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Raw Results 12/29/14 – The New Year Dawns, The Old Trappings Return

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RAW Results December 29, 2014
From Verizon Center in Washington, DC
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

E&C are hosting Raw, so it will reek of awesomeness! And Bryan is at a crossroads, and will make the most important announcement of his career tonight!

Raw Starts


Raw starts with a recap of Edge's retirement speech on April 11, 2011. The narrator says that tonight Edge will be back to host tonight with his former partner Christian! Get your cameras ready.

In Ring Segment

Edge and Christian are announced to the ring to monumental pop. They come out in gray leather jackets, of varying hues. Christian jumps in shock at their pyro. To the ring to pose.

Christian – I don't know about you Edge, I'm excited tobe here for the last Raw of 2014, and we should send 2014 off with a bang.

Edge – Sounds like a plan, I like it.

Christian – We will have a very special Peep Show that will totally reeks of awesomeness. My special guest will be...

Edge – Wait, wait, wait, Peep Show?

Christian – Yeah, Peep Show.

Edge – I think it should be The Cutting Edge!

Christian – Or we could leave it The Peep Show.

Edge – The Peep Show sounds like something the pervs of 1920 would pay a nickle to watch.

Christian – That's what I was going for, actually.

Edge – That's disturbing. Tell you what, let's show these people why we made it to the top of the mountain seven times. (silence) Going out on a limb here, but let's show them why we're the best damn tag team there is. Let's do the first ever The Cutting Edge Peep Show!

Christian – What do you think? (pop)

Edge – The first guest being the self proclaimed future of the WWE (heat) Seth Rollins. (more heat)

Christian – Seems they don't like him much.

Edge – They don't, but let's put it in perspective. Seth Rollins (heat) will go one on one with Roman Reigns! (pop) See what I did there?

Christian – I'm trying to figure it out. If I say the US Champion, Rusev (heat) but the reactions changes when I say he will go one on one in a Champion vs Champion match with the IC Champion, Dolph Ziggler! (serious pop) And it will happen in this ring, right here, in Washington DC, and they both will be completely naked! (mixed) I guess I went too far with that one.

Edge – Yeah! Nobody wants to see that!

Christian – Maybe just Lana then.

Edge – Now you're talking.

Christian – I need to bring them back. Who wants to see, live tonight, Daniel Bryan?

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Edge – Okay, that's what we were hoping you would do, and he will be out later addressing his future. (slight worry) As we're the Guest GMs and we make the rules, how about giving Washington DC a very special treat tonight with a...

Together – Five second pose! (pop)

Edge – So, for the benefit of those with flash photography, which is everybody now...

They are cut off by Brock Lesnar's music. Out comes Brock Lesnar with Heyman in tow. Brock actually has the WWE WHC over his shoulder this time. Brock jumps up on the apron and in as Heyman climbs the stairs.

Heyman – Ladies and gentlemen, Peeps and Edge Heads, my name is Paul Heyman, and I can't help but wonder why a man with a broken neck who can never wrestle again, and a man with far too many concussions to ever wrestle again would ever swim in the shark infested waters that are inhabited by the biggest, unmerciful predator in the WWE, the reigning, defending, undisputed, WWE WHC, Brock Lesnar! Go ahead. Make a move. I know what you're thinking, you can't. One bad hit, and either one of you, or both, could end up a paraplegic in a wheel chair for the rest of your lives. So let me reassure you, Brock Lesnar has no desire to break the neck or end the career of two men whose careers are already over, my client is a conqueror. He wants to penetrate the virgin neck of somebody who is truly newsworthy, like your hero John Cena! Because, at the final conflict, the final time Brock Lesnar will go one on one with John Cena at the Royal Rumble...

Cena's music cuts Heyman off. Cena out, Brock glares, Cena walks to the ring, tosses his cap, and slides in to stand with E&C. Heyman looks annoyed. Brock Lesnar smirks. Everyone stands around and stares as dueling Cena chants fill the arena. E&C leave the ring quietly.

Cena – The only reason I don't knock you clear into 2015 is so you don't limp into the Royal Rumble with an excuse. I came out here with a gift and a resolution. The resolution is I take that off your shoulder at the Royal Rumble. You savvy? My gift is for you Paul Heyman, it's right here...

