Raw Results 1/12/15 – Is It Because I've Been A Bad Wittle Boy?


RAW Results January 12, 2015
From Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Cole says TMZ broke the story that Savage will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. They expect Savage's name will be announced tonight on Raw. The WWE WHC contract signing will be tonight.

Raw Starts


Recap of the firing of Rowan, Ryback, and Ziggler. Cena looked like a kicked puppy.

In Ring Segment

Cena to the ring, all riled up, showing off his favorite towel. He gives his towel to a young girl all decked out in red Cena gear. They go to announce with Cole, JBL and Booker T. Heat for Cena.

Cena - All riled up in New Orleans! Great to be back in the town that hosted WrestleMania! Bourbon St. is about being loud, having a party, acting a fool! This ain't like last week, even though The Authority is back in power. I can't believe I work for two people who are not in power because they worked hard and earned it, but because they had their whipping boy hold a hostage and expected me to gamble with his life. I made that choice, I own it, and I'd make it a thousand times over, it was the right thing to do. Here's what gets me upset. Trip, a 13 time Champ, first bid HoFer, for everything he's accomplished in this ring, is only going to be remembered as a slimy, conniving, backstabbing, power hungry sociopath whose goal everyday is to wake up and make all our lives miserable! If you don't believe me, look at what happened last week – Rowan, Ryback, and The Authority who claims to listen to the 'Universe', had the gall to fire Ziggler! Maybe they're listening tonight. You all like Dolph Ziggler?


Cena – Did any of those guys deserve to be fired last week?


Cena – Do you want to see all of those guys right here on Raw tonight?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Cena – Well The Authority, the great city of New Orleans has spoken. I want to talk to everyone watching around the world. Get on social media right now and #AuthoritySucks! If they're too deaf here tonight, they will see you. If they can't hear or see you, that makes them deaf, blind, and stupid! But I know Trip and Steph and they probably are deaf, blind and stupid, so I have me a Plan B. Because in two weeks I face Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins for the WWE WHC. My Plan B is simple, I will win. I'm showing up hell bent for leather, and I'm leaving WWE WHC! (pop) When Royal Rumble is over, the very second I say the Champ is here, is the very moment I say, you can't see me. I'm going to take that Championship and go home. I'm going to wait. I'm going to wait until they get their jobs back. I'll be at home with the most coveted prize in the WWE. (Like Brock has done for months, what's the big difference?) What is that going to do to Raw, The Authority, Smackdown, if there's no Championship at WrestleMania?

Trip's music hits and out he comes with Steph in a black power suit, black top, black choker, hair back in a ponytail. Cole says the three didn't get a severance package. JBL gets bitchy about their disloyalty. Much heat for The Authority.

Steph – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! John are you even listening to yourself out here? #AuthoritySucks, how original. I'm sure, if I'm Rowan, Ryback or Ziggler, who are sitting at home because of you, will be happy to see you win at Royal Rumble, then take your proverbial ball and go home. I'm sure these people would like you to turn your back on them, like you did your teammates with that whole sacrifice you're willing to make.

Trip – I gotta tell you John, I expected a lot more from you than this. Taking your ball and going home is your plan. You knew the stips going in. Going into Survivor Series I was clear. You were proposing a mutiny, and I told you the people that supported you would be fired, but not you, if you lost, they would lose their jobs. You convinced them to go to bat for you knowing they could lose their jobs. Then you won and The Authority was out of power. Did we come out and cry? We held our heads high and walked away. We found a way back in, because, as I told you, The Authority always wins.

Steph – And we were able to win, because Seth Rollins was able to use you, by exploiting your weakness. You're selfish. All about you, hustle, loyalty, respect. Even when you had to be the hero to save Edge, bring back The Authority at the expense of your teammates who stood by your side.

Trip – That's a hero in my book. Nothing like turning your back on those who support you.

Steph – Who should you be booing now, really?

Trip – But, let me just say John, we're going to give you the opportunity to be the hero again. Truth be told, we didn't want to fire them last week. I hated doing it, I know Steph did.

Steph – Made me sick to do it.

Trip – Ryback, Rowan, Dolph.

Cena – You talked about it for two seconds, then fired them on live TV, and it made you sick to do it?

Steph – Because of you.

Trip – You know why? Unlike you, we keep our promises. Would you like to see Ryback, Rowan and Dolph Ziggler get their jobs back and be here in the WWE?

Pop from the fans.

Trip – I said, would you like to see them get their jobs back, and be here in the WWE?

Bigger pop from the fans.

Trip – If you want them back, and we want them back, the question is John, how much do you want them back? That's the question, so I will give you the opportunity to be the hero again. All you have to do to get their jobs back is win your match tonight.

Cena – So what's the match? Five against one? Ten against one? What is it?

Trip – No. No, no. you win tonight, all three get their jobs back.

Steph – Just like that.

Trip – You lose, and you do what you see to do better than anyone lately and crush people's dreams. It's quite simple, a one on one match, between you and the man that used you to get our spot back, Mr. MITB Seth Rollins. Because that match is huge, and the consequences are mammoth, we will turn it into a Lumberjack Match, just to make sure it doesn't get out of control. Why don't I bring out our motivated lumberjacks because that match is right now.

