rose behind Big E. Big E tosses him off easily. Big E on Rose in a corner. Rose with a dirty break, all over Big E in the corner with forearms. Rose ducks a clothesline, on Big E's back with a sleeper. Big E to his knees, selling the hold. Woods and Kofi clap their beat on the apron. Exotic Express clap along. Big E free with clotheslines on Rose, then a big belly-to-belly. Out comes his towel for sweat... Two guys in all gray bodysuits are in and attack Big E.

Winner via DQ – Big E (1:51)

They double team Big E off the corner, after taking out Kofi and Woods. The finisher is quite familiar. Off comes their hoods and it's Kidd and Cesaro!

Backstage Segment

The Authority are talking to J&J Security and Kane. The rest leave Steph and Trip who look quite happy.

Announce Segment

They talk about Countdowns on WWE Network after Raw.


In Ring Segment

The Authority to the ring, arms around each other.

Steph – Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I stand before you in this office, in this audience [sic], and the millions watching on TV all around the world, and we celebrate something a decade in the making, John Cena Appreciation Night! Let's hear it, because John Cena knows what's best for business, what's best for the 'Universe', reinstating The Authority. Without further ado, let's bring out the man of the hour, the man who brought back The Authority, John Cena!

Cena's music and he comes slowly to the ring.

Trip – Ladies and gentleman, John Cena! (nothing, except Steph yelling) Ladies and gentlemen, I said, John Cena! (nothing but Steph yelling) Maybe you're not hearing me...

Together – John Cena!

A bit of a reaction, but not much.

Trip – John, before we get started on what will be a roller coaster ride, I'd like to bring you back to last week, to that oh, so glorious moment.

Video of Edge's life in Rollins' hands, and Cena brings The Authority back.

Trip – I like it too. I like it when he said, 'I bring back The Authority!' It was actually said with authority.

Steph – It was! Really good point. A hero is someone who will persevere and endure, in spite of overwhelming circumstances. Maybe that's what you did last week or maybe it isn't, but what I do know is, (softer, sexier voice) you're my hero.

Trip – John, I know you and I have had our problems in the past, and a lot of that is my fault. I can admit it now. When you first came in here. When we had our first match, Shawn Michaels came over to me and said, "How is he?" And I said, "Man, he sucks!" But then, then something happened man. You changed, and changed faster than anyone I've seen before, and there was this hint of something else, bigger. I think I started to see this greatness before everyone else. Maybe that's why I was so hard on you, so overbearing, because I saw this greatness in you that maybe you hadn't even seen yet. Then you started to live up to it. Then you reached heights that I don't think anybody, nobody thought you'd get. Then, last week, I saw a change again. I saw a look in your eye that I started to think maybe you saw past all this hustle, loyalty, respect crap and see what's real, that all that matters is this (hand on the mat), this ring, and this (holding up a fist). And what's best for business, and that is it. I think I'm starting to see a better John Cena. If not, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. Am I finished?

Cena (off mic) – Are you finished?

Trip – No, I'm not finished, because you're not even close yet. What I would like to do now is bring out other people who, if they don't appreciate you yet, by the end of the night, they will appreciate you. Ladies and gentlemen, Ryback!

"Feed me more!" and out comes Ryback.

Trip – I'd also like to welcome at this time, Erick Rowan.

Out comes Rowan, wearing his mask, selling every step.

Trip – And, last but not least, let me welcome Dolph Ziggler.

Out comes a sore Ziggler who looks pissed off.

Trip – Welcome to John Cena Appreciation Night. I know you all have admiration for Cena. You proved that when you joined him at Survivor Series. We told you there'd be consequences. Quite frankly, you won, there were going to be no consequences, The Authority was gone, then John Cena threw that all away and threw you back into the fire. Let's get to those consequences. Let's get to Rowan. Rowan came into this at the last second. He came in at the very end on some misguided freedom thing. He came into this match, dare I say it, sheepishly. Now, we have to give you some sort of punishment, we can't let this go. What do you think Steph, 30 days no pay.

Steph – Rowan, 30 days? What are we going to do for Ryback? The turncoat. The power hungry big guy. He joined Team Authority, then joined Team Cena. That should be at least double!

Trip – You're going to give Rowan 30, you have to give Ryback at least 60 no pay. If you're going to go 60 days for Ryback though, what are you gonna do for Ziggler? Ziggler put the final nail in the coffin, well, with the painted up goof Sting. But, you put the final nail in the coffin. Rowan gets 30 days, Ryback 60, what Dolph, any thoughts?

Ziggler just shakes his head until the mic is right to his mouth.

Ziggler – 90 days?

Trip – 90 days?

Steph – What a thought!

Trip – That's a long time.

Steph – Good guess.

Trip – A bold gesture on your part. Let me think. Hold on, we have to privately discuss. Sorry, be one second, when we think about this. You will all appreciate this. (leave the ring, up the ramp) Hold on, almost there.

Steph – Just one thing. We've come to our decision. Instead of suspending you. Dolph, Ryback, Rowan, you're all fired! And you can all thank and appreciate John Cena, the man standing behind you, for losing your very livelihoods here tonight.

Trip – John, you've successfully made three men lose their livelihoods, and reinstated The Authority. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for John Cena!

Cena, standing there in shock of it all as confetti starts dropping down all through the arena. Balloons then start to fall all around. Steph and Trip kiss on stage. Tons of confetti falls as Steph and Trip hold each other and kiss again. Cena looks like a kicked puppy as Raw goes off the air.

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