Cena grabs Heyman by the front of his suit. Brock rushes Cena who pushes Heyman away and lifts Brock for the AA. Brock gets free and flees the ring. Cena in the ring looking pissed. Outside the ring, Brock looks pissed, Heyman looks about to puke. Brock then hold the strap high at Cena. Brock and Heyman back up the ramp together. To the stage and Brock still looks pissed off. Cena's music plays and he leaves the ring.


Ziggler vs Rusev

Ziggler to the ring. Rusev out to face him.

"USA!" chants at the bell. Rusev on Ziggler with kicks in the corner. Ziggler fights back, but Rusev with shoulders on Ziggler in a corner. "Let's go Ziggler!" chants. Ziggler on Rusev, but then off the ropes into a back elbow. Elbow drops on Ziggler for two.

Rusev locks his arm and head hold on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler stays strong and gets to his feet. Ziggler Jackson Rusev's jaw, but tossed off my Rusev. Ziggler back with a huge drop kick. Rusev stayed standing, but then Rusev took a huge DDT for two.


Rusev slams into Ziggler on the ropes. Ziggler to the apron as Lana smiles and nods outside the ring in her red suit,b but not the too shiny one. Rusev back with the same hold on Ziggler on the mat. Ziggler turns a little purple in the hold, but gets to his feet and again Jackson Rusev's jaw! Ziggler hangs Rusev up top. Ziggler on the apron and hangs Rusev up top again. Ziggler climbs, flies, but is caught. Ziggler lands on his feet, gets an elbow up in the corner, then comes off the corner with a missile drop kick! Ziggler splash in a corner, Rusev tosses him off. Ziggler again. Tossed. Then again. Famouser! Ziggler got a long two on Rusev!

Rusev chops at Ziggler's throat, then blocks the superkick. Ziggler ducks and Rusev eats corner. Superkick to Rusev for a long two!

Both selling and slow to their feet. Ziggler tossed off by Rusev, then again. Rusev kicks Ziggler's knee out from under him, then sends Ziggler shoulder first. Rusev stomps Ziggler down in the corner. The ref tries to drag Rusev off, but Rusev won't stop. The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via DQ – Ziggler (10:19)

Rusev locks on the accolade through the bottom rope! The ref yells and pulls on Rusev. Other refs in and they finally get Rusev off Ziggler. "Feed me more!" and he's out. Meathook clothesline on Rusev! Rusev rolls from the ring. "Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback. Rusev and Lana retreat up the ramp. Ryback checks on Ziggler and they both work the fans.

Announce Segment

Cole says the next WWE Rivalries episode will be on tonight. E&C and the Hardys. On New Years Eve will be the WWE Hall of Fame with Warrior, then the 2014 WrestleMania! JBL goes on an on about $9.99 for the WWE Network and Royal Rumble.


In Ring Segment

Ryback – Now that we got rid of that big ugly Russian, I'd like to talk to the 'Universe' for a few minutes. I think that since I debuted as Ryback there's been a bit of a misunderstanding between you and myself. Why I stand here as I do today. My first WWE event when I was 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada I was the guest bell ringer. It was then I decided I wanted to be a WWE Superstars. Nearly ten years ago on the Million Dollar Tough Enough, I got my start as the Silverback.

Video of Al Snow with the Tough Enough guys in the ring. Ryan was eliminate.

Ryback – After that I lost my dream job and fell into a deep depression. I didn't speak to my family for nearly a year because I was so ashamed that I lost everything I'd worked so hard for. I got a job at a BBQ joint in Kentucky. I was in a terrible state of mind and more depressed than ever. I would return home to an empty apartment. All I had was a stack of WrestleMania DVDs to remind me of everything I'd lost. Then, one day I came a book called The Secret, a book on positivity, and the law of attraction, how powerful the human mind really is. Almost right away my life changed. I returned to wrestling and was quickly resigned by the WWE. (pop) Then shortly thereafter I made my debut with Nexus.

Video of Nexus on Cena that first night. They destroyed the area, and Cena.

Ryback – Everything was great. I was 28, on top of the world, picture perfect. In Hawaii, in 2010, I broke my ankle in three places. I continued to wrestle the match, got up and broke my leg all the way to my knee. Cameraman, I want you to show people this.

Ryback lifts his knee pad to show the scar on the outside of his left leg from ankle to knee.

Ryback – I have this scar to remind me how lucky I am to be in the WWE ring today.

The fans give Ryback an honest round of applause.