Out comes the lumberjacks, led by Big Show and Kane, following are Cesaro, Bad News Barrett, O'Neil, Axel, Kidd, and Fandango.


Lumberjack Match – John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Lumberjacks around the ring, Cena inside. Rollins out to face him with J&J Security in tow.

Rollins taunts Cena, grabs Cena's hand to pull him out, but a side headlock on Rollins, takes him down. Dueling Cena chants. Cena from the ring, knocks out Bad News Barrett, then back in to be stomped down. Blows on Cena and he's down. Rollins kicks Cena down in a corner. Big Show tells Rollins things to do. Cena up with blows, a running bulldog, but then Cena out and all the lumberjacks on Cena. Cena tossed in for two.

Arm bar on Cena, then kicked in the ribs. Blows on a sitting Cena's face. Cena up with blows, clotheslines Rollins from the ring. J&J Security keep everyone off Rollins. Cena looks shocked at all this. Rollins stays out there and talks with J&J Security.


Cena on the mat, Rollins taunts him. During the break Bad News Barrett tripped Cena from outside. Short clothesline on Cena. Exchanging blows, then Cena's shoulder tackles, waves his hand in front of his face, Rollins kicks on him. Rollins to the ropes, Cena pulls him off. 5 knuckle shuffle. A sloppy AA, but Kane and J&J Security involved. Rollins pulled out of harms way, but Cena climbs and flies on them. Cena rolls in Rollins for a long two.

Both men are down. Cena up, pulls Rollins who counters with a small package for two.

Back kick to Cena's face for two!

Both still on the mat. Rollins on the apron and up, he climbs. Cena with a punch sits Rollins hard up there. Cena climbs, Rollins rakes his eyes. Rollins with a sunset, powerbombs Cena into the opposite corner for two.

Rollins argues with the ref. Rollins to Cena who plants Rollins for two.

They exchange blows. Big upper cut from Cena, then Rollins up, but lands on his feel and flips Cena back to the mat for two.

Big Show poking Rollins from outside, yelling at him to get up. Rollins rushes Cena, eats corner. AA on Rollins, but J&J Security pull Cena out. The lumberjacks back Cena down. Big swing into the barricade. They slide a limp Cena into the ring. Rollins smiles, tries for a curb stomp, Cena reverses into the STF. Kane helps Rollins to the ropes, but Cena pulls back. They tug-o-war Rollins. Cena pulled from the ring by Big Show, then lands a KO on Cena. Cena rolled into the ring by the lumberjacks. Rollins covers Cena for three.

Winner – Rollins (14:07)

Rollins, J&J Security and the rest in to celebrate. Kane and Big Show lift Rollins on their shoulders. They leave the ring, and Cena lolling on the mat. Cena looks totally despondent.


Backstage Segment

Steph – Glad to hear it. Well good, thank you for joining us Ambrose, I want to address some things that happened on Smackdown last week. Some things that were said, some actions that took place. Jimmy, Jey, I know you're harboring feelings about the firing of Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler. It's really the responsibility of John Cena. You understand?

Jey – Is that it?

Steph – Yes.

Jimmy – So there's no other punishment, nothing?

Steph – No! What kind of a monster do you think I am? You seem surprised. But, one other thing, if you could tell your wife, Naomi, I know how much she loves competition, she's gonna compete with her hand tied behind her back. Thank you, you're dismissed. (Usos leave, Steph turns to Ambrose) As for you. I understand when you were taken to the hospital last week on Smackdown, you were unruly, had erratic behavior, then you checked your way out of the hospital. Therefore I deem you a threat, not only to yourself, but to others. Because of that, we have Dr. Corbet, a doctor in abnormal psychology, and he he will be evaluating you here tonight Dean, and if you don't pass that evaluation, you won't be competing in the Royal Rumble Match. Dr. Corbet, your office is set up right next door.

Corbet – Dean, come with me.

Ambrose leaves gritting his teeth and almost smiling.

Steph – Thank you.

Backstage Segment

Miz (with Mizdow mimicking him) – Last night the Golden Globes took Hollywood by storm, and Tinsel Town won't stop buzzing. My close, personal friend, George Clooney received the Cecil B. DeVille award for his incredible impact on the world of entertainment. Long time FOG – friend of George. I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate him. Keep going George, and one day you'll win the gold statue you really covet, the Slammy!

Backstage Segment

Corbet – Now Dean, you know why you're here?

Ambrose – Is it because I've been a bad little boy?

Corbet – Actually, that's what I'm here to find out. I want to know what makes your clock tick. Before we begin, sit back, relax, and reflect.

Corbet starts a clock that draws Ambrose in.


A New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd w/ Rose & Nattie

A New Day in the ring, as are the other team. Video of Cesaro and Kidd attacking A New Day last week on Raw.