Ryback – After two bad surgeries, and three doctors telling me I would never wrestle again, Ryback was born and I returned back to the WWE.

Video with "Feed me more!" showing Ryback starting off in the WWE as The Big Guy. Real promo video.

Ryback – So here is stand today, and that brings me to you Rusev. Let me make one thing clear, this isn't going to be a USA vs Russia thing, it will be one big guy kicking another big guy's ass thing! (pop) If there's one thing you and Rusev need to know about me, I take negative thing, negative people, negative things people say and I eat them. I put them in the pit of my stomach and turn them into positives. When it's all said and done, I look at all those negative things, all those negative people, I look at you Rusev, and I say, "Feed me more!"

"Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback!



Promo for Total Divas.

Nikki vs Nattie

Bellas to the ring. Kidd and Nattie in the ring waiting. Video of Nattie beating Brie on Raw last week, then sent Nikki flying from the apron and posed with the Divas Championship strap.

Nattie all over Nikki with blows. Clothesline from Nattie, then sends Nikki off the apron, but Kidd catches Nikki. Nattie out and sends Nikki in, and gets in Kidd's face. Brie and Kidd get into it outside. Nikki all over Nattie in the ring. Rack attack on Nattie for three.

Winner – Nikki (1:04)

Kidd looks really upset. Bellas from the ring and up the ramp. Video recap of the high points of the match, specifically Kidd catching Nikki and the rack attack. Bellas pose on the ramp as Kidd checks on his wife in the ring. Nattie is seething.

Backstage Segment

Miz – Damien, I think I'll bring my titles to the New Years party...

Suddenly Naomi wraps her arms around Miz from the side, over the coat, belts, everything.

Naomi – Thank you!

Miz – For what?

Naomi – Can we speak in private?

Miz – Sure, we are.

Naomi – I mean Mizdow.

Miz – Mizdow, do you mind? (asks Miz to the back of Mizdow's head as he mimics Miz)

Mizdow leaves.

Naomi – So I called the producer, he acted like he didn't know me, then I mentioned you. He's seen my video and wants to meet up to discuss future projects.

Miz – That's great!

Naomi – I know a lot of people didn't think you were trying to help me, and you took a lot of crap, especially from Jimmy, and I know you have a Title defense next, but I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I truly appreciate you helping me. Good luck tonight.

Naomi leaves and Miz looks very confused.


Tag Team Championship Match – Usos vs Miz & Mizdow (c)

Usos to the ring to solid pop. Miz and Mizdow out to face them.

Jimmy on Miz who hides in the ropes in the corner. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Jimmy on Miz who again in the ropes, but comes out with a kick on Jimmy, then stomps Jimmy down. Naomi is watching backstage in an altered Usos shirt and high waisted black skinnies. Side headlock on Jimmy who pushes out, but takes a shoulder tackle. Jimmy comes back with a high elbow. Jey tags in. Double team and Jey with a big right on Miz for two.

A big right to Miz, then he eats the opposite corner. Jey whipped, floats over, lands another right on Miz's money maker. Jey holding Miz, Jimmy tags in. They double team and Jimmy gets two for it.

Jey tags in, they double team. "We want Mizdow!" chants, so he comes in to mimic Miz. Miz clotheslined out, so Mizdow out too. Miz counters Jimmy flying with a blow over the top rope, and takes Jimmy down hard. "We want Mizdow!" chants.


Front facelock on Jey. Miz points to Mizdow, but Miz won't tag out. Miz ducks an enziguri, but Jey free and Jimmy tags in with clotheslines and a superkick. Samoan drop on Miz. Mizdow in and tossed out over the top. Miz rushes and ends up eating two.

Enziguri on Miz, then Jey flies out on Miz! Jey up, but Miz ducks, then takes Jey down for a long two.

Knees to the back of Jey's leg, sets up, but pushed off and eats an upper cut. Jey off the top and takes Miz down for another two.

Both men are down, but no clue where Mizdow is. He's found laid out by the barricade. Miz is able to lock on the fig 4. Jey flops around, screams a lot, reaches for the bottom rope, but he's in the center of the ring. Jey keeps reaching and screaming, and finally gets there. Miz breaks the hold, pulls Jey to the center, but Jey with his own submission hold. Mizdow in to break the hold and sends Jey out. Miz pushes Mizdow to take the superkick. Jey with a superkick on Miz, then Jimmy tags in and flies, Miz counters. SCF for a long two!

"This is awesome!" chants are growing from the fans. Jimmy tags in, take Miz with a superkick. Double superkick. Jimmy off the top, flies on Miz with a splash for three.

Winners & new Tag Team Champs – Usos (13:11)

Naomi in to celebrate with Jey, then over to hug her husband on the mat. Video recap of the high points of the match. A big hug between the three.

King – Congratulations. How does it feel to end 2014 as TTCs?

Jimmy – King, it feels good! It feels good! 2014 was the year of the Usos. We have a lot of celebration. Lots of BBQ and champagne! JR's BBQ, King, you in?

King – A party and I'm invited? Can a bring a friend, Johnny Manziel?

Jimmy – Bring him on!

King – It looks like you and Naomi are on the same page. What happened?

Jimmy – Family is everything! I got my Use right here, had my back since day one, even if he can get on my nerves sometimes. I got my wife who I love so much, we're always on the same page. Miz thought he was playing games with us, we played him and it feels damn good!

They raise Naomi on their shoulders and get the Usos chant going.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Bryan's tweet, and what the crossroads might be. Cole says it will be a career defining moment. King says he wouldn't tip his hand, but he's worried Bryan might join E&C. Cole then talks about The Shield and why they were one of the most powerful factions in the WWE.


All about The Shield, but then Rollins turned on his brothers. Rollins was on top until Reigns returned. Reigns curb stomped through the cinder blocks. Reigns threw a cinder block at Rollins' head. Reigns is now back to take Rollins out, tonight.


Cesaro vs Barrett

Cesaro is sitting in the corner of the ring with a black towel over his head, looking a bit like a cross between Taz and Raven.

Cesaro – Let me get a few things off my chest. (towel off) 2014 should have been my year. I won Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania. (to his feet) Now, all of a sudden WWE decision makers are telling me that I don't connect. That's right, I don't connect, I deliver. I deliver every single time I step into this ring. (pop) Connect with who? You? The WWE 'Universe'? I don't care about connecting with any of you. I don't care about all the pagentries. I don't care about all the pyrotechnics. I don't care about fancy elaborate entrances. I only care about what I do every single time I step into this ring. There's nobody who can hold a candle to what I can do when I step between those four ropes. (realizing what he said, or someone yells about three ropes) It's four sides! If there's anybody back there that doubts what I'm saying, then come out. Come out and make my day. Try me!

Bad News Barrett's music hits and out he comes!

Barrett – It's me! It's me! It's BNB! Cesaro I'm afraid I've got some bad news! See, you might not care about connecting with these people, I am sure something will connect tonight, and that's this bull hammer on your shiny little head, thank you very much!

Drop kick and then an upper cut on Barrett. Blows on Barrett in a corner, but then Cesaro whipped and comes out into a back breaker. Cesaro choked in the ropes. Barrett with a kick through the ropes sending Cesaro flying. Barrett out after him and eats barricade. Drop kick in the ring to Barrett for two.

The announcers talk about Cesaro's metric system and the four ropes, or four sides of the ring. Cesaro on Barrett's left shoulder, then lands a German on Barrett. Barrett free, but Cesaro takes him down hard. Cesaro kicks at Barrett, taunting him. Forearms to Barrett's head. Barrett kicks back and takes Cesaro down for two.

Cesaro blocks the cup handle, locks on and hits the big swing for five, then a half Boston crab, but Barrett to the ropes and free.

Barrett rakes Cesaro's eyes, lands the bull hammer for three.

Winner – Barrett (3:37)

Backstage Segment

Harper (staring to the side) – Y'all celebrate the ones you love, and cast people like me aside like trash. I, I'm a product of your environment. A social pariah, a nightmare come to life. (looks into the camera) Sweet dreams.



The Ascension promo. Welcome to the wasteland. Begins tonight!

Swagger vs Harper

Swagger to the ring. Harper out to face him through fireflies!

They lock up, muscle around. Swagger tossed off, so Harper yells. Swagger on Harper from behind and eats an elbow. Double hand chops to Swagger, then an upper cut. Harper pulls at Swagger's face. Blows on Harper in a corner, but Harper comes out with an upper cut. Harper walks on the back of Swagger's head on the mat. Swagger whipped, comes out with a big clothesline, then splashes Harper in the corner, but Harper out with a huge drop kick on Swagger for two.