Kofi on Cesaro who hides in the ropes. Cesaro knocked out, Kofi on Kidd out there. Back in Cesaro tags out and Kofi over Cesaro into Kidd's kick. Kidd pins Kofi for two.

Chinlock on Kofi on the mat. Cesaro tags in and they double team Kofi in the corner. On the ramp, Exotic Express cheer. Cesaro eats a Kofi elbow, but kicks Woods off the apron. Big swing on Kofi after he tags out. Kidd in on Kofi, but Woods breaks the count.

Cesaro tags in and they double team. Kidd tags in and after an Cesaro upper cut. Kidd sense Cesaro into Kofi and he's tossed out. Then Kofi on Kidd. Woods tags in on Kidd, on him with kicks and blows, and then a flipping clothesline. Cesaro in illegally all over Woods. Kofi takes Cesaro out. Rose up and knocked off the apron. Big E knocks Rose down with a big clothesline outside the ring. Kofi tags in, they double team Kidd for three.

Winners – A New Day (3:47)

Announce Segment

Cole talks up the HOF. Booker T shows off his ring. They discuss Savage suspected to be announced tonight. They go to video of Superstars doing Savage's famous, "Oooh yeah!" Big Show, Reigns, O'Neil, Paige, A New Day, but Bryan doesn't get it until the end. Reigns runs the same thing through the whole video, saying he nailed it, but Paige showed so much cute personality here!



From TMZ of Sergio Brown of the Indianapolis Colts going all Flair in the locker room, with the rest of them hitting the woooo!

Announce Segment

Next week on Raw will be a HOF reunion – Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, and HBK!

In Ring Segment

Big Show to the ring. Video of Big Show as a lumberjack earlier in the show. Big Show grabs a mic.

Big Show – You know, whoever said all men are created equal, obviously wasn't a giant. When you're a giant, you're naturally at the top of the food chain. Things in life come easy for you.

"Big Show sucks!" chants.

Big Show – See, right there, you're all showing that you're at the low end of the intellectual gene pool. The shallow end. Think about it, things come easy to me. What did you do your first day on your job? How were you feeling? I bet you were nervous, intimidated. I bet each of you were just scared, weren't ya? You know what I did my first day on the job? I beat Hulk Hogan for the WHC. That's what I did my first day on the job. Why? Because it was easy!

"Boring!" chants.

Big Show – Really? Look at you! You spend your lives, day to day, living from failure to failure, doing everything in your power to reach some level of mediocrity. You're losers! You can't help yourselves. You see, you don't want competition. Competition is supposed to be good for America, right? Deep down inside you don't want competition. What did you think the last time the new guy came to your job? Those of you that have jobs. Did you flash your plastic smile, a phony hug, welcome to part of the team. In the back of your head you're thinking, 'This guy's here to take my job! What can I do to sabotage him? What can I do to stab him in the back so I have job security?' Each and every one of you would do it, don't deny it. I know better. Brings me to Reigns. (pop) See, I personally don't think of Reigns as competition. He's not. To me, he's WWE version of the New York Nicks, who are on a 15 game losing streak, by the way. When Reigns faces me, I'm going to take this big fist and knock Reigns out. Then Reigns is gonna be on a losing streak. He can hop out of the ring, sit next to Spike Lee, and be like you, a bunch of losers watching me dominate the WWE. You boo? Ladies and gentlemen, Roman Reigns is a loser, if you're a Roman Reigns fan, by proxy, you're a loser too.

Reigns' music hits. He comes out through the stands to the ring, fist bumping on his way out. Over the barricade without falling, then up on the apron and in. But Big Show leaves the ring. He's backing up the ramp, shaking his head!

Reigns – Where you going? I thought I wasn't a threat.

Big Show turns and walks away to heat from the fans. Reigns smiles. Big Show stops on the stage, turns around and looks at Reigns.

Reigns – Look. I'm not a threat to you, that's because I don't want your spot. What I came down here to tell you, I remember when you won the WCW Championship from Hogan. I remember that, because I was only twelve years old, maybe.

Reigns makes a funny, cringing, sorry, ouch, you're old, face at Big Show.

Reigns – But it's a great story. And that reminds me of another great story that involves a giant. Can I tell you a story Big Show. It goes a little something like this. A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, there was a little boy named Roman Reigns. (sexy smile to the pop) Roman Reigns had magic beans. Those magic beans sprouted a giant beanstalk. So lil ole Roman, he climbed that beanstalk. Would you like to know what he found? He found a goose that lays golden eggs, a magical harp, and a pile of golden coins, but oh, no, there was a giant protecting all that treasure, so Roman Reigns said, screw that treasure, I'm going to kick that giant square in the mouth! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am! The giant's teeth are down his throat! As the giant was picking himself up, Roman, he prepared for the fight of his life. But the poor little giant, he walked away all cowardly.

Reigns waved his fingers at Big Show a bit, taunting him.

Reigns – Proving that he is the only loser in the entire kingdom! That whole part about being a loser, I'm talking to you pal. Believe that!

Big Show is on the stage pacing and seething through Reigns' music. Then Harper's music hits, and he comes out for his match with Reigns. Big Show smiles and loves this. Big Show follows Harper to the ring.

Harper vs Reigns

Harper rushes Reigns, on him with blows in a corner. Reigns reverses it with blows of his own. Samoan drop on Harper. Reigns is ready, but Harper rolls out.


Harper staggers around, but then kicks at Reigns from a corner. Harper gets two for it.

Big Show yells at Harper, telling him to wear Reigns down. Blows on Harper, knees to his face, drags his face on the ropes, but then Harper kicks back on Reigns. Forearms to Reigns' head, which he doesn't sell, as the fans get louder, chanting for Harper a bit. Reigns blocks a suplex, three times, then hits his own for two.

It sounded like men chanting for Harper, the women and kids countering for Reigns. Reigns out, Harper out to sends Reigns into barricade. Reigns tossed into the stairs from too far away, so Reigns has to gets a second wind and push the stairs over as he hit them. Back in the ring, Harper gets two.

Gator roll on Reigns in the center of the ring. Big Show yelling more at Harper about wearing down Reigns. To their feet, Reigns powers out, but takes a head butt to the throat. Reigns takes Harper down twice with elbows, then a flying clothesline off the ropes. Back and forth. Reigns lifts Harper. Harper rakes Reigns' eyes. Big boot on Reigns for two.

Reigns free of Harper, slams Harper to the mat. Big Show tosses a chair across the area. Reigns elbows back at Harper. Side slam on Reigns for a long two!

Reigns tries to roll Harper up, can't. Superman punch on Harper, then out for his double kick on the apron. Reigns shows he watching Big Show, then kicks Big Show in the head. Huge super kick to Reigns in the ring for a LONG two.

Spear to Harper for three.

Winner – Reigns (10:19)

Big Show right in, attacks Reigns with kicks, then slams Reigns to the mat. Big Show pulls Reigns up by his hair, talks right into his face, then a KO punch drops Reigns. Big Show leaves the ring while Reigns barely starts moving on the mat.


Recap of the opening match between Cena and Rollins.

Backstage Segment

Jimmy and Naomi talking off mic.


Bits and clips about Savage. Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story will be on the WWE Network after Raw tonight!


Backstage Segment

Miz (w/ Mizdow mimicking him) - Last night The Boyhood won for Best Picture. To implement his vision, he filmed over twelve years, to best capture the true trials and tribulations we all face as we grow from childhood to adults. Mizdow, you have a similar project in the works.

Mizdow – Yes, to truly show what it's like to be a WWE Superstar, six months ago I secretly had WWE camera crews set up cameras inside your house and film you every waking moment.

Miz's face slides from his smile, and off comes the shades.

Mizdow – As you played with your dogs, cooked, watched TV, slept. I call it, Manhood! Coming soon to theaters near you!

Both make funny and mocking faces at each other.

Naomi vs Fox

Naomi is having on hand tied behind her back, so the camera zooms right in on that happening, but basically it's an all out booty shot.

Fox laughs and mocks Naomi as they circle. Fox continues to mock as they circle. Kicks and rights from Naomi. Takes Fox down. A gut blow, then back breaker to Naomi for two.

Backstage the Usos are watching. Fox struts around Naomi, then slams Naomi face first for one.

Fox on Naomi's free arm, bum slams back, but ends up taking a right to the nose. Elbows and back elbows on Naomi in a corner. Naomi comes back with blows, slamming Fox down a couple times. Drop kick to Fox to the apron, then kicks Fox from the apron. Naomi follows her out and slams Fox on the apron as the ref counts. Back in at 6, but Fox kicks Naomi in the face as she comes in. A horrible scissors kick on Naomi for three.

Winner – Fox

Fox from the ring with a smile as the ref tends to Naomi. Video recap of the high points of the match.

Backstage Segment

Corbet – Now Dean, what we're going to do now is image association therapy. I want you to say the first word that comes to you mind upon seeing an image.

Ambrose doesn't wait for a picture.

Ambrose – Thursday!

Corbet – No, you first have to let me show you an image.

The image is Trip.

Ambrose – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Corbet – Okay, that's different.


Ambrose - Scumbag.


Ambrose – Brother.


Ambrose – Toothpaste.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Ambrose – Hooooooooooo! (Thumb up and everything.)


Ambrose – Hooooooooooooo! (Thumb up and everything, again.) Did I do alright?

Corbet – Yeah. Fantastic.


In Ring Segment

Brock Lesnar out with Heyman in tow. Jumps up and into the ring.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and it is with great pleasure that I return to the scene of the crime where 282 days ago the rancid city of New Orleans, along with millions and millions of people around the world laid witness to this.

Video of Brock beating Taker, beating The Streak, at WrestleMania. Everyone was in shock.