Upper cuts on Swagger in the corner. Front facelock on Swagger on the mat as Swagger drips sweat. Swagger up with elbows, eats an upper cut, but then Swagger sends Harper over and out of the ring. Swagger out with a clothesline on Harper. We, the people!


Facelock on Swagger on the mat. Swagger up, blows on Harper, off the ropes and eats a big boot from Harper for two.

The fans are dead for this match. Harper yells, then slingshots Swagger up into the bottom rope for two, but nothing from the fans.

Gator roll on Swagger, then into a side headlock on Swagger. Swagger with blows, then lands a big boot. Knee on Harper in a corner. Swagger ducks a clothesline, lands his own clothesline for two.

Fans a bit behind Swagger. We, the people! Swagger tackles Harper's knee, then takes him down for two.

Swagger blocks Harper, tries to lock on the patriot, but is kicked off. Harper on Swagger for two.

Harper staring off into space, grabs Swagger, takes some blows to the head, Swagger rolls into patriot, but Harper to the ropes. The ref pulls Swagger off. Harper counters the Swagger bomb with both feet. Harper lands what JBL calls, "The clothesline from smell!" for three.

Winner – Harper (9:52)


Recap of Cena's opening on Brock and Heyman.

Backstage Segment

Cena – Then this guy cashes in his MITB, steals the Championship and changes the WWE forever!

Edge – Steal is a big word. Remember when you threw me in the most polluted body of water in the United States?

Cena – That was awesome! Remember when I beat you in your hometown?

Edge – Yeah, remember when I beat you in your hometown?

Christian is watching this like a tennis match.

Cena – Yeah, remember when I trashed your hotel room?

Christian – Remember that time when Edge went to your Dad's house and slapped him around?

Cena and Edge both glare at Christian.

Christian (to someone off camera who isn't there) – What?

Christian flees.

Cena – Yeah, I remember that. I also remember two guys, when you asked people who made decisions, said they wouldn't amount to anything. Those two guys got a chance, and night after night they left everything they had out there to prove that not only they belonged, but they were two of the best. Thank you for everything you did for me. All those years, for all we've done, you earned my respect. Not only in the ring, you're one of the few people in this business who is a decent human being.

They shake, then hug.

Cena – Good to see you tonight. Be careful out there, okay?

Cena leaves and Edge looks a bit shaken.

In Ring Segment

Reigns through the stands to the ring.


Reigns vs Rollins w/ Big Show

Big Show to announce. Rollins to the ring.

Rollins on Reigns, Reigns pushes off and lands a shoulder tackle. Rollins out to regroup with J&J Security. "You sold out!" chants as Big Show threatens to punch Cole out. Rollins with a kick then blows on Reigns. Rollins to the apron, brought in the hard way. Big Show talks up Rollins being the future of the WWE. Reigns on Rollins' left arm, pulling it down hard, twice. Reigns continues on that left arm, keeping Rollins down to the mat. Big Show calls Reigns a flash in the pan and will prove it. Rollins whipped, gets a foot up, pulls Reigns from the ring, but Reigns blocks Rollins and Rollins into to apron. More blows on Rollins. Rollins rolled in, Reigns in and Rollins on him. Reigns slammed back hard by his hair. Rollins stomps the heck out of Reigns on the mat. Elbows over Reigns' shoulder. Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up with blows on Rollins, Rollins down for two, lifted with one arm, slammed to the mat. Rollins rolls out to J&J Security again. Reigns out, sends Rollins in, stalks J&J Security, then into the ring. Rollins eats corner, Reigns out with his double kick on Rollins' head through the ropes over the apron. J&J Security distracts and Rollins gets the upper hand.


Facelock on Reigns on the mat. Reigns up with blows on Rollins. Rollins kicks back, but Reigns blocks Rollins. Rollins comes back with a chop block on Reigns for two.

Knees to the back of Reigns' head. A blow to Reigns' face from behind as Reigns sits on the mat. Facelock on Reigns as he continues to sit on the mat. Reigns to his feet, but slammed back to the mat by his hair, for all of one.

Facelock on Reigns on the mat, Rollins laying on top of him to keep control. Reigns sits up. Big Show continues to talk up Rollins and how great he is. Reigns to his feet, Rollins on his back, so he backs to the corner. Rollins up, so Reigns slams him back again. Reigns after Rollins, so he's caught and slammed face first to the second buckle. Rollins splashes Reigns. Rollins at Reigns, but ends up eating a tilt-a-whirl slam and both are down.