Heyman – The death of a myth. The end of a legacy. The rise of a Beast. It all happened in one moment when Taker's Streak at WrestleMania was conquered by my client, Brock Lesnar. My client is not one to dwell on the past, if he was, he would remind you that he's the only one to ever hold the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World. It's an accomplishment so unattainable by any single athlete, no single man has ever held two of those distinctions, let alone all three. One beast has done it, that beast is Brock Lesnar. I, on the other hand, love to dwell in the past, that's why I take great glee in reminding you that my client Brock Lesnar defeated Taker's undefeated Streak at WrestleMania. And here we are 282 days later and it still burns you when I tell you that my client, Brock Lesnar, defeated Taker's Streak at WrestleMania, but to me, it's still very relevant. Because that's what Brock Lesnar does! I love what happens every time this Dinseyfied, billion dollar, publicly traded, globally marketed concept of then, now, and forever is perpetrated by the WWE as this great fantasy to buy into. A fantasy that runs up against the reality that is Brock Lesnar. Oh, Taker's Streak will last forever. Fantasy! (then turning to point to Brock) Reality! The Cenation flag, hustle, loyalty, respect will fly high forever. Fantasy! (pointing to Brock) Reality! Now Seth Rollins is the future of WWE. Fantasy or reality? There's a Triple Threat Match at Royal Rumble where the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar will defend his Title against John Cena and Seth Rollins. Tonight, in this very ring, a contract signing. All three men in the same ring at the same time. My client, Brock Lesnar, will explain to those two men the difference between fantasy and reality. Face to (waving his hand in front of his) face, to curb stomping face.

Brock and Heyman leave the ring.



More Savage clips, then Usos, Miz and Mizdow, the Bellas – who argue about how bad each other are – Santino, Ambrose, Cena, then Kane won't do it.

Miz vs Jey

Miz and Mizdow are in the ring. Usos out together.

Off comes Miz's shade to nothing. Mizdow's off to huge pop. Jey backed into a corner. Reversed whip and Miz to the corner. Miz off the corner, catches a blow to the gut from Jey. Mizdow all over the place being silly. Jey off the top with a crossbody for two.

Samoan drop on Miz. Jey gets the chanting, then bum slams Miz for two.

Jey whipped, gets a foot up that's tossed to the side, then his thigh kicked. Miz with a small packaged for two. Miz grabs Mizdow. Jimmy grabs Mizdow and a tug-o-war. Miz lets go, hits a SCF for three.

Winner – Miz (2:09)

Miz and Mizdow in to pose as Jimmy tends to his brother.

Announce Segment

They claim the WWE Network comes to the UK and Ireland next Monday.


In Ring Segment

Bryan out leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in blue and black plaid, and jeans, his hair rolled into a low bun at the nape of his neck. Video from WrestleMania last April when Bryan came back from the stretcher to win, getting Batista to tap out to win the WWE WHC. More "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" in the ring. "Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Bryan – You know something seems familiar about all this. I feel like something big happened last time I was right here in New Orleans. But, for the life of me, I can't think of what it was. It's starting to come back. I think, last time I was in New Orleans, I won the main event of WrestleMania and became the WWE WHC!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – Not bad for a lumberjack looking, B+ player, huh? So two weeks ago I declared my intentions to be in the Royal Rumble Match, but I think it only fitting, in the city of my greatest accomplishment, I declare my intentions on winning the Royal Rumble Match. And this year we're going to do the whole shebang all over again, and I'm going to main event this year's WrestleMania as well. I don't care what The Authority has to say...

Steph's music hits, and out she comes to the ring. "Hoooooo!" chants at Steph.

Steph – I love you guys too. And, you know Daniel, in case your not feeling physically fit, I wanted to give you a gift, a copy of the WWE Fit Series, featuring me! It has many different workouts. Upper body, lower body, cardio, flexibility, all broken up into short segments which you can use individually or all together, depending on your fitness level. So...

Bryan won't take it, shakes his head no. (I will take it! I want it!)

Steph – No? Alright, well. This city holds a lot of memories, it was only a couple miles from here where we broke records at WrestleMania! Daniel, you're right, you did make history, you did beat my husband and go on to become the WWE WHC. We believed in you, bought into it, finally, and you are an A+ player. But then, reality came crashing down. When I think of 2014 and Daniel Bryan, this is what I remember.

Video of Kane tombstoning Bryan on the floor, then on the stairs as Steph yelled at Kane not to do it, almost in tears in the ring. Then Kane back on Bryan, knocking him off the stretcher, another tombstone on announce.

Steph – A very serious neck injury, nerve damage, multiple surgeries. Daniel, an A+ player not only wins the big one at WrestleMania, they stay on top. You've been gone for 8 months. Enduring physical rehab, mental anguish, setbacks, how are you ever going to make it here? Get back what you love, fulfilling your dreams? For some reason, these people believe in you, they believe that you are going to write the next chapter in the ultimate underdog story, because you represent them. You're an average Joe, just like they are, and they can't overcome the odds on national TV. They believe in you the way Brie believe in you, the way your unborn children believe in you. But I have to ask you Daniel, do you really believe in yourself? Look inside your heart, are you ready to do this all over again?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Go ahead Steph, raise your arms with the people. I bet it's a better workout than you get in that DVD there. Hoooooooo! (thumb and all) But see, that's why you don't get us. Us average Joes. Because I wasn't born with a huge silver spoon in my mouth. I had to fight, and scratch, and claw for every single opportunity that I have ever been given. No matter what you say, and no matter what The Authority does, I will not stop fighting. They will not stop fighting. We will not stop fighting. And we will keep on going through the Royal Rumble Match, through WrestleMania, all of us, each and every single one of us, fighting to prove you wrong one more time.