Rollins struggles up, grabs Reigns' and they're both up. Blows to the face from Rollins, Reigns pushes him off and lands a blow. Rollins eats corner, then slammed hard to the mat for two.

Big Show keeps talking up Rollins through it all. Knee to Reigns' gut. Reigns blocks the second, grabs the leg and slams Rollins back. Rollins somehow comes back with an enziguri for two.

Rollins back on Reigns with a kick to the face for two.

Reigns struggling up, and avoids the curb stomp. Rollins over the top, hits an enziguri on Reigns over the top. Rollins in, Reigns ducks. Rollins up and takes a big right. Big Show grabs Reigns by the leg, pulls him from the ring.

Winner via DQ – Reigns (16:20)

Big Show on Reigns with blows. Reigns tossed over the table, so Big Show tips announce over on Reigns. They all jump in to clear everything off Reigns as he doesn't move beyond blinking, selling the attack.



Recap of the end of the match and Big Show's attack on Reigns. They show Reigns tossed over announce and how Reigns got his legs pinned under announce. Cole sells it as a terribly dangerous thing, the table on Reigns' legs. During the commercial the doctors and everyone check on Reigns who continues to sell.

Backstage Segment

Rollins – (to Big Show) You are my man, thank you so much baby! (Big Show leaves, Rollins continues with J&J Security) Now that the tables have turned on Reigns, I'm feeling rather festive. I was thinking, you need to tell everyone, on the very first The Cutting Edge Peep Show, The Peep Show Cutting Edge, whatever they call it, I'm going to propose a toast! In fact, I think, yeah, I think I'm going to invite John Cena. Tell the world boys. Toast John Cena!

Announce Segment

They're sitting around without a table. They talk about Big Show, then go to Bray and Ambrose. They go to video from HIAC when it all started, and all from then. Next week they will have an Ambulance Match on Raw.


Bray – Takes us to a place where life both begins and ends. Everything in this life must come full circle, eventually. You and I Dean, we have reached a point of no return. Hahaha! (camera pulls back to show Bray in the back of an ambulance) This is where our great journey ends. It's too late for you Ambrose, it's too late for you man. They will not be able to resuscitate him, because Dean is already dead. I alone have his sole. (one door closes) I have his sole. (the other door closes and the ambulance leaves.

Backstage Segment

Bryan backstage, his hair pulled back in a low bun, shaking hands and hugging R-Truth, and the Usos, before heading for the ring.


In Ring Segment

Bryan to the ring, his hair still pulled back in a low ballerina bun, plaid shirt and jeans, leading the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Up on a corner with more "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" He grabs a mic. Bryan looks around at the fans. "Daniel Bryan!" chants.

Bryan – It's an honor to be here for the last Raw of 2014. It's always an honor to be in this ring, every single time. Who would have thought that a small kid from Aberdeen, WA who was always labeled a B+ player, that guy could have main evented WrestleMania. Nobody, except you guys. Thanks to you I got the opportunity to beat Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista in one night in front of 75,000 people to win the WWE WHC!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – That opportunity was given to me by you guys, and I can never repay you for that. Five days after WrestleMania I married the woman of my dreams, and that was the greatest week of my life. But then everything changed. When we got back two days later, my Dad died. (tears forming in his eyes) And, I wasn't there for him, because I was here wrestling. Then a month after that I had a career changing injury that needed surgery. And the doctors didn't know what was wrong, they couldn't fix me. All I could do was sit at home and watch. All I wanted to do was be in this ring, because being in front of you guys is the only thing that has taken the pain away. (sniffle from Bryan) This is what I love, what I've dreamed of my entire life was coming out here and performing in front of all of you. I don't think there's anybody who cheered louder than I did when Dolph Ziggler pinned Seth Rollins and sent The Authority out of here. It was a great moment, but it hurt because I couldn't be here for it. The doctors didn't have any answers. I talked to my family, my friends, even called Edge who knows a thing about career ending, life altering injuries. And you get to a point when you have to make a decision about whether or not...

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!" from the fans who saw where this was going.

Bryan – You get to a point you have to decide whether all of this is worth it or not.

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Bryan – And because you have supported me my entire career, I made a special request so I could come out here and make this announcement in front of all of you. Is my career over?

"NO!" "NO!" "NO!"

Bryan – NO!

DC erupts for Bryan.

Bryan – That is not the announcement that came here to make! I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to compete! And will I be in the 2014 Royal Rumble? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!" The arena is bloody wild for Bryan! He continues the "YES!" "YES!" "YES!", raising both hands high in the air as he does it. Bryan from the ring slapping hands and all smiles. On the stage more "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Backstage Segment

Christian playing the kazoo, Edge singing along, until Miz comes up with Mizdow mimicking him.

Miz – Hey!

Christian – I was playing the kazoo, we were having fun. What's your problem? You mad I'm not playing your music? I can do that.

Christian starts playing Miz's music, Edge singing the wrong words with it.

Miz – That's real good, maybe I should set you up with my agent!

Christian – Maybe you should set you up with a Tic-Tac.

Miz checks his breath. Mizdow makes a face getting some of it.

Miz – What is that?

Edge has his Edge puppet from their last WWE Network show.

Miz – I'm not in the mood right now. I came in to ask, no, to demand a rematch for my TTCs, tonight!

Christian – Demanding a Title shot!

Edge and his puppet mimicking him – Okay. A match tonight, you need to blow off steam. I get it. It's not for the tag team titles. It's not against the Usos, and it's next.

Miz leaves. Mizdow to the puppet, points at it's eyes, then his own. Mizdow is watching puppet Edge!


Promo for WWE Rivalries that will premier tonight after Raw! Hardys vs E&C.


Miz & Mizdow vs The Ascension

Miz and Mizdow in the ring. The Ascension debut to face them.

Konnor with a running knee on Mizdow as he gets in the ring. To The Ascension corner and Viktor tags in and they double team. Mizdow whipped, gets his feet up. Clothesline on Viktor, almost runs into Konnor in the corner, then turns into a clothesline. Konnor tags in, knocks Miz off the apron, they double team Mizdow for three.

Winners – The Ascension (1:16)

The Ascension over Mizdow on the mat.

Rollins leads J&J Security to the ring. Renee stops them.

Renee – Could you actually confirm that you invited John Cena onto The Cutting Edge Peep Show?

Rollins – Of course I did. I'm feeling so good tonight that I may extend another invitation, to Brock Lesnar. Hahaha.

Rollins and J&J Security head to the ring, leaving Renee looking annoyed.


The Cutting Edge Peep Show

Edge – You smell something?

Christian – I do. It's the show. It reeks...

Edge – Of awesomeness!

Christian – Welcome to the first ever The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

Edge – Our guest tonight goes by many names.

Christian – The architect.

Edge – Mr. MITB.

Christian – The future of the WWE.

Edge – General Zod 2000!

Christian – The walking pile of suck.

Edge – That's good. Without further ado, our guest tonight, Seth Rollins.

Rollins leads J&J Security to the ring, bottle and glasses in hand. Talking smack off mic as he sits.

Edge – You're pretty chipper.

Christian – Yeah Seth, what's with the champagne. You and the geek squad celebrating getting your computers fixed.

Rollins – That's not very nice. Before we get started, I want to say what an honor it is to be on the first ever Cutting Edge Peep Show. (looking over his shoulders at the signs to get the names right)

Edge – Rolls off the tongue.

Rollins – It's great, right?

Rollins – This is really special to me, because you guys were like heroes to me growing up. Incredible matches with the Hardys and Dudleys. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, I mean, if it wasn't for you guys, I might not even be in the ring today, you're heroes of mine.

Edge – I appreciate you saying that, but I don't necessarily believe it. It seems kinda condescending.

Christian – Yeah, it's kinda annoying.

Rollins – You calling me? Guys? You guys are way too cynical. I understand, end of the year, kinda a time for introspection and reflection, while we're doing that, who's had a better year than Rollins? I engineered the rise of The Shield, I masterminded the destruction of The Shield. I won MITB. I became the new standard bearer of the WWE, and to top it all off, I'm worldly recognized as the future of the WWE. Who's had a better year than Rollins? ("You sold out!") And I won a Slammy for that chant.

Edge – I'm gonna take a stab in the dark.

Christian – Dolph Ziggler.

Edge – Sting.

Christian – Daniel Bryan.

Edge – Dr. Styles Slick.

Rollins – Who?

Christian – He was a jive soul bro, always lying to his friends.