Steph – Well, the one thing a silver spoon does afford you Daniel is an education, and you're not smart enough to listen to reason, so since you want to fight so bad, your first match back is not going to be your Royal Rumble Match, it's going to be on Smackdown on Thursday night, its new night, against someone I know you are very familiar with.

Kane's music hits and out comes the man in the suit. Bryan looks serious, but not scared. Steph leaves the ring. Bryan tries to double kick Kane through the ropes, but ring rust hit and his legs got tangled up. Bryan recovered, came out of the ring with blows on Kane. Kane into the barricade, then more blows, but then Bryan, lower back first, into the stairs. Kane stomps Bryan, then removes his jacket and tie. Kane pulls Bryan up, sets up, but Bryan free and Kane eats the post. Bryan back on Kane with blows, really beating on him, almost under the ring. Then, suddenly, the refs are there? They get Bryan off Kane who tries to flee. Bryan rushes Kane with a running drop kick, but lands roughly himself after almost landing the feet. Bryan into the ring. Then Bryan flies through the ropes with a suicide dive on Kane. Kane free and flees the area. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. Bryan back into the ring as Kane is checking his face for blood. Bryan on the corner leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – I never get tired of seeing that John Cena on his back with me on top of him 1-2-3!

Mercury – Seth. Seth. (pointing behind Rollins)

Rollins – What?

Rollins turns to see Brock glaring at him. Rollins glares back.

Brock – So, you're the guy who beat John Cena tonight, huh? You're the guy who weaseled his way into my match at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Rollins – Weaseled? I am the future of the WWE.

Brock – The future starts when I say it starts.

Heyman – Okay. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Mr. Rollins, what you did tonight was truly remarkable. You did beat John Cena. But at the Royal Rumble you're not just fighting John Cena, you're coming after the Title that's being held by Brock Lesnar. Now, you and I have worked, like reasonable men, very well in the past, perhaps we can do that again. At the Royal Rumble, perhaps Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar can get rid of John Cena and then, then may the best man win.

They continue to glare at each other, Heyman watching Rollins. Finally Brock leaves with Heyman.


Brie vs Paige

Divas are both in the ring.

They lock up, struggle around, until a blow to Brie's face. Knees to Brie through the ropes. Brie fights back, yells, knees Paige in the "face" (shoulder) against the ropes, after a scream. Missile drop kick by Brie for two. Brie pulls Paige's head back, knee in her back. Paige slammed back by her hair. Brie back to wrenching Paige's head back. Paige comes back with head butts, then takes Brie down to the mat for two.

Kidd up on the apron, leaning through the ropes, distracting Paige. Brie rolls up Paige for three.

Winner – Brie (2:09)

Nattie and Kidd arguing by announce. Paige out and slaps Kidd across the face. Nattie smirks, then Kidd yells at Nattie about the slap. Nattie saunters off with a smirk.

Backstage Segment

Cena is sitting in the locker room, looking forlorn and pensive.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Cena, then on to talk about Ambrose and Wyatt last week in their Ambulance Match. Video recap of the high points of the match, to the two Sister Abigails, then Wyatt's win.


Wyatt – In the Royal Rumble Match, 30 souls will enter, 29 souls will fall. It will take time to realize, we're not in Wonderland anymore Alice! Whatever it is that I do next will change your world forever. Some will laugh. Some will cry. Most will have no choice in their shock of what they see, but to sit there in their silence. Well, the animal that is caged in this prison shall be set free! And no man on this earth will be immune to his wrath. Please, run!



Announce Segment

Cole says it's been a breaking news day. They are officially announcing the first man to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2015 is this man. A most beautiful video for Macho Man Randy Savage. The fans are on their feet clapping and chanting, "Randy Savage!" Cole then announces that Hulk Hogan will induct Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Ascension vs Baba Ganoushes

The Ascension to the ring.

Konnor on the guy in green bounces him off the post, then sends him back into the ring. Green into the The Ascension corner. Viktor tags in and kicks green in the head. Clothesline to green. Konnor tags in, they throw green high and let him fall to the mat. They hit their finisher for three.

Winner – The Ascension (2:09)

The Ascension poses over green.

Backstage Segment

Ambrose – I think we've made a lot of progress here today. I really do.

Corbet is on the sofa sobbing. Ambrose puts on Corbet's and looks at the notebook, pen in hand.

Corbet – My Dad, he never hugged me. Never took me to little league games. It was horrible!

Ambrose – Okay, I understand your pain. I've really enjoyed our session here today, I hope I've been able to help you work through some of your problems. Listen, about that adolescent stuff, don't worry man, you won't go blind. Trust me. Just sign these papers, and I'll make sure you get the professional help that you need.

Corbet takes t papers, signs them, shakes Ambrose's hand.

Ambrose – You hang in there. Oh, and by the way, I think you're a spineless, gutless, screwed up heap of cow dung. And yes, it is weird that you sit down to pee!

Corbet really falls apart here!


In Ring Segment

Lana and Rusev in the ring. Lana in a brown suit.

Lana – Ryback was supposed to face Rusev tonight, but what is this phrase you American idiots say? He got canned. So we would like to take this moment to thank The Authority for firing Ryback. And we would like to thank John Cena for failing to get Ryback's job back. So typical. An American has a job, yet chooses to be insubordinate. Pathetic!

"USA!" chants.

Lana – Shut up. Your USA chants will not help you. I would like all of you to take a moment to think about how Ryback feels, at home, is feeling inside of him. Maybe he could get a job at a deli, or some other stupid place he talked about in his stupid story.

Rusev – Ryback you're a spineless man, and you deserve to be fired. ("What?") You don't deserve to be in the same ring with me. ("What?") Just like all of you coward Americans, ("What?") don't deserve me as your Champion. ("What?") Ryback, I have a secret for you. ("What?") You a/re a lucky man. ("What?") You're lucky because you got fired. ("What?") And your stupid American John Cena ("What?") couldn't win your job back. ("What?") Because, what would have happened, ("What?") is you would have ended up with me in the Royal Rumble Match, ("What?") and I was going to throw you and 28 other men over the top rope!

Ambrose's music and out he saunters, hops, and swaggers to the ring.

Over the top rope a forearm to Rusev's head. Ambrose into the ring and all over Rusev. Off the ropes with a drop kick, knocking Rusev through the ropes and out. Rusev, slapping his hands on announce, as he yells and screams in his foreign tongue.


Ambrose vs Rusev

Raw returns to an unscheduled match.

Chops to Rusev in a corner. Rusev reverses a whip, but Ambrose moves casually aside. Running bulldog from Ambrose as Lana seeths outside. Ambrose off the top, tweaks his knee a bit, so Rusev dives at Ambrose's knee as Ambrose comes off the ropes. Rusev kicks at Ambrose's knee, then lands on it. Leg scissors on Ambrose's leg on the mat. Rusev up with more kicking on Ambrose's knee. Rusev wrenches Ambrose's knee around the middle rope in the corner, then slams into it, then wrenches it again. To the next corner, and Rusev wrenches the knee around the middle rope. This time Ambrose pulls up top to avoid Rusev. Ambrose blocks Rusev and rolls him up for a long two.

Rusev lifts Ambrose, but Ambrose free, bounces from inside the ropes with a big clothesline on Rusev. Ambrose climbs, wards off Rusev, comes off the top with a big elbow for another two. Something big is bleeped out.

Ambrose sells his knee injury, takes a forearm to the face, then Rusev kicks Ambrose's knee over and over. The ref gets Rusev off Ambrose in a corner. Ambrose up with blows, but a kick to the knee drops Ambrose. Ambrose hung up top in the corner, beating on Ambrose's knee. The ref backs Rusev of, gets Ambrose free from the corner. Ambrose can't stand, so the ref calls the match.

Winner – Rusev (4:30)

Ambrose tries to argue with the ref over this. Super kick from Rusev drops Ambrose to the mat. Lana in with all Rusev's gold, the Russian flag unfurls.

Announce Segment

They talk about the WWE Network, and how it doesn't make sense to buy the PPV when you can buy the WWE Network.

Backstage Segment

Rollins leads J&J Security as they head for the ring.


Contract Signing

The ring is all set up for the signing.

Steph – It's time for the contract signing for the Triple Threat Match for the WWE WHC at the Royal Rumble, which is available on the WWE Network for the low, low price of just... (lets the fans say it) That's right, just $9.99. Without further ado, let me bring out the man who has single-handedly responsible for using John Cena to bring back The Authority, Mr. MITB, Seth Rollins!

Rollins to the ring with J&J Security in tow. Hand shakes.

Trip – Now, please welcome the man who was used by Rollins, the man that could find it in himself to bring back The Authority, but just can't seem to bring back his own friends. Mr. hustle, loyalty, and broken promises, John Cena.

Cena to the ring looking pissed off and annoyed. Another towel to someone right by where the first one went earlier in the show.

Steph – And, without further ado, The Beast Incarnate, the current WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar!

Out comes Brock with Heyman in tow. Brock, as he has all night, is actually still carrying his Championship belt. Rollins watches Brock closer than he has Cena, as Brock circles the ring.

Heyman – If I may. For those of you who can't tell the players without a scorecard, as much as I would love to take credit for bringing back The Authority, for hatching the plan, for manipulating the pawns, putting all the pieces together, the bringing back of The Authority had one architect and that's Seth Rollins. See, ladies and gentlemen, Seth Rollins had a plan, and that plan was endorsed by Paul Heyman. What was endorsed by Paul Heyman was desperately needed by The Authority. What was desperately needed by The Authority was bad for John Cena. What's bad for John Cena is good for Brock Lesnar. What's good for Brock Lesnar is best for business.