Rollins – Okay, look, that's not why I came out here anyway. I didn't want to reflect on all my accomplishments, I wanted to take this time to reflect on the past month and how difficult it's been for me since Survivor Series. I've been focusing on the negative. I've been a party pooper. I've been a party pooper, guys. And, hey, I don't want to be that guy anymore. 2015 that Seth Rollins is gone! I wanna have this celebration for a new Seth Rollins, but we can't do that until we see someone who sees personal evaluation at the end of the year. I'd like to take the time to bring out my good friend, Big Show!

Out comes Big Show with a big smile on his face.

Rollins – He's been with me through thick and thin.

Big Show to the ring, over the top, and in.

Rollins – Ladies and gentlemen, Big Show! New year, new us, right big man. One other guy I want to bring out and join us in this toast. A man who's made me see the error in my ways, John Cena! (nothing) Let's try this again! (nothing)

Edge – What I tell you man. He's trying to do what we did, but he's failing miserably, because he doesn't have any charisma.

Rollins – I don't need to be you, because I am better than you.

Edge – You couldn't be better than me, even if you had a live sex celebration with the big goiter here.

Rollins – Let me just lay it down, John, I didn't want to bring you out here to propose a toast to 2015. John, I wanted you to come out here tonight because I want something from you. So get out here John! Get out here John! John I didn't want it to come to this, but if you're not going to come out here, then you're forcing my hand, and in turn John, you leave me no choice but to force yours.

Rollins drops the mic and nails Christian in the gut with the flat of the MITB case. Edge looks down at his bestie, then pushes Rollins hard. Rollins bounces off the ropes and bows up at Edge. Rollins is all smiles as Big Show and J&J Security surround Edge. Edge looks freaked out and scared. Big Show grabs Edge by the throat, then one arm, and Rollins puts his case on the mat. Rollins directs traffic and Big Show forces Edge down. Rollins puts a foot on Edge's neck.

Rollins – Come on John, I thought this was someone you respected! If you're half the man you say you are, you'll come out here and stop me from paralyzing him. I'll do it, John! Come on! Come on John! You don't think I got the guts, do you, John?

Cena runs out, but Rollins yells at him to stop!

Rollins – Stop right there, not another move John! You know what it is I want from you. If you don't give it to me I will break his neck!

Off comes Cena's hat. Then the shirt.

Rollins – Don't even take the chance John, if you care about him as much as you say you do!

Cena starts running, but Rollins stops him again.

Rollins – Hey, come on John, take a step back, damn it! You forget John, this is a husband here. This is a father, John. He's got a little kid at home. If you want him to be able to play with that child again, you're gonna give me what I want, John. You're gonna give me what I want John. I will snap his neck in front of all these people. If you don't believe me. Tests the waters, you're Mr. hustle, loyalty, respect, right? You grant wishes, year round. I bet Edge was wishing you would save him. Praying to whatever god he believes in that you would save him from what I'm about to do to him. Who are you today John? Are you the phony I've been calling out for months, or are you the real deal John? John, bring The Authority back!

Cena looks to the fans.

Rollins – Bring them back or I will paralyzing him and it will be on your conscience for the rest of your stinking life! Don't take another step! Bring The Authority back or I will break his neck. I won't take any regret from it. Any kid you have won't be able to respect his father, and this man won't be able to hold his kid!

Cena (off mic) – Stop!

Rollins – Jamie, bring him a mic, I want the world to hear this. Say it again John!

Cena (barely audible) – I bring back The Authority.

Rollins – What did you say John?

Cena – I said I bring back The Authority!

Rollins celebrates.

Rollins – That's what I'm talking about. The Authority is back baby! Thank you John, but you gotta know me better than that, I'm gonna kill him anyway.

Rollins drops the mic, runs the ropes, but Cena is in and spears Rollins! On Big Show with punches. On J&J Security, and takes down Rollins. Big Show lifts Cena by his belt, then lands a KO blow on Cena. Rollins into a corner, comes out with a curb stomp on Cena! Rollins and Big Show celebrate in the ring for The Authority returning. J&J Security hug Big Show. They all step over Cena, leave the ring and celebrate up the ramp. On the stage and out comes Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Heyman shakes Rollins' hand. More celebration on the stage as Brock just stands there.

Trip's music plays, and out he comes with Steph, each holding a glass of bubbly. Steph in a tea length sleeveless black dress and black boots. Steph and Trip link arms and drink, which is hard with the size of Trip's arms!

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat
The Authority

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