Rollins – Thank you Paul, I appreciate that. I actually thought it was a hell of a plan, if I do say so myself.

Rollins and Heyman glare at each other.

Heyman – I wasn't done yet. Now, if you'll excuse me Mr. Rollins, my client, Brock Lesnar, has conquered everything in his path. That will include anything that comes before him at the Royal Rumble PPV. That is the end of my statement.

Rollins – So, Paul, let me get this straight. You're upset that this was turned into a Triple Threat Match, Brock, you said...

Heyman – Yes, I am upset that this was turned into a Triple Threat Match for one very simple reason. See, a Triple Threat Match to me, could be a double cross where the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar, doesn't have to be pinned, or tap out to lose the Championship. You're damn right I'm not happy with it.

Rollins – Alright, you're very perceptive Paul, you just spelled out the rules to every single Triple Threat Match there ever was in a WWE ring. Let me get this straight. Brock Lesnar has a list of accomplishments that is incomparable, okay? Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat, he lives by that, are you telling me that Brock Lesnar can't handle a Triple Threat Match?

Heyman – No, what I'm telling you is...

Rollins – I wasn't finished yet!

Heyman looks to Brock in absolute shock that Rollins would say that to him. Brock, as usual, has absolutely no expression on his face. No reaction whatsoever!

Rollins – You know, I don't have the list of accomplishments that Brock Lesnar does, but guess what Paul, he doesn't have mine! Let me spell this out for you. I am Seth Rollins! I build The Shield, I destroyed The Shield, and I'm Mr. MITB, I single-handedly brought back The Authority, tonight in this very ring, I pinned John Cena's shoulders and made sure Ziggler, Rowan, and Ryback still don't have jobs in this company. I know that one stings a little bit, huh, John? At the Royal Rumble, whether either of you like it or not, whether it's Plan A (pointing to the contract), or Plan B (pointing to the MITB case), I, Seth Rollins, am walking out WWE WHC!

Rollins grabs the pen and signs the contract, after he figures out how the pen works.

Heyman – You know...

Brock – Let me tell you something, Mr. Curb Stomp. I conquered Taker, I conquered him (pointing at Trip), and I conquered him (pointing at Cena). And I damn sure will conquer you.

Cena reaches in and grabs a mic off the table for himself.

Cena – Brock, Brock, you don't have to get pinned at the Royal Rumble to lose that Championship, but you're gonna get pinned at the Royal Rumble to lose that Championship. Triple H, you think you did Seth a favor by putting him in this match? Here's how I see it. You're a businessman (Heyman), you're a beast (Brock). You (Brock) owe him (Rollins) a beat down, and I sure as hell owe you (Rollins) a beat down. At the Royal Rumble, we're (Brock & Cena) gonna kick your (Rollins) ass, then I'm gonna kick your (Brock) ass!

Cena actually gets some pop for this. He drops the mic, grabs the pen, and signs the contract.

Cena (off mic, yelling at Brock) – You in, or not? You in, or not? Are you in? Let's go! Sign it!

Brock signs.

Cena (off mic) – It's on!

Rollins – You know what John? It sounds like an incredible plan, you're gonna team up to kick my ass, but there's one glaring flaw in all this. All your little plans don't seem to be going how you have imagined them. The first plan, to keep The Authority out of power for good, right. Oh, hey guys. Strike one John, you failed! Tonight you came out here and had a plan to get Ziggler and company their jobs back, and, oh man, I distinctly remember pinning your shoulders to the mat, right there earlier, all by myself, ensuring that won't happen, so strike two. You failed again! In two week at the Royal Rumble, it's gonna be strike three. If, of course, you can make it that far.

Rollins grabs the case, swings it. Cena ducks, backs Rollins into a corner, shoulder to Rollins' gut, blows on Rollins. But Brock is right there, grabs Cena and lands the most beautiful release German suplex I've seen (from the angle I saw it from) in years! Brock grabs Rollins for a belly-to-belly suplex that he almost doesn't rotate enough for, almost landing on his head. Cena grabs Brock, lands an AA on Brock through the table. Cena rips off his shirt, yelling at Trip on the apron. Rollins spins Cena, kicks him in the gut. Cena scrambles into position and takes the curb stomp. Rollins then stalks Brock with Heyman yelling for him not to, and Rollins really curb stomps Brock's face down into the red carpet in the ring.

Steph and Trip are very happy outside the ring.


Promo for Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story on after Raw, on the WWE Network.

In Ring Segment

The Authority, Rollins and J&J Security are on the stage, celebrating. Brock is crawling around in the ring. Cena on the floor outside. Brock appears to have a tiny bit of blood on his forehead as he sells it all, and tries to look up at Rollins and The Authority on stage.

Biggest Pop
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns

Biggest Heat
The Authority
Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar

I apologize for this being so late. It was a rough night with my health, and the WWE liked to talk too much tonight.

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